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Investigations Regarding Certifications of Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance

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Petitions have been filed with the Secretary of Labor under section 221(a) of the Trade Act of 1974 (“the Act”) and are identified in the Appendix to this notice. Upon receipt of these petitions, the Director of the Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance, Employment and Training Administration, has instituted investigations pursuant to section 221(a) of the Act.

The purpose of each of the investigations is to determine whether the workers are eligible to apply for adjustment assistance under Title II, Chapter 2, of the Act. The investigations will further relate, as appropriate, to the determination of the date on which total or partial separations began or threatened to begin and the subdivision of the firm involved.

The petitioners or any other persons showing a substantial interest in the subject matter of the investigations may request a public hearing, provided such request is filed in writing with the Director, Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance, at the address shown below, not later than January 3, 2005.

Interested persons are invited to submit written comments regarding the subject matter of the investigations to the Director, Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance, at the address shown below, not later than January 3, 2005.

The petitions filed in this case are available for inspection at the Office of the Director, Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance, Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Department of Labor, Room C-5311, 200 Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20210.

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Signed at Washington, DC this 14th day of December 2004.

Timothy Sullivan,

Director, Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance.

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[Petitions Instituted Between 11/15/2004 and 11/26/2004]

TA-WSubject firm (petitioners)LocationDate of institutionDate of petition
55,986Invista S.a.r.1. (Comp)Kinston, NC11/15/200411/05/2004
55,987Romar Textile Co., Inc. (Comp)Ellwood City, PA11/15/200411/11/2004
55,988Cecil Saydah Co. (Comp)Los Angeles, CA11/15/200411/10/2004
55,989Delta Woodside Industries (Comp)Wallace, SC11/15/200411/02/2004
55,990Eastman House (USWA)Burlington, IA11/15/200411/12/2004
55,991Fruit of the Loom (Comp)Jamestown, KY11/15/200410/15/2004
55,992Elcom Wire Plant (Comp)El Paso, TX11/15/200411/10/2004
55,993Arvin Meritor (UBCJA)Franklin, IN11/15/200411/05/2004
55,994California MicroTempe, AZ11/15/200411/10/2004
55,995Concocophilips (Wkrs)Ponca City, OK11/15/200411/02/2004
55,996Union Wadding Company (Comp)Pawtucket, RI11/15/200411/09/2004
55,997Celanese Acetate (UNITE)Narrows, VA11/15/200411/04/2004
55,998Meromex USA, Inc. (Comp)El Paso, TX11/15/200411/08/2004
55,999Schneider Mills, Inc. (Comp)Forest City, NC11/15/200411/12/2004
56,000Lyon Workspace Products (USWA)Montgomery, IL11/15/200411/10/2004
56,001Holophane Corp. (IBEW)Newark, OH11/15/200411/01/2004
56,002Taisho Elec. Corp. of America (State)El Paso, TX11/15/200411/15/2004
56,003Chicago Miniature Lamp (Wkrs)Wynnewood, OK11/15/200411/01/2004
56,004Acme Cutting and Sewing (State)Chatsworth, CA11/15/200411/01/2004
56,005LL East, Inc. (Comp)Vernon, CA11/15/200411/12/2004
56,006LaCrosse Footwear (Wkrs)Claremont, NH11/15/200411/12/2004
56,007VF Jeanswear Limited Partnership (Comp)El Paso, TX11/15/200411/11/2004
56,008N.J.L. Coat (Wkrs)Clifton, NJ11/16/200409/10/2004
56,009JVS Fabrics (Comp)New York, NY11/16/200411/01/2004
56,010Milwaukee Electric Tool (Wkrs)Brookfield, WI11/16/200411/15/2004
56,011Eaton Corporation (Wkrs)Auburn, IN11/16/200410/26/2004
56,012NMC Non-Metallic Components (Wkrs)Cuba City, WI11/16/200411/12/2004
56,013Clinton Tube (USA) (Comp)Plattsburgh, NY11/17/200411/16/2004
56,014Oxford Automotive (State)Troy, MI11/17/200411/15/2004
56,015Straits Steel and Wire (Comp)Greenville, MI11/17/200411/11/2004
56,016Keane, Inc. (NPS)Jacksonville, FL11/17/200411/13/2004
56,017Internet d/b/a Ganton (UAW)Sturtevant, WI11/17/200411/15/2004
56,018AlphaTech, Inc. (Comp)Fletcher, NC11/17/200411/08/2004
56,019Millstone Industries, LLC (Comp)Redmond, OR11/17/200411/11/2004
56,020International Textile Group (Comp)Cordova, NC11/17/200411/09/2004
56,021Nippon Metalworking U.S.A., Inc. (Wkrs)Woodbury, GA11/17/200411/02/2004
56,022Impressions Book and Journal Services (Wkrs)Madison, WI11/17/200411/12/2004
56,023GDX North America, Inc. (USWA)Wabash, IN11/17/200411/12/2004
56,024Fedder's (Wkrs)Effingham, IL11/17/200411/16/2004
56,025Rockwell (Comp)Pomona, CA11/17/200411/16/2004
56,026Mayflower Vehicle Systems, Inc. (UAW)S. Charleston, WV11/17/200411/15/2004
56,027Jenn-Tom Hosiery (Comp)Connelly Spring, NC11/17/200411/16/2004
56,028Munters Corporation (State)Phoenix, AZ11/17/200411/12/2004
56,029Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (Comp)Research Tri. Pk, NC11/17/200411/18/2004
56,030Arista Beaver Brook Circuits (Wkrs)Bethel, CT11/17/200411/12/2004
56,031E-Z-EM, Inc. (Comp)Westbury, NY11/17/200411/03/2004
56,032Toolmasters, Inc. (Comp)Longmont, CO11/17/200411/16/2004
56,033Dura Automotive (Comp)Brookfield, MO11/18/200411/16/2004
56,034Mundy Maintenance Services & Op, LLC (Comp)Kinston, NC11/18/200411/03/2004
56,035Motion Watersports (Wkrs)Auburn, WA11/19/200411/17/2004
56,036Sprint PCS (Wkrs)Bolingbrook, IL11/19/200411/10/2004
56,037Specialty Electronics, Inc. (Comp)Landrum, SC11/19/200411/12/2004
56,038Watermark (Wkrs)Fruitland, ID11/19/200411/15/2004
56,039Whittier Wood Products (Comp)Eugene, OR11/19/200411/16/2004
56,040Solo Cup Company (Comp)Williamsburg, PA11/19/200411/10/2004
56,041Fawn Plastics (Wkrs)Middlesex, NC11/19/200411/16/2004
56,042CPI Card Group (State)Los Angeles, CA11/19/200411/09/2004
56,043Diageo Chateau and Estate Wines (Comp)Sonoma, CA11/19/200411/10/2004
56,044Ametek (NPW)Troy, OH11/19/200411/10/2004
56,045Regency Home Fashions, Inc. (Comp)Conover, NC11/19/200411/11/2004
56,046Burrows Paper Corp. (Wkrs)Little Falls, NY11/19/200411/08/2004
56,047Sitel (Wkrs)Augusta, GA11/19/200411/12/2004
56,048Method Electronic, Inc. (Wkrs)Carthage, IL11/19/200411/17/2004
56,049Black and Decker (Comp)Fayetteville, NC11/19/200411/18/2004
Start Printed Page 76789
56,050Federal Signal/Leach Company (Comp)Oshkosh, WI11/19/200411/18/2004
56,051Cambria Somerset Authority (NPC)Johnstown, PA11/19/200411/01/2004
56,052Kordziel Industries, Inc. (Comp)Sparta, MI11/19/200411/05/2004
56,053Gilman Engineering and Mfg. (Wkrs)Janesville, WI11/22/200411/19/2004
56,054Brown Manufacturing, Inc. (Wkrs)Marion, NC11/22/200411/15/2004
56,055North Star Steel (State)Edina, MN11/22/200411/11/2004
56,056SET Enterprises (Comp)Warren, MI11/22/200411/19/2004
56,057Quaker Fabric Corp. (Wkrs)Fall River, MA11/22/200411/18/2004
56,058Harrison Publishing Co. (Wkrs)Asheville, NC11/22/200411/14/2004
56,059Louisiana Pacific Corp. (PACE)Baileyville, ME11/22/200411/18/2004
56,060HCP Packaging Co. (State)Bridgeport, CT11/22/200411/19/2004
56,061Sunrise Hosiery of GA, Inc. (Comp)Lafayette, GA11/22/200411/12/2004
56,062Express Personnel (State)Griffin, GA11/22/200411/22/2004
56,063Roller Derby Skate Corp. (Wkrs)Litchfield, IL11/22/200411/17/2004
56,064Boston Scientific (Comp)Murrieta, CA11/22/200411/15/2004
56,065River Vally Contract Mfg., Inc. (State)Menifee, AR11/22/200411/22/2004
56,066Lastra-America Corp. (State)Danbury, CT11/22/200411/22/2004
56,067Alltrista Products (State)Cloquet, MN11/23/200411/19/2004
56,068Metallic Ventures Gold (State)Hawthorne, NV11/23/200411/15/2004
56,069Spectrum Textured Yarns, Inc. (Comp)Hictory, NC11/23/200411/19/2004
56,070Dallas Airmotive (IAM)Millville, NJ11/23/200411/18/2004
56,071Lambert Manufacturing Co., Inc. (Wkrs)Chillicothe, MO11/23/200411/17/2004
56,072Optical Connectivity (State)Totowa, NJ11/23/200411/19/2004
56,073Peake Plastics (State)Forest Hill, MD11/23/200411/22/2004
56,074Klipstand Manufacturing Co., Inc. (State)Westfield, MA11/23/200411/22/2004
56,075Anchor Glass Container (USWA)Connellsville, PA11/23/200411/16/2004
56,076Mastercraft, LLC (Comp)Cramerton, NC11/24/200411/16/2004
56,077EDA Staffing (Wkrs)E. Greenwich, RI11/24/200411/18/2004
56,078Additional Contract Services (Wkrs)E. Greenwich, RI11/24/200411/18/2004
56,079Olsten Professional Staffing (Wkrs)E. Greenwich, RI11/24/200411/18/2004
56,080SanDisk Corp (Comp)Sunnyvalle, CA11/24/200411/16/2004
56,081Starkey Lab, Inc. (Wkrs)Glencoe, MN11/24/200411/16/2004
56,082Cooper Tire and Rubber Co. (USWA)Clarksdale, MS11/24/200411/23/2004
56,083Apex Pattern Co. (Wkrs)Los Angeles, CA11/24/200411/23/2004
56,084Auburn Foundry (GMP)Auburn, IN11/24/200411/16/2004
56,085A and W Screen Printing (Wkrs)Ephrata, PA11/24/200411/18/2004
56,086Sony Electronics (Wkrs)Bristol, PA11/24/200408/27/2004
56,087Delphi Automotive Systems (State)Anaheim, CA11/24/200401/16/2004
56,088Maytag NLP (UAW)Newton, IA11/24/200411/22/2004
56,089Netgear, Inc. (Wkrs)Santa Clara, CA11/24/200411/12/2004
56,090American Falcon Corp. (State)Auburn, ME11/26/200411/23/2004
56,091Eagle-Ottawa Leather Co. (GMP)Grand Haven, MI11/26/200411/08/2004
56,092Oxford Automotive (Wkrs)Alma, MI11/26/200411/18/2004
56,093Hamilton Sundstrand (Comp)Grand Junction, CO11/26/200411/16/2004
End Preamble

[FR Doc. 04-27975 Filed 12-21-04; 8:45am]