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Investigations Regarding Certifications of Eligibility To Apply for Workers Adjustment Assistance

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Petitions have been filed with the Secretary of Labor under section 221(a) of the Trade Act of 1974 (“the Act”) and are identified in the Appendix to this notice. Upon receipt of these petitions, the Director of the Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance, Employment and Training Administration, has Start Printed Page 23326instituted investigations pursuant to section 221(a) of the Act.

The purpose of each of the investigations is to determine whether the workers are eligible to apply for adjustment assistance under title II, chapter 2, of the act. The investigations will further relate, as appropriate, to the determination of the date on which total or partial separations began or threatened to begin and the subdivision of the firm involved.

The petitioners or any other persons showing a substantial interest in the subject matter of the investigations may request a public hearing, provided such request is filed in writing with the Director, Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance, at the address shown below, not later than may 12, 2003.

Interested persons are invited to submit written comments regarding the subject matter of the investigations to the Director, Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance, at the address shown below, not later than May 12, 2003.

The petitions filed in this case are available for inspection at the Office of the Director, Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance, Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Department of Labor, Room C-5311, 200 Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20210.

Start Signature

Signed at Washington, DC, this 22nd day of April, 2003.

Timothy F. Sullivan,

Director, Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance.

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[Petitions instituted between 04/01/2003 and 04/11/2003]

TA-WSubject firm (petitioners)LocationDate of institutionDate of petition
42,361P.C.Cutting and Apparel (Wkrs)Hialeah, FL04/10/200310/05/2002
51,375U.S. Repeating Arms Company (Comp)New Haven, CT04/01/200303/31/2003
51,376Ravenna Machine Company (Comp)Defiance, OH04/01/200303/31/2003
51,377Weyerhaeuser (Comp)Millport, AL04/01/200303/21/2003
51,378American Quality Ceramics (Comp)Bangs, TX04/01/200303/31/2003
51,379Printed Fabrics Corp. (Wkrs)Carrollton, GA04/01/200303/26/2003
51,380Colorado Medtech (Wkrs)Boulder, CO04/01/200303/27/2003
51,381Hasler, Inc. (Wkrs)Shelton, CT04/01/200303/31/2003
51,382OEM Worldwide (Comp)Spearfish, SD04/01/200303/28/2003
51,383American Video Glass Company (Wkrs)Mt. Pleasant, PA04/01/200303/25/2003
51,384Honeywell Sensor Systems (Comp)Pawtucket, RI04/01/200303/31/2003
51,385Actiontec Electronics (Comp)Colorado Springs, CO04/02/200304/01/2003
51,386Avaya, Inc. (IBEW)Omaha, NE04/02/200304/01/2003
51,387Allvac/Oremet and Allegheny Tech Co. (USWA)Albany, OR04/02/200303/27/2003
51,388Filtronic Solid State (Wkrs)Santa Clara, CA04/02/200304/01/2003
51,389State of Alaska Commercial Fisheries (Comp)Naknek, AK04/02/200304/01/2003
51,390State of Alaska Commercial Fisheries (Comp)Naknek, AK04/02/200303/28/2003
51,391State of Alaska Commercial Fisheries (Comp)King Salmon, AK04/02/200303/28/2003
51,392State of Alaska Commercial Fisheries (Comp)Naknek, AK04/02/200303/28/2003
51,393Stillwater, Inc. (Comp)Augusta Springs, VA04/03/200303/18/2003
51,394B-W Specialty Mfg. (Wkrs)Seattle, WA04/03/200301/20/2003
51,395Lexington Home Brands (Comp)Lexington, NC04/03/200303/31/2003
51,396Nabco, Inc. (Comp)Reed City, MI04/03/200304/02/2003
51,397McCrosky Tool Corp. (Comp)Meadville, PA04/03/200304/03/2003
51,398Textron Fastening Systems (Comp)Rockford, IL04/03/200303/21/2003
51,399Axis/Salant Corporation (Wkrs)Culver City, CA04/03/200303/24/2003
51,400Credence Corporations (Wkrs)Hillsboro, OR04/04/200303/21/2003
51,401SV Microwave Components Group (Comp)Largo, FL04/04/200303/31/2003
51,402Geiger Bros, Inc. (Comp)Lewiston, ME04/04/200303/31/2003
51,403Clariant Corporation (WI)Oak Creek, WI04/04/200304/01/2003
51,404TexStyle, Inc. (Wkrs)Manchester, KY04/04/200303/21/2003
51,405Itronix (Comp)Spokane, WA04/04/200303/03/2003
51,406Dana Corporation (Comp)Whitsett, NC04/04/200303/24/2003
51,407MeadWestvaco (GCIU)Newark, DE04/04/200303/13/2003
51,408Motorola (Wkrs)Arlington Hgts, IL04/04/200304/01/2003
51,409Showcase Glass (Comp)Post Falls, ID04/04/200303/20/2003
51,410Daniel Hays Company, Inc. (The) (UNITE)Johnstown, NY04/04/200303/19/2003
51,411Corteco (Comp)Newport, TN04/04/200301/24/2003
51,412Express Personnel Services (Comp)Portland, ME04/04/200303/31/2003
51,413Silvered Electronic Mica Company, Inc. (Comp)N. Windham, CT04/04/200303/24/2003
51,414Windsor Forestry Tools, LLC (Wkrs)Milan, TN04/04/200303/20/2003
51,415Washington Group (Comp)Manassas, VA04/04/200303/27/2003
51,416Weyerhaeuser (Wkrs)Laredo, TX04/04/200303/18/2003
51,417Leading Technologies, Inc. (Wrks)Leechburg, PA04/04/200303/21/2003
51,418Dover Furniture Manufacturing, Inc. (Wkrs)Arley, AL04/04/200303/28/2003
51,419Vaisala, Inc. (Comp)Plain City, OH04/04/200303/27/2003
51,420Drexel Heritage Furniture (Wkrs)Drexel, NC04/04/200303/31/2003
51,421Modern Mold and Tool Magnus Molding (MA)Pittsfield, MA04/04/200303/19/2003
51,422Butler Manufacturing Company (USWA)Galesburg, IL04/04/200304/03/2003
51,423State of Alaska Commercial Fisheries (Comp)Kodiak, AK04/04/200304/01/2003
51,424Fishing Vessel (F/V) Sunset (Comp)Petersburg, AK04/04/200303/28/2003
51,425Fishing Vessel (F/V Sunset) (Comp)Cross Sound, AK04/04/200304/01/2003
Start Printed Page 23327
51,426360 Networkds (Wkrs)Broomfield, CO04/04/200303/31/2003
51,427Rhodia, Inc. (Comp)Freeport, TX04/04/200303/28/2003
51,428Knoll, Inc. (Wkrs)East Greenville, PA04/04/200304/04/2003
51,429Roseburg Forest Products (WCIW)Dillard, OR04/04/200304/02/2003
51,430Triangle Suspension Systems, Inc. (Comp)DuBois, PA04/04/200304/03/2003
51,431Tecumseh Products (IAM)Grafton, WI04/04/200304/03/2003
51,432Marlock, Inc. (Comp)Maynardville, TN04/07/200304/01/2003
51,433Kingston Technology (CA)Fountain Valley, CA04/07/200303/27/2003
51,434Power Quest Corporation (Wkrs)Orem, UT04/07/200304/03/2003
51,435Breg, Inc. (Comp)Vista, CA04/07/200312/23/2003
51,436American Video Glass Co. (Wkrs)Mt. Pleasant, PA04/07/200303/28/2003
51,437NTN-BCA (USWA)Lititz, PA04/07/200302/26/2003
51,438Commonwealth Sprague (MA)N. Adams, MA04/07/200304/02/2003
51,439Royal Hosiery Company, Inc. (Comp)Granite Falls, NC04/07/200304/02/2003
51,440ASML Albuquerque (Wkrs)Albuquerque, NM04/07/200304/04/2003
51,441Rochester Button Company (Wkrs)Kenbridge, VA04/07/200303/27/2003
51,442Stora Enso Duluth Paper Mill (Comp)Duluth, MN04/07/200303/31/2003
51,443Automotive Ignition Co., Inc. (Wkrs)Pittsburgh, PA04/07/200303/31/2003
51,444Lindley Laboratories, Inc. (Wkrs)Gibsonville, NC04/07/200303/31/2003
51,445Fishing Vessel (F/V) Jesse and Merle (Comp)Dillingham, AK04/07/200304/03/2003
51,446Fishing Vessel (F/V) Jesse and Merle (Comp)Dillingham, AK04/07/200304/03/2003
51,447NetManage, Inc.Bellingham, WA04/09/200304/23/2003
51,448Hobart Corporation (Wkrs)Troy, OH04/09/200304/28/2003
51,449IBM Global Services (Wkrs)New York, NY04/09/200304/01/2003
51,450Stratford Die Casting, Inc. (Comp)Winston-Salem, NC04/09/200304/07/2003
51,451Aetna (Wkrs)Tyler, TX04/09/200303/25/2003
51,452Good Companies (CA)Carson, CA04/09/200304/01/2003
51,453Jersey Shore Steel (USWA)Jersey Shore, PA04/09/200304/03/2003
51,454Heiting Tool and Die, Inc. (Comp)Appleton, WI04/09/200304/07/2003
51,455White Rodgers (AR)Harrison, AR04/09/200304/07/2003
51,456Symbol Technologies (Wkrs)Arlington Hgts., IL04/09/200303/31/2003
51,457Crown Manufacturing (Wkrs)Hornbeak, TN04/09/200303/03/2003
51,458SGI (Wkrs)Chippewa Falls, WI04/09/200302/12/2003
51,459Caterpillar Paving Products (Wkrs)Brooklyn Park, MN04/09/200304/07/2003
51,460Mettler Toledo (Comp)Inman, SC04/09/200304/08/2003
51,461Gilliam Candy Brands, Inc. (Comp)Paducah, KY04/09/200304/03/2003
51,462Woodburn Diamond Die (Comp)Charlevoix, MI04/09/200304/04/2003
51,463F/V Kingtail (Comp)Nikiski, AK04/11/200304/08/2003
51,464Fishing Vessel (F/V) Chasina Bay (Comp)Ketchikan, AK04/11/200304/08/2003
51,465Little Narrows, Inc. (Wkrs)Kodiak, AK04/11/200304/10/2003
51,466Wards Cove Packing (Comp)Seattle, WA04/11/200304/09/2003
51,467Sunshine Traders of El Paso (Wkrs)El Paso, TX04/11/200304/02/2003
51,468Aliant Tech Systems (MN)Edina, MN04/11/200304/09/2003
51,469Nortel Networks (Wkrs)Rsrch Trgle Prk, NC04/11/200304/04/2003
51,470Harriet and Henderson Yarns, Inc. (Comp)Clarkton, NC04/11/200304/09/2003
51,471Irvin Automotive Products (Comp)Greenwood, MS04/11/200301/14/2003
51,472PDS Technical Services (Wkrs)Seattle, WA04/11/200303/21/2003
51,473Shepard Clothing Company, Inc. (Comp)New Bedford, MA04/11/200303/31/2003
51,474Seneca Sawmill Company, (Comp)Eugene, OR04/11/200304/08/2003
51,475Guy Bennett Lumber Company (Wkrs)Clarkston, WA04/11/200304/04/2003
51,476Ultra Cutting (Wkrs)Medley, FL04/11/200304/02/2003
51,477Farley's and Sathers Candy Company (Wkrs)Pittston, PA04/11/200304/09/2003
51,478VPI Mirrex LLC (Wkrs)Delaware City, DE04/11/200303/28/2003
51,479Andrews Wire Company (Comp)Andrews, SC04/11/200304/03/2003
51,480Chorum Technologies LP (Comp)Richardson, TX04/11/200304/09/2003
51,481Alexandra Fashions, Inc. (Comp)North Bergen, NJ04/11/200303/31/2003
51,482Tecumseh Products Co. (Comp)Douglas, GA04/11/200304/10/2003
51,483Whiting and Davis (Comp)Attleboro Falls, MA04/11/200304/10/2003
51,484CPI Business Groups, Inc. (Comp)Rochester, NY04/11/200303/31/2003
51,485Bloomsburg Mills, Inc. (Comp)New York, NY04/11/200303/31/2003
51,486Meadwestvaco Envelope Co. (Wkrs)Springfield, MA04/11/200304/10/2003
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[FR Doc. 03-10738 Filed 4-30-03; 8:45 am]