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05/19/1995 Issue

Document Issue Table of Contents

This is the table of contents as published in the Federal Register.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


Nominations of Clinical Practice Guideline Topics

Agricultural Marketing Service


United States Standards for Grades of Canned Peas


(Louisiana); Amendment to Notice of a Major Disaster Declaration

Advisory Committee for Fresh Products Shipping Point Inspection Program

Agriculture Department

Army Department


Final Environmental Impact Statement To Assess the Impacts of Disposal of Fort Devens Property and Potential Reuses of the Property and the Socioeconomic Impacts of the Closure of Fort Devens on the Local Communities

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Enhancing Young Workers' Occupational Health and Safety Through Community Education Efforts

Children and Families Administration


Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information Systems

Commerce Department


Groundfish of the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Area; Greenland Turbot in the Aleutian Islands Subarea

Northeast Multispecies Fishery; Exemption Supplement to Framework 9


Agency Form Under Review by the Office of Management and Budget

Foreign-Trade Zone 155Calhoun County, Texas, Request for Export Manufacturing Authority, ABB Randall Corporation (Gas Plant Modules)

Judges Panel of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

Notice of Scope Rulings

Western Pacific Fishery Management Council; Public Meeting

Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled


Procurement List Addition

Procurement List; Proposed Additions

Consumer Product Safety Commission


Commission Organization and Functions

Defense Department


Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission Investigative Hearings Schedule

Defense Intelligence Agency, Scientific Advisory Board Closed Meeting

Meeting of the Commission on Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces

Public Information Collection Requirement Submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for Review

Education Department


Urban Community Service Program

Employment and Training Administration


Amendment of Filing and Service Requirements in Proceedings Before the Office of Administrative Law Judges

Employment Standards Administration


Minimum Wages for Federal and Federally Assisted Construction; General Wage Determination Decisions

Energy Department


Joseph M. Keating; Notice of Filing

NorAm Gas Transmission Company; Notice of Request Under Blanket Authorization

South Carolina Electric and Gas Company; Notice of Availability of Environmental Assessment

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office


Federal Energy Management and Planning Programs; Energy Savings Performance Qualified Contractor List

Energy Research Office


Energy Research Financial Assistance Program Notice 95-09: Outstanding Junior Investigator Program

Environmental Protection Agency


Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities and Hazardous Waste Generators; Organic Air Emission Standards for Tanks, Surface Impoundments, and Containers

Proposed Rules

Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans; Illinois

Connecticut, Approval of State Underground Storage Tank Program


Aqua-Tech Environmental, Inc., Greer, South Carolina; Notice of Proposed De Minimis Settlement

Environmental Impact Statements and Regulations; Availability of EPA Comments

Environmental Impact Statements; Availability

Flint River Bridge Drum Site; Cost Recovery Agreement for Removal Action

Open Meeting of the Federal Facilities Environmental Restoration Dialogue Committee

Proposed Settlement; Acid Rain Core Rules Litigation

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company; Notice of Proposed Settlement, Correction

Executive Office of the President

Presidential Documents

Labor History Month, 1995

Federal Aviation Administration


Special Condition: Bell Helicopter Textron Model 222U Helicopter, Electronic Flight Instrument System

Proposed Rules

Airworthiness Directives; AlliedSignal Engines (Formerly Textron Lycoming) Models LTS101-650B1, -750B1, -650C, and -750C Turboshaft Engines


Petitions for Exemption; Summary of Petitions Received; Dispositions of Petitions Issued

Federal Communications Commission

Proposed Rules

Auctionable Services

Regulatory Treatment of Mobile Services

Federal Emergency Management Agency


(Louisiana); Amendment to Notice of a Major Disaster Declaration

Louisiana; Major Disaster and Related Determinations

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


Burney Forest Products, et al.; Electric Rate and Corporate Regulation Filings

Federal Maritime Commission


Ocean Freight Forwarder License Revocations

Federal Reserve System


401(k)Plan and ESOP of United States Trust Company of New York; Change in Bank Control Notice

Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c.; Notice to Engage in Nonbanking Activities

Fifth Third Bancorp, et al.; Formations of; Acquisitions by; and Mergers of Bank Holding Companies

Federal Trade Commission


Labeling Requirements for Alternative Fuels and Alternative Fueled Vehicles

Fish and Wildlife Service


Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Notification; Recommendations From CITES Secretariat Regarding Prohibitions of Trade in Certain Animal Species From Several Countries

Food and Drug Administration


Delegations of Authority and Organization

Proposed Rules

Canned Fruit Nectars; Proposal to Revoke the Stayed Standard of Identity; Correction


Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.; Filing of Food Additive Petition

Health and Human Services Department


Oral Dosage Form New Animal Drugs; Chlortetracycline Soluble Powder Concentrate

Proposed Rules

Performance Standard for the Infant Apnea Monitor; Extension of Comment Period

Topical Drug Products Containing Benzoyl Peroxide; Required Labeling; Extension of Comment Period


Hospital Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee: Meeting

National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics: Meeting

Roussel Corp., et al.; Withdrawal of Approval of 16 Abbreviated New Drug Applications

Housing and Urban Development Department


Federal Property Suitable as Facilities To Assist the Homeless

Interior Department

Internal Revenue Service

Proposed Rules

Certain Publicly Traded Partnerships Treated as Corporations; Correction

International Trade Administration


Gray Portland Cement and Clinker From Mexico; Final Results Of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review

International Trade Commission

Proposed Rules

Rules of General Application


Certain Pasta From Italy and Turkey

Interstate Commerce Commission


Rail General Exemption AuthorityExemption of Ferrous Recyclables


Austin Railroad Co., d/b/a Austin & Northwestern Railroad Discontinuance of ServiceBetween Smoot and Giddings, in Travis, Bastrop, and Lee Counties, TX

Notice of Intent To Engage in Compensated Intercorporate Hauling Operations

Wyoming and Colorado Railroad Company, Inc.Abandonment ExemptionJackson County, CO

Labor Department


Amendment of Filing and Service Requirements in Proceedings Before the Office of Administrative Law Judges

Land Management Bureau


Call for Nominations on Resource Advisory Councils

Mine Safety and Health Administration


Petitions for Modification

Minerals Management Service


Outer Continental Shelf, Central and Western Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sales 157 and 161

Minority Business Development Agency


Business Development Center Applications: Brooklyn, New York

National Archives and Records Administration


Reproduction Services; Fee Schedule


Records Schedules; Availability and Request for Comments

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Safety Performance Standards, Research and Safety Assurance Programs Meetings

National Institute of Standards and Technology


Announcing a Meeting of Computer System Security and Privacy Advisory Board

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Pacific Halibut Fisheries

Proposed Rules

Endangered and Threatened Species; Notice of Public Hearing On Proposed Status for the Klamath Mountains Province Steelhead


South Atlantic Fishery Management Council; Public Meetings

National Park Service

Proposed Rules

Cape Cod National Seashore Off-Road Vehicle Use Negotiated Rulemaking Committee

National Science Foundation


Special Emphasis Panel in Mathematical Sciences

Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Notice of Consideration of Issuance of Amendment to Facility Operating License and Opportunity for a Hearing

Sequoyah Fuels Corporation

Public Health Service


Agency Forms Undergoing Paperwork Reduction Act Review

Securities and Exchange Commission


Consolidated Tape Association; Order Granting Approval of Seventeenth Substantive Amendment to the Restated Consolidated Tape Association Plan and Twenty-First Substantive Amendment to the Consolidated Quotation Plan

Filings Under the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, as Amended (``Act'') May 12, 1995. Notice is hereby given that the following filing(s) has/have been made with the Commission pursuant to provisions of the Act and rules promulgated thereunder. All interested persons are referred to the application(s) and/or declaration(s) for complete statements of the proposed transaction(s) summarized below. The application(s) and/or declaration(s) and any amendments thereto is/are available for public inspection through the Commission's Office of Public Reference. Interested persons wishing to comment or request a hearing on the application(s) and/or declaration(s) should submit their views in writing by June 5, 1995 to the Secretary, Securities and Exchange Commission, Washington, DC 20549, and serve a copy on the relevant applicant(s) and/or declarant(s) at the address(es) specified below. Proof of service (by affidavit or, in case of an attorney at law, by certificate) should be filed with the request. Any request for hearing shall identify specifically the issues of fact or law that are disputed. A person who so requests will be notified of any hearing, if ordered, and will receive a copy of any notice or order issued in the matter. After said date, the application(s) and/or declaration(s), as filed or as amended, may be granted and/or permitted to become effective. CINergy Corp. et al. (70-8587) CINergy Corp. (``CINergy''), 139 East Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, a registered holding company, and certain of its subsidiaries, including CG&E Resource Marketing, Inc. (``Resource Marketing''), 139 East Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, filed an application-declaration under sections 2(a)(8), 6, 7, 9(a), 10, 12(b), 12(f) and 13 of the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, as amended (``Act''), and rules 40, 43, 45, 53, 54, and 80-95 thereunder. The Commission issued a notice of the filing on April 14, 1995 (HCAR No. 26273). Resource Marketing holds a one-third general partnership interest in U.S. Energy Partners, a gas marketing partnership with Public Service Electric & Gas Company. CINergy states that it does not ``control'' U.S. Energy Partners or possess a ``controlling influence'' over its management or policies. In addition to the matters discussed in the notice referred to above, CINergy also seeks in this filing an order of the Commission declaring that U.S. Energy Partners is not a ``subsidiary company'' of CINergy within the meaning of section 2(a)(8) of the Act.

Self-Regulatory Organizations; Notice of Filing and Order Granting Accelerated Approval of Proposed Rule Change by the Boston Stock Exchange, Inc., Relating to Its Competing Specialist Pilot Program

Self-Regulatory Organizations; Notice of Filing and Order Granting Accelerated Approval of Proposed Rule Change by the Cincinnati Stock Exchange, Inc. Relating to the Preferencing of Public Agency Market and Marketable Limit Orders by Approved Dealers and Other Proprietary Members

Third Avenue Series Funds, Inc.; Notice of Application

Value Line Intermediate Bond Fund; Notice of Application

Value Line International Fund; Notice of Application

Value Line U.S. Government Securities Money Market Fund; Notice of Application

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


Advisory Committee for Women's Services; Meeting

Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement Office

Proposed Rules

West Virginia Program Amendment

Tennessee Valley Authority


Limestone 500-kV Substation and Transmission Line

Transportation Department


Airworthiness Directives; British Aerospace Model Avro 146-RJ Series Airplanes

Proposed Rules

Electronic Filing of International Airline Passenger Rules Tariffs


Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee Meeting on Training and Qualifications

Flight Service Station at Sheridan, Wyoming; Closing

Flight Service Station at Sitka, Alaska; Change in Facility Operation

Flight Service Station at Worland, Wyoming; Closing

Notice of Applications for Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity and Foreign Air Carrier Permits Filed Under Subpart Q During the Week Ended May 12, 1995

Notice of Intent To Rule on Application To Impose and Use the Revenue From a Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) at Waco, Texas

Notice of Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Approvals and Disapprovals

Treasury Department

United States Information Agency


Administration of the 1996 U.S. Based Training Program for Overseas Educational Advisers

Veterans Affairs Department

Sunshine Act Documents

Advisory Committee for Cooperative Studies, Health Services, and Rehabilitation Research and Development Subcommittee on Scientific Review and Evaluation for Health Services Research and Development Service, Notice of Meeting

Wage and Hour Division


Minimum Wages for Federal and Federally Assisted Construction; General Wage Determination Decisions

Other Documents

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