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06/16/1997 Issue

Document Issue Table of Contents

This is the table of contents as published in the Federal Register.

Agricultural Marketing Service


Raisins Produced From Grapes Grown In California; Final Free and Reserve Percentages for the 1996-97 Crop Year for Natural (Sun-Dried) Seedless Raisins

Proposed Rule

Winter Pears Grown in Oregon, Washington, and California; Recommended Decision and Opportunity To File Written Exceptions To Proposed Further Amendment of Marketing Agreement and Order No. 927

Agriculture Department

Army Department


Availability of U.S. Patents for Non-Exclusive, Exclusive, or Partially Exclusive Licensing

Protective Service and Accessorial Service Rate Tenders

Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) Program Subcommittee

Bonneville Power Administration


Transmission System Vegetation Management Program

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Disease, Disability, and Injury Prevention and Control Special Emphasis Panel (SEP); Teleconference Meetings

Central Intelligence Agency


Freedom of Information Act; Privacy Act; and Executive Order 12958; Implementation

Children and Families Administration


Office of Refugee Resettlement's Fiscal Year 1997 Omnibus Discretionary Social Service Grants Program

Commerce Department


Foreign-Trade Zone 15; Kansas City, Missouri Area; Application for Expansion

Foreign-Trade Zone 22, Chicago, Illinois; Application for Subzone Status Henkel Corporation (Natural Vitamin E), Kankakee, Illinois

Foreign-Trade Zone 55; Burlington, Vermont Application for Subzone, Vermont Electromagnetics Corporation (Manufacturer of Cable Systems/Assemblies) Williston, Vermont

Grant of Authority for Subzone Status; Coastal Eagle Point Oil Company (Oil Refinery), Gloucester County, New Jersey

Grant of Authority for Subzone Status; Murphy Oil USA, Inc. (Oil Refinery) St. Bernard Parish, LA

Marine Mammals

Submission for OMB Review; Comment Request

Commodity Futures Trading Commission


Sunshine Act Meeting

Defense Department


Intent to Prepare a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Indian River Lagoon Restoration Feasibility Study

Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board


Privacy Act; Systems of Records

Drug Enforcement Administration


Agency Information Collection Activities: New Collection; Comment Request

Agency Information Collection Activities; Extension of Existing Collection; Comment Request

Craig K. Alhanati, D.D.S. Revocation of Registration

Dennis Robert Howard, M.D. Grant of Restricted Registration

Importation of Controlled Substances Application for Radian International LLC; Notice of Correction


Ellis Turk, M.D.; Denial of Application

Energy Department

Energy Information Administration


Agency Information Collection, Activities: Proposed Collection; Comment Request

Environmental Protection Agency


Approval and Promulgation of State Implementation Plan, South Carolina: Adoption of General Conformity Regulations

Preparation, Adoption, and Submittal of State Implementation Plans; Appendix M, Test Methods 204, 204A-204F

Proposed Rule

Approval and Promulgation of State Implementation Plan, South Carolina: Adoption of General Conformity Rules


Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee; Open Meeting

Retrofit/Rebuild Requirements for 1993 and Earlier Model Year Urban Buses; Public Review of a Notification of Intent To Certify Equipment

Retrofit/Rebuild Requirements for 1993 and Earlier Model Year Urban Buses; Public Review of a Notification of Intent To Certify Equipment and Public Review of a Request To Amend a Current Certification

Risk Assessment and Risk Management Commission

Science Advisory Board; Notice of Public Teleconference Meetings

Executive Office of the President

Presidential Document

Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

Export Administration Bureau


Short Supply Regulations, Unprocessed Western Red Cedar

Farm Credit Administration


Referral of Known or Suspected Criminal Violations; Effective Date

Federal Aviation Administration


Amendment of Class E Airspace; Santa Ynez, CA


Burlington International Airport, Burlington, Vermont; Noise Exposure Map Notice

Federal Bureau of Investigation


Criminal Justice Information Services Agency Information Collection Activities, Proposed Collection; Comment Request

Federal Communications Commission


Notice of Public Information Collection(s) Being Reviewed by the Federal Communications Commission

Notice of Public Information Collections Submitted to OMB for Review and Approval

Federal Crop Insurance Corporation

Proposed Rule

Tobacco (Guaranteed Plan) Endorsement; and Common Crop Insurance Regulations, Guaranteed Tobacco Crop Insurance Provisions

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


Sunshine Act Meeting

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


Illinova Energy Partners, Inc.; Notice of Filing

Northern Natural Gas Company; Notice of Request Under Blanket Authorization

Southern Company Services, Inc., et al. Electric Rate and Corporate Regulation Filings

Tucson Electric Power Company; Notice of Filing

UtiliCorp United Inc., et al.; Electric Rate and Corporate Regulation Filings

Wisconsin Power & Light Company; Notice of Filing

Federal Labor Relations Authority


Notice of Opportunity To Submit Amici Curiae Briefs in Representation Proceeding Pending Before the Federal Labor Relations Authority

Federal Reserve System


Formations of, Acquisitions by, and Mergers of Bank Holding Companies

Notice of Proposals to Engage in Permissible Nonbanking Activities or to Acquire Companies that are Engaged in Permissible Nonbanking Activities

Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board


Miscellaneous Regulations

Fish and Wildlife Service


North American Wetlands Conservation Council; Meeting Announcement

Food and Drug Administration


Investigational New Drug Application; Exception from Informed Consent; Technical Amendment


Advisory Committee; Notice of Meeting

Draft Guidance for Industry on Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics in Patients with Impaired Renal Function: Study Design, Data Analysis, and Impact on Dosing and Labeling; Availability

Positron Emission Tomography Drug Products; Draft Guidance for Industry on Content and Format of an Abbreviated New Drug Application; Availability; Extension of Comment Period

Request for Nominations for Members on Public Advisory Committees; Veterinary Medicine Advisory Committee

Forest Service


Williamette Provincial Interagency Executive Committee (PIEC), Advisory Committee

General Services Administration


Placement of Commercial Antennas on Federal Property

Health and Human Services Department


Agency Information Collection Activities: Submission for OMB Review; Comment Request

Findings of Scientific Misconduct

National Committee on Vital and Health Statistic: Meeting

National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics: Meeting

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration U.S.- Mexico Border Four-State Substance Abuse Initiative

Housing and Urban Development Department


Notice of Proposed Information Collection for Public Comment

Notice of Proposed Information Collection for Public Comments

Notice of Proposed Information Collection: Comment Request

Interior Department

Internal Revenue Service


Proposed Collection; Comment Request for Form 1040 and Schedules A, B, C, C-EZ, D, E, EIC, F, H, R and SE

Proposed Collection; Comment Request for Form 23

Proposed Collection; Comment Request for Form 5558

International Trade Administration


Notice of Antidumping Duty Order and Amended Final Determination of Sales at Less Than Fair Value: Engineered Process Gas Turbo- Compressor Systems, Whether Assembled or Unassembled, and Whether Complete or Incomplete, From Japan

Secretarial Business Development Mission to Canada.

Justice Department


Disability Rights Section, Civil Rights Division Agency Information Collection Activities Under Review

Land Management Bureau


Northwest Colorado Resource Advisory Council Meeting

Merit Systems Protection Board


Opportunity to File Amicus Briefs in Fitzgerald et al. versus Department of Defense, MSPB Docket No. PH-0842-94-0200-B-1

National Council on Disability


Sunshine Act Meeting

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards; Controls and Displays

Proposed Rule

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards; Warning Devices

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards; Windshield Defrosting and Defogging Systems; Windshield Wiping and Washing Systems


Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.; Receipt of Application for Decision of Inconsequential Noncompliance

Insurer Reporting Requirements; Reports on Section 612 of the Motor Vehicle Theft Law Enforcement Act of 1984

National Institutes of Health


Division of Research Grants; Notice of Closed Meetings

National Cancer Institute; Notice of Meeting of the National Cancer Advisory Board and Its Subcommittees

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; Notice of Closed Meetings

National Human Genome Research Institute; Notice

National Institute of Mental Health; Notice of Closed Meetings

National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development; Notice of Closed Meeting

National Institutes of General Medical Sciences; Amended Notice of Meeting

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Fisheries Off West Coast States and in the Western Pacific; Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery; Whiting Closure for the Catcher/ Processor Sector

Proposed Rule

Fisheries of the Exclusive Economic Zone Off Alaska; At-Sea Scale Certification Program

Fisheries of the Exclusive Economic Zone Off Alaska; License Limitation Program (LLP); Community Development Quota (CDQ) Program


Western Pacific Fishery Management Council; Public Meeting

National Park Service


Notice of Intent to Repatriate a Cultural Item from Arizona in the Control of the Tallahassee Museum of History & Natural Science, Tallahassee, FL

Notice of Inventory Completion for Native American Human Remains and Associated Funerary Objects in the Possession of Sitka National Historical Park, National Park Service, Sitka, AK

National Technical Information Service


NTIS Advisory Board Meeting

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Proposed Rule

Exempt Distribution of a Radioactive Drug Containing One Microcurie of Carbon-14 Urea


Draft Regulatory Guide; Issuance, Availability

Portland General Electric Company; Eugene Water and Electric Board; Pacific Power and Light Company; Notice of Issuance of Amendment to Possession-Only License

Tennessee Valley Authority; Sequoyah Nuclear Plant, Units 1 And 2; Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact


Revision of Fee Schedules; 100% Fee Recovery, FY 1997

Rural Utilities Service


Acceptance Test Policy

RUS Privatization Demonstration Prepayment Program for the State of Alaska

Proposed Rule

Acceptance Test Policy

Securities and Exchange Commission


AIM Strategic Income Fund, Inc.; Notice of Application

Self-Regulatory Organizations; Order Granting Approval of Proposed Rule Change and Notice of Filing and Order Granting Accelerated Approval of Amendment No. 1 Thereto by the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc., Relating to the Amendment of its Margin Rules

Sunshine Act Meeting


Self Regulatory Organizations; Notice of Filing of Proposed Rule Change by the Pacific Exchange, Inc., Relating to the Elimination of Position and Exercise Limits for FLEX Equity Options

Small Business Administration


Capitol Health Partners, L.P. (License No. 03/03-0209); Notice of Issuance of a Small Business Investment Company License

State Department

Proposed Rule

Schedule of Fees for Consular Services, Department of State and Overseas Embassies and Consulates, Diversity Lottery Fee

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


Grant to the Farm Resource Center, Inc.

Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement Office


Notice of Proposed Information Collection

Surface Transportation Board


Norfolk and Western Railway CompanyAbandonment Exemptionin McDowell County, WV

Thrift Supervision Office


Proposed Agency Information Collection Activities; Comment Request

Trade Representative, Office of United States


Generalized System of Preferences (GSP); Results of the 1995 Annual GSP Product Review

Transportation Department


Application of Accessair Holdings, Inc., for Certificate Authority

Aviation Proceedings, Agreements Filed During the Week of June 6, 1997

Norfolk and Western Railway CompanyAbandonment Exemptionin McDowell County, WV

Notice of Application for Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity and Foreign Air Carrier Permits Filed Under Subpart Q During the Week Ending June 6, 1997

Treasury Department


Appointment of Members to the Legal Division Performance Review Board

Withdrawals From Trust and Deposit Fund Accounts; Authority Delegation

Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission


Notice of Availability

Other Documents


Documents by Agency

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