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06/01/1994 Issue

Document Issue Table of Contents

This is the table of contents as published in the Federal Register.

Agriculture Department

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Change in Disease Status of Austria Because of Rinderpest, Foot- and-Mouth Disease, and Swine Vesicular Disease

Change in Disease Status of Hungary Because of Rinderpest and Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Federal Grain Inspection Service

Opportunity for Designation in the Fostoria (OH), Idaho (ID), Lewiston (ID), and Utah Areas

Opportunity to Comment on the Applicants for the Minot (ND), Southern Illinois, and Tri-State (OH) Areas

Ruminants and Horses Imported From Canada; Importation of Wild Ruminants and Wild Swine

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

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Availability of Environmental Assessments and Findings of No Significant Impact

Coast Guard

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Drawbridge Operation Regulations; Black Rock Canal, NY

Safety Zone Regulation; Potomac River Festival Fireworks Display, Potomac River, Colonial Beach, VA

Commerce Department

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Export Trade Certificate of Review

Limited Access Management of Federal Fisheries In and Off of Alaska; Determinations and Appeals

Preliminary Affirmative Countervailing Duty Determination: Certain Carbon Steel Butt-Weld Pipe Fittings From India

Preliminary Affirmative Countervailing Duty Determination: Certain Carbon Steel Butt-Weld Pipe Fittings From Israel

Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements

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Announcement of a Request for Bilateral Textile Consultations on Certain Silk Blend and Other Vegetable Fiber Textile Products Produced or Manufactured in Hong Kong

Defense Department

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Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement; Demilitarization

Education Department

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National Science Scholars Program

Notice of Proposed Information Collection Requests

Employment and Training Administration

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General Motors Corporation, Inland Fisher Guide Division, Syracuse, NY; Notice of Affirmative Determination Regarding Application for Reconsideration

Energy Department

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Cases Filed the Week of April 29 Through May 6, 1994

Colorado Interstate Gas Company; Informal Settlement Conference

DOE Headquarters Washington, DC, Chicago Operations Office

Equitrans, Inc.; Informal Settlement Conference

Gas Co. of New Mexico; Self-Implementing Transactions

Guidelines for Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Reductions, and Carbon Sequestration

Implementation of Special Refund Procedures

Issuance of Decisions and Orders; Week of April 11 Through April 15, 1994

Issuance of Decisions and Orders; Week of April 4 Through April 8, 1994

K N Interstate Gas Transmission Co.; Waiver of Tariff Provision

Nevada Operations Office, Implementation of Noncompetitive Financial Assistance

Northern States Power Company-Wisconsin; Availability of Draft Environmental Assessment

Paul S. Boyer; Availability of Draft Environmental Assessment

Trunkline Gas Company; Proposed Changes in FERC Gas Tariff

Upper Peninsula Power Company; Notice of 10(j) Meeting

Washington Natural Gas Company, as Project Operator; Application

Environmental Protection Agency

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Notice of Disclosure of Confidential Business Information Obtained Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act to EPA Contractors

State FIFRA Issues Research and Evaluation Group (SFIREG) Working Committee on Water Quality & Pesticide Disposal; Open Meeting

Farm Service Agency

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Tobacco Marketing Quotas, Acreage Allotments, and Production Adjustment

Federal Aviation Administration

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Special Conditions: Extended Range Operation of Boeing Model 777 Series Airplanes

Federal Communications Commission

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Petitions for Reconsideration of Actions in Rulemaking Proceedings

Public Information Collection Requirement Submitted to Office of Management and Budget for Review

Federal Election Commission

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Agency Forms Under Review

Clearinghouse on Election Administration; Meeting


Federal Emergency Management Agency

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Changes to the Hotel and Motel Fire Safety Act National Master List; Notice FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Uncategorized Document

Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Trust Fund Guidelines; Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Federal Trade Commission

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Arkla, Inc.; Prohibited Trade Practices and Affirmative Corrective Actions

Detroit Auto Dealers Association, Inc., et al.; Prohibited Trade Practices, and Affirmative Corrective Actions

Enforcement policy statement On Food Advertising

Fiscal Service

Uncategorized Document

Rules and Procedures for Funds Transfers

Fish and Wildlife Service

Uncategorized Document

Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; 90-Day Finding on a Petition to List the Swift Fox as Endangered

Foreign Agricultural Service

Uncategorized Document

Sugar Import Licensing

Health and Human Services Department

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Advisory Committee to the Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Meeting

Agency Information Collection Under OMB Review

Announcement of a Grant to the National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Inc.

Health and Human Services Policy for Protection of Human Subjects Research

Human Services Transportation Research and Analysis Project

Human Services Transportation Technical Assistance Project

Medicare Program; Physician Performance Standard Rates of Increase for Fiscal Year 1994 and Physician Fee Schedule Update for Calendar Year 1994

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communiction Disorders; Workshop on Communication Disorders and Juvenile Behaviors

Notification of Expiring Project Periods for Community and Migrant Health Centers

Regional Poison Control Center Demonstration Project; Notice of Availability of Funds for Fiscal Year 1994

Requests for Nominations of Members of Clinical Practice Guideline Panel on Prevention of Osteoporosis

Skin Cancer Primary Prevention Education Projects

Supplemental Awards to Demonstration Grant Program for the Prevention of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Among High Risk Youth Grantees

Housing and Urban Development Department

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Effect of Acquisition of Title by Mortgagee or the Secretary on a Title Insurance Policy

Interior Department

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Bureau of Reclamation To Negotiate Temporary Contracts With Umatilla Project Irrigation Districts for Water Service to Lands Outside District Boundaries


Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; 90-Day Finding on a Petition to Delist the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout (Oncorhynchus clarki henshawi) Within the Humboldt River Drainage Basin in Nevada

Katmai National Park and Preserve, AK

Meeting of the Federal Gas Valuation Negotiated Rulemaking Committee

National Register of Historic Places; Notification of Pending Nominations

Notice of Availability of the Supplement to the Draft Stateline Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement

Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement

Proposed Withdrawal; Opportunity for Public Meeting; Colorado; Correction

International Trade Administration

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Intent To Revoke Antidumping Duty Orders and Findings

Interstate Commerce Commission

Uncategorized Document

Intent To Engage in Compensated Intercorporate Hauling Operations

Justice Department

Uncategorized Document

National Instant Criminal Background Check System

Scot Kazalla, D.D.S.; Revocation of Registration

Labor Department

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Advisory Council on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefits Plan; Notice of Meeting

Advisory Council on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefits Plans; Notice of Meeting

Carter Automotive Company, Inc., a Federal-Mogul Co.; LaFayette, TN; Notice of Negative Determination Regarding Application for Reconsideration

International Paper Company; Presque Isle, ME; Notice of Termination of Investigation

Investigations Regarding Certifications of Eligibility To Apply for NAFTA Transitional Adjustment Assistance

Investigations Regarding Certifications of Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance

O&K, Incorporated, Batavia, NY; Notice of Negative Determination Regarding Application for Reconsideration

The Western Company of North America a/k/a Western Oceanic Services, Inc. Headquartered in Houston, TX and Operation at Various Locations in the Following States: TA-W-27,350A Alabama; TA-W-27,350B Mississippi; TA-W-27,350C Louisiana; TA-W-27,350D Colorado; TA-W- 27,350E New Mexico; TA-W-27,350F Texas; TA-W-27,350G Kansas; TA-W- 27,350H Oklahoma; Amended Certification Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance

Vought Aircraft Co., Dallas, TX; Notice of Negative Determination on Reconsideration

Land Management Bureau

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Egan Resource Management Plan Approved Oil and Gas Leasing Amendment and Record of Decision

Protection, Management, and Control of Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Uncategorized Document

Coastal Migratory Pelagic Resources of the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic

King and Tanner Crab Fisheries of the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Uncategorized Document

Indiana Michigan Power Co. (DC Cook 2); Exemption

Kelli J. Hinds; Muncie, Indiana; Order Prohibiting Involvement In Licensed Activities (Effective Immediately)

Uranium Mill Tailings Regulations; Conforming NRC Requirements to EPA Standards

Washington Public Power Supply System WPPSS Nuclear Project No. 2; Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact

Securities and Exchange Commission

Uncategorized Document

Custody of Investment Company Assets with Futures Commission Merchants and Commodity Clearing Organizations

Self-Regulatory Organizations; Order Approving and Notice of Filing and Order Granting Accelerated Approval of Amendment No. 3 to a Proposed Rule Change by the American Stock Exchange, Inc., Relating to Position Limits on Options on the S&P MidCap Index

Self-Regulatory Organizations; Order Approving Proposed Rule Change by the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Inc. Relating to Extension of Market Maker Margin and Capital Treatment to Certain Market Maker Orders Entered From Off the Trading Floor

The Alger Fund and Fred Alger & Company, Inc.; Application

Small Business Administration

Uncategorized Document

Fundex Capital Corporation, Inc.; License No. 02/02-0340 Filing of an Application for Transfer of Ownership and Control and Capital Reorganization

Small Business Size Standards; Surety Bond Guaranty Assistance Program

Stratford Capital Group, Inc.; Notice of Issuance of a Small Business Investment Company License

State Department

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Announcement of Groundrules for U.S. Initiative on Joint Implementation

Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement Office

Uncategorized Document

Alabama Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Plan

Colorado Permanent Regulatory Program

Transportation Department

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Drawbridge Operation Regulations; Black Rock Canal, NY


Modification of Class D Airspace; Renton, WA

Safety Zone Regulation; Potomac River Festival Fireworks Display, Potomac River, Colonial Beach, VA

Safety Zone Regulation; Town of Colonial Beach Fireworks Display, Potomac River, Colonial Beach, VA

Treasury Department

Veterans Affairs Department

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VA Homeless Providers Grant and Per Diem Program

Other Documents

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