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03/11/1994 Issue

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Agricultural Marketing Service

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Exemptions From Import Regulations for Specified Commodities; Reopening of Comment Period on Interim Final Rules

Agriculture Department

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Community Facility Loans and Grants

Establishment of 3 New Research Natural Areas

WIC Farmers' Market Nutrition Program

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

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Black Stem Rust; Addtion of Rust-Resistant Varieties

Coast Guard

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Drawbridge Operation Regulations; Lake Washington, WA

Commerce Department

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Reef Fish Fishery of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled

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Procurement List; Additions

Procurement List; Proposed Additions

Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements

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Establishment of an Import Restraint Limit for Certain Wool Textile Products Produced or Manufactured in Myanmar

Commodity Futures Trading Commission

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Fees for Applications for Contract Market Designation, Leverage Commodity Registration and Registered Futures Association and Exchange Rule Enforcement and Financial Reviews

Customs Service

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Rules for Determining the Country of Origin of a Good for Purposes of Annex 311 of the North American Free Trade Agreement; Extension of Comments

Drug Enforcement Administration

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Manufacturer of Controlled Substances; Notice of Registration

Economics and Statistics Administration

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Advisory Committee of the Task Force for Designing the Year 2000 Census and Census-Related Activities for 2000-2009

Education Department

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Star School Program; Notice Inviting Applications for New Awards for Fiscal Year 1994

Energy Department

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Carnegie Natural Gas Co.; Proposed Changes in FERC Gas Tariff

Central Maine Power, et al.; Intention To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Saco River Basin, Conduct Project Site Visits, and Hold Public Scoping Meetings

Chevron Pipe Line Co.; Informal Settlement Conference

Energy Research Financial Assistance Program Notice 94-14; Electron Beam Irradiation of Medical Waste

Frontier Gas Storage Company, et al.; Natural Gas Certificate Filings

Indian Energy Resource Development Program

North Penn Gas Co.; Proposed Changes in FERC Gas Tariff

Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center; Non-Competitive Financial Assistance Award

SEI Holdings V, Inc., et al.; Electric Rate and Corporate Regulation Filings

Southwestern Electric Power Company, et al.; Electric Rate and Corporate Regulation Filings

Transwestern Pipeline Company, et al.; Natural Gas Certificate Filings

Trunkline Gas Company, et al.; Natural Gas Certificate Filings

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office

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State Energy Advisory Board; Open Meeting

Energy Research Office

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Energy Research Financial Assistance Program Notice 94-15: Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program

Environmental Protection Agency

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Access to Confidential Business Information by Westat, Inc.

Annual Conference on Analysis of Pollutants in the Environment

Approval and Promulgation of Air Quality Implementation Plans; Ohio

Clean Air Act Approval and Promulgation of PMINF10 Implementation Plan for Montana

Delegation of Authority; Wyoming; National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants

Dichlorvos; Stay of Effective Date for Order Revoking Food Additive Regulation

Emergency Exemptions

Environmental Impact Statements and Regulations; Availability of EPA Comments

Environmental Impact Statements; Availability

Oxydemeton-Methyl; Receipt of Request to Cancel Registrations

Pesticide Tolerances for Clopyralid

Pesticide Tolerances for Methoprene

Public Meeting of the Phosphoric Acid Production Waste Dialogue Committee

Public Meetings on the Draft Waste Minimization and Combustion Strategy

Receipt of an Application for an Experimental Use Permit Amendment/Extension for a Transgenic Plant Pesticide

Receipt of Application for Emergency Exemption to Use Maneb; Solicitation of Public Comment

Yellow Water Road Site: Proposed Settlement

Executive Office of the President

Presidential Document

EURATOM; U.S. nuclear cooperation (EO 12903)

EO 12903

Export Administration Bureau

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Christopher A. Carrigan, Tower House, Hortin, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 7EP United Kingdom, Respondent: Order

Federal Aviation Administration

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Airworthiness Directives; Jetstream Aircraft Limited Model 4101 Airplanes

Intent to Rule on Application to Impose and Use the Revenue From a Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) at Adirondack Regional Airport, Harrietstown, NY

Proposed Revocation of Class E Airspace; Bozrah, CT

Federal Communications Commission

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FCC Asks for Comments Regarding the Establishment of an Advisory Committee

Radio Broadcasting Services; Buckeye, AZ

Radio Broadcasting Services; Pateros, WA

Radio Broadcasting Services; Silver City, NM

Radio Brodcasting Services; Jefferson City, MO

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Natural Gas Data Collection System; Notice of Availability of Revised Edit-Checking and Print Software and Errata Notice for FERC Form No. 2

PacifiCorp, et al.; Electric Rate and Corporate Regulation Filings

Standards for Electronic Bulletin Boards Required Under Part 284 of the Commission's Regulations

Federal Maritime Commission

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Notice of Filing of Complaint and Assignment

Federal Railroad Administration

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Special Safety Inquiry; Railroad Radio Communications

Federal Reserve System

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Banc One Corporation; Formation of, Acquisition by, or Merger of Bank Holding Companies; and Acquisition of Nonbanking Company

Creditanstalt-Bankverin, et al.; Notice of Applications to Engage de novo in Permissible Nonbanking Activities

First Financial Bancorp, et al.; Formations of; Acquisitions by; and Mergers of Bank Holding Companies.

Stephen Alan Songer, et al.; Change in Bank Control Notices; Acquisitions of Shares of Banks or Bank Holding Companies

The Toronto-Dominion Bank; Application to Engage in Certain Nonbanking Activities

Waterhouse Investor Services, Inc., et al.; Formations of; Acquisitions by; and Mergers of Bank Holding Companies

Federal Trade Commission

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Granting of Request for Early Termination of the Waiting Period Under the Premerger Notification Rules

Promodes, S.A., et al.; Prohibited Trade Practices and Affirmative Corrective Actions

The Valspar Corporation, et al.; Prohibited Trade Practices, and Affirmative Corrective Actions

Fish and Wildlife Service

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Availability of a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge, Orleans Parish, LA

Food and Drug Administration

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E.I. duPont de Nemours; Withdrawal of Food Additive Petition

Food and Nutrition Service

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Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC): Coordination Rule: Mandates of the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 1989

Forest Service

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Crown Jewel Mine, Okanogan National Forest, Okanogan County, WA

Health and Human Services Department

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Advisory Committee Meeting; Amendment of Notice

Agency Forms Submitted to the Office of Management and Budget for Clearance

Announcement of Advisory Council Meeting

Clinical Trial Design Issues of Liposomal Antifungal Agents; Public Workshop

Determination of Regulatory Review Period for Purposes of Patent Extension; PRO OSTEONSUPTM Implant 500 Coralline Hydroxyapatite Bone Void Filler

Determination of Regulatory Review Period for Purposes of Patent Extension; SporanoxRegister

Lilly Research Laboratories, et al.; Withdrawal of Approval of 57 Abbreviated Antibiotic Drug Applications

National Institute on Aging; Meeting of the Advisory Panel on Alzheimer's Disease

Opportunity for a License: Assay Using Recombinant Histidyl-tRNA Synthetase

Housing and Urban Development Department

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Federal Property Suitable as Facilities To Assist the Homeless

Summerset Homes, Inc. and David Leers; Presentation of Views

Interior Department

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Colorado; Proposed Reinstatement of Terminated Oil and Gas Lease

Mississippi River Coordinating Commission Meeting

Realty Action: Lease/Purchase for Recreation and Public Purposes

Internal Revenue Service

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Art Advisory Panel of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue; Availability of Report of 1993 Closed Meetings

Disclosure of Return Information to the U.S. Customs Service

International Trade Administration

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Antidumping or Countervailing Duty Order, Finding, or Suspended Investigation; Opportunity To Request Administrative Review

Interstate Commerce Commission

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Agency Information Collection Under OMB Review

Filing of Tariff Adoption Publications

Intent To Engage in Compensated Intercorporate Hauling Operations

Justice Department

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Importation of Controlled Substances

Importation of Controlled Substances; Application

Importer of Controlled Substances Notice of Registration

Manufacturer of Controlled Substances Notice of Registration

Manufacturer of Controlled Substances of Registration

Manufacturer of Controlled Substances; Application

Labor Department

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Glass Ceiling Commission; Cancellation of Open Meeting

Minimum Wages for Federal and Federally Assisted Construction; General Wage Determination Decisions

Land Management Bureau

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Alaska; Publication; Alaska Native Claims Selection

Pipeline Right-of-Way Application; Nevada

National Archives and Records Administration

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Records Schedules; Availability and Request for Comments

National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities

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Notice of Meeting

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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Research and Development Programs Meeting Agenda

National Institutes of Health

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National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; Meeting

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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Regional Fishery Management Councils; Guidelines for Council Operations/Administration

National Park Service

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Golden Gate National Recreation Area and Point Reyes National Seashore Advisory Commission; Meeting

National Science Foundation

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Special Emphasis Panel in Chemical and Thermal Systems; Meeting

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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Commonwealth Edison Co.; LaSalle Count Station, Unit 1 Withdrawal of Amendment to Facility Operating License

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

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Occupational Exposure to Methylene Chloride

Panama Canal Commission

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Implementation of the Privacy Act of 1974

Postal Service

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Release of Information

Public Health Service

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Agency Forms Submitted to the Office of Management and Budget for Clearance

Securities and Exchange Commission

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American Skandia Life Assurance Corporation, et al.

Filings Under the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935 (``Act'')

Northwestern National Life Insurance Company, et al.

Request Under Review by Office of Management and Budget

Self Regulatory Organizations; Pacific Stock Exchange, Inc.; Filing and Order Granting Temporary Accelerated Approval to Proposed Rule Change Relating to Listing of Municipal Securities.

Self-Regulatory Organizations; American Stock Exchange, Inc.; Order Approving and Notice of Filing and Order Granting Accelerated Approval to Amendment Nos. 1 and 2 to a Proposed Rule Change by the American Stock Exchange, Inc. Relating to the Listing of Options on the Amex Natural Gas Index

Self-Regulatory Organizations; Notice of Filing and Order Granting Accelerated Approval to Proposed Rule Change by the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. Eliminating Regulatory Reporting Requirements for Certain Equity Securities Under Section 2 of Schedule H to the NASD Bylaws

Self-Regulatory Organizations; Order Granting Approval and Notice of Filing and Order Granting Accelerated Approval of Amendment No. 1 to a Proposed Rule Change by the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, Inc., Relating to Trading Rotations

Transportation Department

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Airworthiness Directives; McDonnell Douglas Model DC-9-80 Series Airplanes and Model MD-88 Airplanes

Applications for Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity and Foreign Air Carrier Permits Filed Under Subpart Q During the Week Ended March 4, 1994

Aviation Proceedings; Agreements Filed During the Week Ended March 4, 1994

Bugatti Automobili, S.p.A.; Grant of Petition for Temporary Exemption From Standard No. 208

Determination That Nonconforming 1988 Saab 9000 Passenger Cars Are Eligible for Importation

Determination That Nonconforming 1992 Mercedes-Benz 500SL Passenger Cars Are Eligible for Importation

Drawbridge Operation Regulations; Lake Washington, WA

Establishment of Class E Airspace; Louisburg, NC

Proposed Establishment of Class E Airspace; Claremont, NH

Proposed Establishment of Class E Airspace; Eastport, ME

Proposed Establishment of Class E Airspace; Lyndonville, VT

Proposed Establishment of Class E Airspace; Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Receipt of Petition for Determination That Nonconforming 1990 Mercedes-Benz 500SEC Passenger Cars Are Eligible for Importation

Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company; Grant of Petition for Determination of Inconsequential Noncompliance

Update of Class D and Class E Airspace in the New England Region

Treasury Department

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Delegation of Authority

United States Information Agency

Uncategorized Document

Census of Foreign Students in the U.S.

Meeting of the Advisory Board for Cuba Broadcasting

Veterans Affairs Department

Uncategorized Document

Persian Gulf Scientific Committee; Meeting

Voluntary Service National Advisory Committee; Meeting

Other Documents

Reader Aids

Office Of Fossil Energy

Application for Authorization to Export Electricity; Citizens Utilities

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