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Cancellation of Pesticides for Non-payment of Year 2004 Registration Maintenance Fees

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).




Since the amendments of October, 1988, the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) has required payment of an annual maintenance fee to keep pesticide registrations in effect. The fee due last January 15 has gone unpaid for 1,177 registrations. Section 4(i)(5)(G) of FIFRA provides that the Administrator may cancel these registrations by order and without a hearing; orders to cancel all 1,177 of these registrations have been issued within the past few days.

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For further information on the maintenance fee program in general, contact by mail: John Jamula, Office of Pesticide Programs (7504C), Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20460; telephone number: (703) 305-6426; e-mail address:

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I. Important Information

A. Does this apply to me?

You may be potentially affected by this notice if you are an EPA registrant with any approved product registration(s). Although this action may be of particular interest to persons who produce or use pesticides, the Agency has not attempted to describe all the specific entities that may be affected by this action. If you have any questions regarding the information in this notice, consult the person listed in the FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT section.

B. How can I get additional information or copies of support documents

1. Electronically. You may obtain electronic copies of this document and various other related documents that might be available from the EPA Internet Home Page at​fedrgstr/​.

The Agency has established an official record record for this Action under docket control number OPP-2004-0338. The official record consists of the documents specifically referenced in this action, any public comments received during an applicable comment period, and other information related to this action, including any information claimed as Confidential Business Information (CBI). The official record includes the documents that are physically located in the docket, as well as the documents that are referenced in those documents. The public version of the official record does not include any information that is claimed as CBI. The public version of the official record, which includes printed paper versions of any electronic comments submitted during an applicable comment period, is available for inspection in the Public Information and Records Integrity Branch (PIRIB), Room 119, Crystal Mall #2, 1921 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays. The PIRIB telephone number is (703) 305-5805.

II. Introduction

Section 4(i)(5) of FIFRA as amended in October, 1988 (Public Law 100-532), December, 1991 (Public Law 102-237), and again in August, 1996 (Public Law 104-170), requires that all pesticide registrants pay an annual registration maintenance fee, due by January 15 of each year, to keep their registrations in effect. This requirement applies to all registrations granted under section 3 as well as those granted under section 24(c) to meet special local needs. Registrations for which the fee is not paid are subject to cancellation by order and without a hearing.

The Food, Agriculture, Conservation, and Trade Act Amendments of 1991, Public Law 102-237, amended FIFRA to allow the Administrator to reduce or waive maintenance fees for minor agricultural use pesticides when she determines that the fee would be likely to cause significant impact on the availability of the pesticide for the use. The Agency has waived the fee for 149 minor agricultural use registrations at the request of the registrants.

In fiscal year 2004, maintenance fees were collected in two billing cycles. During the first cycle, the Agency was operating under a continuing resolution which authorized the Agency to collect $21.5 million. In late December 2003, all holders of either section 3 registrations or section 24(c) registrations were sent lists of their active registrations, along with forms and instructions for responding. They were asked to identify which of their registrations they wished to maintain in effect, and to calculate and remit the appropriate maintenance fees. Recipients of these initial bills were also notified that a second final bill would also be issued if the Agency's Appropriations Bill authorized collection of more than $21.5 million. Most responses were received by the statutory deadline of January 15. A notice of intent to cancel was sent in mid-February to companies who did not respond and to companies who responded, but paid for less than all of their registrations.

The Pesticide Registration Improvement Act (PRIA) was passed by Congress in January, 2004. PRIA became effective in March, 2004 and authorized the Agency to collect $26 million in maintenance fees in fiscal year 2004. To collect the additional $4.5 million, the Agency initiated a second billing in early May. Final payments were due on June 15, 2004.

Since mailing the notices, EPA has maintained a toll-free inquiry number through which the questions of affected registrants have been answered.

Maintenance fees have been paid for about 15,238 section 3 registrations, or about 94 percent of the registrations on file in December. Fees have been paid for about 2,339 section 24(c) registrations, or about 86 percent of the total on file in December. Cancellations for non-payment of the maintenance fee affect about 883 section 3 registrations and about 294 section 24(c) registrations.

The cancellation orders generally permit registrants to continue to sell and distribute existing stocks of the canceled products until January 15, 2005, one year after the date on which the fee was due. Existing stocks already in the hands of dealers or users, however, can generally be distributed, sold or used legally until they are exhausted. Existing stocks are defined as those stocks of a registered pesticide product Start Printed Page 62667which are currently in the U.S. and which have been packaged, labeled and released for shipment prior to the effective date of the action.

The exceptions to these general rules are cases where more stringent restrictions on sale, distribution, or use of the products have already been imposed, through Special Reviews or other Agency actions. These general provisions for disposition of stocks should serve in most cases to cushion the impact of these cancellations while the market adjusts.

III. Listing of Registrations Canceled for Non-payment

Table 1 below lists all of the Section 24(c)registrations, and Table 2 Lists all of the Section 3 registrations which were canceled for non-payment of the 2004 maintenance fee. These registrations have been canceled by order and without hearing. Cancellation orders were sent to affected registrants via certified mail in the past several days. The Agency is unlikely to rescind cancellation of any particular registration unless the cancellation resulted from Agency error.

Table 1.—Section 24(c) Registrations Canceled for Non-Payment of Maintenance Fee

SLN no.Product Name
051936 AL-02-0008Acephate 75SP
004581 AL-81-0009Hydrothol 191
000100 AL-95-0005Reflex 2lC Herbicide
000352 AL-97-0004Dupont Krenite S Brush Control Agent
000100 AL-98-0003Tilt Fungicide
000100 AL-99-0004Warrior T Insecticide
001812 AL-99-0005Atrapa UV
000352 AR-03-0005Dupont Krenite S Brush Control Agent
000279 AR-03-0007Aim EC
003125 AR-81-0044Monitor 4
000100 AR-95-0011Reflex 2lC Herbicide
000100 AR-96-0008Fusilade DX Herbicide
000352 AR-98-0005Dupont Krenite S Brush Control Agent
000100 AR-99-0002Tilt Fungicide
001812 AR-99-0006Atrapa UV
000241 AZ-00-0003Acrobat MZ Fungicide
000352 AZ-02-0007Dupont Staple Herbicide
000352 AZ-02-0008Dupont Staple Plus Herbicide
000100 AZ-87-0022Eptam 7-E Selective Herbicide
000100 AZ-93-0004Eptam 7-E
000279 AZ-93-0014Thiodan 2 C.O. EC
000100 AZ-95-0001Eptam (r) 20. G Granules
073318 CA-00-0004Pro-Gibb 4% Liquid Concentrate
050534 CA-02-0013Daconil 720 Flowable Fungicide
003125 CA-03-0002Merit 2
000279 CA-76-0115Thiodan 3 E.C.
036029 CA-77-0496Wilco Gopher Getter Type 2 Bait
036029 CA-77-0497Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait
002935 CA-78-0228Red-Top Dusting Sulfur
011168 CA-79-0025Rodent Bait Diphacinone Treated Grain (0.005%)
059623 CA-79-0044Stauffer Vapam 4-S Soil Fumigant Solution
063223 CA-79-0058Imidan 50-WP Agricultural-Insecticide-Wettable Powder
002935 CA-79-0112Red-Top Dusting Sulfur
011179 CA-83-0044Ronilan Fungicide 50W
007501 CA-85-0026Gustafson Pro-Gro Dust Seed Protectant
005481 CA-86-0001Vapam Soil Fumigant Solution for All Crops
000279 CA-86-0035Thiodan 3 E.C.
003404 CA-87-0044Clorox
000279 CA-90-0031Thiodan 3 E.C.
000400 CA-94-0004Dimilin 25 W for Cotton/Soybean
005481 CA-96-0005Dibrom 8 Emulsive
066233 CA-96-0015Eptam 7-E Selective Herbicide
003125 CA-98-0008Merit 1 G Greenhouse and Nursery Insecticide
000432 CT-03-0001Maxforce TMS
000100 DE-96-0002Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
000100 DE-98-0002Tilt Fungicide
000100 DE-99-0001Dual Magnum Herbicide
001812 FL-00-0013Atrapa ULV
075353 FL-02-0003Ecolyst
000100 FL-80-0024Aatrex 4l Brand Atrazine/Season-Long Weed Cont. In Corn
003240 FL-86-0003Tomcat Rat and Mouse Bait
005481 FL-89-0003Dibrom 14 Concentrate
060182 FL-95-0002Enstar II Insect Growth Regulator (enstar 5E)
068660 FL-98-0004M-70 Technical Hydrogen Peroxide
000279 GA-03-0004Aim EC
000352 GA-97-0003Dupont Krenite S Brush Control Agent
000100 GA-98-0005Warrior T Insecticide
000100 HI-01-0002Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 HI-01-0003Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000241 HI-02-0003Amdro Fire Ant Insecticide
Start Printed Page 62668
000241 HI-02-0009Amdro Fire Ant Insecticide
063210 HI-77-0010D-Z-N Diazinon 50w Insecticide
000279 HI-88-0008Thiodan 50WP Insecticide
000100 HI-92-0005Logic Fire Ant Bait
062719 HI-93-0010Lorsban 50W
062719 HI-93-0011Lorsban 50W Insecticide In Water Soluble Packets
000100 HI-97-0008Eptam 7-E Selective Herbicide
000100 HI-97-0009Eptam (r) 20-G Granules
000279 HI-98-0002Thiodan 3 E.C. Insecticide
000100 HI-99-0001Abound Fungicide
005481 ID-00-0008Win-Flo 4F
001812 ID-00-0011Declare
000279 ID-02-0012Thiodan 3 EC Insecticide
000279 ID-02-0013Thiodan 3 EC Insecticide
000279 ID-02-0014Thiodan 3 EC Insecticide
001812 ID-02-0025Atrapa 5E
001812 ID-02-0026Atrapa 8E
001812 ID-02-0027Atrapa 8E
000400 ID-03-0011Comite Agricultural Miticide
002935 ID-81-0044Ben-Sul 60 Dust
000279 ID-87-0013Thiodan 3 EC Insecticide
000279 ID-89-0009Thiodan 3 EC Insecticide
000352 ID-96-0009Dupont Accent SP Herbicide
000100 ID-97-0007Eptam 7-E Selective Herbicide
000279 ID-97-0009Thiodan 3 E.C. Insecticide
000100 ID-99-0008Abound Flowable Fungicide
045728 IN-97-0001Carbamate WDG (ferbam Granuflo)
000279 KS-03-0005Aim EW
000100 KS-98-0002Tilt Fungicide
000100 KS-98-0003Aatrex 4L Herbicide
000100 KS-99-0008Tilt Fungicide
000279 KY-03-0008Aim EW
000279 KY-04-0008Aim EW
045728 KY-94-0001Ferbam Granuflo
000100 KY-99-0001Dual Magnum Herbicide
000100 KY-99-0002Dual Magnum Herbicide
073848 LA-01-0001Baytex Liquid Concentrate Insecticide
000100 LA-01-0004Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000352 LA-03-0002Dupont Krenite S Brush Control Agent
000279 LA-03-0007Aim 2 EC
002217 LA-94-0006Acme Hi-Dep Herbicide
000100 LA-95-0002Fusilade DX
000279 LA-95-0010Dragnet FT Termiticide
000100 LA-95-0013Fusilade DX Herbicide
000279 LA-96-0013Biflex TC Termiticide
000241 LA-97-0006Thimet 20-G Soil & Systemic Insecticide
000352 LA-97-0008Dupont Krenite S Brush Control Agent
001812 LA-98-0002Direx 4L
001812 LA-98-0003Direx 80DF
001812 LA-99-0005Atrapa UV
000432 LA-99-0014Termidor(r) SC Insecticide
005481 MD-81-0023Dibrom Concentrate
000100 ME-95-0007Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
033560 ME-95-0008Pronone 10G
000100 ME-98-0004Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
004581 MI-03-0001Topsin M WSB
073545 MI-86-0001Topsin M 70 W
059639 MI-93-0003Monitor 4 Spray
000100 MN-90-0004Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
000100 MN-95-0005Fusilade DX Herbicide
000100 MN-99-0015Warrior T Insecticide
000279 MO-03-0003Aim EC
000279 MO-03-0004Aim EW
072871 MO-99-0003Baytex Liquid Concentrate Insecticide
000100 MO-99-0004Warrior T Insecticide
071532 MS-01-0002LG Permethrin 3.2 Termiticide/Insecticide
000100 MS-01-0008Touchdown 5 Herbicide
000100 MS-01-0010Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
004787 MS-01-0036Glyfos X-TRA
000279 MS-03-0006Aim 2 EC
000279 MS-81-0035Thiodan 3 E.C.
000279 MS-81-0036Thiodan 50WP Insecticide
Start Printed Page 62669
059639 MS-89-0011Orthene 75 S Soluble Powder
001448 MS-89-0018Busan 1132
001386 MS-95-00022,4-D Amine Weed Killer
000100 MS-95-0008Eptam 7-E Selective Herbicide
003125 MS-96-0011Premise 75 Insecticide
000279 MS-97-0002Biflex TC Termiticide
000279 MS-97-0004Dragnet FT Termiticide
000352 MS-97-0011Dupont Krenite S Brush Control Agent
000100 MT-00-0004Mertect LSP Fungicide
000100 MT-00-0013Fulfill
000279 MT-03-0002Thiodan 3 EC Insecticide
000279 MT-03-0003Thionex 50W Insecticide
000279 MT-87-0002Thiodan 50WP Insecticide
000279 MT-87-0003Thiodan 3 E.C.
002935 MT-94-0002Wilbur-Ellis Potato Seed Dust T
000100 MT-95-0004Fusilade Dx Herbicide
000100 MT-95-0006Warrior Insecticide
000100 MT-99-0006Dividend XL
000100 MT-99-0014Dividend XL RTA
000279 NC-00-0004Thiodan 3 EC Insecticide
068660 NC-03-0001Pak 27
000279 NC-03-0006Aim EC
000524 ND-02-0012Roundup Herbicide
000100 ND-99-0010Warrior T Insecticide
000279 NE-03-0006Aim EW Herbicide
007501 NJ-94-0001Gustafson Pro Gro Seed Protectant
000100 NJ-96-0009Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
007501 NJ-99-0009Pro-Gro Dust Seed Protectant
001812 NM-99-0001Atrapa UV
001812 NV-01-0002Atrapa 5E
001812 NV-01-0003Atrapa 8E
000279 NV-02-0002Thiodan 3 EC Insecticide
065343 NV-03-0002Super Six Liquid Sulfur
010163 NV-03-0003Savey 2E
000279 NV-86-0005Thiodan 3 E.C. Insecticide
000100 NV-91-0003Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
010163 NV-94-0005Metasystox-R Spray Concentrate
000100 NV-97-0004Eptam 7-E Slelective Herbicide
000432 NY-92-0003Scourge Insecticide with SBP-1382/PBO 18+54% MF Form.II
005481 NY-94-0006Dibrom Concentrate
005481 NY-97-0005Trumpet EC Insecticide
000100 NY-97-0010Reward Aquatic and Noncrop Herbicide
059639 OH-00-0006Orthene 97 Pellets
000279 OH-03-0005Aim EW
001448 OH-90-0003Busan 77
001448 OH-90-0004Busan 77
045728 OH-94-0004Ferbam Granuflo
045728 OH-99-0004Carbamate Wdg Fungicide
000279 OK-03-0003Aim EC Herbicide
000279 OK-04-0003Aim EC Herbicide
004581 OK-81-0023Accelerate A Harvest Aid for Cotton
045639 OR-00-0003Ignite 1SC Herbicide
000241 OR-00-0008Prowl 3.3 EC Herbicide
000352 OR-00-0013Dupont Oust Herbicide
010163 OR-00-0018Rubigan E.C.
005481 OR-00-0019Win-Flo 4F
001812 OR-01-0020Direx 4L
001812 OR-01-0021Direx 80DF
066222 OR-01-0025Galigan 2E
000100 OR-02-0014Abound Flowable Fungicide
000352 OR-02-0015Oust XP Herbicide
000241 OR-03-0003Raptor Herbicide
003125 OR-03-0005Stratego Fungicide
000400 OR-03-0025Comite Agricultural Miticide
007946 OR-03-0028Imicide
000279 OR-77-0042Thiodan 50WP Insecticide
000279 OR-77-0043Thiodan 3 E.C.
000100 OR-79-0077Aatrex Nine-O Herbicide
000279 OR-83-0026Furadan 15 G Insecticide-Nematicide
004581 OR-87-0004Des-I-Cate
034704 OR-88-0010Diazinon 500-AG
000400 OR-88-0013Dimilin 25W for Cotton/soybean
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034704 OR-89-0005Clean Crop Phorate 20g
060217 OR-91-0012Sprout Nip Emulsifiable Concentrate
034704 OR-92-0007Clean Crop Low Vol 6 Ester Weed Killer
000352 OR-92-0016Du Pont Sinbar Herbicide
034704 OR-92-0024Aceto Simazine 4l Flowable Herbicide
034704 OR-93-0003Niagara Supreme Oil Code 30497
034704 OR-95-0010Clean Crop Atrazine 90WDG Turf & Conifer Herbicide
000524 OR-95-0022Ramrod Flowable Herbicide
045728 OR-95-0035Ferbam Granuflo
000279 OR-96-0004Thiodan 3 E.C. Insecticide
034704 OR-96-0010Clean Crop Low Vol 6 Ester Weed Killer
000352 OR-96-0029Dupont Accent SP Herbicide
034704 OR-97-0010Salvo Low Volatile Weed Killer
002935 OR-97-0011Nubark Mancozeb/TBZ Potato Seed Protectant
000100 OR-97-0014Eptam 7-E Selective Herbicide
034704 OR-98-0007Clean Crop Dimethoate 400
000279 OR-98-0008Thiodan 3 EC Insecticide
001812 OR-99-0005Direx 80DF
000100 OR-99-0029Warrior T Insecticide
000100 PA-96-0004Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
074033 PR-01-0001Avaunt Insecticide
003125 RI-97-0002Merit 0.5 G Insecticide
000100 RI-98-0001Devrinol 10G Selective Herbicide
000279 SC-03-0009Aim EC Herbicide
000100 SC-94-0001Reflex 2lC Herbicide
000352 SC-97-0006Dupont Krenite S Brush Control Agent
000100 SD-99-0005Warrior T Insecticide
000100 TN-93-0007Ordram 15-G
004581 TN-94-0002Aquathol K
000100 TN-98-0004Tilt Fungicide
000352 TN-98-0005Dupont Krenite S Brush Control Agent
000100 TN-99-0005Karate Insecticide
000279 TX-03-0007Aim 2 EC
000100 TX-90-0009Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
000100 TX-96-0005Cyclone Herbicide
000352 TX-98-0007Dupont Krenite S Brush Control Agent
007969 TX-99-0011Facet 75 DF Herbicide
007969 TX-99-0017Facet 75 DF Herbicide
033691 UT-03-0002Perma Guard Garden and Plant Insecticide D-21
000100 UT-96-0002Warrior Insecticide
000100 UT-97-0001Eptam 7-E Selective Herbicide
064025 VA-83-0017Amchem Ethrel Plant Regulator
000100 VA-94-0012Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
000100 VA-96-0001Devrinol 50-Df Selective Herbicide
000352 VA-98-0008Dupont Krenite S Brush Control Agent
073269 WA-00-0007Guthion Solupak 50% Wettable Powder Insecticide
001812 WA-00-0019Declare
005481 WA-00-0030Win-Flo 4F
000100 WA-01-0020Mycoshield Brand of Agricultural Terramycin
066222 WA-01-0029Galigan 2E
000241 WA-02-0022Acrobat 50wp Fungicide
075758 WA-03-0008Rex Lime Sulphur Solution
000400 WA-03-0029Comite Agricultural Miticide
000279 WA-77-0016Thiodan 3 E.C.
000279 WA-78-0029Thiodan 50WP Insecticide
000279 WA-78-0033Thiodan 50WP Insecticide
000100 WA-79-0078Aatrex Nine-O
000100 WA-80-0083Aatrex Nine-O
034704 WA-82-0046Clean Crop Sulfur 6 Flowable
002935 WA-83-0012Red-Top Diazinon 4 Spray
002935 WA-84-0052Ben-Sul 60 Dust
000279 WA-87-0012Thiodan 50WP Insecticide
000279 WA-87-0013Thiodan 3 E.C.
002935 WA-88-0002Wilbur-Ellis Copper 3 Dust
005481 WA-91-0040Fruit Fix Super Concentrate 800
005481 WA-91-0041Fruit Fix Concentrate 200
000352 WA-92-0024Du Pont Sinbar Herbicide
034704 WA-93-0004Clean Crop Low Vol 6 Ester Weed Killer
005481 WA-93-0022Vapam Soil Fumigant Solution for All Crops
002935 WA-93-0023Red Top Potato Seed Piece Fungicde Dust
005481 WA-93-0024Metam Sodium
005481 WA-94-0005Metam 426
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045728 WA-94-0029Ferbam Granuflo
034704 WA-95-0010Clean Crop Atrazine 90WDG Turf & Conifer Herbicide
000524 WA-95-0031Ramrod Flowable Herbicide
000352 WA-96-0023Dupont Accent SP Herbicide
000100 WA-97-0002Mefenoxam EC
000100 WA-97-0025Eptam 7-E Selective Herbicide
034704 WA-97-0037Clean Crop Trifluralin Hf
034704 WA-98-0003Clean Crop Trifluralin Hf
071523 WA-98-0006Vinco Formaldehyde Solution
065135 WA-98-0007Vinco Formaldehyde Solution
000279 WA-98-0016Thiodan 3 E.C. Insecticide
000100 WA-99-0024Warrior T Insecticide
010163 WI-02-0001Halo-Sulfuron-Methyl/Cucumber, Pumpkin*/Squash
000279 WI-02-0011Thiodan 3 EC Insecticide
000279 WI-99-0001Thiodan 3 EC Insecticide
003125 WY-01-0001Sencor DF 75% Dry Flowable Herbicide
000100 WY-94-0001Fusilade DX
000279 WY-98-0006Furadan 4F Insecticide/nematicide

Table 2.—Section 3 Registrations Canceled for Non-Payment of Maintenance Fee

Registration no.Product Name
000016-00118Dragon Granular Lawn Insect Control
000016-00119Dragon 5% Diazinon Granules
000016-00157Dragon 25% Diazinon Spray
000016-00166Dragon Diazinon Water-Based Concentrate
000056-00041Eaton's Bait Blocks Rodenticide with Apple Flavorizer
000056-00044Eaton's All Weather Bait Blocks Rodenticide with Fish Flavor
000070-00124Kill-Ko Malathion Concentrate
000072-00019Miller Lime Sulfur Solution
000100-00779Dividend Mg Fungicide
000100-00813Vangard WP Fungicide
000100-00814Dividend WS
000100-00831Banvel 720 Herbicide
000100-00832Banvel CST
000100-00877Pyridate Technical
000100-00878Banvel 10G Herbicide
000100-00880Tough 5 EC
000100-00942Adage 70WS Insecticide
000100-00994PP005 2E Herbicide
000100-01003Fusilade 2000 Herbicide
000100-01005Demon 3E Insecticide
000100-01007Demon 3 TC Insecticide
000100-01011Commodore EC Insecticide
000100-01038Clipper 2SC Tree Growth Regulator
000100-01041Touchdown Concentrate Herbicide
000100-01042Touchdown 4-LC
000100-01044Commodore WP Insecticide
000100-01045Scimitar WP Insecticide
000100-01047Touchdown Technical
000100-01048Touchdown (r) 6 Herbicide
000100-01058Commodore WP Insecticide In Water-Soluble Packets
000100-01071Typhoon Herbicide
000100-01076Scimitar WP Greenhouse Insecticide In Water Soluble Packets
000100-01077Scimitar WP Greenhouse Insecticide
000100-01081Scimitar CS Greenhouse Insecticide
000100-01085Commodore Insecticide In Ready Mix Water Soluble Packet
000100-01089Scimitar WP Golf Course Turf Insecticide
000100-01090Scimitar WP Turf and Ornamental Insecticide
000100-01096Lambda-Cyhalothrin CS Insecticide
000100-01099Icia5504 80WG Fungicide
000100-01100Scimitar G & N Insecticide In Water Soluble Packets
000100-01108Touchdown 5 Herbicide
000100-01116Typhoon D Herbicide
000151-00014Pioneer Pc-30 Disinfectant Cleaner “New Improved”
000228-00099Riverdale 10% Dacthal Granules
000228-00101Riverdale Double M Insecticide Alfalfa Spray
000228-00105Riverdale Methoxychlor Emulsifiable Concentrate
000228-00157Riverdale Crabgrass Control and Fertilizer
000228-00161Riverdale Grub Out Plus Fertilizer
000228-00188Riverdale Rose & Floral Spray
000228-00222Riverdale 25% Dacthal Dust
000239-02364Ortho Diazinon Insect Spray
000239-02375Ortho Diazinon Granules
000239-02479Ortho Diazinon Soil & Turf Insect Control
000239-02503Ortho Diazinon Granular Fire Ant Killer
000239-02619Hi-Power Ant, Roach & Spider Spray Formula II
000239-02630Ortho Diazinon Insect Spray Ready-To-Use
000239-02643Ortho Diazinon Insect Spray 2
000239-02671Ortho Diazinon Dust
000241-00317Event Grass Growth Regulator
000241-00396Structure Residual Herbicide
000241-00406Extreme CP Herbicide
000421-00378Anti-Staph the Triple Threat
000432-01290Baytex Technical Insecticide
000458-00031Usol Organiclear Twenty-To-One Concentrate (water Dilutable)
000491-00008Selig's Pinetax
000491-00221Mr. Triple Zero Weed Killer
000498-00147Spraypak Wasp & Hornet Killer
000498-00153Spraypak Wasp Spray 0.25%
000499-00361Whitmire Outdoor Ornamental Insect Spray
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000499-00454ULD BP-110 Emulsifiable Insecticide Concentrate
000499-00456ULD BP-30 Mill and Food Plant Spray
000499-00458ULD BP-5025 Insecticide
000499-00474Pro-Control Inspector IV
000506-00180Tat Multi-Purpose Insect Killer
000506-00185Tat Wasp & Hornet Killer
000539-00304Sears Roto-Belt Humidifier Bacteriostat & Water Treatment
000572-00145R0ckland Malathion 57%
000572-00181Triple “D” Lawn Weed Killer
000572-00183Rockland Malathion 50
000572-00195Rockland Professional Super Tupersan
000572-00200Rockland Garden Clean with Trifluralin
000572-00255Rockland Feed & Seed with Tupersan
000572-00273Rockland Three-Way Lawn Weed Killer
000572-00285Rockland Garden Insect Spray RTU
000572-00305Rockland Diazinon Spray
000572-00315Rockland Rotenone-Pyrethrum Insecticide
000572-00326Rockland Fly Rid
000572-00351Wasp & Yellow Jacket Bomb
000572-00354Rockland Ornamental Fungicide
000655-00028Prentox Lindane Technical Powder
000655-00556Prentox Diazinon 5G
000655-00764Prentox Chlorpyrifos 2.32G Insecticide
000655-00766Prentox Chlorpyrifos 1/2G Granular Insecticide
000655-00786Pyrifos Residual Spray
000706-00040Claire Mint Aire Air Sanitizer and Deodorizer
000706-00062Lemon Aire Air Sanitizer & Deodorizer
000706-00072Claire Golden Jet Bee Wasp & Hornet Killer
000706-00095Claire Multi-Use Insecticide Spray
000706-00096Claire Bug Buster Insect Killer
000706-00100Lice Killer
000706-00101Claire Jet Force II Wasp & Hornet Killer
000706-00103Big Jinx III Ant & Roach Killer
000706-00104Clair Big Jinx III Roach & Ant Killer
000769-00624SMCP Malathion 50%
000769-00673SMCP 5% Malathion Dust
000769-00676SMCP Malathion 25-Wp
000769-00677SMCP Malathion 5% Pco Dust
000769-00752PCE Malathion Ddvp Residual Spray
000769-00783Superior Malathion E-45
000769-00785Omnikill Roack and Ant Bomb
000769-00786Superior S. K. Formula
000769-00809Superior EC 5 Malathion Concentrate
000769-00850Pratt Noculate Systemic Insecticide Granular
000769-00903Science Garden Insect Spray
000769-00915Science Gladiolus & Bulb Dust
000773-00076Del-Phos Emulsifiable Liquid Insecticide
000777-00053Lysol Brand Disinfectant Spray
000802-00123Lilly/Miller Malathion
000802-00426Lilly/Miller Systemic Rose, Shrub & Flower Care
000802-00516Miller's Vegetable and Fruit Spray
000802-00564Lilly/Miller Weed & Grass Preventer
000829-00232SA-50 Brand Lawn Ormamental & Vegetable Fungicide
000829-00272SA-50 Brand Dursban Mole Cricket Bait
000833-00065AFCO Low Foam Tops
000833-00074Chlorilizer Plus
000909-00106Cooke Summer & Dormant Oil Insect Spray Concentrate
001021-00046Pyrocide Booster Concentrate H Emulsifiable
001021-00107Pyrocide* Intermediate 64
001021-00204Pyrocide Intermediate 0055
001021-00374Pyrocide Aerosol Mix No. 5258
001021-00385Pyrocide Aerosol Mix 933
001021-00426Pyrocide Aerosol Mix 5307
001021-00452Pyrocide Intermediate No. 5444
001021-00583Pyrocide Intermediate 5886
001021-00683Pyrocide Aerosol Mix No. 6210
001021-00752Pyrocide Intermediate No. 6443
001021-00774Pyrocide Formula No. 6471
001021-00853Pyrocide Aerosol Mix 6664
001021-00910Pyrocide Intermediate 6781
001021-00925Emulsifiable Synergized Pyrethrum Concentrate 6055
001021-01011Pyrocide Intermediate 6905
001021-01019Pyrocide Intermediate 6915
001021-01146Pyrocide Fogging Conc 7052
001021-01271Pyrocide Fogging Concentrate 7336
001021-01307Pyrocide Fogging Concentrate 7210
001021-01316Pyrocide Intermediate 5770
001021-01318Pyrocide Fogging Formula 7221
001021-01450Evercide Fenvalerate 80% Concentrate
001021-01459Pyrocide Intermediate 7340
001021-01477Evercide Intermediate 2265
001021-01480Evercide Intermediate 2274
001021-01492Evercide Intermediate 2244
001021-01502Pyrocide Fogging Formula 7349
001021-01523Evercide Residual Insecticide Concentrate 2362
001021-01528Evercide Intermediate 2338
001021-01538Evercide Concentrate 2403
001021-01539Evercide Concentrate 2414
001021-01560Multicide Fogging Concentrate 2486
001021-01561Multicide Fogging Concentrate 2487
001021-01571Pyrocide Intermediate 7387
001021-01573Multicide Concentrate 2495
001021-01580Evercide Intermediate 2494
001021-01614Clearmol Intermediate 7410
001021-01618Pyrocide Fogging Concentrate 7411
001021-01639Pyrocide Concentrate 7409
001022-00543Chapcide 4-EC
001190-00052Hospi-Tol 64
001275-00028Pine-Odor Disinfectant
001352-00060Nutrena Fly Block with Rabon Oral Larvicide
001386-00605Malathion 6 Grain Protectany
001386-00613Dursban Lawn and Ornamental Insect Control
001386-00615Termite Kill II
001386-00649Dursban 4E
001386-00652Security Pro-Turf 1 Insect Control Granules
001386-00653Security Pro-Turf 2 Insect Control Granules
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001448-00336Vantrol Conditioner No 5
001459-00024Whirl Pool Fast Acting Emulsion Bowl Cleaner
001469-00023Pentapine Disinfectant
001677-00187CD - 600
001706-00145Nalco 7326 Algaecide
001706-00188H-434 Microbiocide
001706-00223Veligon Cl-M
001706-00224Veligon L-M
001706-00225Veligon LS-M
001706-00227Veligon DL-M
001706-00228Veligon T-2-M
001839-00015BRC-824 (20% Active)
001839-00021BTC-824 P40
001839-00062BTC 50 Concentrate Germicide
001839-00118BTC 190
001839-00162BTC 885-P40 Detergent/Disinfectant
002288-00006408 Marine Fuel Stabilizer
002398-00007Pronto Lice, Tick and Flea Killing Spray
002693-00115Micron 22 45L Green
002693-00127Hisol BF254 Self Polishing Copolymer A/F
002693-00191Micron 33 Outdrive Spray 464A White
002724-00169Vet-Kem Kemolate Emulsifiable Liquid
002724-00487Arthitrol 0.5% Dursban Paste Bait
002733-00001Breath O'pine All Purpose Cleaner
002777-00021Indianhead Fly Killer
002935-00139Red-Top Premium Grade Malathion Grain Protectant
002935-00246Ben-Sul 60 Dust
002935-00417Wilbur-Ellis Potato Seed Dust T
002935-00419PCNB Seed-Coat
002935-00420Nusan Flowable 30
002935-00426Lorsban 30 Flowable
002935-00513Dusting Sulfur
002935-005152,4-D Amine 6#
002935-00533Dusting Sulfur 98
003008-00022Osmose Wood Preserving Stain
003008-00035Osmose K-33 (40%) Type B Wood Preservative
003008-00036Osmose K-33-C (50%) Wood Preservative
003008-00042Osmose K-33-A (50%) Wood Preservative
003008-00059Copper Chem (AMCU)
003008-00081Noah Gold
003008-00082Noah Gold CS
003090-00177Sanitized Brand Xbh Bacteriostatic Chemicals
003276-00018A & L Al-Dine
003342-00093Grain Storage 1-M Dust
003342-00094Super Kill
003342-00102Security Brand Thiodan Spray
003377-00060Albemarle Ultra-80 Algicide
003377-00073Sanibrom 43
003377-00075Sanibrom 10 Algicide
003522-00012Luseaux QT-550
003522-00014Luseaux S Q 550
003522-00018Luseaux Chlo-Rins-Tabs
003536-00004H.K Mouse & Rat Bait
003838-00052Readiquat - Tb
003862-00142D-Weed-O Formula #4
003931-00006Ancocide 4040
004000-00058Pyrethroid 351 Aqueous Pressurized Insecticide Spray
004313-00056Pine Quat Pine Odor Disinfectant
004704-00005Magic Circle Industrial Insecticide
004704-00026Magic Circle Fog Spray Conc.
004822-00482Raid Pid 1
004959-00049I-Dyne Disinfectant
005174-00018Qd Quaternary Disinfectant
005185-00488Dichloro Shock
005204-00063Biomet 300 Antifouling Agent
005204-00065Biomet 302 Antifouling Agent
005204-00067Biomet 304 Antifouling Agent
005204-00080Biomet 303/60 Antifouling Agent
005204-00081Biomet 304/60 Antifouling Agent
005204-00083Poly-Flo 4024
005204-00087Biomet 305
005204-00088Biomet 309 Antifouling Agent
005204-00090Biomet 300/60
005389-00011Mcd Powder Bleach
005389-00016Kay 10 Np (non Phosphate) Sanitizer
005389-20003Sani-Power Low Temp Warewash Sanitizer
005625-00001Tempo Marine Outboard Outdrive Clear Anti-Fouling Paint No.
005887-00077Black Leaf Liquid Fruit Tree Spray
006148-00011Coppertone Bug & Sun Sunscreen with Insect Repellent Adult F
006482-00008Lone Star 14% Protein Hi-Pro-Min with Rabon Oral Larvicide
006621-00072Fresh Impression Anti-Bacterial Disinfecting Toilet Bowl Cleaner
006836-00194Towercide 10lF
006959-00093Cessco Crawling Insect Killer
006959-00097DDVP 5%
007001-00284Metam (soil Fumigant)
007001-00376Lange Brand Dimension Granules Turf Herbicide
007124-00065Nu.Clo Quick Dissolving Chlorinating Tablets One-A-Day 20,000
007124-00066Nu-Clo Quick Dissolving Tablets Chlorinating Tablets 1-A-Day
007124-00067Nu-Clo Quick Dissolving Chlorinating Tablets
007124-00068Nu-Clo Quick Dissolving Chlorinating Tablets
007124-00071Nu-Clo 7 Day Slow Dissolving Chlorinating Tablets
007138-00012Southern States Cattle Mineral Rabon Block
007501-00029Gustafon Lorsban 50-Sl
007501-00037Gustafson Vitavax Maneb Lindane 20-35-18.75 Fungicide
007501-00044Gustafson Vitavax-Thiram 20-20
007501-00078Gustafson RTU-PCNB/Lindane Seed Protectant
007501-00095Gustafson Vitavax Pour-On Flowable Fungicide
007501-00112Vitavax-Diazinon-Lindane Seed Treatment Insecticide-Fungicide
007501-00135Gustafson Rtu Flowable Soybean Fungicide
007501-00152Enhance V-M-L
007501-00158Kodiak T Fungicide
007616-00053Cal Chlor Chlorinating Granules
007689-00014Wardley's Liquid Allclear
007689-00016Allclear II Algicide for Outdoor Fishpools
007689-00017Allclear II Aquarium Algicide
007701-00034Lanscaper Weed Killer & Prepaving Preparation
007754-00047Total Release .4 Perm
007754-00049Ari Flea & Tick Spray Formula I
007754-00052Bee Bopper III Wasp and Hornet Killer
007969-00116MCPP Amine 4
007969-00127Mecoprop AK Technical Acid
008119-00003Corry's Liquid Bug, Snail & Slug Bait
008119-00012Corry's Slug & Snail (3.5)
008119-00014Corry's Slug & Snail (3.0)
008120-00048Amercoat 698 HS
008120-00054Amercoat 3224 White Aerosol Antifoulant
008120-00065Devran 218-S-3888
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008120-00066Abc #2 282-S-4754 Marine Antifouling Paint #2 Red
008329-00023Dursban 1/2%G
008329-00026Dursban 1% G
008370-00016N-601 Disinfectant-Sanitizer
008378-00026Shaw's Turf Food Insect Control 92/dursban
008378-000342.32 Dursban Granules
008429-00009Cairox ZM Free Flowing Potassium Permanganate
008596-00034Myco Curb FG
008780-00051Turf Line Diazinon 5G Lawn Insect Control
008780-00054Turf Line Diazinon Lawn Insect Control Plus Fertilizer #2
008780-00055Turf Line Diazinon Lawn Insect Control Plus Fertilizer
008780-00056Turf Line Arthroban Triple Action #4
008791-00026Tri-Chlor Slow Tabs
008791-00049E-Z Clor Hypochlor Big Tabs
008959-00001Cutrine Algaecide
009198-00016Frank S Garden King Weed and Feed
009198-00032Turf Care for Lawn Maintenance 38-0-0 with Dursban Brand Insecticide
009198-00047Andersons Weed Killer 0.84% 2.4-D and 0.84% MCPP
009198-00049Andersons Weed and Feed
009198-00053The Andersons Weed and Feed III
009198-00054Anderson's Weed and Feed II 28-3-9
009198-00084Andersons Tee Time 30-3-5 with 0.65% Dursban
009198-00127Twinlight Dursban Turf Insect Killer
009198-00132The Andersons 0.97% Dursban Brand Insecticide
009198-00170Proturf Pythium Control
009198-00185Scotts Proturf 30-4-4 Fertilizer Plus Weedgrass Preventer
009198-00193Proturf Turf Growth Regulator + Fertilizer for Sandy Soils
009198-00194Turf Growth Regulator Plus Fertilizer
009198-00195Scotts Proturf Turf Fertilizer Plus Weedgrass Control
009198-00200Fertilizer Plus Insecticide/Preemergent Weed Control
009198-00202Tgr(r) Turf Enhancer 50 WP
009367-00019T-C 505 Q
009409-00003Pro-San II
009444-00184CB Strikeforce Hpx II Residual with Dursban
009444-00202Strikeforce II Residual with Dursban
009561-00003Kelley's Anticoagulant Rat and Mouse Bait
009591-00163Pressurized Insecticide 550
009591-00167Mill Spray
009743-00002Microbiocide No. 8
009754-00001Tri-Kil Nonselective Weed and Grass Killer
009886-00006Unipine 75
009886-00008Unipine S-70
009886-00011Unipine 90
010079-00001J.C. Algaecide
010088-00085Surface Insecticide
010088-00094Ultra Insecticide
010133-00005National's Zeolite Algaecide NP40l
010250-00051Hempel's Antifouling Combic 7199E Red 51110
010250-00052Hempel's Antifouling Combic 71990-19990
010292-00015Pine Odor Disinfectant Cleaner
010292-00018Bowlex Bowl Sanitizer
010350-00020Permethrin 20 MEC Manufacturing Use Concentrate
010350-00021MEC Permethrin Livestock Premise Spray Concentrate
010350-00041Permethrin 20 MEC Livestock Premise Spray Concentrate
010404-00015Lesco 2.32 Granular Insecticide
010404-00027Lesco Dursban(r) 0.97% Plus Fertilizer
010404-00029Lesco Dursban(r) 0.74% Plus Fertilizer
010404-00038Lesco PCNB-10% Granular Soil Fungicide
010404-00040Lesco Dursban(r) 0.42% Plus Fertilizer
010404-00053Lesco Turf Fertilizer with Team
010404-00057Lesco Turf Fertilizer with 1.25% Team
010404-00069Lesco Three-Way 53% Dg Selective Broadleaf Herbicide
010404-00081Lesco 0.97 Dursban Granules
010404-00099Lesco Deltagard T & o 0.05% Plus Fertilizer
010465-00025Csi 70% Sodium Dichromate Solution
010465-00026Cca Type C Wood Preservative 50%
010465-00037ACQ 2100
010465-00040ACQ 2101
010542-00002Scentinella Candel
010772-00009Lambert Kay Zenox Concentrated Shampoo for Dogs
010772-00010Zenox Flea & Tick Shampoo for Cats and Dogs
010772-00013Zenox 75 Flea & Tick Dog Shampoo
010807-00002Misty Dual Synergist Insecticide
010807-00006Misty Multi-Purpose Insecticide
010807-00007Misty Glycol Air Sanitizer-Mint Fragrance
010807-00010Misty Insect Killer
010807-00016Misty Accur-Spray Wasp & Hornet Killer
010807-00026Misty Glycol Air Sanitizer-Orange Fragrance
010807-00038Misty Mizer Air Sanitizer-Mint Fragrance
010807-00039Misty Mizer Air Sanitizer (bouquet)
010807-00046Misty Aircraft Insecticide
010807-00063Misty Fog Away
010807-00071Misty Fly-A-Way
010807-00072Misty Glycol Air Sanitizer El Capitan Fragrance
010807-00075Misty Conquest
010807-00076Misty Fog-It
010807-00083Misty Accur-Spray II Wasp & Hornet Killer
010807-00086Misty II Flying Insect Killer, .6P
010807-00087Misty P.COo. Professional Flying Insect Killer
010807-00088Misty General Purpose Flying Insect Killer
010807-00092Dual Synergist Space Spray Insecticide
010807-00093C-10 Algaecide
010807-00109Mosquito & Fly Spray
010807-00121Misty Industrial Aqueous Emulsifiable Concentrate
010807-00130Misty Liquid Disinfectant
010807-00134Control 750
010807-00154Misty Terminate
010807-00158Amrep 5004
010807-00159Amrep 5002
010807-00163Amrep 5009
010807-00164Misty Fog Plus II
010807-00175Amtep 6000
010807-00179Wemcide CW 102
010807-00180Wemcide CW 106
010807-00193Misty Fog Off!
010897-00001Hasa Chlorinating Granules
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010897-00016Tabit Automatic Chlorinating Cartridge
010897-00017Tabit Chlorinating Cartridge
010897-00030Hasa Dry Algaecide
010897-00035Purechlor Sanitizer 12.5%
010897-00036Purechlor Sanitizer II 10.0%
010897-00037Sani-Clor Big Tabs
010897-00038Sani-Clor Granules 2
010897-00039Spa-Kleen Granules II
010897-00040Sani-Clor Good-Bye Algae
010897-00041Sani-Clor Pool Sanitizer
010897-00042Sani-Clor Pool Sanitizer II
010897-00043Sani-Clor Sani-Pure
010897-00044Sani-Chlor Shock Treatment
010897-00045Sani-Clor Small Tabs
010900-00060871 House and Garden Insect Killer
010900-00064875 House and Garden Spray Resmethrin/bioallethrin
010932-00008A-109 Microbiocide
010932-000117212 Microbiocide
011440-00003Lane Weedkill N.S. No 3
011623-00005Apollo Germicidal Spray Cleaner - Spray On/Wipe Off
011623-00041Apollo Trainer Indoor/outdoor Repellant
011623-00045Ant & Roach III
011623-00049Apollo Contact II
011623-00050Wasp & Hornet III
011623-00051Apollo CIK Spray II
011623-00052Roach Ant & Spider Killer
011649-00012Avitrol FC Corn Chops-99
011649-00013Avitrol FC Corn Chops 1-10 Concentrate
011725-00007Tek-Trol Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate
011725-00008Tek-Phene Cleaner-Disinfectant-Deodorant
011725-00009Opti-Phene Cleaner Disinfectant Deodorant
011725-00010Bio-Phenol 67
011725-00011Pheno-Tek II
011760-00001Edsan Q-A
011760-00003Edsan Spectrum
012020-00001Diuron Technical
012204-00005Marc 34 Marcicide
012204-00018Marc 37 Marcicide
012455-00093Bromethalin Concentrate
013215-00001Super-Qwik Concentrate Multi-Duty Bowl Cleaner
013215-00002Neutra Quik Concentrate Light-Duty Bowl Cleaner
013285-00001Strippette - Sanitizer
014955-00033Sms Disinfectant-Sanitizer
015440-00012Technical 2-(2,4-Dichlorophenoxy) Propionic Acid
015440-00014Marks Cmpp (mecoprop) Technical Acid
015440-00016Marks Technical Iso-Octyl Ester of 2.4-DP
015440-00017Technical Mecoprop
015440-00021Kvk MCP Acid
015440-00022Technical 2-EH Ester of Mcpa
017545-00006Weed Ender
021164-00021Akta Klor 80X
023563-00001Mur Kil
024909-00001Steri-Kleen Disinfectant
024909-00004Steri-Du Sanitizer, Disinfectant-Deodorizer
024909-00016Aqua-K Insecticide
026693-00002Killmaster II
027586-00001Tm Biocontrol-1
027586-00002Gypchek Biological Insecticide for the Gypsy Moth
027586-00005Technical MCH
028293-00087Unicorn House and Carpet Spray
028293-00099Unicorn Dursban Spray
028293-00121Unicorn Dursban - Resmethrin Spray
028293-00142Unicorn Packaging & Processing Plant Aerosol Spray
028293-00149Unicorn House and Carpet Spray II
028293-00200Unicorn Dursban 2E
028293-00201Unicorn Dursban 2.5%G Granules
028293-00202Unicorn Dursban 1.0%G Granules
028293-00203Unicorn Dursban 1%-D Dust.
028293-00204Unicorn Dursban 4E
028293-00205Unicorn Dursban 1-12
028293-00210Dursban 1-E Insecticide
028293-00265Unicorn Dursban 6.7% Insecticide
032802-00005All Season Diazinon 5G Insecticide
032802-00045All Season Sprayable Weed & Feed
032852-00013Chemcide Sba
032970-00003Ad Bac 4227
033176-00023Airysol Ant & Roach Killer
033660-00031Flutrix Five EC
033660-00033Flutrix 4EC
034269-00001Poolside Algi-Rid Concentrate
034704-00021Clean Crop Thiodan 3 EC
034704-00035Clean Crop Grain Preserver
034704-00040Clean Crop Thiram-Moly
034704-00055Clean Crop Chlorpyrifos 1/2G Turf Insecticide
034704-00057Clean Crop Diazinon 5 Lawn & Garden
034704-00065Chlorpyrifos 2E
034704-00066Clean Crop Chlorpyrifos 4E Insecticide
034704-00067Clean Crop Ziram 76 WP
034704-00106Clean Crop 4% Malathion Grain Protector
034704-00153E-Z Flo Cyprex 4 Dust
034704-00161Clean Crop Lime-Sulfur Solution
034704-00206Clean Crop 1/2 % Thiabendazole Potato Seed Piece Treater
034704-00210Clean Crop Betasan 3.6G
034704-00249Clean Crop Oftanol 1.5G
034704-00291Hopkins Malathion 25% W.P.
034704-00295Hopkins Vegetation Killer
034704-00321Niagara Lime Sulphur Solution Fungicide-Insecticide
034704-00392Clean Crop Par F 60 Soluble Oil
034704-00423Dursban 2 Coated Granules
034704-00429Liqui-Stik 200
034704-00448Clean Crop Dursban 1G Insecticide
034704-00490Atrazine 80WP
034704-00516Thiosulfan 3 EC
034704-00540De-Fend W-25 Insecticide
034704-00546Clean Crop Dibrom 8 EC
034704-00577Hopkins Streptomycin 17
034704-00607Clean Crop Dpd Ester Brush Killer
034704-00616Clean Crop N 1% Fly & Mosquito Spray
034704-00628Naa 1-Naphthalene Acetic Acid
034704-006291-Napthalene Acetic Acid Sodium Salt
034704-00645Unitox Granules
034704-00653Captan Seed Treater with Lindane
034704-00658Lindane 25 Planter Box Seed Treater
034704-00662Thiram 35 + Moly-Lube Planter Box Seed Treater
034704-00674Lindane 25 EC F Dyed Seed Treater
034704-00684Clean Crop Metam-Sodium 42% Technical
034704-00693Clean Crop Chlorpyrifos 50WP Seed Treater
034704-00696Clean Crop Tobacco Sucker Control
034704-00698Copper Hydroxide 4.5l
034704-00707Carbaryl 99% Technical
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034704-00712Rampart 10-G Soil and Systemic Insecticide
034704-00737Maneb Lindane Seed Protectant
034704-00739Maneb Plus
034704-00740Maneb 4 Flowable
034704-00744Clean Crop Man-Z 300 Dyed Flowable Seed Protectant
034704-00747Moyer CU ZN
034704-00749Clean Crop Malathion 2 Home Lawn and Garden Spray
034704-00750Clean Crop Benefin Weed & Feed
034704-00751Benefin 122 Plus Fertilizer
034704-00754Clean Crop Prometon 2.5% Liquid
034704-00756Transplant Starter
034704-00757Lawn Weed Killer
034704-00763Tree Spray Oil
034704-00764Clean Crop Msma 1-L Turf Herbicide
034704-00784Atrazine Technical
034704-00788Dimethoate Technical
034704-00789Liquid Edger - 4 Way
034704-00793Grass & Weed Killer - 4 Way
034704-00826Chlorpyrifos Technical
034810-00002Super Wex-San
034810-00030Broad-Cide I
035138-00078Aero General Purpose Insecticide
035488-20203Doc Edmonds Roach Powder
035512-00036Turf Pride with 0.67% Dursban
035896-00002Wood-Last Conc. Wood Preserv. Aq.50% Sol.CCA-Type A
036029-00011Oat Bait for Pocket Gophers II
036232-00002R and C Spray III
036272-00021Mystic Home Pest Control
037657-00001J & B Pool Supply
039039-00002Max-Con Insecticide Ear Tags
039272-00010Wepak Mint Disinfectant
039412-00001Team 218 Swimming Pool Algaecide
039815-00002Hagen Bird Guard
040184-00001Argenton Bacteriostatic Water Treatment Unit
040536-00001Narco Nar-Cide
041138-00004Neutralle Swak II Insecticide
041837-20001Blu-Clor Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
041997-20003Dietz Sanitizer for Swimming Pool Chlorination and Sanitizin
042177-00003Olympic Algaecide
042177-00007Olympic Concentrated Algaecide 40X
042177-00012Jack Frost Winter Algaecide 40
042177-00013Jack Frost Winter Guard Plus
042177-00014Olympic LTM
042177-00015Olympic Power Shock
042177-00019Olympic Algaecide
042177-00020Jack Frost Winter Algaecide
042177-00030Jack Frost Winter Prep
042177-00031Jack Frost Winter Guard
042177-00034Olympic Algaecide 10
042177-00038Olympic Poly Algaecide 50
042177-00045Olympic Spa Algaecide
042177-00049Jack Frost Winter Shock
042177-00051Jack Frost Winter Algaecide 20
042177-00054Olympic Spa Shock
042177-00055Olympic Spa Litho-Chlor
042177-00058Olympic Power Shock Plus
042177-00060E-Z Clor Big Tabs
042177-00065Tri-Chlor Slow Sticks
042177-00070E.z Clor Econocide
042233-00001Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
042446-00004A-7 Microbiocide
042750-00017Visko-Rhap Low Volatile Ester 2D Herbicide for Ground Applic
042750-00018Visko Rhap Low Volatile 2 DP
043512-20203Drop Dead Roach Killer
043576-00003Flea & Tick Powder
043576-00004Pet Protector
043576-00007Flea & Tick Killer Shampoo
043602-00004Fighter Bomber X-Tra Fly and Mosquito Insecticide
043602-00020Fighter Bomber Triple Fly and Mosquito Insecticide
043994-00009Sanitizer 200-Z
044538-00002Citation Flea and Tick Shampoo
044811-00005Microbiocide 23-L
045631-00020Sanova Base (31%)
046183-00014D-S Liquid Cleaner, Sanitizer and Disinfectant
046193-00010Trifluralin 4EC Herbicide
046207-00005Activ-Ox 20
046260-00037Jobe's Indoor Plant Insect Spray
046519-00001D125 AG-10
046620-00003Requat Antimicrobial Agent
046923-00002Old Bridge Basic Copper Sulfate
047006-00005Orlik Dursban Granules
047033-00007S 103P Sodium-Dichloro-S-Triazinetrione
047033-00008S 102P Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione
047319-00001Sevana Bird Repellent
047319-00004Agrigard Insect Repellent
047550-00003Elite Pyrethrins Flea and Tick Dip
047634-00001TC 160
047651-00006House Plant Insect Spray
048142-00003Nordox 75
048211-20004Chlor 525
048226-20003Chemical Pools Liquid-Shock
048668-00010PPP Perma-Dip Flea & Tick Dip Solution
049403-00015Nipacide Cr
049403-00031Bioban Gk Antimicrobial Agent
050397-00001Liquefied Chlorine Gas Under Pressure
050534-00024Technical Daconil 2787 Fungicide
050534-00035Chlorothalonil Flowable 3
050534-00220Bravo Weather Stik ZN
050534-00221Daconil Weather Stik ZN
050675-00009G B M - Rope (grape Berry Moth Pheromone)
050956-00005Sask-Chlor Calcium Hypochlorite 70%
051032-00014Micro-Sul Dusting Sulfur O
051319-000016-(furfurylamino) Purine Technical Grade
051319-00002Gibberellic Acid (ga3) 92% Technical Grade
051422-00003Black Algaecide
051877-00001Carbon Dioxide
052636-00001All Clear!!! Root Destroyer
052991-00007Bedoukian Cis-11-Tetradecenyl Acetate Technical Pheromone
053281-00004SCS 9mm
053892-00009Spa Granules
054292-00002Kafko Waterbed Conditioner
054698-00001FX-3 Root Killer
054705-00004Monterey “7” Carbaryl Insecticide
055501-00003The Recipe
055638-00016AG-10 Biofungicide
055638-00029Aspire Biofungicide
055638-00047Mattch Bioinsecticide
055638-00048MVP II Bioinsecticide
055710-00002QC - 4127
056138-20001Safe-Guard Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
056194-00001Insectaside D.E.
056194-00004Insect-Aside P.p.d. Multipurpose Insecticide
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056437-00001Yea! Poly-D-Glucosamine Solution
056485-00004Activ-Ox 20
056575-00012Deet Insect Repellent 20
056625-00002Blizzard System Liquid Nitrogen
056625-00003Power Plant Insecticide
056887-00001Cajun Roach Spray
056887-00002Cajun Wasp & Hornet Killer
057091-00014Biocare 90
057135-00001Chlorine Gas
057146-00002Wc 630
057607-00001Quad Algaequell
057787-00028Proteam Polyquat Algaecide 60
058369-00001Nip It In the Bud Natural Insect Repellent
058369-00003Fuzzie Buddie Shampoo for Pets with Pure Eucalyptus Oil
058369-00004R.I P. Ant and Roach Insecticide with Repellent
058616-00002PCT 3025
058866-00011Cinnacure P1005
059151-20002Nuchem Cf-167
059657-00001Technical Ethylene
059893-00003Coustic Glo Ceiling Cleaner Sanitizer C1
060061-00082Timbertreat 4wt Insecticide Wood Treatment Concentrate
060166-00001Chlorine Liquified Gas Under Pressure
061428-00001Water Preserver Concentrate
061468-00005Coal Tar Creosote (general Application)
062190-00019Arch BA
062190-00020Arch BX
062207-00005Fox-Chlor Plus
062331-00001Earthfire Vaporizing Fluid
062331-00002Earthfire Vaporizing Aerosol
062896-00001Zip Strip
063824-00003LTM-San Liquid Sanitizer
064077-00001Barncl-X Biocide
064137-00003Mycostop Biofungicide for Repackaging Only
064321-00004Bio Kill Flora Brand Insecticide
064321-00005Bio Kill Brand Insecticide Aerosol
064454-00001CKR Chlorine Liquefied Gas
064881-00005AEM 5772 Antimicrobial Mup
065092-00001ZE Lin Chen Chalk
065151-00002Bactericide 2
065170-00001Sodium Chlorate
065233-00001Treo SPF 15
065233-00006Treo SPF 30
065233-00011Primavera Botanical Bug-Repelling Spray
065233-00012Primavera Outdoor Protection Gel for Kids SPF 27
065458-00002Plato Industries' Insecticide Chip
065458-00003Bactec Bt 16 Biological Insecticide
065782-00001Liquefied Chlorine Gas Under Pressure
065901-00001Vitalix Control Tub
066222-00004Pyrinex Chlorpyrifos 2.3
066222-00005Bonide Lawn and Ornamental Insecticide W/dursban* 2e
066222-00006Pyrinex Chlorpyrifos 2E Insecticide
067064-00003Outdoor Animal Repellent
067197-00007Perma-Guard Kleen Bin D-20
067360-00002Intercide T-O Microbiostat
067425-00013Ecopac AR
067427-00001Flea Tech Home Treatment
067496-00001BK2Z Insecticide
067760-00038Parathion 8 EC.
067760-00039Cheminova Ethyl Methyl Parathion 6-3 EC
067813-00002Dow Liquid Disinfectant Formulation 3A
067869-00029N-2003 Antimicrobial
067959-00003Trilin 5
067959-00006Trilin WF .74G
067959-00007Trilin 5G
068223-00001Ethylene Compressed Plant Growth Regulator
068539-00001F-Stop Biological Fungicide Concentrate
068539-00002F-Stop Biological Fungicide Seed Protection
068543-00027Bengal Mosquito Repellent
068563-00001Pepper Treat Wild Bird Seed
068563-00002Seed Saver
068708-00010Tekstim Ec9555a
069151-00003Steritech DD-20
069151-00004Steritech BD-20 MUP
069261-00002Diasource Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect Killer
069470-00025Thrifty Granular
069632-00001Nasa/Emu Bacteriostatic
069632-00003Unibed (URC 90220)
069632-00004Nasa/space Shuttle Mcv Bacteriostatic Cartridge
069632-00005Ion Exchange Bed URC 90116
069681-00011Clor Mor Trichlor Cartridge
069718-00001Rambal Pynamin Forte 60 Mosquito Mat
069840-00001Blood Blotter
069845-00001Tide-GA3 Tech.92%
070051-00005Margosan-O Botanical Insecticide Concentrate
070051-00026Azatin Technical 20%
070051-00032Technical Pheromone Z-11
070051-00033Phillips 66 Technical Pheromone Gossyplure
070051-00036Technical Pheromone E/Z-4-TDA
070051-00039Biosys Frustrate Pbw Bands
070051-00049Technical CGA-269941
070051-00054Thuricide R Hp 1.5 B* Dust Base
070051-00056Thuricide(r) 32LV
070051-00062Thuricide Wettable Powder
070051-00063Javelin ECB Granules
070051-00081Raven Technical Powder Bioinsecticide
070051-00088Lepinox G Bioinsecticide
070051-00092Lepinox XL WDG Insecticide
070051-00093Condor WDG
070072-00001TFA Super-Kill Fire Ant Exterminator
070160-00001Insect Control
070160-00004Insect Control Concentrate
070241-00001Cut Germicidal
070271-20002Lass0 10% Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
070506-00026Devrinol 50-WP Selective Herbicide
070506-00029Devrinol 50WP Ornamental Herbicide
070506-00030Devrinol 10-G Ornamental Selective Herbicide
070506-00032Devrinol 5-G Ornamental Selective Herbicide
070529-00001Chlorine Gas
070529-00002Aqua Chlor Chlorinating Solution
070529-00003Aqua Chlor Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%
070549-20001Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
070880-00001PT807-HCL (manufacturing Use Product)
070907-00003Pilot 4E-SG
070968-00001Horsearound Horse Clothing Spray
071683-00002Exile Ll 3.3
071770-00005Eko Orange
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071770-00006Eko Blue
071906-00001Peroxate Precursor
072061-00001PF-1025 Dormant-Summer Oil
072167-00026Chlorothalonil Technical
072408-00001Micron Technical Sulfur
072592-00001Titan 2-2
072592-00002Titan 4 - 4
072744-00001Energy Plus
073017-20007Gen Chlor 150 M
073020-00001Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Manufacturing Use
073020-00002Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate
073797-00001Focus Brands Disinfecting Wipes
073825-00005Ecozap Dust Insecticide
073876-00002Fite Bite 100
074126-00001EPTC Technical
074210-00003Sanibac 386
074299-20002Chlorinating Solution
074341-00001Excel SF Non-Drip Ant Bait
074437-00001Grapple Flea Powder
074468-00001Proactive Permethrin Termiticide/Insecticide
074500-00001A-D Tabs
074517-00003Zydox AD-20 MUP
074530-00006Glyphosate Technical
074530-00007Molinate Technical
074598-00001Magic Tablecloth
075023-00001Synper(r) 30-30-ULV
075023-00002Synper 31-66-ULV
075031-00001Nicotine Smoke Generator
075082-00001Super Di-All Mildewcide
075082-00002Di All Paint Insecticide
075147-00002Clopyralid Brush
075147-00006Ag Value Clopyralid Ivm Specialty Herbicide
075483-00001Amsolv Amcide 5702
075483-00002Amsolv Amcide 5708
075483-00003CWT-325 Algaecide & Microbicide
075483-00004Amsolv Amcide 5711
075764-00001Personal Mosquito Repeller
079529-00001Snarol Snail & Slug Killer Pellets
079529-00002Snarol Snail & Slug Killer Meal
079529-00003Black Flag House and Garden Insect Killer
079529-00005Black Flag Flea + Tick Killer Rug & Room Spray
079529-00006Black Flag Tomato & Vegetable Fogger
079529-00007Antrol Ant Killer-Formula II
079529-00008Black Flag Rug De-Bug
079529-00010Black Flag Pet Spray Formula I
079529-00012Black Flag Wasp-Bee-Hornet Killer
079529-00013Black Flag Roach Ender Spray
079529-00014Holiday Ant and Roach Killer Spray
079529-00015Black Flag Fogger IV
079529-00016Black Flag Fatal Attraction
079529-00017Cai Mothproofer Spray
079529-00018Black Flag Ant & Roach Killer Formula B
079529-00019Black Flag Ant Killing System I
079529-00020Black Flag Ant and Roach Killer - Formula C.
079529-00025Black Flag Flea Killer V
079705-00001Microfree Brand T 558
079705-00002Microfree Brand Z 200
080098-00001Power Chem

IV. Public Docket

Complete lists of registrations canceled for non-payment of the maintenance fee will also be available for reference during normal business hours in the OPP Public Docket, Room 119, Crystal Mall 2, 1921 Jefferson Davis Highway South, Arlington VA, and at each EPA Regional Office. Product-specific status inquiries may be made by telephone by calling toll-free 1-800-444-7255.

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List of Subjects

  • Environmental protection
  • Pesticides and pest
  • Fees
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Dated: October 14, 2004.

James Jones,

Director, Office of Pesticide Programs.

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