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Quarterly Listings; Safety Zones, Security Zones, Special Local Regulations and Regulated Navigation Areas

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Coast Guard, DHS.


Notice of temporary rules issued.


This document provides required notice of substantive rules issued by the Coast Guard and temporarily effective between October 1, 2004 and December 31, 2004, that were not published in the Federal Register. This quarterly notice lists temporary special local regulations, security zones, safety zones, and regulated navigation areas, all of limited duration for which timely publication in the Federal Register was not possible.


This document lists temporary Coast Guard rules that because effective and were terminated between October 1, 2004, and December 31, 2004.


The Department of Transportation Docket Management Facility maintains the public docket for this notice. Documents indicated in this notice will be available for inspection or copying at the Docket Management Facility, U.S. Department of Transportation, Room PL-401, 400 Seventh Street, SW., Washington, DC 20593-0001 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays. You may electronically access the public docket for this notice on the Internet at

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For questions on this notice contact LT Jeff Bray, Office of Regulations and Administrative Law, telephone (202) 267-2830. For questions on viewing, or on submitting material to the docket, contact Renee Z. Wright, Acting Program Manager, Docket Operations, telephone (202) 493-0402.

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Coast Guard District Commanders and Captains of the Port (COTP) must be immediately responsive to the safety and security needs within their jurisdiction; therefore, District Commanders and COTPs have been delegated the authority to issue certain regulations. Safety Zones may be established for safety or environmental purposes. A safety zone may be stationary and described by fixed limits or it may be described as a zone round a vessel in motion. Security zones limit access to prevent injury or damage to vessels, ports, or waterfront facilities and may also describe a zone around a vessel in motion. Special local regulations are issued to enhance the safety of participants and spectators at regattas and other marine events. Regulated navigation areas established regulations for vessels navigating within the area. Timely publication of these rules in the Federal Register is often precluded when a rule responds to an emergency, or when an event occurs without sufficient advance notice. The affected public is, however, informed of these rules through local notices to mariners, press releases, and other means. Moreover, actual notification is provided by Coast Guard patrol vessels enforcing the restrictions imposed by the rule. Because Federal Register publication was not possible before the beginning of the effective period, mariners were personally notified of the contents of these special local regulations, security zones, safety zones or regulated navigation areas by Coast Guard officials on-scene prior to any enforcement action. However, the Coast Guard, by law, must publish in the Federal Register notice of substantive rules adopted. To meet this obligation without imposing undue expense on the public, the Coast Guard periodically publishes a list of these temporary special local regulations, security zones, safety zones and regulated navigation areas. Permanent rules are not included in this list because they are published in their entirety in the Federal Register. Temporary rules are also published in their entirety if sufficient time is available to do so before they are placed in effect or terminated. The safety zones, special local regulations, security zones and regulated navigation areas listed in this notice have been exempted from review and under Executive Order 12866, Regulatory Planning and Review, because of their emergency nature, or limited scope and temporary effectiveness.

The following rules were placed in effect temporarily during the period from October 1, 2004, through December 31, 2004, unless otherwise indicated.

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Dated: January 24, 2004.

Steve G. Venckus,

Chief, Office of Regulations and Administrative Law.

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District Quarterly Report—4th Quarter 2004

District docketLocationTypeEffective date
01-04-119Boston, MassachusettsSafety Zone10/20/2004.
01-04-130Portsmouth, NH, Piscataqua River BridgesSecurity Zone10/27/2004.
01-04-131Monohansett Island, MASafety Zone10/1/2004.
01-04-134Providence, RISafety Zone10/20/2004.
01-04-135Boston, MassachusettsSafety Zone10/22/2004.
01-04-136Norwalk River, CTSafety Zone10/16/2004.
01-04-150Long Island, NYRegulated Nav. Area12/4/2004.
05-04-180Morehead City, NCSpecial Local Regs10/2/2004.
05-04-183Middle River, MDSpecial Local Regs10/2/2004.
05-04-187West Point, Yorktown, VASafety Zone10/1/2004.
05-04-192Annapolis, MDSpecial Local Regs11/6/2004.
05-04-194Baltimore Harbor, MDSafety Zone10/8/2004.
05-04-195Delaware River, NJSpecial Local Regs10/9/2004.
05-04-199Delaware RiverSecurity Zone10/18/2004.
05-04-205Virginia Beach, VASafety Zone11/2/2004.
05-04-213Elizabeth River, Norfolk, VirginiaSafety Zone12/10/2004.
05-04-222Elizabeth River, Portsmouth, VASafety Zone12/11/2004.
07-04-119Delray Beach, FLSpecial Local Regs10/15/2004.
07-04-121Deerfield Beach, FLSpecial Local Regs10/10/2004.
07-04-141Riveira Beach, FLSpecial Local Reg12/4/2004.
07-04-142RivieraBeach, FLSpecial Local Reg12/11/2004.
07-04-144Charleston, SCSpecial Local Reg12/4/2004.
09-04-142Grosse Pointe Shores, MISafety Zone10/3/2004.
09-04-143Toledo, OHSecurity Zone10/29/2004.
09-04-144Chios Pride, Lake Michigan, Menominee, MichiganSafety Zone11/29/2004.
09-04-146Marathon Barge Operations, Rouge River, DetroSafety Zone10/13/2004.
09-04-147Staten Island Ferry 3, Menominee River, MarineSafety Zone12/18/2004.
11-04-009San Francisco Bay, CASpecial Local Regs10/8/2004.
11-04-013San Francisco Bay, CASpecial Local Reg12/30/2004.
13-04-041Budd Inlet, West Bay, Olympia, WashingtonSecurity Zone11/17/2004.
13-04-042Budd Inlet, West Bay, Olympia, WashingtonSecurity Zone12/1/2004.

COTP Quarterly Report—4th Quarter 2004

COTP docketLocationTypeEffective date
Baltimore 04-002Chesapeake Bay, MDSafety Zone11/30/2004.
Corpus Christi 04-004Corpus Christi, TXSafety Zone10/22/2004.
Huntington 04-002Huntington, WVSafety Zone10/4/2004.
Louisville 04-010Curdsville, KYSafety Zone11/16/2004.
Memphis 04-003Caruthersville, ARSafety Zone10/9/2004.
Memphis 04-004Memphis, TNSafety Zone10/12/2004.
Memphis 04-005Benzal, ARSafety Zone10/16/2004.
Memphis 04-006Mississippi River, Tunica, MSSecurity Zone10/12/2004.
Memphis 04-007North Little Rock, ARSafety Zone10/29/2004.
Memphis 04-008Little Rock, ARSafety Zone11/17/2004.
Memphis 04-009Little Rock, ARSecurity Zone11/18/2004.
Miami 04-105Bayside Park, Miami, FLSafety Zone10/29/2004.
Miami 04-116Biscayne Bay, Miami, FLSecurity Zone10/29/2004.
Miami 04-140Bay Front Park, Miami, FLSafety Zone11/27/2004.
Miami 04-149Bay Front Park, Miami, FLSafety Zone12/31/2004.
Miami 04-150Indian Riverside Park, Jensen Beach, FLSafety Zone12/31/2004.
Mobile 04-010Orange Beach, ALSafety Zone10/2/2004.
Mobile 04-011Pascagoula, MSSafety Zone10/11/2004.
Mobile 04-015Panama City, FLSafety Zone10/14/2004.
Mobile 04-016Panama City, FLSecurity Zone10/14/2004.
Mobile 04-017Panama City, FLSecurity Zone10/14/2004.
Mobile 04-019Bayou Grande, Pensacola, FLSecurity Zone10/10/2004.
Mobile 04-020Bayou Chico, Pensacola, FLSecurity Zone10/10/2004.
Mobile 04-023Pensacola Bay Bridge, Pensacola, FLSecurity Zone10/10/2004.
Mobile 04-024Fort Walton Beach, FLSecurity Zone10/10/2004.
Mobile 04-025Fort Walton Beach, FLSecurity Zone10/10/2004.
Mobile 04-026Niceville, FLSecurity Zone10/10/2004.
Mobile 04-027Choctawhatchee Bay, Destin, FLSecurity Zone10/10/2004.
Mobile 04-033Pensacola to St. Marks, FLSafety Zone10/5/2004.
Mobile 04-050Pascagoula, MSSafety Zone10/4/2004.
Mobile 04-051East of Harvey LocksSafety Zone10/5/2004.
Mobile 04-054Pascagoula, MSSafety Zone10/8/2004.
Mobile 04-058Pascagoula, MSSafety Zone12/2/2004.
Mobile 04-061Pensacola, FLSafety Zone12/3/2004.
New Orleans 04-031New Orleans, LASafety Zone10/22/2004.
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New Orleans 04-032New Orleans, LASafety Zone10/29/2004.
New Orleans 04-033New Orleans, LASafety Zone10/6/2004.
New Orleans 04-034New Orleans, LASafety Zone10/10/2004.
New Orleans 04-035Lafitte, LASafety Zone10/11/2004.
New Orleans 04-036Natchez, MSSafety Zone10/15/2004.
New Orleans 04-037Vicksburg, MSSafety Zone10/16/2004.
New Orleans 04-038New Orleans, LASafety Zone10/21/2004.
New Orleans 04-040Algiers Point, LASafety Zone11/19/2004.
New Orleans 04-041Monroe, LASafety Zone12/4/2004.
Paducah 04-010Nashville, TNSafety Zone10/16/2004.
Paducah 04-012Knoxville, TNSafety Zone11/26/2004.
Paducah 04-013Willard, ILSafety Zone11/27/2004.
Paducah 04-014Chattanooga, TNSafety Zone12/3/2004.
Paducah 04-015Chattanooga, TNSafety Zone12/3/2004.
Paducah 04-016Paris Landing, TNSafety Zone12/5/2004.
Paducah 04-017Chattanooga, TNSafety Zone12/7/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-007Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone10/29/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-008Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone10/18/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-009Chester, WVSafety Zone10/3/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-010Pittsburgh, PASecurity Zone10/3/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-011Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone10/2/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-012Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone10/11/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-013Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone10/20/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-014Pittsburgh, PASecurity Zone10/12/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-016Rochester, PASafety Zone10/21/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-017Wheeling, WVSafety Zone10/18/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-018Wheeling, WVSafety Zone10/24/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-019Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone10/23/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-024Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone10/29/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-025Wheeling, WVSafety Zone10/29/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-026Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone10/18/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-027Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone10/11/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-029Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone10/17/2004.
Pittsburgh 04-030Pittsburgh, PASafety Zone10/1/2004.
Port Arthur 04-016Orange, TXSafety Zone10/27/2004.
Port Arthur 04-017Orange, TXSafety Zone11/5/2004.
San Diego 04-033The Bridgewater ChannelSafety Zone10/29/2004.
San Juan 04-138Saint CroixSecurity Zone11/14/2004.
Savannah 04-152Bull Island, SC, and Surrounding WaterwaysSecurity Zone12/21/2004.
St. Louis 04-032Pepin, WISafety Zone10/28/2004.
St. Louis 04-033Hudson, WISecurity Zone10/10/2004.
St. Louis 04-041Mississippi River, MOSafety Zone10/4/2004.
St. Louis 04-042St. Louis, MOSafety Zone10/14/2004.
St. Louis 04-043Minneapolis, MNSafety Zone10/22/2004.
St. Louis 04-044Dubuque, IASecurity Zone10/26/2004.
St. Louis 04-045La Crosse, WISecurity Zone10/25/2004.
St. Louis 04-046Minneapolis, MNSafety Zone11/30/2004.
Tampa 04-107Tampa Bay, FLSafety Zone10/1/2004.
Tampa 04-113Albert Whitted Air Show; Tampa Bay, FLSafety Zone10/9/2004.
Tampa 04-117Tampa Bay, FLSafety Zone10/12/2004.
Tampa 04-127Tampa Bay, FLSecurity Zone10/19/2004.
Tampa 04-128St. Petersburg, FLSecurity Zone10/22/2004.
Tampa 04-130Tampa Bay, FLSecurity Zone10/22/2004.
Tampa 04-135Tampa Bay, FLSafety Zone10/26/2004.
Tampa 04-137Tampa Bay, FLSafety Zone11/8/2004.
Tampa 04-147Tampa Bay, FLSafety Zone12/31/2004.
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