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Applications for New Awards; Personnel Development To Improve Services and Results for Children With Disabilities-Personnel Preparation in Special Education, Early Intervention, and Related Services

This document is a correction of a document that was published on 02/07/2014. View Uncorrected Document



In notice document 14-02710 beginning on page 7429 in the issue of Friday, February 7, 2014 make the following corrections:

On page 7434, in the table, under the heading “Contact person”:

1. In the first entry, “” should read “”.

2. In the second entry, “” should read “”.

3. In the third entry, “Maryann McDermott, 202-245-7439,, PCP, Room 4062” should read “Sarah Allen, 202-245-7875,, PCP, Room 4105”.

4. In the fourth entry, “” should read “”.

[FR Doc. C1-2014-02710 Filed 2-12-14; 8:45 am]


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