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Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Act of 2000; List of Covered Facilities

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Department of Energy.


Notice of listing of covered facilities.


The Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Act of 2000 (“Act”), Public Law 106-398, establishes a program to provide compensation to individuals who developed illnesses as a result of their employment in nuclear weapons production-related activities and at certain federally-owned facilities in which radioactive materials were used. On December 7, 2000, the President issued Executive Order 13179 (“Order”) directing the Department of Energy (“Department” or “DOE”) to list covered facilities in the Federal Register. This notice responds to both the Act and the Order.

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Office of Worker Advocacy, 1-877-447-9756.

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The Department welcomes comments on this list. Individuals who wish to suggest additional facilities for inclusion on the list, indicate why one or more facilities should be removed from the list, or provide other information may contact: Office of Worker Advocacy (EH-8), U.S. Department of Energy, 1000 Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 20585, email:, toll-free: 1-877-447-9756.

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Purpose: The Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Act of 2000 (“Act”), Public Law 106-398, establishes a program to provide compensation to individuals who developed illnesses as a result of their employment in nuclear weapons production-related activities and at certain federally-owned facilities in which radioactive materials were used. On December 7, 2000, the President issued Executive Order 13179 (“Order”) directing the Department of Energy (“Department” or “DOE”) to list covered facilities in the Federal Register. Section 2. c. vii of the Order instructs the Department to list three types of facilities:

(1) Atomic weapons employer facilities, as defined in section 3621 (4) of the Act;

(2) Department of Energy facilities, as defined by section 3621 (12) of the Act; and

(3) Beryllium vendors, as defined by section 3621 (6) of the Act.

Compensation options and mechanisms are defined differently for each of these facility categories. The atomic weapons employer category includes facilities in which the primary work was not related to atomic weapons, and consequently these facilities are not commonly known as atomic weapons facilities. Their inclusion in this list is consistent with the Act, and is not intended as a classification for any other purpose.

The list at the end of this notice represents the Department's best efforts to date to compile a list of facilities in these three categories. Reconstructing the operational history of the nuclear weapons system over a sixty-year period is a complex and sometimes imprecise undertaking. Some list entries are based on records that contain the names and addresses of companies and facilities at the time work was performed for the Department and its predecessor federal agencies. The list may identify a corporate headquarters facility as a production location, or may contain some inadvertent duplication because of changes in names, ownership, and addresses. Similarly, attempts to minimize duplication may have resulted in the inadvertent omission of subsidiaries and satellite locations that should be included. Accordingly, the Start Printed Page 4004Department is continuing its research efforts in order to better understand past production activities, and DOE intends to update this list at least once annually so long as new information becomes available. The public is invited to comment on the list and to provide additional information.

In addition to continuing its research efforts, the Department is developing information dissemination mechanisms to make facility-specific data available to the public, including a publicly accessible database of site-related information. This database will help ensure that the Department keeps track of facilities involved in atomic weapons and other work potentially resulting in contamination or exposure. The site database will include, among other information, the type of nuclear weapons-related production work done, the dates such work occurred, and available health and safety data concerning the facility. The listing of facility name and location in this notice represents only a first step in providing information to the public.

The Act does not cover workers involved in uranium mining and milling, or those who worked in support of naval nuclear propulsion programs. Consequently, facilities associated with this type of work are not listed in this notice. Some workers who became ill as a result of their employment at these facilities may be covered by other programs such as the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA), the Federal Exposure Compensation Act (FECA), or other jurisdictions' worker compensation programs.

Introduction to the Covered Facility List

The list that follows covers the three categories of employers defined by the Act: atomic weapons employers (“AWE”), Department of Energy facilities (“DOE”), and beryllium vendors (“BE”). Some facilities fall into more than one category. For example, if a private contractor facility handled both radioactive materials and beryllium, it will have “AWE” and “BE” in the “facility type” column. For another example, a facility will have both “DOE” and “AWE” codes if ownership changed between the DOE and another entity. The Department intends to provide facility-specific explanations of the applicability of these categories through the database mentioned above.

Each of the categories is defined below:

1. Atomic Weapons Employers

Section 3621 (4) of the Act defines an atomic weapons employer as “an entity that—

(A) processed or produced, for the use by the United States, material that emitted radiation and was used in the production of an atomic weapon, excluding uranium mining and milling; and

(B) is designated as an atomic weapons employer for purposes of this title by the Secretary of Energy.”

Most facilities listed as an AWE conducted nuclear weapons-related work for a limited period of time or in certain select areas of the plant. For example, some sites worked with radioactive materials to evaluate processing machinery that was being considered for use in atomic weapons production. Radioactive materials may not have been used as a routine part of the facility's operations. The Act covers those workers who became sick as a consequence of their work in support of nuclear weapons production activities, and was not intended to cover all workers at each site named.

The lines between research, atomic weapons production, and non-weapons production are often difficult to draw. For the purposes of this notice, and as directed by the Act, only those facilities whose work involved radioactive material that was connected to the weapons production chain are included. Available information about many of these facilities is incomplete or unclear, and the Department welcomes comments or additional information regarding facilities that may have supported atomic weapons production that are not on this list, as well as information that clarifies the work done at facilities named below.

2. Department of Energy Facilities

Section 3621 (12) of the Act defines a DOE facility as “any building, structure, or premise, including the grounds upon which such building, structure, or premise is located—

(A) in which operations are, or have been, conducted by, or on behalf of, the Department of Energy (except for buildings, structures, premises, grounds, or operations covered by Executive Order 12344, pertaining to the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program); and

(B) with regard to which the Department of Energy has or had—

(i) A proprietary interest; or

(ii) Entered into a contract with an entity to provide management and operation, management and integration, environmental remediation services, construction, or maintenance services.”

Consistent with this definition, the Department has taken a broad view of where operations have been conducted by DOE or its predecessor agencies. The list includes any facility handling radioactive materials or beryllium in which the Department had management and operations, management and integration, environmental remediation, or construction and maintenance contracts. This broad definition includes many facilities which are not generally thought of as Departmental facilities, as well as facilities which are not necessarily involved with weapons-related work. For example, some universities and private companies are included because the Department contracted for environmental remediation services at these sites, even though the Department did not own the facility. Also, some DOE-owned laboratories are included because they do work involving radioactive materials, even though that work is not related to nuclear weapons production.

The Act covers production workers at the gaseous diffusion plants at Paducah, KY and Piketon, OH. Production workers at these facilities are covered for work conducted until July 28, 1998, when the facilities were privatized under the control of the United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC, Inc.)

The listing of Department of Energy facilities is only intended for the context of implementing this Act and does not create or imply any new Departmental obligations or ownership at any of the facilities named on this list.

3. Beryllium Vendors

Section 3621(6) of the Act defines beryllium vendor as the following:

“(A) Atomics International.

(B) Brush Wellman, Incorporated, and its predecessor, Brush Beryllium Company.

(C) General Atomics.

(D) General Electric Company.

(E) NGK Metals Corporation and its predecessors, Kawecki-Berylco, Cabot Corporation, BerylCo, and Beryllium Corporation of America.

(F) Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation.

(G) StarMet Corporation, and its predecessor, Nuclear Metals, Incorporated.

(H) Wyman Gordan, Incorporated.

(I) Any other vendor, processor, or producer of beryllium or related products designated as a beryllium vendor for purposes of this title under Section 3622.”

Beryllium metal has been an important material for atomic weapons production, and it was used at many places throughout the production Start Printed Page 4005system. The list indicates private firms that processed, produced, or provided beryllium metal for the Department, as defined by the Act. This information is drawn from a variety of historical documents, and much data remains incomplete. The Department welcomes comments or additional information about its beryllium vendors.

Covered Facility List

JurisdictionFacility nameLocationFacility type
ALSouthern Research InstituteSylacaugaAWE
ALSpeed Ring Experimental & Tool CompanyCulmanBE
ALTennessee Valley AuthorityMuscle ShoalsAWE
AKAmchitka Island Nuclear Explosion SiteAmchitka IslandDOE
AKProject Chariot SiteCape ThompsonDOE
CAArthur D. Little Co.San FranciscoAWE
CAAtomics InternationalCanoga ParkBE
CABurris Park Field StationKingsburgAWE
CACeradyne, Inc.Santa AnaBE
CADow Chemical Co.Walnut CreekAWE
CAElectro Circuits, Inc.PasadenaAWE
CAEnergy Technology Engineering CenterSanta SusanaDOE
CAGeneral AtomicsLa JollaAWE/BE/DOE
CAGeneral Electric VallecitosPleasantonAWE
CAHunter Douglas Aluminum Corp.RiversideAWE
CALaboratory for Energy-Related Health ResearchDavisDOE
CALaboratory of Biomedical and Environmental SciencesLos AngelesDOE
CALaboratory of Radiobiology and Environmental HealthSan FranciscoDOE
CALawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryBerkeleyDOE
CALawrence Livermore National LaboratoryLivermoreDOE
CASandia Laboratory, Salton Sea BaseImperial CountyDOE
CASandia National Laboratories—LivermoreLivermoreDOE
CAStanford Linear Accelerator CenterPalo AltoDOE
CAStauffer Metals, Inc.RichmondAWE
CAUniversity of CaliforniaBerkeleyAWE/DOE
COCoors PorcelainGoldenBE
COProject Rio Blanco Nuclear Explosion SiteRifleDOE
COProject Rulison Nuclear Explosion SiteGrand ValleyDOE
CORocky Flats PlantGoldenDOE
COShattuck ChemicalDenverAWE
COUniversity of Denver Research InstituteDenverAWE/BE
CTAmerican Chain and Cable Co.BridgeportAWE
CTAnaconda Co.WaterburyAWE
CTBridgeport Brass Co., Havens Lab.BridgeportAWE
CTCombustion EngineeringWindsorAWE/DOE
CTConnecticut Aircraft Nuclear Engine Lab. (CANEL)MiddletownBE/DOE
CTDorr Corp.StamfordAWE
CTFenn Machinery Co.HartfordAWE
CTNew England Lime Co.CanaanAWE
CTSeymour Specialty WireSeymourAWE/DOE
CTSperry Products, Inc.DanburyAWE
CTTorrington Co.TorringtonAWE
DEAllied Chemical and Dye Corp.North ClaymontAWE
DCNational Bureau of Standards, Van Ness StreetWashingtonAWE
DCNaval Research LaboratoryWashingtonAWE/DOE
FLAmerican Beryllium Co.SarasotaBE
FLArmour Fertilizer WorksBartowAWE
FLC.F. Industries, Inc.BartowAWE
FLGardinier, Inc.TampaAWE
FLInternational Minerals and Chemical CorpMulberryAWE
FLPinellas PlantClearwaterDOE
FLUniversity of FloridaGainesvilleAWE
FLVirginia-Carolina Chemical CorpNicholsAWE
FLW.R. Grace Co., Agricultural Chemical DivRidgewoodAWE
IDArgonne National Laboratory—WestScovilleDOE
IDIdaho National Engineering LaboratoryScovilleDOE
ILAllied Chemical Corp.MetropolisAWE
ILAmerican Machine and Metals, Inc.E. MolineAWE
ILArgonne National Laboratory-EastArgonneDOE
ILArmour Research FoundationChicagoAWE
ILBlockson Chemical CoJolietAWE
ILC-B Tool Products Co.ChicagoAWE
ILCrane Co.ChicagoAWE
ILERA Tool and Engineering Co.ChicagoAWE
ILFansteel Metallurgical Corp.North ChicagoBE
ILFermi National Accelerator LaboratoryBataviaDOE
ILGranite City SteelGranite CityAWE/DOE
ILGreat Lakes Carbon Corp.ChicagoAWE
ILGSA 39th Street WarehouseChicagoAWE
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ILInternational RegisterChicagoAWE
ILKaiser Aluminum Corp.DaltonAWE
ILLindsay Light and Chemical Co.W. ChicagoAWE
ILMadison Site (Speculite)MadisonAWE/DOE
ILMidwest Manufacturing Co.GalesburyAWE
ILMuseum of Science and IndustryChicagoAWE
ILNational Guard ArmoryChicagoAWE/DOE
ILPodbeliniac Corp.ChicagoAWE
ILPrecision Extrusion Co.BensenvilleAWE
ILQuality Hardware and Machine Co.ChicagoAWE
ILR. Krasburg and Sons Manufacturing Co.ChicagoAWE
ILSciaky Brothers, Inc.ChicagoAWE
ILSwenson Evaporator Co.HarveyAWE
ILUniversity of ChicagoChicagoAWE/DOE
ILW.E. Pratt Manufacturing Co.JolietAWE
ILWycoff Drawn Steel Co.ChicagoAWE
INAmerican Bearing Corp.IndianapolisAWE
INDana Heavy Water PlantDanaDOE
INGeneral Electric PlantShelbyvilleAWE
INJoslyn Manufacturing and Supply CoFt. WayneAWE
INPurdue University Van der Graaf LabLafayetteAWE
IAAmes LaboratoryAmesDOE
IAIowa Ordnance PlantBurlingtonDOE
IATitus MetalsWaterlooAWE
KSSpencer Chemical Co., Jayhawks WorksPittsburgAWE
KYPaducah Gaseous Diffusion PlantPaducahDOE
MR*Eniwetok Test SiteMarshall IslandsDOE
MDArmco-Rustless Iron & SteelBaltimoreAWE
MDW.R. Grace and CompanyCurtis BayAWE/DOE
MAAmerican Potash & ChemicalWest HanoverAWE
MAC.G. Sargent & SonsGranitevilleAWE
MAChapman ValveIndian OrchardAWE/DOE
MAEdgerton Germeshausen & Grier, Inc.BostonAWE
MAFenwal, Inc.AshlandAWE
MAFranklin InstituteBostonBE
MAHeald Machine Co.WorcesterAWE
MALa Pointe Machine and Tool Co.HudsonAWE
MAMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyCambridgeAWE/BE
MAMetals and Controls Corp.AttleboroAWE
MANational Research Corp.CambridgeAWE
MANorton Co.WorcesterAWE/BE
MANuclear Metals, Inc.ConcordAWE/BE
MAReed Rolled Thread Co.WorcesterAWE
MAShpack LandfillNortonAWE/DOE
MAVentron CorporationBeverlyAWE/DOE
MAWinchester Engineering and Analytical CenterWinchesterDOE
MAWoburn LandfillWoburnAWE
MAWyman Gordon Inc.Grayton, North GraftonBE
MIAC Spark PlugFlintBE
MIBaker-Perkins Co.SaginawAWE
MICarboloy Co.DetroitAWE
MIExtruded Metals Co.Grand RapidsAWE
MIGeneral MotorsAdrianAWE/DOE
MIGerity-Michigan Corp.AdrianBE
MIMitts & Merrel Co.SaginawAWE
MIOliver Corp.Battle CreekAWE
MIRevere Copper and BrassDetroitAWE/BE
MISpeed Ring Experimental & Tool CompanyDetroitBE
MIStar Cutter Corp.FarmingtonAWE
MIUniversity of MichiganAnn ArborAWE
MIWolverine Tube DivisionDetroitAWE
MNElk River ReactorElk RiverDOE
MSSalmon Nuclear Explosion SiteHattiesburgDOE
MOKansas City PlantKansas CityDOE
MOLatty Avenue PropertiesHazelwoodAWE/DOE
MOMallinckrodt Chemical Co., Destrehan St. PlantSt. LouisAWE/DOE
MOMedart Co.St. LouisAWE
MORoger Iron Co.JoplinAWE
MOSpencer Chemical Co.Kansas CityAWE
MOSt. Louis Airport SiteSt. LouisAWE/DOE
MOTyson Valley Powder FarmSt. LouisAWE
MOUnited Nuclear Corp.HematiteAWE
MOWeldon Spring PlantWeldon SpringDOE
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NEHallam Sodium Graphite ReactorHallamDOE
NVNevada Test SiteMercuryDOE
NVProject Faultless Nuclear Explosion SiteCentral Nevada Test SiteDOE
NVProject Shoal Nuclear Explosion SiteFallonDOE
NVYucca Mountain Site Characterization ProjectYucca MountainDOE
NJAluminum Co. of America (Alcoa)GarwoodAWE
NJAmerican Peddinghaus Corp.MoonachleAWE
NJBaker and Williams Co.NewarkAWE
NJBell Telephone LaboratoriesMurray HillAWE
NJBloomfield Tool Co.BloomfieldAWE
NJBowen Lab.North BranchAWE
NJCallite Tungsten Co.Union CityAWE
NJChemical Construction Co.LindenAWE
NJDu Pont Deepwater WorksDeepwaterAWE/DOE
NJInternational Nickel Co., Bayonne LaboratoriesBayonneAWE
NJJ.T. Baker Chemical Co.PhillipsburgAWE
NJKellex/PierpontJersey CityAWE/DOE
NJMaywood Chemical WorksMaywoodAWE/DOE
NJMiddlesex Municipal LandfillMiddlesexAWE/DOE
NJMiddlesex Sampling PlantMiddlesexDOE
NJNational BerylliaHaskellBE
NJNew Brunswick LaboratoryNew BrunswickDOE
NJPicatinny ArsenalDoverAWE
NJPrinceton Plasma Physics LaboratoryPrincetonDOE
NJRare Earths/ W.R. GraceWayneAWE/DOE
NJStandard Oil Development Co. of NJLindenAWE
NJTube Reducing Co.WallingtonAWE
NJU.S. Pipe and FoundryBurlingtonBE
NJUnited Lead Co.MiddlesexAWE
NJVitro Corp. of AmericaWest OrangeAWE
NJWestinghouse Electric Corp.BloomfieldAWE
NJWykoff Steel Co.NewarkAWE
NMChupadera MesaChupadera MesaDOE
NMLos Alamos Medical CenterLos AlamosDOE
NMLos Alamos National LaboratoryLos AlamosDOE
NMLovelace Respiratory Research InstituteAlbuquerqueDOE
NMProject Gasbuggy Nuclear Explosion SiteFarmingtonDOE
NMProject Gnome Nuclear Explosion SiteCarlsbadDOE
NMSandia National LaboratoriesAlbuquerqueDOE
NMSouth Albuquerque WorksAlbuquerqueDOE
NMTrinity Nuclear Explosion SiteWhite Sands Missile RangeDOE
NMWaste Isolation Pilot PlantCarlsbadDOE
NYAllegheny-Ludlum SteelWatervlietAWE
NYAmerican Machine and FoundryBrooklynAWE
NYAshland OilTonawandaAWE/DOE
NYBaker and Williams WarehousesNew YorkAWE/DOE
NYBethlehem SteelLackawanaAWE
NYBliss & Laughlin SteelBuffaloAWE/DOE
NYBrookhaven National LaboratoryUptonDOE
NYBurns & Roe, Inc.MaspethBE
NYColonie Site (National Lead)ColonieAWE/DOE
NYColumbia UniversityNew York CityAWE/DOE
NYElectro MetallurgicalNiagara FallsAWE
NYGeneral AstrometalsYonkersBE
NYHooker ElectrochemicalNiagara FallsAWE
NYInternational Rare Metals Refinery, IncMt. KiskoAWE
NYIthaca Gun Co.IthacaAWE
NYLake Ontario Ordnance WorksNiagara FallsDOE
NYLedoux and Co.New YorkAWE
NYLinde Air ProductsBuffaloAWE
NYLinde Ceramics PlantTonawandaAWE/DOE
NYNew York UniversityNew YorkAWE
NYPeek Street Facility**SchenectadyDOE
NYRadium Chemical Co.New YorkAWE
NYRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyAWE
NYSacandaga Facility**GlenvilleDOE
NYSeaway Industrial ParkTonawandaAWE/DOE
NYSeneca Army DepotRomulusAWE
NYSeparations Process Research Unit (at Knolls Lab.)**SchenectadyDOE
NYSimonds Saw and Steel Co.LockportAWE
NYStaten Island WarehouseNew YorkAWE
NYSylvania Corning Nuclear Corp.HicksvilleAWE/DOE
NYSylvania Products Corp.BaysideAWE/BE
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NYTitanium Alloys ManufacturingNiagara FallsAWE
NYTrudeau FoundationSaranac LakeBE
NYUniversity of Rochester Medical LaboratoryRochesterAWE/DOE
NYUtica St. WarehouseBuffaloAWE
NYWest Valley Demonstration ProjectWest ValleyDOE
NCBeryllium Metals and Chemical CorpBessemer CityBE
NCUniversity of North CarolinaChapel HillBE
OHAir Force Plant 36EvandaleAWE
OHAjax Magnathermic Corp.YoungstownAWE
OHAlba CraftOxfordAWE/DOE
OHAssociated Aircraft Tool and Manufacturing CoFairfieldAWE/DOE
OHB & T MetalsColumbusAWE/DOE
OHBaker BrothersToledoAWE/DEL
OHBattelle Columbus LaboratoriesColumbusAWE
OHBattelle Memorial InstituteColumbusAWE/BE/DOE
OHBeryllium Production Plant (Brush)LuckeyBE/DOE
OHBrush Beryllium Co.ElmoreAWE/BE
OHBrush Beryllium Co.ClevelandAWE/BE
OHBrush Beryllium Co.LoraineAWE/BE
OHCincinnati Milling Machine Co.CincinnatiAWE
OHClifton Products Co.CliftonBE
OHClifton Products Co.PainesvilleBE
OHCopperweld SteelWarrenAWE
OHDu Pont-Grasselli Research LaboratoryClevelandAWE
OHExtrusion PlantAshtabulaDOE
OHFeed Materials Production CenterFernaldDOE
OHGeneral Electric CompanyCincinnati/EvendaleAWE/BE/DOE
OHGruen WatchNorwoodAWE
OHHarshaw Chemical Co.ClevelandAWE
OHHerring-Hall Marvin Safe Co.HamiltonAWE/DOE
OHHorizons, Inc.ClevelandAWE
OHKettering Laboratory, University of CincinnatiCincinnatiBE
OHMagnus Brass Co.CincinnatiAWE
OHMcKinney Tool and Manufacturing Co.ClevelandAWE
OHMitchell Steel Co.CincinnatiAWE
OHMonsanto Chemical Co.DaytonAWE
OHMound PlantMiamisburgDOE
OHPainesville Site (Diamond Magnesium Co.)PainesvilleAWE/DOE
OHPiqua Organic Moderated ReactorPiquaDOE
OHPortsmouth Gaseous Diffusion PlantPiketonDOE
OHR. W. Leblond Machine Tool Co.CincinnatiAWE
OHTech-Art, Inc.MilfordAWE
OHTocco Induction Heating Div.ClevelandAWE
OHVulcan Tool Co.DaytonAWE
ORAlbany Research CenterAlbanyAWE/DOE
ORWah ChangAlbanyAWE
PAAeroprojects, Inc.West ChesterAWE
PAAliquippa ForgeAliquippaAWE/DOE
PAAluminum Co. of America (Alcoa)New KensingtonAWE
PABabcock & WilcoxParks TownshipAWE
PABeryllium Corp. of AmericaHazletonBE
PABeryllium Corp. of AmericaReadingBE
PABirdsboro Steel & FoundryBirdsboroAWE
PAC.H. SchnoorSpringdaleAWE/DOE
PACarnegie Mellon Cyclotron FacilitySaxonburgAWE
PACarpenter Steel Co.ReadingAWE
PAChambersburg Engineering Co.ChambersburgAWE
PAFoote Mineral Co.East Whiteland Twp.AWE
PAFrankford ArsenalPhiladelphiaAWE
PAHeppenstall Co.PittsburghAWE
PAJessop Steel Co.WashingtonAWE
PAKoppers Co., Inc.PittsburghAWE
PALandis Machine Tool Co.WaynesboroAWE
PAMcDaniel Refractory Co.Beaver FallsBE
PANuclear Materials and Equipment Corp.ApolloAWE/BE
PAPenn Salt Co.PhiladelphiaAWE
PAPhiladelphia Naval YardPhiladelphiaAWE
PAShippingport Atomic Power PlantShippingportDOE
PASuperior Steel Co.CarnegieAWE
PAU.S. Steel Co., National Tube DivisionMcKeesportAWE
PAVitro ManufacturingCannonsburgAWE/BE
PAWestinghouse Atomic Power Development PlantEast PittsburghAWE
PRBONUS Reactor PlantPunta HigueraDOE
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PRPuerto Rico Nuclear CenterMayaguezDOE
RIC.I. Hayes, Inc.CranstonAWE
SCSavannah River SiteAikenDOE
TNClarksville FacilityClarksvilleDOE
TNOak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant (K-25)Oak RidgeDOE
TNOak Ridge HospitalOak RidgeDOE
TNOak Ridge Institute for Science EducationOak RidgeDOE
TNOak Ridge National Laboratory (X-10)Oak RidgeDOE
TNVitro Corp. of AmericaChattanoogaAWE/BE
TNW. R. GraceErwinAWE
TNY-12 PlantOak RidgeDOE
TXMathieson Chemcial CoPasadenaAWE
TXMedina FacilitySan AntonioDOE
TXPantex PlantAmarilloDOE
TXSutton, Steele and Steele Co.DallasAWE
TXTexas City Chemicals, Inc.Texas CityAWE
VABabcock & Wilcox Co.LynchburgAWE
VAThomas Jefferson National Accelerator FacilityNewport NewsDOE
VAUniversity of VirginiaCharlottesvilleAWE
WAPacific Northwest National LaboratoryRichlandDOE
WVHuntington Pilot PlantHuntingtonAWE/DOE
WIAllis-Chalmers Co.West Allis, MilwaukeeAWE
WIBesley-WellsSouth BeloitAWE
WILaCrosse Boiling Water ReactorLaCrosseDOE
WILadish Co.CudahyBE
*Marshall Islands.
**Consistent with the Act, coverage is limited to activities not performed under the responsibility of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion program.
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Issued in Washington, D.C. January 10, 2001.

David M. Michaels,

Assistant Secretary, Environment, Safety and Health.

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[FR Doc. 01-1329 Filed 1-16-01; 8:45 am]