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01/30/1998 Issue

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Aging Administration


Fiscal Year 1998 Program Announcement; Availability of Funds and Notice Regarding Applications

Agricultural Marketing Service

Proposed Rule

Milk in the New England and Other Marketing Areas; Proposed Rule and Opportunity To File Comments, Including Written Exceptions, on Proposed Amendments to Marketing Agreements and Orders

Agriculture Department

Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Bureau


Proposed Collection; Comment Request

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Hanford Thyroid Morbidity Study Advisory Committee; Meeting

Coast Guard


Drawbridge Operation Regulations; Minnesota River


Agency Information Collection Activities Under OMB Review

Commerce Department

Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled


Procurement List; Additions and Deletions

Procurement List; Proposed Additions

Commodity Futures Trading Commission


Public information Collection Requirement Submitted to the Office of Management and Budget for Review

Comptroller of the Currency


Proposed Information Collection; Comment Request

Corporation for National and Community Service


Service of Process; Production or Disclosure of Official Material or Information

Customs Service

Proposed Rule

Andean Trade Preference

Defense Department


National Policy on Reciprocity of Facilities and Guidelines for Implementation of Reciprocity

National Policy on Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Personnel Security Policies for Granting Access to Classified Information

Drug Enforcement Administration


Singer-Andreini Pharmacy, Inc., Revocation of Registration

Energy Department


Environmental Management Site-Specific Advisory Board, Hanford Site

Environmental Management Site-Specific Advisory Board, Oak Ridge Reservation

Environmental Management Site-Specific Advisory Board, Paducah

Environmental Management Site-Specific Advisory Board, Rocky Flats

Environmental Protection Agency


Carboxin; Extension of Tolerance for Emergency Exemptions

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; Final Approval of State Underground Storage Tank Program

Tennessee; Final Authorization of Revisions to State Hazardous Waste Management Program

Underground Storage Tank Program: Approved State Program for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico


Agency Information Collection Activities: Submission for OMB Review; Comment Request; NESHAP for Equipment Leaks (Fugitive Emission Sources)

Environmental Impact Statements and Regulations; Availability of EPA Comments

Environmental Impact Statements; Notice of Availability

Notice of Filing of Pesticide Petitions

Executive Office of the President

Presidential Document

Year of the Ocean, 1998

Federal Aviation Administration


Airworthiness Directives; Airbus Model A330 and A340 Series Airplanes

Airworthiness Directives; Bombardier Model CL-600-1A11 and CL- 600-2A12 Series Airplanes

Special Conditions: EXTRA Flugzeugbau GmbH, Model EA-400; Heat Capability of the Engine Mount and the Fuselage Connection Joint

Federal Communications Commission


Petitions For Reconsideration and Clarification of Action in Rulemaking Proceedings

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


Notice of Agency Meeting

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


City of Needles v. Nevada Power Company; Notice of Filing

Kansas City Power & Light Company and Northeast Power Marketing Company, L.L.C.; Notice of Filing

Puget Sound Energy, Inc., Notice of Filing

The Washington Water Power Company; Notice of Filing


Garden Banks Gas Pipeline, L.L.C.; Notice of Proposed Changes in FERC Gas Tariff

Federal Reserve System


Change in Bank Control Notices; Acquisitions of Shares of Banks or Bank Holding Companies

Formations of, Acquisitions by, and Mergers of Bank Holding Companies

Notice of Proposals to Engage in Permissible Nonbanking Activities or to Acquire Companies that are Engaged in Permissible Nonbanking Activities

Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board


Sunshine Act Meeting

Federal Trade Commission


Sunshine Act Meeting

Fish and Wildlife Service

Proposed Rule

Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Proposal To Determine the Pecos Pupfish (Cyprinodon pecosensis) To Be an Endangered Species

Request for Information and Recommendations on Species to Consider for Changes to the CITES Appendices


Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force Recreational Activities Committee Meeting

Garrison Diversion Unit Federal Advisory Council Conference Call

Food and Drug Administration


Revising the Announcement Procedures for Approvals and Denials of Premarket Approval Applications


Cumulative List of Orphan Drug and Biological Designations

NIC Ltd.; Premarket Approval of NiC1800 Needle Disposal System

Food Safety and Inspection Service


Contents of HACCP Plans

Contents of HACCP Plans; Critical Control Points


HACCP; Opportunity for Early Implementation

Geological Survey


Request for Public Comments on Information Collection Submitted to the Office of Management and Budget for Review Under the Paperwork Reduction Act

Health and Human Services Department


Notice of a Cooperative Agreement With the Congress of National Black Churches

Notice of Meeting of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/ AIDS and its Subcommittees

Health Care Finance Administration


Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Salary Equivalency Guidelines for Physical Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, and Occupational Therapy Services

Medicare Program; Revisions to Payment Policies and Adjustments to the Relative Value Units Under the Physician Fee Schedule, Other Part B Payment Policies, and Establishment of the Clinical Psychologist Fee Schedule for Calendar Year 1998; Correction


Agency Information Collection Activities: Proposed Collection; Comment Request

Housing and Urban Development Department


Announcement of Funding Awards, Federally Assisted Low Income Housing Drug Elimination Grants, Fiscal Year 1997

Announcement of Funding Awards; Emergency Shelter Grants Set- Aside for Indian Tribes and Alaskan Native Villages Fiscal Year 1997

Federal Property Suitable as Facilities To Assist the Homeless

Notice of Proposed Information Collection for Public Comment

Notice of Proposed Information Collection for Public Comments

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development; Funding for Fiscal Year 1997: Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable Housing

Submission for OMB Review: Comment Request

Interior Department

International Trade Administration


Oil Country Tubular Goods From Korea; Extension of Time Limit for Antidumping Duty Administrative Review

Justice Department

Labor Department


Agency Recordkeeping/Reporting Requirements Under Emergency Review by the Office of Management and Budget

Minimum Wages for Federal and Federally Assisted Construction; General Wage Determination; Decisions

Land Management Bureau


Colorado: Filing of Plats of Survey

Notice That the Tulsa District is Forming a Federal Spacing Unit for a Fractional Section on the Border Between Texas and Oklahoma in Beaver County, OK

Library of Congress

Maritime Administration


Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement/Joint Planning Advisory Group

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


National Survey of Pedestrian and Bicyclist Attitudes, Knowledge and Behavior

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Fisheries of the Exclusive Economic Zone Off Alaska; Pollock in Statistical Area 610

Proposed Rule

Appointment of Members to the Regional Fishery Management Councils

Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; 12-Month Finding on Petition To Revise Critical Habitat for Snake River Spring/Summer Chinook Salmon


Magnuson Act Provisions; Effects of Fishing on Essential Fish Habitat; Public Meeting

Marine Mammals; Permit No. 926 (P562)

Pacific Fishery Management Council; Public Meeting

South Atlantic Fishery Management Council; Public Meeting

National Park Service


Death Valley National Park Advisory Commission; Notice of Meeting

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area Citizen Advisory Commission Meeting

Manzanar National Historic Site, Advisory Commission; Notice of Meeting

National Wildlife and Scenic River System: Ohio; Big and Little Darby Creeks

Submission of Study Package to Office of Management and Budget; Review Opportunity for Public Comment

Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River Citizens Advisory Council


Removal of Rules on Standards of Conduct and Reporting Procedures on Defense Related Employment

Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Advisory Committee on the Medical Uses of Isotopes: Meeting Notice

Agency Information Collection Activities: Proposed Collection: Comment Request

Northern States Power Company; Notice of Consideration of Issuance of Amendment to Facility Operating License No. DPR-42; Proposed No Significant Hazards Consideration Determination, and Opportunity for a Hearing

Toledo Edison Company; Centerior Service Company; and the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company; Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1, Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact

Occupational Safety and Health Administration


Agency Information Collection Activities: Proposed Collection; Comment Request; 4,4' -Methylenedianiline in General Industry

Agency Informaton Collection Activities: Proposed Collection; Comment Request; 4,4'-Methylenedianiline in Construction

Personnel Management Office


Political Activity: Federal Employees Residing in Designated Localities


Proposed Collection; Comment Request; OPM Form1203

Prisons Bureau


Institutional Management; Editorial Amendments

Reclamation Bureau


Bay-Delta Advisory Council Meetings

Securities and Exchange Commission


Self-Regulatory Organizations; Notice of Filing and Immediate Effectiveness of Proposed Rule Change by the Chicago Stock Exchange, Incorporated, Relating to the Failure To Pay Fines for Minor Rule Violations

Sunshine Act Meeting

Social Security Administration


Federal Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance; Determining Disability and Blindness; Extension of Expiration Date for the Cardiovascular Body System Listings


Information Collection Activities: Proposed Collection Requests and Comment Requests

State Department


Schedule of Fees for Consular Services, Department of State and Overseas Embassies and Consulates


Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy; Notice of Closed Meeting

Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs; Anti-Crime Training and Technical Assistance Program (ACTTA)

Surface Transportation Board


Southern Pacific Transportation CompanyTrackage Rights ExemptionUnion Pacific Railroad Company

Union Pacific Railroad Company; Trackage Rights Exemption; Southern Pacific Transportation Company

Thrift Supervision Office


First Savings Brancshares, MHC, Woodbridge, New Jersey; Approval of Conversion Application

Transportation Department


Drawbridge Operation Regulations; Minnesota River


Agency Information Collection Activities Under OMB Review

Aviation Proceedings, Agreements Filed During the Week Ending January 23, 1998

Notice of Application for Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity and Foreign Air Carrier Permits Filed Under Subpart Q During the Week Ending January 23, 1998

Reports, Forms and Recordkeeping Requirements; Agency Information Collection Activity Under OMB Review

Security of Aircraft and Safety of Passengers Transiting Port-Au- Prince, Haiti

Treasury Department


Proposed Collection; Comment Request


Veterans Affairs Department


Rehabilitation Research and Development Service Scientific Merit Review Board, Notice of Meeting

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