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Designation of Transportation Management Areas


Notice Of Designation.


The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) are announcing that all urbanized areas (UZAs) with populations greater than 200,000 as determined by the 2010 Census are hereby designated as Transportation Management Areas (TMAs). The FTA and FHWA are taking this action in compliance with the agencies' authorizing statutes, 23 U.S.C. 134, and 49 U.S.C. 5303. This action supersedes the agencies' designations of TMAs made in the Federal Register on July 8, 2002, at 67 FR 45173.


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Effective Date: July 18, 2012.


For FTA related questions, Charles Goodman, Office of Systems Planning (TPE-10), (202) 366-1944, email:, or Dana Nifosi, Office of Chief Counsel (TCC), (202) 366-4011, email:, Federal Transit Administration, 1200 New Jersey Ave. SE., Washington, DC 20590. Office hours for the FTA are from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., et., Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays.

For FHWA related questions, James Cheatham, Office of Planning (HEPP), (202) 366-0106, email:, or Janet Myers, Office of Chief Counsel (HCC), (202) 366-2019, email:, Federal Highway Administration, 1200 New Jersey Ave. SE., Washington, DC 20590. Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., et., Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays.


Titles 23 and 49 of the United States Code (23 U.S.C. 134(k)(1)(A) and 49 U.S.C. 5303(k)(1)(A)) require the Secretary of Transportation to designate urbanized areas over 200,000 population as TMAs. A number of Census Bureau defined urbanized areas across the United States have recently exceeded 200,000 in population as determined by the 2010 Census. Accordingly, this notice hereby designates such areas as TMAs. Designated TMAs are subject to special planning and programming requirements. The FTA and the FHWA have developed a series of “Questions and Answers” related to applying 2010 Census data to Urbanized and Urban areas in the joint FTA and FHWA planning processes. More information can be found at and

These requirements apply to the metropolitan planning areas that must be determined jointly by the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) and Governor, in accordance with 23 U.S.C. 134(d) and 49 U.S.C. 5303(d). Additional urbanized areas may be designated as TMAs by the Secretary of Transportation upon request of the Governor and the MPO, or affected local officials. Notification of any additional TMAs will be issued through a Secretarial Memorandum to the appropriate State Governors and MPOs, not as a notice published in the Federal Register. The UZAs with populations over 200,000, which are hereby designated as TMAs, are listed below. The Santa Barbara, California urbanized area did not meet the statutory population threshold for TMA designation, but was previously designated as a TMA at the request of the MPO and Governor. The Santa Barbara urbanized area continues to be designated as a TMA as a result of the previous request.

There have been significant changes in the urbanized areas defined by the 2010 Census from those defined by the 2000 Census. These changes include new areas, based primarily on population growth, name changes, and areas with significant boundary changes. For multistate urbanized areas over 200,000 population, the urbanized area is listed under the State with the largest share of the population. However, the TMA designation applies to the entire multistate urbanized area.

The Census Bureau defined the Census 2010 urbanized areas using the criteria published in the Federal Register on August 24, 2011 (76 FR 53030). As a result of using these definitions, there were significant changes in the Census 2010 urbanized areas from those defined based on the 2000 census and criteria. A detailed discussion of the differences in the Census Bureau criteria from 2000 to 2010 can be found at the Census Bureau's Web site.

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23 U.S.C. 315; 23 U.S.C. 134(k)(1)(A), 49 U.S.C. 5303(k)(1)(A), 49 CFR 1.48 and 1.51.

Issued on: May 10, 2012.

Victor M. Mendez,


Peter Rogoff,

Administrator, FTA.

State/urbanized area (UZA) UZA 2010 population Area comparison to 2000 Census TMAs; population
Birmingham, AL 749,495  
Mobile, AL 326,183  
Huntsville, AL 286,692  
Montgomery, AL 263,907 New TMA.
State Total 1,626,277  
Anchorage, AK 251,243  
State Total 251,243  
Phoenix-Mesa, AZ 3,629,114  
Tucson, AZ 843,168  
State Total 4,472,282  
Little Rock, AR 431,388  
Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, AR-MO 295,083 New TMA.
State Total 726,471  
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA 12,150,996 Name Change.
San Francisco-Oakland, CA 3,281,212  
San Diego, CA 2,956,746  
Riverside-San Bernardino, CA 1,932,666  
Sacramento, CA 1,723,634  
San Jose, CA 1,664,496  
Fresno, CA 654,628  
Concord, CA 615,968  
Mission Viejo-Lake Forest-San Clemente, CA 583,681 Name Change.
Bakersfield, CA 523,994  
Murrieta-Temecula-Menifee, CA 441,546  
Stockton, CA 370,583  
Oxnard, CA 367,260  
Modesto, CA 358,172  
Indio-Cathedral City, CA 345,580 Name Change.
Lancaster-Palmdale, CA 341,219  
Victorville-Hesperia, CA 328,454 Name Change.
Santa Rosa, CA 308,231  
Antioch, CA 277,634  
Santa Clarita, CA 258,653 New TMA.
Visalia, CA 219,454 New TMA.
Thousand Oaks, CA 214,811  
State Total 29,919,618  
Denver-Aurora, CO 2,374,203  
Colorado Springs, CO 559,409  
Fort Collins, CO 264,465  
State Total 3,198,077  
Hartford, CT 924,859  
Bridgeport-Stamford, CT-NY 923,311  
New Haven, CT 562,839  
Norwich-New London, CT-RI 209,190 New TMA.
State Total 2,620,199  
State Total    
District of Columbia:    
Washington, DC-VA-MD 4,586,770  
State Total 4,586,770  
Miami, FL 5,502,379  
Tampa—St. Petersburg, FL 2,441,770  
Orlando, FL 1,510,516  
Jacksonville, FL 1,065,219  
Sarasota—Bradenton, FL 643,260  
Cape Coral, FL 530,290  
Palm Bay—Melbourne, FL 452,791  
Port St. Lucie, FL 376,047  
Palm Coast—Daytona Beach—Port Orange, FL 349,064 Name Change.
Pensacola, FL-AL 340,067  
Kissimmee, FL 314,071 New TMA.
Bonita Springs, FL 310,298 Name Change.
Lakeland, FL 262,596 New TMA.
Tallahassee, FL 240,223  
Winter Haven, FL 201,289 New TMA.
State Total 14,539,880  
Atlanta, GA 4,515,419  
Augusta—Richmond County, GA—SC 386,787  
Savannah, GA 260,677  
Columbus, GA—AL 253,602  
State Total 5,416,485  
Urban Honolulu, HI 802,459 Name Change.
State Total 802,459  
Boise City, ID 349,684  
State Total 349,684  
Chicago, IL—IN 8,608,208  
Rockford, IL 296,863  
Round Lake Beach—McHenry—Grayslake, IL—WI 290,373  
Peoria, IL 266,921  
State Total 9,462,365  
Indianapolis, IN 1,487,483  
Fort Wayne, IN 313,492  
South Bend, IN—MI 278,165  
Evansville, IN—KY 229,351  
State Total 2,308,491  
Des Moines, IA 450,070  
Davenport, IA—IL 280,051  
State Total 730,121  
Wichita, KS 472,870  
State Total 472,870  
Louisville/Jefferson County, KY—IN 972,546 Name Change.
Lexington—Fayette, KY 290,263  
State Total 1,262,809  
New Orleans, LA 899,703  
Baton Rouge, LA 594,309  
Shreveport, LA 298,317  
Lafayette, LA 252,720 New TMA.
State Total 2,045,049  
Portland, ME 203,914 New TMA.
State Total 203,914  
Baltimore 2,203,663  
Aberdeen—Bel Air South—Bel Air North, MD 213,751 New TMA.
State Total 2,417,414  
Boston, MA—NH—RI 4,181,019  
Springfield, MA—CT 621,300  
Worcester, MA—CT 486,514  
Barnstable Town, MA 246,695  
State Total 5,535,528  
Detroit, MI 3,734,090  
Grand Rapids, MI 569,935  
Flint, MI 356,218  
Lansing, MI 313,532  
Ann Arbor, MI 306,022  
Kalamazoo, MI 209,703 New TMA.
State Total 5,489,500  
Minneapolis—St. Paul, MN—WI 2,650,890 Name Change.
State Total 2,650,890  
Jackson, MS 351,478  
Gulfport, MS 208,948 Name Change.
State Total 560,426  
St. Louis, MO—IL 2,150,706  
Kansas City, MO—KS 1,519,417  
Springfield, MO 273,724  
State Total 3,943,847  
State Total    
Omaha, NE—IA 725,008  
Lincoln, NE 258,719  
State Total 983,727  
Las Vegas—Henderson, NV 1,886,011 Name Change.
Reno, NV—CA 392,141 Name Change.
State Total 2,278,152  
New Hampshire:    
Nashua, NH—MA 226,400 New TMA.
State Total 226,400  
New Jersey:    
Atlantic City, NJ 248,402  
Trenton, NJ 296,668  
State Total 545,070  
New Mexico:    
Albuquerque, NM 741,318  
State Total 741,318  
New York:    
New York—Newark, NY—NJ—CT 18,351,295  
Buffalo, NY 935,906  
Rochester, NY 720,572  
Albany—Schenectady, NY 594,962 Name Change.
Poughkeepsie—Newburgh, NY—NJ 423,566 Name Change.
Syracuse, NY 412,317  
State Total 21,438,618  
North Carolina:    
Charlotte, NC—SC 1,249,442  
Raleigh, NC 884,891  
Winston-Salem, NC 391,024  
Durham, NC 347,602  
Greensboro, NC 311,810  
Fayetteville, NC 310,282  
Asheville, NC 280,648  
Wilmington, NC 219,957 New TMA.
Concord, NC 214,881 New TMA.
Hickory, NC 212,195 New TMA.
State Total 4,422,732  
North Dakota:    
State Total    
Cleveland, OH 1,780,673  
Cincinnati, OH—KY—IN 1,624,827  
Columbus, OH 1,368,035  
Dayton, OH 724,091  
Akron, OH 569,499  
Toledo, OH—MI 507,643  
Youngstown, OH—PA 387,550  
Canton, OH 279,245  
State Total 7,241,563  
Oklahoma City, OK 861,505  
Tulsa, OK 655,479  
State Total 1,516,984  
Portland, OR—WA 1,849,898  
Eugene, OR 247,421  
Salem, OR 236,632  
State Total 2,333,951  
Philadelphia, PA—NJ—DE—MD 5,441,567  
Pittsburgh, PA 1,733,853  
Allentown, PA—NJ 664,651 Name Change.
Harrisburg, PA 444,474  
Lancaster, PA 402,004  
Scranton, PA 381,502  
Reading, PA 266,254  
York, PA 232,045 New TMA.
State Total: 9,566,350  
Rhode Island    
Providence, RI—MA 1,190,956  
State Total 1,190,956  
South Carolina:    
Columbia, SC 549,777  
Charleston—North Charleston, SC 548,404  
Greenville, SC 400,492  
Myrtle Beach—Socastee, SC—NC 215,304 New TMA.
State Total 1,713,977  
South Dakota:    
State Total    
Memphis, TN—MS—AR 1,060,061  
Nashville-Davidson, TN 969,587  
Knoxville, TN 558,696  
Chattanooga, TN—GA 381,112  
State Total 2,969,456  
Dallas—Fort Worth—Arlington, TX 5,121,892  
Houston, TX 4,944,332  
San Antonio, TX 1,758,210  
Austin, TX 1,362,416  
El Paso, TX—NM 803,086 Name Change.
McAllen, TX 728,825  
Denton—Lewisville, TX 366,174  
Corpus Christi, TX 320,069  
Conroe—The Woodlands, TX 239,938 New TMA.
Lubbock, TX 237,356  
Laredo, TX 235,730 New TMA.
Killeen, TX 217,630 New TMA.
Brownsville, TX 217,585 New TMA.
State Total 16,553,243  
Salt Lake City—West Valley City, UT 1,021,243 Name Change.
Ogden—Layton, UT 546,026  
Provo—Orem, UT 482,819  
State Total 2,050,088  
State Total    
Virginia Beach, VA 1,439,666  
Richmond, VA 953,556  
Roanoke, VA 210,111 New TMA.
State Total 2,603,333  
Seattle, WA 3,059,393  
Spokane, WA 387,847 Name Change.
Kennewick—Pasco, WA 210,975 New TMA.
State Total 3,658,215  
West Virginia:    
Huntington, WV—KY—OH 202,637 New TMA.
State Total 202,637  
Milwaukee, WI 1,376,476  
Madison, WI 401,661  
Appleton, WI 216,154 New TMA.
Green Bay, WI 206,520 New TMA.
State Total 2,200,811  
State Total    
Puerto Rico:    
San Juan, PR 2,148,346  
Aguadilla—Isabela—San Sebastian, PR 306,196  
State Total 2,454,542  

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