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Quarterly Listings; Safety Zones, Security Zones, Special Local Regulations and Drawbridge Operation Regulations

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Coast Guard, DHS.


Notice of temporary rules issued.


This document provides required notice of substantive rules issued by the Coast Guard and temporarily effective between July 1, 2003 and September 30, 2003, that were not published in the Federal Register. This quarterly notice lists temporary local regulations, drawbridge operation regulations, security zones, and safety zones, all of limited duration and for which timely publication in the Federal Register was not possible.


This notice is effective November 5, 2003.


The Docket Management Facility maintains the public docket for this notice. Documents indicated in this notice will be available for inspection or copying at the Docket Management Facility, U.S. Department of Transportation, Room PL-401, 400 Seventh Street, SW., Washington, DC 20593-0001 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except Federal Holidays. You may electronically access the public docket for this notice on the Internet at

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For questions on this notice contact Lt. Jeff Bray, Office of Regulations and Administrative Law, telephone (202) 267-2830. For questions on viewing, or on submitting material to the docket, contact Andrea M. Jenkins, Program Manager, Docket Operations, telephone 202-366-0271.

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Coast Guard District Commanders and Captains of the Port (COTP) must be immediately responsive to the safety and security needs within their jurisdiction; therefore, District Commanders and COTPs have been delegated the authority to issue certain local regulations. Safety zones may be established for safety or environmental purposes. A safety zone may be stationary and described by fixed limits or it may be described as a zone around a vessel in motion. Security zones limit access to prevent injury or damage to vessels, ports, or waterfront facilities and may also describe a zone around a vessel in motion. Special local regulations are issued to enhance the safety of participants and spectators at regattas and other marine events. Drawbridge operation regulations authorize changes to drawbridge schedules to accommodate bridge repairs, seasonal vessel traffic, and local public events. Timely publication of these rules in the Federal Register is often precluded when a rule responds to an emergency, or when an event occurs without sufficient advance notice. The affected public is, however, informed of these rules through Local Notices to Mariners, press releases, and other means. Moreover, actual notification is provided by Coast Guard patrol vessels enforcing the restrictions imposed by the rule. Because Federal Register publication was not possible before the beginning of the effective period, mariners were personally notified of the contents of these special local regulations, drawbridge operation regulations, security zones, or safety zones by Coast Guard officials' on-scene prior to any enforcement action. However, the Cost Guard, by law, must publish in the Federal Register notice of substantive rules adopted. To meet this obligation without imposing undue expense on the public, the Coast Guard periodically publishes a list of these special local regulations, security zones, safety zones and temporary drawbridge operation regulations. Permanent rules are not included in this list because they are published in their entirety in the Federal Register. Temporary rules are also published in their entirety if sufficient time is available to do so before they are placed in effect or terminated. The safety zones, special local regulations, security zones and drawbridge operation regulations listed in this notice have been exempted from review under Executive Order 12866, Regulatory Planning and Review, because of their emergency nature, or limited scope and temporary effectiveness.

The following rules were placed in effect temporarily during the period from July 1, 2003, through September 30, 2003, unless otherwise indicated.

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S. G. Venckus,

Chief, Office of Regulations and Administrative Law.

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District Quarterly Report—3rd Quarter 2003

District docketLocationTypeEffective date
01-03-014Hingham, MASafety Zone7/5/2003
01-03-018Lynn Fourth of July Fireworks, Lynn MASafety Zone7/3/2003
01-03-067Middletown, CTSafety Zone7/4/2003
01-03-072Police Athletics Fireworks, Westport, CTSafety Zone7/3/2003
01-03-073Norwalk Fireworks Display, Norwalk, CTSafety Zone7/3/2003
01-03-074Riverfest 2003, Hartford, CTSafety Zone7/5/2003
01-03-075Stratford Fireworks Display, Stratford, CTSafety Zone7/3/2003
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01-03-076Town of Norwick Fireworks, Norwick, CTSafety Zone7/3/2003
01-03-078Coast Guard Activities New YorkSafety Zone8/9/2003
01-03-079Branford, CTSafety Zone7/27/2003
01-03-084Old Black Point Beach Fireworks, Niantic, CTSafety Zone8/16/2003
01-03-085Port Jefferson, NYSafety Zone8/15/2003
01-03-088Summer Music Fireworks, Waterford, CTSpecial Local Reg8/16/2003
01-03-089Salem Heritage Days Fireworks, Salem, MASafety Zone8/16/2003
01-03-090South Boston, MASafety and Security9/15/2003
05-03-076Northeast River, North East, MDSpecial Local Reg7/3/2003
05-03-077Atlantic Ocean, Assawoman Bay, OC, MDSafety Zone7/4/2003
05-03-079Atlantic Ocean, Ocean City, MDSafety Zone7/4/2003
05-03-080Atlantic Ocean, Isle of Wight Bay, OC, MDSafety Zone7/4/2003
05-03-081Chesa, Bay, James River, Newport News, VASafety Zone7/4/2003
05-03-082Patuxent River, Solomons, MDSpecial Local Reg7/4/2003
05-03-083Middle River, Baltimore County, MDSpecial Local Reg7/5/2003
05-03-085Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake & Delaware CanalSecurity Zone7/2/2003
05-03-086Atlantic Ocean, Chesa. Bay, Linkhorn Bay, VASafety Zone7/4/2003
05-03-087Atlantic Ocean, Chesa. Bay, Chicka. River, VASafety Zone7/4/2003
05-03-088Atlantic Ocean, Chesa. Bay, Piankatank R., VASafety Zone7/4/2003
05-03-089Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay, VASafety Zone7/4/2003
05-03-094Georgetown Channel, Potomac River, Wash, D.CSafety/Security Zone7/4/2003
05-03-096Norfolk Harbor Reach, VASecurity Zone7/12/2003
05-03-097Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic City, NJSpecial Local Reg7/20/2003
05-03-100Intracoastal Waterway, VASafety Zone7/21/2003
05-03-104Pamlico River, Washington, NCSpecial Local Reg8/1/2003
05-03-106Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads, VASecurity Zone7/24/2003
05-03-109Sunset Lake, Wildwood Crest, NJSpecial Local Reg9/27/2003
05-03-114Ocean City, MDSafety Zone8/6/2003
05-03-115Chesapeake Bay, Hampton, VASafety Zone8/7/2003
05-03-120Intracoastal Waterway, VASafety Zone8/4/2003
05-03-123Patapsco River and Tributaries, MDSafety/Security Zone8/10/2003
05-03-127Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads, VASecurity Zone8/20/2003
05-03-128Martins Creek, Tullytown, PASpecial Local Reg9/20/2003
05-03-134Chesapeake Bay, Hampton, VASafety Zone8/28/2003
05-03-135Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads, VASecurity Zone9/1/2003
05-03-136Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads, VASecurity Zone8/31/2003
05-03-137Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads, VASecurity Zone9/7/2003
05-03-138Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads, VASecurity Zone9/14/2003
05-03-139Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads, VASecurity Zone9/20/2003
05-03-140Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads, VASecurity Zone9/24/2003
05-03-141Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads, VASecurity Zone9/28/2003
05-03-142All Waters Within Capt. of Port WilmingtonSafety Zone9/16/2003
05-03-143Hurricane Isabel Port Condition YankeeSafety Zone9/17/2003
05-03-144Chesapeake Bay and Its TributariesSafety Zone9/18/2003
05-03-145Delaware River and Bay, Schuylkill RiverSafety Zone9/18/2003
05-03-146Strategic Booming Exercise in Corson's InletSafety Zone9/25/2003
05-03-147Captain of the Port Zone Hampton Roads, VASafety Zone9/17/2003
05-03-148Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads, VASecurity Zone9/25/2003
05-03-149COTP Wilmington ZoneSafety Zone9/22/2003
05-03-152Patapsco River, Baltimore, MDSafety Zone9/26/2003
09-03-119Milwaukee River, Milwaukee, WISafety Zone9/20/2003
09-03-221Lake Michigan, Dune Acres, INSafety Zone7/5/2003
09-03-234Muskego Air Fair, Muskego, MISafety Zone7/3/2003
09-03-237Lake Michigan, Chicago, ILSafety Zone7/4/2003
09-03-239Put-in-Bay, OH, Lake ErieSafety Zone7/4/2003
09-03-240Eagle Creek Marina, Lake Ontario, Kendall, NYSafety Zone7/5/2003
09-03-242Lake Ontario, Olcott Harbor, Olcott, NYSafety Zone7/3/2003
09-03-243Rocky River, Ohio, Lake ErieSafety Zone7/5/2003
09-03-244Lake Michigan, Chicago, ILSafety Zone7/13/2003
09-03-246Sheboygan, WISafety Zone7/15/2003
09-03-247Port Washington, WISafety Zone7/27/2003
09-03-251New Buffalo, MISafety Zone8/2/2003
09-03-252CG Festival Venetian Parade, Grand Haven, MISafety Zone7/26/2003
09-03-255Oswego Harbor, Oswego, NYSafety Zone7/26/2003
09-03-262Elgin, ILSafety Zone8/14/2003
09-03-263Presque Isle Bay, Erie, PASafety Zone8/16/2003
09-03-264Cleveland, OHSafety Zone8/29/2003
09-03-266Lake Michigan, Frankfort, MISafety Zone9/2/2003
09-03-267Niagra River, Buffalo, NYSafety Zone9/6/2003
09-03-269Head of the Cuyahoga Regatta, Cleveland, OHSafety Zone9/20/2003
09-03-270Fox River, Green Bay, WISafety Zone9/5/2003
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09-03-271Trenton Channel, MISafety Zone9/27/2003
09-03-272Motor Vessel Vancouverborg, WISafety Zone9/13/2003
09-03-273Marinette, WISafety Zone9/20/2003
09-03-274River Raisin, Monroe, MISecurity Zone9/15/2003
09-03-276COTP Detroit Zone, Renaissance CenterSecurity Zone9/28/2003
09-03-282Green Bay, WISafety Zone7/25/2003
09-03-298Tall Ships Challenge 2003, Muskegon, MISafety Zone8/6/2003
09-03-301Milwaukee, WISafety Zone8/30/2003
09-03-302Milwaukee, WISafety Zone8/31/2003
11-03-002China Basin, San Francisco, CADrawbridge Reg7/27/2003
13-03-019Fireworks Display in Coos, Bay, ORSafety Zone7/4/2003
13-03-020Puget Sound, WASecurity Zone7/14/2003
13-03-024Milwaukee, ORSafety Zone7/26/2003
13-03-030Portland, ORSecurity Zone8/21/2003
13-03-031Kennewick, WASecurity Zone8/22/2003
13-03-032Portland, ORSecurity Zone8/21/2003
13-03-033Lake Washington, WASecurity Zone8/22/2003

COTP Quarterly Report—3rd Quarter 2003

COTP docketLocationTypeEffective date
Charleston 03-140Charleston Harbor, Cooper River, SCSecurity Zone9/2/2003
Charleston 03-142Charleston, SCSafety Zone9/17/2003
Corpus Christi 03-002Corpus Christi Ship Channel, Corpus ChristiSafety Zone8/28/2003
Corpus Christi 03-005Corpus Christi, TXSafety Zone9/2/2003
Houston-Galveston 03-005Galveston, TXSafety Zone9/16/2003
Huntington 03-001Marietta, OHSafety Zone7/4/2003
Huntington 03-003River M 0.0 TO 4.0, Charleston, WVSecurity Zone9/15/2003
Jacksonville 03-097St. Johns River, Palatka, FLSafety Zone7/4/2003
Jacksonville 03-098Indian River, 4th of July Celeb, Cocoa, FLSafety Zone7/4/2003
Jacksonville 03-099Intracoastal Waterway, Melbourne, FLSafety Zone7/4/2003
Jacksonville 03-100St. Johns River, Jacksonville, FLSafety Zone7/4/2003
Jacksonville 03-101St. Johns River, Orange Park, Jacksonville, FLSafety Zone7/4/2003
Jacksonville 03-102St. Johns River, Orange Park, FLSafety Zone7/4/2003
Jacksonville 03-103Halifax River, Ormond Beach, FLSafety Zone7/4/2003
Jacksonville 03-104Atlantic Ocean, Daytona Beach, FLSafety Zone7/4/2003
Jacksonville 03-105Matanzas River, St. Augustine, FLSafety Zone7/4/2003
Jacksonville 03-106Atlantic Ocean, Jacksonville, FLSafety Zone7/4/2003
Jacksonville 03-107Atlantic Ocean, Cocoa Beach, FLSafety Zone7/4/2003
Jacksonville 03-108W. Lake Tohopekaliga, Kissimmee, FLSafety Zone7/4/2003
Jacksonville 03-109Sanford Marina, Lake Monroe Har., Sanford, FLSafety Zone7/4/2003
Jacksonville 03-110Lake Eustis, FLSafety Zone7/5/2003
Jacksonville 03-111Lake Dora, Mount Dora, FLSafety Zone7/4/2003
Jacksonville 03-125Sisters Creek, Jacksonville, FLSafety Zone7/19/2003
LA-LB 03-003Water Ski Races, Long Beach, CASafety Zone9/6/2003
Louisville 03-005Louisville, KYSafety Zone7/27/2003
Louisville 03-006Aurora, INSafety Zone8/23/2003
Louisville 03-010Ohio River, M 602.0 to 604.0, Louisville, KYSafety Zone9/20/2003
Louisville 03-011Ohio River, M 469.5 to 470.5, Cincinnati, OHSafety Zone9/21/2003
Louisville 03-014Cincinnati, OHSecurity Zone9/30/2003
Memphis 03-002Fort Smith, ARSafety Zone7/4/2003
Miami 03-089Viscayan 4th of July Fireworks DisplaySafety Zone7/4/2003
Miami 03-090Fort Lauderdale Yacht Club, 4th of JulySafety Zone7/4/2003
Miami 03-091American Legion 4th of July Fireworks DisplaySafety Zone7/4/2003
Miami 03-092Fisher Island 4th of July Fireworks DisplaySafety Zone7/4/2003
Miami 03-101City of West Palm Beach 4th of July FireworksSafety Zone7/4/2003
Miami 03-102Bayside Park 4th of July Fireworks DisplaySafety Zone7/4/2003
Mobile 03-012Pascagoula River, Hwy 90, Pascagoula, MSSafety Zone7/8/2003
Mobile 03-014Mississippi Sound, Pascagoula, MSSafety Zone7/28/2003
Mobile 03-015Apalachicola Bay, Eastpoint, FLSafety Zone7/30/2003
Mobile 03-016Gulf of Mexico, Orange Beach, ALSafety Zone8/24/2003
Mobile 03-018300 Yards East and West of Mile Marker 8Safety Zone9/3/2003
New Orleans 03-017LaPlace, LASafety Zone7/3/2003
New Orleans 03-018Casino Magical Canal, Bay St. Louis, MSSafety Zone7/3/2003
New Orleans 03-019Donaldsonville, LASafety Zone7/3/2003
New Orleans 03-020Vadalia Bridge, High Way 84, Natchez, MSSafety Zone7/4/2003
New Orleans 03-021Yazoo Diversion Canal, Vicksburg, MSSafety Zone7/4/2003
New Orleans 03-022Shreveport, LASafety Zone7/4/2003
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New Orleans 03-023Luling, LASafety Zone7/3/2003
New Orleans 03-025Gulf of MexicoSafety Zone7/11/2003
New Orleans 03-026Venice, LASafety Zone7/11/2003
New Orleans 03-028Baton Rouge, LASafety Zone8/21/2003
Paducah 03-014Upper Miss. River, Cape Girardeau, MOSafety Zone7/4/2003
Paducah 03-015Knoxville, TN—Boomsday, Tennessee River MileSafety Zone8/31/2003
Paducah 03-016Riverfest 2003, Cumberland River M 125.2Safety Zone9/6/2003
Paducah 03-017Ohio River, M 932.0 to 935.0, Paducah, KYSafety Zone9/8/2003
Paducah 03-018Cumberland River M 191.0 to 192.5, NashvilleSecurity Zone9/8/2003
Pittsburgh 03-007Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone7/11/2003
Pittsburgh 03-011Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone7/18/2003
Pittsburgh 03-012Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone7/27/2003
Pittsburgh 03-013Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone7/26/2003
Pittsburgh 03-015Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone8/2/2003
Pittsburgh 03-016Ohio River M 0.0 to M 0.2, Pittsburgh PASafety Zone9/6/2003
Pittsburgh 03-017Pittsburgh, PASecurity Zone7/28/2003
Pittsburgh 03-018Allegheny River M 0.3 to M 0.7, PittsburghSafety Zone9/13/2003
Pittsburgh 03-020Monongahela River M 2.2 to M 3.1, PittsburghSafety Zone9/6/2003
Port Arthur 03-010Neches River, Beaumont, TXSafety Zone7/4/2003
Port Arthur 03-011Sabine-Neches Canal, Port Arthur, TXSafety Zone7/4/2003
Port Arthur 03-012Port Arthur Ship Canal, Port Arthur, TXSafety Zone7/4/2003
Port Arthur 03-013Port Arthur Ship Canal, Port Arthur, TXSafety Zone7/4/2003
Port Arthur 03-015Sabine Jetty Channel, Sabine, TXSafety Zone7/16/2003
Port Arthur 03-016Sabine Jetty Channel, Sabine, TXSafety Zone7/20/2003
Port Arthur 03-017Neches/Sabine Ship Channel, Beaumont, TXSafety Zone7/23/2003
Port Arthur 03-018Neches and Sabine Ship Channel, Beaumont, TXSafety Zone7/23/2003
Port Arthur 03-019Neches River, Beaumont, TXSafety Zone7/25/2003
Port Arthur 03-021Sabine Pass, TXSafety Zone9/9/2003
Port Arthur 03-022Outer Bar Channel, Sabine Pass, TXSafety Zone9/11/2003
San Diego 03-026Waters Surrounding CG Activities San Diego, CASecurity Zone7/8/2003
San Diego 03-028San Diego, CASafety Zone8/5/2003
San Diego 03-029San Diego Bay, San Diego, CASecurity Zone8/14/2003
San Juan 03-120San Juan Bay, San Juan, Puerto RicoSafety Zone7/4/2003
Savannah 03-116Brunswick River, Brunswick, GASafety Zone7/9/2003
Savannah 03-117Brunswick River, Brunswick, GASafety Zone8/16/2003
Savannah 03-122Savannah River, Savannah, GASafety Zone7/4/2003
Savannah 03-123Harbortown (Calibogue Sound), SCSafety Zone7/4/2003
Savannah 03-124Skull Creek, Hilton Head Island, SCSafety Zone7/4/2003
Savannah 03-126Savannah River, Savannah, GASecurity Zone7/13/2003
Savannah 03-133Savannah River, Savannah, GASecurity Zone8/5/2003
Savannah 03-135Savannah River, Savannah, GASecurity Zone8/15/2003
Savannah 03-139Savannah River, Savannah, GASecurity Zone8/26/2003
Savannah 03-140Savannah River, Savannah, GASecurity Zone9/4/2003
Savannah 03-143Brunswick River, Brunswick, GASafety Zone9/12/2003
SF Bay 03-017SF Bay, Oakland Inner Harbor, Oakland, CASafety Zone7/4/2003
SF Bay 03-020San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CASafety Zone8/8/2003
SF Bay 03-022SF Bay, San Francisco, CASafety Zone9/15/2003
SF Bay 03-022San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CASafety Zone9/18/2003
St Louis 03-001Illinois River M 162.2 to 163.0, Peoria ILSafety Zone7/4/2003
St Louis 03-002Fair St. Louis 2003, St Louis, MOSafety Zone7/3/2003
St Louis 03-004Upper Miss. River M 556.1 to 557.1Safety Zone7/4/2003
St Louis 03-005Upper Miss. River M 454.5 to 455.5 Mus., IASafety Zone7/4/2003
St Louis 03-006Upper Miss. River M 383.0 to 384.0Safety Zone7/4/2003
St Louis 03-008Upper Miss. River 518.5 to 519.5, Clinton, IASafety Zone7/2/2003
St Louis 03-009Upper Miss. River M 383.0 to 384.0Safety Zone7/4/2003
St Louis 03-010Missouri River, M 28.2-29.0, St. Charles, MOSafety Zone7/4/2003
St Louis 03-011Missouri River, Atchison, KSSafety Zone7/26/2003
St Louis 03-012Hermann, MOSafety Zone7/4/2003
St Louis 03-013Jefferson City, MOSafety Zone7/4/2003
St Louis 03-014Chillicothe, ILSafety Zone7/4/2003
St Louis 03-015Missouri River, M 373.0-374.0, RiversideSafety Zone9/20/2003
St Louis 03-016Missouri River, M 650.5 to 651.5. Blair, NESafety Zone9/6/2003
St Louis 03-018Upper Miss. River M 480.0 to 482.0, DavenportSafety Zone8/20/2003
St Louis 03-019Upper Miss. River M 483.0 to 488.2, MolineSafety Zone8/23/2003
St Louis 03-020Upper Miss. River M 165.0 to 168.0, St. LouisSafety Zone8/22/2003
St Louis 03-021Illinois River 59.0 to 61.0, Valley CitySafety Zone8/25/2003
St Louis 03-022Upper Miss. River M 158.0 to 162.0, MOSafety Zone8/25/2003
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District Quarterly Report—Additional Items Previous Quarters

District docketLocationTypeEffective date
01-02-049Thames River, New London, CTSpecial Local Reg.6/8/2002
01-02-137Quonset Point, RI to Groton, CTSafety Zone11/20/2002
01-03-061Barnum Festival Fireworks, Bridgeport, CTSpecial Local Reg.6/27/2003
01-03-068Cape Cod Canal, MADrawbridge Op. Reg.6/16/2003
05-01-066Hampton Roads, VAReg Nav Area12/15/2002
05-02-007Elk River, Chesapeake Bay, MDSafety Zone2/25/2002
05-02-034Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads, VASafety Zone6/3/2002
05-03-034Amtrak Railroad Bridge, Susquehanna RiverSafety Zone3/22/2003
05-03-051Norfolk Harbor, Elizabeth River, NorfolkSpecial Local Reg.6/21/2003
05-03-064Chesapeake Bay, Hampton RoadsSecurity Zone6/8/2003
05-03-068Ocean City, MarylandSafety Zone6/16/2003
05-03-084Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake & Delaware CanalSecurity Zone5/29/2003
07-02-015San Juan, Puerto RicoSecurity Zone3/1/2002
07-02-063Savannah River, City Front Channel, SavannahSafety Zone7/5/2002
07-02-108Savannah River, Savannah, GASecurity Zone8/30/2002
07-02-111Savannah River, Savannah, GASecurity Zone9/13/2002
07-02-121Savannah River, Savannah, GASecurity Zone9/28/2002
09-01-105Oswego Harbor, Oswego, NYSafety Zone7/29/2001
09-02-519Navy Pier, Lake Michigan, Chicago Harbor, ILSafety Zone9/25/2002
09-03-211St. Clair River, MichiganSafety Zone4/21/2003
09-03-225Harborfest 2003, South Haven, MISafety Zone6/14/2003
13-03-015Seattle National Maritime Week Tugboat RaceSpecial Local Reg.5/10/2003

COTP Quarterly Report—Additional Items Previous Quarters

COTP docketLocationTypeEffective date
Louisville 03-001Ohio River, M 460 to 480Security Zone3/31/2003
Miami 02-135Port of Miami, FLSafety Zone11/29/2002
Miami 03-103Port of Miami, Miami, FLSafety Zone6/27/2003
Miami 03-112Atlantic Ocean, Fort Lauderdale, FLSafety Zone6/26/2003
Mobile 01-012COTP Mobile, AL Area of ResponsibilitySafety Zone9/18/2001
Mobile 03-010Arlington Channel Turning Basin, Mobile, ALSecurity Zone3/22/2003
New Orleans 03-003LWR Mississippi River, M 94 to 96Safety Zone1/25/2003
New Orleans 03-007LWR Mississippi RiverSecurity Zone3/24/2003
New Orleans 03-013Red River, M 88.0 to 89.0, Pineville, LASafety Zone5/3/2003
New Orleans 03-016Chalmette, LASafety Zone6/10/2003
Paducah 03-004Tennessee River, M 446 to 454.6Safety Zone2/15/2003
Paducah 03-013Tennessee River, M 446 to 475Safety Zone5/6/2003
Pittsburgh 03-002Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone4/7/2003
Pittsburgh 03-006Allegheny River M 0.3 to M 0.7, PittsburghSafety Zone5/24/2003
Pittsburgh 03-008Allegheny River, Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone6/6/2003
Port Arthur 03-008Port Arthur Ship Canal, Port Arthur, TXSafety Zone6/16/2003
PWS 03-003Prince William Sound, AlaskaSecurity Zone3/22/2003
San Juan 03-062San Juan, Puerto RicoSecurity Zone4/10/2003
Savannah 02-090Savannah River, Savannah, GASafety Zone7/10/2002
Savannah 02-110Savannah River, International TradeSafety Zone9/11/2002
Savannah 03-111Brunswick River, Brunswick, GASafety Zone6/26/2003
SF Bay 02-018Sacramento River, Sacramento, CASafety Zone8/3/2002
Tampa 03-006Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Port Manatee, FLSecurity Zone2/28/2003
End Supplemental Information

[FR Doc. 03-27859 Filed 11-4-03; 8:45 am]