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List of Office of Management and Budget Approved Information Collection Requirements

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Federal Communications Commission.


Final rule.


This document revises the Commission's list of Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approved public information collection requirements with their associated OMB expiration dates. This list will provide the public with a current list of public information collection requirements approved by OMB and their associated control numbers and expiration dates as of February 29, 2004.


Effective March 25, 2004.

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Judith B. Herman, Office of the Managing Director, (202) 418-0214 or via the Internet at

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This document adopted on March 5, 2004 and released on March 16, 2004 by the Managing Director in DA 04-447 revised 47 CFR 0.408 in its entirety.

1. Section 3507(a)(3) of the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, 44 U.S.C. 3507(a)(3), requires agencies to display a current control number assigned by the Director, Office of Management and Budget (“OMB”) for each agency information collection requirement.

2. Section 0.408 of the Commission's rules displays the OMB control numbers assigned to the Commission's public information collection requirements that have been reviewed and approved by OMB.

3. Authority for this action is contained in Section 4(i) of the Communications Act of 1934 (47 U.S.C. 154(i)), as amended, and section 0.231(b) of the Commission's Rules. Since this amendment is a matter of agency organization procedure or practice, the notice and comment and effective date provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act do not apply. See 5 U.S.C. 553(b)(A)(d). For this reason, this rulemaking is not subject to the Congressional Review Act and will not be reported to Congress and the General Accounting Office.

4. Accordingly, it is ordered, that section 0.408 of the rules is revised as set forth in the revised text effective on March 25, 2004.

5. Persons having questions on this matter should contact Judith B. Herman at (202) 418-0214 or via the Internet to

Start List of Subjects

List of Subjects in 47 CFR Part 0

  • Reporting, recordkeeping and third party disclosure requirements
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Federal Communications Commission.

Marlene H. Dortch,


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For the reasons discussed in the preamble, the Federal Communications Commission amends 47 CFR part 0 as follows:

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1. The authority citation for Part 0 continues to read:

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Authority: Secs. 4, 303, 48 Stat. 1066, 1082, as revised; 47 U.S.C. 154, 303 unless otherwise noted.

End Authority Start Amendment Part

2. Section 0.408 is revised to read as follows:

End Amendment Part
OMB control numbers and expiration dates assigned pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995.

(a) Purpose. This section displays the control numbers and expiration dates for the Commission information collection requirements assigned by the Office of Management and Budget (“OMB”) pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, Pub. L. 104-13. The Commission intends that this section comply with the requirement that agencies display current control numbers and expiration dates assigned by the Director, OMB, for each approved information collection requirement. Not withstanding any other provisions of law, no person shall be subject to any penalty for failing to comply with a collection of information subject to the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) that does not display a valid control number. Questions concerning the OMB control numbers and expiration dates should be directed to the Associate Managing Director—Performance Evaluation and Records Management, (“AMD-PERM”), Federal Communications Commission, Washington, DC 20554.

(b) Display

OMB control No.FCC form number or 47 CFR section or part, docket number or title identifying the collectionOMB expiration date
3060-0004Guidelines for Evaluating the Environmental Effects of Radiofrequency Radiation, ET Docket No. 93-6209/30/04.
3060-0009FCC 31612/31/05.
3060-0010FCC 32302/28/06.
3060-0012FCC 70110/31/05.
3060-0016FCC 34604/30/04.
3060-0017FCC 34706/30/06.
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3060-0024Sec. 76.2909/30/04.
3060-0027FCC 301Pending OMB approval.
3060-0029FCC 302-TV06/30/04.
3060-0031FCC 314Pending OMB approval.
3060-0032FCC 315Pending OMB approval.
3060-0034FCC 34004/30/04.
3060-0053FCC 70302/28/05.
3060-0055FCC 32711/30/06.
3060-0056Part 68—Connection of Terminal Equipment to the Telephone Network12/31/04.
3060-0057FCC 731 and Secs. 2.911, 2.925, 2.932, 2.944, 2.960, 2.1033(a) and 2.104302/28/05.
3060-0059FCC 74012/31/06.
3060-0061FCC 32512/31/05.
3060-0062FCC 33002/28/05.
3060-0065FCC 44204/30/05.
3060-0066FCC 330-R06/30/06.
3060-0068FCC 70205/31/05.
3060-0072FCC 40910/31/05.
3060-0075FCC 34510/31/05.
3060-0076FCC 39502/28/06.
3060-0084FCC 323-E07/31/05.
3060-0093FCC 40501/31/07.
3060-0095FCC 395-APending OMB approval.
3060-0105FCC 43011/30/06.
3060-0106Sec. 43.6103/31/06.
3060-0110FCC 303-S12/31/06.
3060-0113FCC 39612/31/06.
3060-0120FCC 396-A12/31/06.
3060-0126Sec. 73.182010/31/05.
3060-0132FCC 1068-A03/31/07.
3060-0139FCC 854 and 854-R10/31/05.
3060-0147Sec. 64.80402/28/06.
3060-0149Part 63, Section 214, Secs. 63.01-63.60105/31/05.
3060-0157Sec. 73.9905/31/06.
3060-0161Sec. 73.6106/30/06.
3060-0166Part 4208/31/04.
3060-0168Sec. 43.4309/30/06.
3060-0169Secs. 43.51 and 43.5306/30/05.
3060-0170Sec. 73.103003/31/05.
3060-0171Sec. 73.112510/31/04.
3060-0173Sec. 73.120707/31/04.
3060-0174Sec. 73.121209/30/05.
3060-0175Sec. 73.125008/31/05.
3060-0176Sec. 73.151004/30/06.
3060-0178Sec. 73.156004/30/06.
3060-0179Sec. 73.159007/31/04.
3060-0180Sec. 73.161002/28/05.
3060-0181Sec. 73.161504/30/06.
3060-0182Sec. 73.162004/30/04.
3060-0184Sec. 73.174012/31/04.
3060-0185Sec. 73.361310/31/05.
3060-0187Sec. 73.3594Pending OMB approval.
3060-0188FCC 38008/31/04.
3060-0190Sec. 73.3544Pending OMB approval.
3060-0192Sec. 87.10304/30/04.
3060-0194Sec. 74.2111/30/04.
3060-0202Sec. 87.3710/31/06.
3060-0204Sec. 90.20(a)(2)(v)07/31/05.
3060-0206Part 2107/31/04.
3060-0207Part 1101/31/06.
3060-0208Sec. 73.187008/31/06.
3060-0211Sec. 73.194309/30/04.
3060-0212Sec. 73.208012/31/06.
3060-0213Sec. 73.3525Pending OMB approval.
3060-0214Sec. 73.352612/31/05.
3060-0215Sec. 73.352704/30/05.
3060-0216Sec. 73.353801/30/05.
3060-0219Sec. 90.20(a)(2)(xi)11/30/05.
3060-0221Sec. 90.15511/30/04.
3060-0222Sec. 97.21310/31/06.
3060-0223Sec. 90.12907/31/05.
3060-0228Sec. 80.5907/31/04.
3060-0233Part 3609/30/06.
3060-0236Sec. 74.70306/30/05.
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3060-0240Equipment Changes05/31/06.
3060-0241Temporary Authorizations04/30/06.
3060-0242Sec. 74.60402/28/06.
3060-0248Sec. 74.75106/30/05.
3060-0249Sec. 74.78110/31/06.
3060-0250Sec. 74.78405/31/06.
3060-0259Sec. 90.26310/31/06.
3060-0261Sec. 90.21504/30/04.
3060-0262Sec. 90.17901/31/05.
3060-0264Sec. 80.41310/31/06.
3060-0265Sec. 80.86807/31/04.
3060-0270Sec. 90.44301/31/07.
3060-0281Sec. 90.65105/31/04.
3060-0286Sec. 80.30204/30/04.
3060-0287Sec. 78.6901/31/05.
3060-0288Sec. 78.3304/30/06.
3060-0289Secs. 76.1705 and 76.60105/31/05.
3060-0290Sec. 90.51705/31/05.
3060-0291Sec. 90.477(a), (b)(2), and (d)(2)05/31/05.
3060-0292Part 6901/31/07.
3060-0295Secs. 90.607(b)(1) and (c)(1)Pending OMB approval.
3060-0297Sec. 80.50310/31/06.
3060-0298Part 6102/28/05.
3060-0307Amendment of Part 90 of the Commission's Rules to Facilitate Future Development of SMR Systems in the 800 MHz Frequency Band10/31/06.
3060-0308Sec. 90.50504/30/04.
3060-0309Sec. 74.128110/31/05.
3060-0310FCC 32212/31/06.
3060-0311Sec. 76.5412/31/05.
3060-0313Sec. 76.170109/30/04.
3060-0315Sec. 76.1615 and 76.171512/31/05.
3060-0316Sec. 76.170010/31/04.
3060-0320Sec. 73.135004/30/04.
3060-0325Sec. 80.60506/30/05.
3060-0329Sec. 2.95510/31/05.
3060-0331FCC 32112/31/06.
3060-0332Secs. 76.614 and 76.170610/31/04.
3060-0340Sec. 73.5103/31/07.
3060-0341Sec. 73.168012/31/06.
3060-0342Sec. 74.128412/31/06.
3060-0346Sec. 78.27Pending OMB approval.
3060-0347Sec. 97.31102/28/06.
3060-0349Equal Employment Opportunity Requirements12/31/06.
3060-0355FCC 492 and FCC 492A07/31/04.
3060-0357Request for Designation as a Recognized Private Operating Agency11/31/04.
3060-0360Sec. 80.409(c)08/31/04.
3060-0364Secs. 80.409(d) and (e)08/31/04.
3060-0368Sec. 97.52306/30/05.
3060-0370Part 3210/31/05.
3060-0374Sec. 73.169012/31/04.
3060-0384Secs. 64.904 and 64.90503/31/05.
3060-0386Sec. 73.163507/31/05.
3060-0387Sec 15.201(d)03/31/06.
3060-0390FCC 395-BPending OMB approval.
3060-0391Program to Monitor the Impact of Universal Service Support Mechanisms, CC Docket Nos. 98-202 and 96-4502/28/05.
3060-039247 CFR Part 1, Subpart J, Pole Attachment Complaint Procedures01/31/07.
3060-0394Sec. 1.42010/31/05.
3060-0395FCC Reports 43-02, FCC 43-05 and FCC 43-07Pending OMB approval.
3060-0397Sec. 15.7(a)12/31/06.
3060-0398Secs. 2.948 and 15.117(g)(2)04/30/06.
3060-0400Tariff Review Plan05/31/06.
3060-0404FCC 35005/31/05.
3060-0405FCC 349Pending OMB approval.
3060-0407Sec. 73.359805/31/05.
3060-0410FCC 495A and FCC 495BPending OMB approval.
3060-0411FCC 48506/30/04.
3060-0414Terrain Shielding PolicyPending OMB approval.
3060-0419Secs. 76.94, 76.95, 76.105, 76.106, 76.107, 76.109 and 76.160905/31/05.
3060-0422Sec. 68.510/31/04.
3060-0423Sec. 73.358810/31/05.
3060-0427Sec. 73.352302/28/07.
3060-0430Sec. 1.120604/30/05.
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3060-0433FCC 32005/31/05.
3060-0434Sec. 90.20(e)(6)05/31/05.
3060-0435Sec. 80.36111/30/05.
3060-0436Equipment Authorization, Cordless Telephone Security Coding03/31/06.
3060-0439Sec. 64.201Pending OMB approval.
3060-0441Sec. 90.621(b)(4)10/31/06.
3060-0449Sec. 1.65(c)12/31/04.
3060-0452Sec. 73.358910/31/05.
3060-0454Regulation of International Accounting Rates05/31/06.
3060-0463Telecommunications Relay Services and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 47 CFR Part 64, Sec. 64.604(a)(3)06/30/06.
3060-0465Sec. 74.98501/31/07.
3060-0466Sec. 74.128305/31/06.
3060-0470Secs. 64.901-64.903, Allocation of Cost, Cost Allocation Manual, RAO Letters 19 and 2603/31/05.
3060-0473Sec. 74.125102/28/06.
3060-0474Sec. 74.126305/31/06.
3060-0483Sec. 73.68712/31/06.
3060-0484Sec. 63.10004/30/05.
3060-0489Sec. 73.37Pending OMB approval.
3060-0490Sec. 74.902Pending OMB approval.
3060-0491Sec. 74.991Pending OMB approval.
3060-0492Sec. 74.99204/30/04.
3060-0493Sec. 74.98604/30/04.
3060-0494Sec. 74.99004/30/04.
3060-0496FCC Report 43-0803/31/07.
3060-0500Sec. 76.171309/30/04.
3060-0501Secs. 76.20609/30/04.
3060-0502Sec. 73.194209/30/04.
3060-0506FCC 302-FM06/30/06.
3060-0508Rewrite of Part 2208/31/04.
3060-0511FCC Report 43-04Pending OMB approval.
3060-0512FCC Report 43-01Pending OMB approval.
3060-0513FCC Report 43-0303/31/07.
3060-0514Sec. 43.21(b)05/31/06.
3060-0515Sec. 43.21(c)10/31/05.
3060-0519Rules and Regulations Implementing the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, CG Docket No. 02-27809/30/06.
3060-0526Density Pricing Zone Plans, Expanded Interconnection with Local Telephone Company Facilities, CC Docket No. 91-14110/31/05.
3060-0531Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS)01/31/07.
3060-0532Secs. 2.1033(b)(10) and 15.12112/31/05.
3060-0537Sec. 13.21705/31/05.
3060-0540Tariff Filing Requirements For Nondominant Common Carriers09/30/05.
3060-0543Sec. 21.91311/30/05.
3060-0544Sec. 76.701Pending OMB approval.
3060-0546Definition of Markets for Purposes of the Cable Television Mandatory Television Broadcast Signal Carriage Rules04/30/06.
3060-0548Secs. 76.1708, 76.1709, 76.1620, 76.56, and 76.161405/31/05.
3060-0550FCC 32801/31/06.
3060-0551Secs. 76.1002 and 76.100403/31/07.
3050-0554Sec. 87.19906/30/05.
3060-0556Sec. 80.106107/31/05.
3060-0560Sec. 76.91109/30/04.
3060-0561Sec. 76.91301/31/07.
3060-0562Sec. 76.91607/31/04.
3060-0564Sec. 76.92404/30/06.
3060-0567Sec. 76.96203/31/05.
3060-0568Commercial Leased Access Rates, Terms, & Conditions10/31/06.
3060-0569Sec. 76.97510/31/06.
3060-0570Sec. 76.98207/31/04.
3060-0572Filing Manual for Annual International Circuit Status Reports10/31/05.
3060-0573FCC 39406/30/06.
3060-0580Sec. 76.504 and 76.171012/31/06.
3060-0581Sec. 76.50311/30/06.
3060-0584FCC 44 and FCC 4501/31/06.
3060-0589FCC 159 and FCC 159-C06/30/06.
3060-0594FCC 122006/30/04.
3060-0595FCC 121009/30/04.
3060-0599Implementation of Sections 3(n) and 332 of the Communications Act01/31/07.
3060-0600FCC 17504/30/04.
3060-0601FCC 120006/30/04.
3060-0602Sec. 76.91706/30/06.
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3060-0607Sec. 76.92201/31/07.
3060-0609Sec. 76.934(e)07/31/04.
3060-0610Sec. 76.160607/31/04.
3060-0611Sec. 74.78312/31/06.
3060-0613Expanded Interconnection with Local Telephone Company Facilities, CC Docket No. 91-141, Transport Phase II07/31/06.
3060-0621Rules and Requirements for C & F Block Broadband PCS Licenses04/30/04.
3060-0624Sec. 24.103(f)04/30/04.
3060-0625Amendment of the Commission's Rules to Establish New Personal Communications Services under Part 24Pending OMB approval.
3060-0626Regulatory Treatment of Mobile Services08/31/04.
3060-0627FCC 302-AM06/30/06.
3060-0629Sec. 76.160507/31/04.
3060-0633Secs. 73.1230, 74.165, 74.432, 74.564, 74.664, 74.765, 74.832, 74.965 and 74.126508/31/04.
3060-0634Sec. 73.69104/30/04.
3060-0636Equipment Authorization—Declaration of Compliance—Parts 2 and 1503/31/06.
3060-0638Sec. 76.934(g)05/31/05.
3060-0644FCC 123005/31/05.
3060-0645Sec. 17.409/30/05.
3060-0647Annual Survey of Cable Industry Prices11/30/06.
3060-0648Sec. 21.90202/28/06.
3060-0649Secs. 76.1601, 76.1607, 76.1617, and 76.170802/28/05.
3060-0652Secs. 76.309, 76.1602, 76.1603, and 76.161912/31/04.
3060-0653Secs. 64.703(b) and (c)02/28/05.
3060-0654FCC 30410/31/04.
3060-0655Request for Waivers of Regulatory and Application Fees Predicated on Allegations of Financial Hardship09/30/04.
3060-0656FCC 175-M12/31/04.
3060-0657Sec. 21.95609/30/04.
3060-0658Sec. 21.96012/31/04.
3060-0660Sec. 21.93709/30/04.
3060-0661Sec. 21.93110/31/04.
3060-0662Sec. 21.93009/30/04.
3060-0663Sec. 21.93411/30/05.
3060-0664FCC 304-A10/31/04.
3060-0665Sec. 64.70712/31/04.
3060-0667Secs. 76.630, 76.1621, and 76.162212/31/04.
3060-0668Sec. 76.93603/31/05.
3060-0669Sec. 76.94606/30/05.
3060-0673Sec. 76.95603/31/05.
3060-0674Sec. 76.161809/30/05.
3060-0678FCC 312, FCC 312-EZ, FCC 312-R, and FCC 312 Schedules12/31/06.
3060-0681Toll-Free Service Access Codes, Part 52, Subpart D, Secs. 52.101-52.11112/31/06.
3060-0684Amendment to the Commission's Rules Regarding a Plan for Sharing the Costs of Microwave Relocation, WT Docket No. 95-157Pending OMB approval.
3060-0685FCC 124008/31/04.
3060-0686Streamlining the International Section 214 Authorization Process and Tariff RequirementsPending OMB approval.
3060-0687Access to Telecommunications Equipment and Services by Persons with Disabilities, CC Docket No. 87-12410/31/05.
3060-0688FCC 123512/31/04.
3060-0690Rules Regarding the 37.0-38.6 GHz and 38.6-40.0 GHz Bands02/28/06.
3060-0691Amendment of Parts 2 and 90 of the Commission's Rules to Provide for the Use of 200 Channels Outside the Designated Filing Areas in the 896-901 MHz Bands Allotted to Specialized Mobile Radio Service04/30/04.
3060-0692Home Wiring ProvisionsPending OMB approval.
3060-0695Sec. 87.21907/31/05.
3060-0697Parts 22 and 90 to Facilitate Future Development of Paging SystemsPending OMB approval.
3060-0698Amendment of the Commission's Rules to Establish a Radio Astronomy Coordination Zone in Puerto Rico, ET Docket No. 96-205/31/04.
3060-0700FCC 1275Pending OMB approval.
3060-0702Amendment to Parts 20 and 24 of the Commission's Rules, Broadband PCS Competitive Bidding and the Commercial Mobile Radio Service Spectrum CapPending OMB approval.
3060-0703FCC 120504/30/06.
3060-0704Policy and Rules Concerning the Interstate, Interexchange Marketplace; Implementation of Section 254(g) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, CC Docket No. 96-612/31/05.
3060-0706Cable Act Reform10/31/05.
3060-0707Over-the-Air Reception Devices (OTARD)09/30/05.
3060-0710Policy and Rules Concerning the Implementation of the Local Competition Provisions in the Telecommunications Act of 1996—CC Docket No.96-9810/31/06.
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3060-0711Implementation of Section 34(a)(1) of the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, as amended by the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Secs. 1.5001 through 1.500712/31/06.
3060-0713Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) Compliance Notification09/30/05.
3060-0715Telecommunications Carriers' Use of Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) and Other Customer Information—CC Docket No. 96-11502/28/06.
3060-0716Blanketing Interference11/30/06.
3060-0717Billed Party Preference for InterLATA 0+ Calls, Secs. 64.703(a), 64.709, and 64.71007/31/04.
3060-0718Part 101 Governing the Terrestrial Microwave Radio Service03/31/06.
3060-0719Quarterly Report of IntraLATA Carriers Listing Pay Phone Automatic Number Identifications (ANIs)12/31/06.
3060-0723Public Disclosure of Network Information by Bell Operating Companies12/31/06.
3060-0725Quarterly Filing of Nondiscrimination Reports (on Quality of Service, Installation, and Maintenance) by Bell Operating Companies (BOC's)09/30/06.
3060-0726Quarterly Report of Interexchange Carriers Listing the Number of Dial-Around Calls for Which Compensation is Being Paid to Pay Phone Owners09/30/06.
3060-0727Sec. 73.213Pending OMB approval.
3060-0734Accounting Safeguards, 47 U.S.C. Sections 260, 271-276, and 47 CFR Secs. 53.209, 53.211 and 53.213, SEC Form 10-K03/31/05.
3060-0736Implementation of the Non-Accounting Safeguards of Sections 271 and 272 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended—CC Docket No. 96-14908/31/04.
3060-0737Disclosure Requirements for Information Services Provided Under a Presubscription or Comparable Arrangement05/31/06.
3060-0740Sec. 95.101501/31/06.
3060-0741Implementation of the Local Competition Provisions on the Telecommunications Act of 1996—CC Docket No. 96-9804/30/04.
3060-0742Telephone Number Portability, Part 52, Subpart C, Secs. 52.21-52.3308/31/05.
3060-0743Implementation of the Pay Telephone Reclassification and Compensation Provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996—CC Docket No. 96-12801/31/07.
3060-0745Implementation of the Local Exchange Carrier Tariff Streamlining Provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, CC Docket No. 96-18712/31/06.
3060-0748Disclosure Requirements for Information Services Provided through Toll-Free Numbers, Sec. 64.150411/30/06.
3060-0749Sec. 64.150911/30/06.
3060-0750Sec. 73.67307/31/06.
3060-0751Reports Concerning International Private Lines Interconnected to the U.S. Public Switched Network05/31/06.
3060-0752Billing Disclosure Requirements for Pay-Per-Call and Other Information Services, Sec. 64.151011/30/06.
3060-0754FCC 39806/30/04.
3060-0755Infrastructure Sharing, Secs. 59.1-59.405/31/06.
3060-0756Procedural Requirements and Policies for Commission Processing of Bell Operating Company (BOC) Applications for the Provision of In-Region, InterLATA Services under Section 271 of the Telecommunications Act of 199601/31/05.
3060-0757FCC Auctions Customer Survey01/31/07.
3060-0758Amendment of Part 5 of the Commission's Rules to Revise the Experimental Radio Service Regulations, ET Docket No. 92-25612/31/06.
3060-0760Access Charge Reform, CC Docket No. 96-26212/31/05.
3060-0761Closed Captioning of Video ProgrammingPending OMB approval.
3060-0763FCC Report 43-0604/30/06.
3060-0765Revision of Parts 22 and 90 of the Commission's Rules to Facilitate Future Development of Paging SystemsPending OMB approval.
3060-0767Auction Forms and License Transfer Disclosures—Supplement for the 2nd R&O, Order on Reconsideration, and 5th NPRM in CC Docket No. 92-29711/30/06.
3060-076828 GHz Band Segmentation Plan Amending the Commission's Rules to Redesignate the 27.5-29.5 GHz Frequency Band, to Reallocate the 29.5-30.0 GHz Frequency Band, and to Establish Rules and Policies for Local Multipoint Distribution Services and for the Fixed Satellite Service06/30/06.
3060-0770Price Cap Performance Review for Local Exchange Carriers—CC Docket No. 94-1 (New Services)12/31/05.
3060-0771Sec. 5.61, Procedure for Obtaining a Special Temporary Authorization in the Experimental Radio ServicePending OMB approval.
3060-0773Sec. 2.803, Marketing of RF Devices Prior to Equipment Authorization12/31/06.
3060-0774Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service—CC Docket No. 96-45, Secs. 36.611 and 36.612 and 47 CFR Part 5406/30/04.
3060-0775Secs. 64.1901—64.190312/31/06.
3060-0779Amendment to Part 90 of the Commission's Rules to Provide for Use of the 220-222 MHz Band by the Private Land Mobile Radio Service, PR Docket No. 89-55204/30/04.
3060-0780Uniform Rate-Setting MethodologyPending OMB approval.
3060-0782Petition for Limited Modification of LATA Boundaries to Provide Expanded Local Calling Service (ELCS) at Various Locations01/31/07.
3060-0783Sec. 90.17612/31/05.
3060-0786Petitions for LATA Association Changes by Independent Telephone Companies01/31/07.
Start Printed Page 15256
3060-0787Implementation of the Subscriber Carrier Selection Changes Provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996; Policies and Rules Concerning Unauthorized Changes of Consumers Long Distance, FCC 47804/30/04.
3060-0788DTV Showings/Interference Agreements09/30/04.
3060-0789Modified Alternative Plan, CC Docket No. 90-57105/31/04.
3060-0790Sec. 68.110(c)11/30/06.
3060-0791Accounting for Judgments and Other Costs Associated with Litigation, CC Docket No. 93-24011/30/06.
3060-0793Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service, CC Docket No. 96-45, Procedures for Self-Certifying as a Rural Carrier10/31/05.
3060-0795Associate WTB Call Signs and Antenna Registration Numbers with Licensee's FRN and FCC 60607/31/05.
3060-0798FCC 601Pending OMB approval.
3060-0799FCC 60203/31/05.
3060-0800FCC 60304/30/05.
3060-0804Health Care Providers Universal Service Program—FCC 465, FCC 466, FCC 466-A, and FCC 467Pending OMB approval.
3060-0805Secs. 90.523, 90.527, and 90.54502/28/05.
3060-0806Universal Service, Schools and Libraries Program, FCC 470 and 47103/31/06.
3060-0807Sec. 51.803 and Supplemental Procedures for Petitions to Section 252(e)(5) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended04/30/04.
3060-0809Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA)08/31/06.
3060-0810Procedures for Designation of Eligible Telecommunications Carriers Pursuant to Section 214(e)(6) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended05/31/06.
3060-0812Exemption from Payment of Regulatory Fees When Claiming Non-Profit Status10/31/05.
3060-0813Revision of the Commission's Rules to Ensure Compatibility with Enhanced 911 Calling Systems06/30/05.
3060-0814Sec. 54.30103/31/05.
3060-0816Local Competition and Broadband Reporting, CC Docket No. 99-301, FCC 47701/31/07.
3060-0817Computer III Further Remand Proceedings: BOC Provision of Enhanced Services (ONA Requirements), CC Docket No. 95-2009/30/06.
3060-0819Lifeline Assistance (Lifeline) Connection Assistance (Link-Up) Reporting Worksheet and Instructions, 47 CFR 54.400-54.417, FCC 49712/31/06.
3060-0823Pay Telephone Reclassification, Memorandum Opinion and Order, CC Docket No. 96-12802/28/05.
3060-0824FCC 49807/31/06.
3060-0833Implementation of Section 255 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996: Complaint Filings/Designation of Agents10/31/04.
3060-0835Ship Inspections, FCC 806, FCC 824, FCC 827 and FCC 82903/31/06.
3060-0837FCC 302-DTV02/28/05.
3060-0841Public Notice, Additional Processing Guidelines for DTV (nonchecklist applications)04/30/05.
3060-0844Carriage of the Transmissions of Digital Television Broadcast Stations09/30/04.
3060-0848Deployment of Wireline Services Offering Advanced Telecommunications Capability—CC Docket No. 98-14703/31/06.
3060-0849Commercial Availability of Navigation Devices, CS Docket No. 97-80Pending OMB approval.
3060-0850FCC 60506/30/06.
3060-0851FCC 30512/31/04.
3060-0852FCC 30612/31/04.
3060-0853FCC 479, FCC 486, and FCC 486-T01/31/07.
3060-0854Truth-in-Billing Format, CC Docket No. 98-170Pending OMB approval.
3060-0855FCC 499, FCC 499-A, and FCC 499-QPending OMB approval.
3060-0856FCC 472, FCC 473, and FCC 47401/31/07.
3060-0859Suggested Guidelines for Petitions for Ruling under Section 253 of the Communications Act06/30/06.
3060-0862Handling Confidential Information06/30/05.
3060-0863Satellite Delivery of Network Signals to Unserved Households for Purposes of the Satellite Home Viewer Act01/31/06.
3060-0865Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Universal Licensing System Recordkeeping and Third-Party Disclosure RequirementsPending OMB approval.
3060-0874FCC 47510/31/04.
3060-0876USAC Board of Directors Nomination Process, Sec. 54.703 and Review of Administrator's Decision, Secs. 54.719-54.72506/30/06.
3060-0881Sec. 95.86107/31/05.
3060-0882Sec. 95.83307/31/05.
3060-0886Sec. 73.353405/31/05.
3060-0888Part 76, Cable Television Service Pleading and Complaint Rules10/31/05.
3060-0891FCC 330-A07/31/05.
3060-0893Universal Licensing Service (ULS) Pre-Auction Database Corrections02/28/07.
3060-0894Certification Letter Accounting for Receipt of Federal Support, CC Docket Nos. 96-45 and 96-26205/31/06.
3060-0895Numbering Resource Optimization, FCC 502Pending OMB approval.
3060-0896Broadcast Auction Form Exhibits09/30/05.
3060-0897MDS and ITFS Two-Way Transmissions04/30/04.
Start Printed Page 15257
3060-0900Compatibility of Wireless Services with Enhanced 911—CC Docket No. 94-10212/31/05.
3060-0901Reports of Common Carriers and Affiliates06/30/06.
3060-0905Regulations for RF Lighting Devices, Secs. 18.213 and 18.307, ET Docket No. 98-4211/30/05.
3060-0906FCC 31707/31/06.
3060-0910Revision of the Commission's Rules to Ensure Compatibility with Enhanced 911 Emergency Calling Systems, Third Report and Order in CC Docket No. 94-10205/31/06.
3060-0912Cable Attribution Rules10/31/06.
3060-0914Petition, Pursuant to Section 7 of the Act, for a Waiver of the Airborne Cellular Rule, or in the Alternative, for a Declaratory Ruling04/30/04.
3060-0916Sec. 95.140204/30/06.
3060-0917FCC 16010/31/06.
3060-0918FCC 16110/31/06.
3060-0919FCC 16210/31/06.
3060-0920FCC 31803/31/05.
3060-0921Petitions for LATA Boundary Modification for the Deployment of Advanced Services10/31/06.
3060-0922FCC 39711/30/06.
3060-0924Creation of Low Power Radio Service, MM Docket No. 99-2511/30/06.
3060-0926Transfer of the Bands from Federal Government Use: NPRM04/30/04.
3060-0927Auditor's Annual Independence and Objectivity Certification05/31/06.
3060-0928FCC 302-CA02/28/07.
3060-0929FCC 331Pending OMB approval.
3060-0930Implementation of the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act (SHVIA) of 1999; Enforcement Procedures for Retransmission Consent Violations Conforming to Section 325(e) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended06/30/06.
3060-0931Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI)06/30/06.
3060-0932FCC 301-CA02/28/07.
3060-0933FCC 46011/30/06.
3060-0934Secs. 2.925, 2.932, 2.944, 2.960, 2.962, 2.1043, 68.160 and 68.162 and FCC 731-TC02/28/05.
3060-0936Sec. 95.1215, Disclosure Policies;Sec. 95.1217, Labeling Requirements09/30/06.
3060-0937Establishment of a Class A Television Service, MM Docket No. 00-1004/30/04.
3060-0938FCC 31910/31/06.
3060-0939E911 Second Memorandum Opinion and Order05/31/04.
3060-0942Access Charge Reform, Price Cap Performance Review for Local Exchange Carriers, Low-Volume Long Distance Users, Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service03/31/07.
3060-0943Sec. 54.80912/31/06.
3060-0944Review of Commission Consideration of Applications Under the Cable Landing License Act02/28/05.
3060-0945Sec. 79.201/31/07.
3060-0947Sec. 101.132702/28/07
3060-0948Noncommercial Educational ApplicantsPending OMB approval.
3060-0949FCC 159-W10/31/06.
3060-0950Extending Wireless Telecommunications Services Tribal Lands, WT Docket No. 99-26604/30/04.
3060-0951Service of Petitions for Preemption, 47 CFR Sec. 1.1204(b) Note, and Sec. 1.1206(a) Note 101/31/07.
3060-0952Proposed Demographic Information and Notifications01/31/07.
3060-0953Wireless Medical Telemetry Service, ET Docket No. 99-255Pending OMB approval.
3060-0954Implementation of the 911 Act07/31/05.
3060-09552 GHz Mobile Satellite Service Reports02/28/07.
3060-0957Wireless Enhanced 911 Service, Fourth Memorandum Opinion and Order05/31/04.
3060-0959Compatibility Between Cable Systems and Consumer Electronics Equipment05/31/04.
3060-0960Application of Network Non-Duplication, Syndicated Exclusivity, and Sports Blackout Rules to Satellite Retransmissions of Broadcast Signals03/31/06.
3060-0962Redesignation of the 18 GHz Frequency Band, Blanket Licensing of Satellite Earth Stations in the Ka-Band, and the Allocation of Additional Spectrum for Broadcast Satellite Service Use02/28/06.
3060-0963Sec. 101.527, Construction Requirements for 24 GHz Operations; Sec. 101.529, Renewal Expectancy Criteria for 24 GHz Licensees04/30/04.
3060-0966Secs. 80.385, 80.475, and 97.303, Automated Marine Telecommunications Service (AMTS)04/30/04.
3060-0967Sec. 79.204/30/04.
3060-0968FCC 50107/31/04.
3060-0970Sec. 90.621(e)(2)06/30/04.
3060-0971Numbering Resource Optimization09/30/04.
3060-0972Multi-Association Group (MAG) Plan for Regulation of Interstate Services of Non-Price Cap Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers and Interexchange Carriers01/31/07.
3060-0973Sec. 64.1120(e)11/30/04.
3060-0974Proposed Requirements for Secondary Market Transactions, CC Docket No. 99-20004/30/04.
Start Printed Page 15258
3060-0975Promotion of Competitive Networks in Local Telecommunications Markets Multiple Environments (47 CFR Parts 1, 64 and 68)05/31/04.
3060-0977Procedures for Reviewing Requests for Relief from State and Local Regulations Pursuant to Section 332(c)(7)(B)(v) of the Communications Act of 193406/30/04.
3060-0978Compatibility with E911 Emergency Calling Systems; Fourth Report and Order06/30/04.
3060-0979Spectrum Audit Letter06/30/06.
3060-0980Implementation of the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act (SHVIA), Carriage Consent Issues, Retransmission Consent Issues, CS Docket Nos. 00-96 and 99-36306/30/04.
3060-09811998 Biennial Review: Streamlining of Cable Television Services, Part 76, Public File and Notice Requirements06/30/04.
3060-0982Implementation of Low Power Television (LPTV) Digital Data Services Pilot Project10/31/04.
3060-0983Standards for Co-Channel and Adjacent Channel Interference in the Land Mobile Radio Service07/31/04.
3060-0984Secs. 90.35(b)(2) and 90.175(b)(1)07/31/04.
3060-0985Public Safety, State Interoperability Channels07/31/04.
3060-0986Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service, Plan for Reforming the Rural Universal Support Mechanism01/31/05.
3060-0987911 Callback Capability: Non-initialized Phones06/30/05.
3060-0989Procedures for Applicants Requiring Section 214 Authorization for Domestic Interstate Transmission Lines Acquired Through Corporate Control, Secs. 63.01, 63.03 and 63.0411/30/05.
3060-0990Proposed Alternatives for the Rural Task Force's Proposal to Freeze High-Cost Loop Support Upon Competitive Entry in the Rural Carrier Study Areas (FNPRM)08/31/04.
3060-0991AM Measurement Data02/28/05.
3060-0992Request for Extension of the Implementation Deadline for Non-Recurring Services, CC Docket No. 96-45 and Sec. 54.507(d)(1)-(4)12/31/04.
3060-0994Flexibility for Delivery of Communications by Mobile Satellite Service Providers in the 2 GHz Band, the L-Band, and the 1.6/2.4 GHz Band01/31/07.
3060-0995Amendment of Part 1 of the Commission's Rules—Competitive Bidding Procedures, Sec. 1.2105(c)(1) of the Commission's Anti-Collusion Rules05/31/05.
3060-0996AM Auction Section 307(b) Submissions03/31/05.
3060-0997Sec. 52.15(k)05/31/05.
3060-0998Sec. 87.10901/31/05.
3060-0999Exemption of Public Mobile Service Phone from the Hearing Aid Compatibility Act: NPRM01/31/05.
3060-1000Sec. 87.14701/31/05.
3060-1001FCC 33705/31/05.
3060-1002Cable Horizontal and Vertical Ownership Information Collection01/31/06.
3060-1003Telecommunications Carrier Emergency Contact Information07/31/05.
3060-1004Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Standardizes Carrier Reporting on Wireless E911 Implementation01/31/07.
3060-1005Numbering Resource Optimization—Phase 306/30/05.
3060-1006Phase 3—Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FNPRM) in CC Docket Nos. 00-199 and 97-212, 2000 Biennial Regulatory Review05/31/05.
3060-1007Streamlining and Other Revision of Part 25 of the Commission's Rules01/31/07.
3060-1008Reallocation and Service Rules for the 698-746 MHz Band (Television Channels 52-59)07/31/05.
3060-1009Telecommunications Reporting Worksheet, CC Docket No. 96-45, Report and Order and Second FNPRM02/28/06.
3060-1010Numbering Resource Optimization—Clarification and Further Notice05/31/05.
3060-1011Presubscribed Interexchange Carrier (PIC)—Change Charges NPRM, CC Docket No. 02-5305/31/05.
3060-1012Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism, CC Docket No. 02-6, NPRM, Proposed ADA Certification06/30/05.
3060-1013Mitigation of Orbital Debris06/30/05.
3060-1014Ku-Band NGSO FSS08/31/06.
3060-1015Ultra Wideband Transmission Systems Operating Under Part 1501/31/06.
3060-1021Sec. 25.13911/30/05.
3060-1022Sec. 101.140311/30/05.
3060-1023Sec. 101.10311/30/05.
3060-1024Sec. 101.141311/30/05.
3060-1025Sec. 101.144011/30/05.
3060-1026Sec. 101.141711/30/05.
3060-1027Sec. 27.60201/31/06.
3060-1028International Signaling Point Code (ISPC)01/31/06.
3060-1029Data Network Identification Code (DNIC)01/31/06.
3060-1030Service Rules for Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) in the 1.7 GHz and 2.1 GHz Bands01/31/06.
3060-1031Revision of the Commission's Rules to Ensure Compatibility with Enhanced 911 Emergency Calling Systems—Petition of City of Richardson, TX; Order on Reconsideration II08/31/06.
Start Printed Page 15259
3060-1032Commercial Availability of Navigation Devices and Compatibility Between Cable Systems and Consumer Electronics Equipment, FNPRM, CS Docket No. 97-80 and PP Docket No. 00-6703/31/07.
3060-1033FCC 396-CPending OMB approval.
3060-1034Digital Audio Broadcasting Systems and Their Impact on the Terrestrial Radio Broadcast ServicePending OMB approval.
3060-1035FCC 309, 310 and 31105/31/06.
3060-1036Potential Reporting Requirements on Local Exchange Carriers to Assist Expeditious Implementation of Wireless E911 Service05/31/06.
3060-1038Digital Television Transition Information Questionnaires02/28/07.
3060-1039Nationwide Programmatic Agreement Regarding the Section 106 National Historic Preservation Act—Review Process, WT Docket No. 03-12802/28/07.
3060-1040Broadcast Ownership Rules, Report and Order in MB Docket No. 02-777 and MM Docket Nos. 02-235, 02-237, and 00-244Pending OMB approval.
3060-1041Remedial Measures for Failure to Construct Digital Television Stations (DTV Policy Statement)09/30/06.
3060-1042Request for Technical Support09/30/06.
3060-1043Provision of Improved Telecommunications Relay Services and Speech-to-Speech Services for Individuals with Hearing and Speech Disabilities, CC Docket No. 98-6709/30/06.
3060-1044Review of the Section 251 Unbundling Obligations of Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers, CC Docket Nos. 01-338, 96-98 and 98-14703/31/07.
3060-1045FCC 32412/31/06.
3060-1046Implementation of the Pay Telephone Reclassification and Compensation Provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, CC Docket No. 96-128Pending OMB approval.
3060-1047Telecommunications Relay Services and Speech-to-Spech Services for Individuals with Hearing and Speech Disabilities, Second Report and Order, Order to Reconsideration, CC Docket No. 98-6701/31/07.
3060-1048Sec. 1.929(c)(1)01/31/07.
3060-1049Digital Broadcast Content Protection, MB Docket No. 02-23005/31/04.
3060-1050New Allocation for Amateur Radio Service, ET Docket No. 02-9806/30/04.
3060-1051Certification Letter Accounting for Receipt of Federal Support, CC Docket Nos. 96-45 and 96-262, NPRM01/31/07.
3060-1053Telecommunications Relay Services, and Speech-to-Speech Services for Individuals with Hearing and Speech Disabilities, Declaratory Ruling, CC Docket No. 98-6702/28/07.
3060-1054FCC 422-IB02/28/07.
3060-1055FCC 423-IB02/28/07.
3060-1056FCC 421-IB02/28/07.
3060-1057FCC 420-IB02/28/07.
3060-1058Promoting Efficient Use of Spectrum through the Elimination of Barriers to the Development of Secondary Markets, WT Docket No. 00-23007/31/04.
3060-1059Revision of the Commission's Rules to Ensure Compatibility with Enhanced 911 Emergency Calling Systems; Amendment of Parts 2 and 25 to Implement the Global Mobile Personal Communications by Satellite (GMPCS), Memorandum of Understanding03/31/07.
3060-1060Wireless E911 Coordination Initiative Letter07/31/04.
End Supplemental Information

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