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01/26/1994 Issue

Document Issue Table of Contents

This is the table of contents as published in the Federal Register.

Agriculture Department

Uncategorized Documents

Extension of the Delegation of Authority for Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Requests

Air Force Department

Uncategorized Documents

Privacy Act of 1974; Amend Systems of Records.

Antitrust Division

Uncategorized Documents

Notice Pursuant to the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993Citronella Joint Venture

Army Department

Uncategorized Documents

Army Science Board; Notice of Open Meeting

Civil Rights Commission

Uncategorized Documents

Agenda and Notice of Public Meeting of the New York Advisory Committee

Coast Guard

Uncategorized Documents

Discharge Removal Equipment for Vessels Carrying Oil

Commerce Department

Uncategorized Documents

Business Development Center Applications: Shreveport MBDC

Defense Department

Energy Department

Uncategorized Documents

Florida Gas Transmission Co., et al.; Natural Gas Certificate Filings

Pacific Gas and Electric Co., et al.; Electric Rate and Corporate Regulation Filings

Proposed Subsequent Arrangement

Renewal of Environmental Management Advisory Board

Energy Information Administration

Uncategorized Documents

Agency Information Collection Under Review by the Office of Management and Budget

Environmental Protection Agency

Uncategorized Documents

Acetophenone, Phenol, N,N-Dimethylaniline, Ethyl Acetate and 2,6- Dimethylphenol; Proposed Test Rule Correction and Extension of Public Comment Period

Acid Rain Program: Permits and Allowance System Proposed Regulations; Change in Public Comment Period for the Proposed Revisions to the Rules

Arthropod Pheromones in Solid Matrix Dispensers; Experimental Use Permits

Orthoarsenic Acid; Revocation of Tolerance

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs); Notice of Informal Hearing on the Reclassification of PCB and PCB-Contaminated Transformers

Proposed CERCLA De Minimis Waste Contributor Administrative Order on Consent for the Ninth Avenue Dump Site

State Registrations of Pesticides

TSCA Section 21 Petition; Notice of Receipt

Vinyl Acetate-Ethylene Copolymer; Tolerance Exemption

Federal Aviation Administration

Uncategorized Documents

Airworthiness Directives; McDonnell Douglas Model MD-11 Series Airplanes

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Uncategorized Documents

The National Board Fiscal Year 1994 Plan for Carrying Out the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP)

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Uncategorized Documents

New England Power Company et al.; Electric Rate and Corporate Regulation Filings

Federal Maritime Commission

Uncategorized Documents

Petition of Totem Ocean Trailer Express, Inc.; Extension of Time for Replies

Fish and Wildlife Service

Uncategorized Documents

Privacy Act of 1974Deletion of System of Records

Food and Drug Administration

Uncategorized Documents

Indirect Food Additives: Adjuvants, Production Aids, and Sanitizers

General Services Administration

Uncategorized Documents

Delegation of Authority to The National Science Foundation

General Services Administration Acquisition Regulation; Contractor Identification of Products With Environmental Attributes

Geological Survey

Uncategorized Documents

Application Notice Establishing the Closing Date for Transmittal of Applications Under the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) for Fiscal Year (FY) 1995

Health and Human Services Department

Uncategorized Documents

National Institute of Nursing Research; Meeting

Health Resources and Services Administration

Uncategorized Documents

Health Education Assistance Loan Program: Correction to List of Defaulted Borrowers

Housing and Urban Development Department

Uncategorized Documents

Opportunities for Youth: Notice of Funds Availability for the Development and Implementation of Youthbuild Programs

Interior Department

Uncategorized Documents

Central Utah Project Completion Act; Scoping on the Daniel Replacement/Wasatch County Water Efficiency Project EIS

Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), Advisory Board Scientific Committee (SC); Notice of Plenary Session Meeting

Second Public Meeting/Hearing on Air Force Proposed Withdrawal Adjacent to Nellis Range Complex, Nevada

International Trade Commission

Uncategorized Documents

Peanut Butter and Peanut Paste

Silicon Carbide From the People's Republic of China; Investigation

Wheat, Wheat Flour, and Semolina

Justice Department

Uncategorized Documents

Advisory Council on the National Information Infrastructure; Meeting

Lodging of Consent Decree Pursuant to CERCLA

Lodging of Consent Decree Pursuant to the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act

Notice Pursuant to the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993, Further Development of Molecular Sieves To Reduce Cold Start Emissions From Automobiles, Part II

Notice Pursuant to the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993Synthesis and Processing of Intelligent Cost Effective Structures (Spices) Program Consortium

Land Management Bureau

Uncategorized Documents

Notice of Issuance of Land Exchange Conveyance Document; Idaho

Realty Action; Direct Sale of Public Lands in Lea County, NM

Realty Action; Exchange of Public Lands in Clark County, NV

Minerals Management Service

Uncategorized Documents

Information Collection Submitted to the Office of Management and Budget for Review Under the Paperwork Reduction Act

Minority Business Development Agency

Uncategorized Documents

Business Development Center Applications: Little Rock MBDC

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Uncategorized Documents

NASA Advisory Council (NAC), Space Science Advisory Committee; Astrophysics Subcommittee; Meeting

NASA Advisory Council; Life and Microgravity Sciences and Applications Advisory Committee; Meeting

National Archives and Records Administration

Uncategorized Documents

Public Meeting on Proposal for Ordering Reproductions of Archival Motion Picture and Video Recordings

National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities

Uncategorized Documents

National Council on the Humanities; Meeting

National Institutes of Health

Uncategorized Documents

National Institute of Mental Health; Notice of Meeting

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Uncategorized Documents

Endangered Species; Permits

Listing Endangered and Threatened Species and Designating Critical Habitat: Petition To List Coho Salmon Throughout Its Range in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California

Reef Fish Fishery of the Gulf of Mexico

National Park Service

Uncategorized Documents

National Register of Historic Places; Notification of Pending Nominations

National Telecommunications and Information Administration

Uncategorized Documents

Advisory Council on the National Information Infrastructure; Meeting

Uncategorized Documents

Intent to Grant Partially Exclusive Patent License; Results MA

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Uncategorized Documents

Duke Power Co.; Consideration of Issuance of Amendment to Facility Operating License, Proposed No Significant Hazards Consideration Determination, and Opportunity for a Hearing

Final Finding of No Significant Impact and Intent To Terminate Source and Byproduct Material License SUA-1556 To Bingham Engineering, Salt Lake County, UT

Securities and Exchange Commission

Uncategorized Documents

Self-Regulatory Organizations; Filing of Proposed Rule Change and Amendment No. 1 to the Proposed Rule Change by the American Stock Exchange, Inc. Relating to Equity Linked Term Notes Linked to American Depositary Receipts

State Department

Uncategorized Documents

Rescission of Suspended Exports Regarding Armour of America, Inc. and Arthur G. Schreiber

Transportation Department

Uncategorized Documents

Discharge Removal Equipment for Vessels Carrying Oil

Veterans Affairs Department

Uncategorized Documents

Full Disclosure of Beneficiary's Income and Assets

Other Documents

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