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Investigations Regarding Certifications of Eligibility To Apply for NAFTA Transitional Adjustment Assistance

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Petitions for transitional adjustment assistance under the North American Free Trade Agreement-Transitional Adjustment Assistance Implementation Act (Pub. L. 103-182), hereinafter called (NAFTA-TAA), have been filed with State Governors under section 250(b)(1) of Subchapter D, Chapter 2, Title II, of the Trade Act of 1974, as amended, are identified in the Appendix to this Notice. Upon notice from a Governor that a NAFTA-TAA petition has been received, the Director of the Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance (DTAA), Employment and Training Administration (ETA), Department of Labor (DOL), announces the filing of the petition and takes action pursuant to paragraphs (c) and (e) of section 250 of the Trade Act.

The purpose of the Governor's actions and the Labor Department's investigations are to determine whether the workers separated from employment on or after December 8, 1993 (date of enactment of Pub. L. 103-182) are Start Printed Page 64921eligible to apply for NAFTA-TAA under Subchapter D of the Trade Act because of increased imports from or the shift in production to Mexico or Canada.

The petitioners or any other persons showing a substantial interest in the subject matter of the investigations may request a public hearing with the Director of DTAA at the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) in Washington, DC., provided such request is filed in writing with the Director of DTAA not later than November 1, 2002.

Also, interested persons are invited to submit written comments regarding the subject matter of the petitions to the Director of DTAA at the address shown below not later than November 1, 2002.

Petitions filed with the Governors are available for inspection at the Office of the Director, DTAA, ETA, DOL, Room C-5311, 200 Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, DC. 20210.

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Signed at Washington, DC., this 19th day of September, 2002.

Edward A. Tomchick,

Director, Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance.

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Subject firmLocationDate received at Governor's officePetition No.Articles produced
Acme Electronics, LLC (Wkrs)Cuba, NY09/04/2002NAFTA-6,526Power supply systems.
Autoline Industries (Co.)McElhatten, PA09/09/2002NAFTA-6,527Water pumps, disc brake callpers etc.
U.S. Manufacturing (Wkrs)Port Huron, MI09/09/2002NAFTA-6,528Axle housing.
Coleman Cable (Co.)El Paso, TX09/03/2002NAFTA-6,529Power cords.
Sun Apparel (Wkrs)El Paso, TX09/04/2002NAFTA-6,530Jeans.
Venice T-Shirt and Medical Corp. (Co.)Venice, CA08/30/2002NAFTA-6,531Knit shirts.
SAPPI (Wkrs)Cloquet, MN09/05/2002NAFTA-6,532Pulpwood.
DeZurik (Wkrs)Sartell, MN09/06/2002NAFTA-6,533Valves.
Altadis U.S.A.—Consolidated Cigar (Co.)McAdoo, PA09/09/2002NATTA-6,534Cigars.
American Meter (Wkrs)Erie, PA09/09/2002NAFTA-6,535Meters.
Wisconsin Automated Machinery (Wkrs)Oshkosh, WI09/02/2002NAFTA-6,636Metal cutting band saws.
65097J (CBO)Alekanagik, AL09/05/2002NAFTA-6,537Fresh salmon.
59511H (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,538Fresh salmon.
56739H (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,539Fresh salmon.
5689Q (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,540Fresh salmon.
58590DX (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,541Fresh salmon.
56175H (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,542Fresh salmon.
65605V (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,543Fresh salmon.
58534G (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,544Fresh salmon.
60381N (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,545Fresh salmon.
60381N (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,546Fresh salmon.
56585O (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,547Fresh salmon.
57327S (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,548Fresh salmon.
55917A (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,549Fresh salmon.
68828I (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,550Fresh salmon.
57748Q (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,551Fresh salmon.
57749J (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,552Fresh salmon.
58075V (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,553Fresh salmon.
55348J (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,554Fresh salmon.
61932R (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,555Fresh salmon.
59347M (CBO)Aleknagik, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,556Fresh salmon.
55124B (CBO)Chigniklake, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,557Fresh salmon.
57331M (CBO)Clarkspoint, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,558Fresh salmon.
67320B (CBO)Clarkspoint, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,559Fresh salmon.
61977V (CBO)Clarkspoint, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,560Fresh salmon.
58475G (CBO)Clarkspoint, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,561Fresh salmon.
57738S (CBO)Clarkspoint, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,562Fresh salmon.
58702U (CBO)Clarkspoint, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,563Fresh salmon.
5732oW (CBO)Clarkspoint, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,564Fresh salmon.
57539S (CBO)Clarkspoint, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,565Fresh salmon.
57687H (CBO)Clarkspoint, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,566Fresh salmon.
57436I (CBO)Clarkspoint, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,567Fresh salmon.
65655K (CBO)Clarkspoint, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,568Fresh salmon.
61712F (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,569Fresh salmon.
61358P (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,570Fresh salmon.
57803W (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,571Fresh salmon.
59194H (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,572Fresh salmon.
65811Q (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,573Fresh salmon.
66280G (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,574Fresh salmon.
55724E (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,575Fresh salmon.
55946A (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,576Fresh salmon.
55153C (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,577Fresh salmon.
64128B (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,578Fresh salmon.
68167V (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,579Fresh salmon.
5679oR (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,580Fresh salmon.
64799G (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,581Fresh salmon.
55022I (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,582Fresh salmon.
Start Printed Page 64922
65470B (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,583Fresh salmon.
56739M (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,584Fresh salmon.
57548Z (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,585Fresh salmon.
67590E (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,586Fresh salmon.
55864E (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,587Fresh salmon.
66987N (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,588Fresh salmon.
61291B (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,589Fresh salmon.
59590W (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,590Fresh salmon.
55571X (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,591Fresh salmon.
57392Q (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,592Fresh salmon.
67873L (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,593Fresh salmon.
55102V (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,594Fresh salmon.
65913K (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,595Fresh salmon.
66427I (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,596Fresh salmon.
56728W (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,597Fresh salmon.
61326M (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,598Fresh salmon.
60231P (CBO)Dillingham, AK09/05/2002NAFTA-6,599Fresh salmon.
End Preamble

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