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Cancellation of Pesticides for Non-payment of Year 2006 Registration Maintenance Fees

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).




Since the amendments of October 1988, the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) has required payment of an annual maintenance fee to keep pesticide registrations in effect. The fee that was due January 15, 2006 has gone unpaid for 720 registrations. Section 4(i)(5)(G) of FIFRA provides that the Administrator may cancel these registrations by order and without a hearing; orders to cancel all 720 of these registrations have been issued within the past few days.

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For further information on the maintenance fee program in general, contact by mail: John Jamula, Office of Pesticide Programs (7504P), Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20460; telephone number: (703) 305-6426; e-mail address:

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I. Important Information

A. Does this Action Apply to Me?

You may be potentially affected by this notice if you are an EPA registrant with any approved product registration(s). Although this action may be of particular interest to persons who produce or use pesticides, the Agency has not attempted to describe all the specific entities that may be affected by this action. If you have any questions regarding the information in this notice, consult the person listed in the FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT section.

B. How Can I Get Copies of this Document and Other Related Information?

1. Docket. EPA has established a docket for this action under docket identification (ID) number EPA-HQ-OPP-2006-0589. Publicly available docket materials are available either in the electronic docket at, or, if only available in hard copy, at the Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) Regulatory Public Docket in Rm. S-4400, One Potomac Yard (South Building), 2777 S. Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA. The hours of operation of this Docket Facility are from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays. The Docket telephone number is (703) 305-5805.

2. Electronic access. You may access this Federal Register document electronically through the EPA Internet under the “Federal Register” listings at​fedrgstr.

II. Introduction

Section4(i)(5) of FIFRA as amended in October 1988 (Public Law 100-532), December, 1991 (Public Law 102-237), and again in August 1996 (Public Law 104-170), requires that all pesticide registrants pay an annual registration maintenance fee, due by January 15 of each year, to keep their registrations in effect. This requirement applies to all registrations granted under section 3 as well as those granted under section 24(c) to meet special local needs. Registrations for which the fee is not paid are subject to cancellation by order and without a hearing.

The Food, Agriculture, Conservation, and Trade Act Amendments of 1991, Public Law 102-237, amended FIFRA to allow the Administrator to reduce or waive maintenance fees for minor agricultural use pesticides when he Start Printed Page 43749determines that the fee would be likely to cause significant impact on the availability of the pesticide for the use. The Agency has waived the fee for 177 minor agricultural use registrations at the request of the registrants.

In fiscal year 2006, maintenance fees were collected in one billing cycle. The Pesticide Registration Improvement Act (PRIA) was passed by Congress in January 2004. PRIA became effective in March 2004 and authorized the Agency to collect $27 million in maintenance fees in fiscal year 2006. In late December 2005, all holders of either section 3 registrations or section 24(c) registrations were sent lists of their active registrations, along with forms and instructions for responding. They were asked to identify which of their registrations they wished to maintain in effect, and to calculate and remit the appropriate maintenance fees. Most responses were received by the statutory deadline of January 15. A notice of intent to cancel was sent in mid-February to companies who did not respond and to companies who responded, but paid for less than all of their registrations. Since mailing the notices, EPA has maintained a toll-free inquiry number through which the questions of affected registrants have been answered.

Maintenance fees have been paid for about 15,590 section 3 registrations, or about 96 percent of the registrations on file in December. Fees have been paid for about 2,181 section 24(c) registrations, or about 84 percent of the total on file in December. Cancellations for non-payment of the maintenance fee affect about 451 section 3 registrations and about 269 section 24(c) registrations.

The cancellation orders generally permit registrants to continue to sell and distribute existing stocks of the canceled products until January 15, 2007, one year after the date on which the fee was due. Existing stocks already in the hands of dealers or users, however, can generally be distributed, sold or used legally until they are exhausted. Existing stocks are defined as those stocks of a registered pesticide product which are currently in the United States and which have been packaged, labeled and released for shipment prior to the effective date of the action. These general provisions for disposition of stocks should serve in most cases to cushion the impact of these cancellations while the market adjusts.

The exceptions to these general rules are cases where more stringent restrictions on sale, distribution, or use of the products have already been imposed through special reviews or other Agency actions.

III. Listing of Registrations Canceled for Non-payment

Table 1 lists all of the section 24(c) registrations, and Table 2 lists all of the section 3 registrations which were canceled for non-payment of the 2006 maintenance fee. These registrations have been canceled by order and without hearing. Cancellation orders were sent to affected registrants via certified mail in the past several days. The Agency is unlikely to rescind cancellation of any particular registration unless the cancellation resulted from Agency error.

Table 1.—Section 24(c) Registrations Canceled for Non-Payment of Maintenance Fee

SLN no.Product Name
000264 AL-89-0008Monitor 4 Spray
000279 AL-94-0007Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
000279 AR-03-0001Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
010163 AR-05-0007Moncut 4SC
000264 AR-89-0005Monitor 4 Spray
000279 AR-89-0012Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
062719 AR-93-0006Diathane DF Agricultural Fungicide
000279 AR-94-0004Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
001812 AR-96-0003Cotton-Pro Flowable Herbicide
062719 AZ-02-0005Goal 2XL Herbicide
079709 AZ-03-0005Kerb 50W Herbicide In WSP
036029 AZ-05-0002Ground Squirrel Bait By Wilco
004581 AZ-79-0010Hydrothol 191
062719 AZ-79-0036Kerb 50-W Selective Herbicide
000264 AZ-88-0028Sencor DF 75% Dry Flowable Herbicide
062719 AZ-96-0011Goal (r) 2XL Herbicide
062719 AZ-96-0012Goal (r) 2XL Herbicide
000100 AZ-99-0008Endurance Herbicide
000352 CA-00-0007Dupont Oust Herbicide
071711 CA-04-0017Applaud 70WP Insect Growth Regulator
000264 CA-05-0003Admire 2 Flowable Insecticide
000241 CA-05-0019Raptor Herbicide
000264 CA-76-0019Di-Syston 15% Granular Systemic Insecticide
060204 CA-76-0045Dow Formula 40
000264 CA-77-0036Di-Syston Liquid Concentrate Systemic Insecticide
059623 CA-77-0078Geigy Diazinon 50W (50% Wettable Powder) Insecticide
000264 CA-78-0189Monitor 4 Spray
000264 CA-79-0096Monitor 4 Spray
000279 CA-82-0081Pounce 3-2EC
062719 CA-83-0065Goal 1.6E Herbicide
000279 CA-84-0214Ammo 2.5 EC Insecticide
000279 CA-85-0044Ammo 2.5 EC Insecticide
000279 CA-86-0041Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
062719 CA-88-0034Goal 1.6E Herbicide
059623 CA-89-0021Rodent Bait Block - Diphacinone Treated Grain/paraffin
059623 CA-89-0026Rodent Bait Zinc Phosphide Treated Grain (1%)
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063201 CA-89-0030Ronilan Fungicide 50W
000100 CA-91-0022Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
060204 CA-91-0032Capture 2EC-Cal
000100 CA-92-0006Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
062719 CA-92-0018Goal 1.6E Herbicide
062719 CA-92-0029Goal 1.6E Herbicide
010707 CA-93-0006Magnacide H Herbicide
062719 CA-93-0014Goal 1.6E Herbicide
000100 CA-94-0029Diquat Herbicide
063232 CA-95-0005Metasystox-R Spray Concentrate
062719 CA-97-0010Success
008133 CA-97-0034Formaldehyde Solution 37
068891 CA-98-0007Enzone
000264 CO-02-0003Balance Herbicide
000352 CO-05-0002Dupont Authority Herbicide
062719 CT-01-0001Goal 2XL Herbicide
000241 CT-04-0001Acrobat MZ Fungicide
062719 CT-98-0001Telone EC
000264 DE-92-0002Monitor 4 Spray
071711 FL-03-0013Courier Insect Growth Regulator
063935 FL-04-0001Dupont Escort Herbicide
000264 FL-04-0013Aliette WDG Fungicide
000264 FL-89-0007Monitor 4 Spray
000264 FL-89-0041Monitor 4 Spray
000264 FL-92-0004Monitor 4 Spray
062719 FL-96-0008Dithane DF Agricultural Fungicide
068891 FL-96-0011Enquik
062719 FL-98-0002Tracer
000279 FL-99-0001Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
001812 FL-99-0002Direx 80DF
001812 GA-01-0001Fluridone SC
000279 GA-05-0004Quicksilver T & O
000264 GA-86-0004Monitor 4 Spray
000279 GA-93-0008Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
001812 GU-04-0001Kocide 4.5 LF
001812 HI-00-0002Direx 4L
062719 HI-00-0003Gf - 120 Fruit Fly Bait
062719 HI-02-0006Goal 2XL Herbicide
047893 HI-03-0005Livingston's Nature-Ripe TM
062719 HI-96-0010Goal (r) 2XL Herbicide
062719 HI-99-0002Goal 2XL Herbicide
062719 IA-99-0001Transline
000352 ID-00-0019Dupont Oust Herbicide
010163 ID-01-0003Moncut 50WP
001812 ID-02-0015Equus DF
071711 ID-03-0005Moncut SC
079639 ID-03-0010Roundup Herbicide
061282 ID-05-0010Prozap Zinc Phosphide Pellets
002393 ID-86-0018Ramik Brown
000264 ID-87-0004Sencor 4 Flowable Herbicide
000264 ID-87-0005Sencor DF 75% Dry Flowable Herbicide
000264 ID-93-0010Scout X-TRA Insecticide.
034704 ID-94-0010Vine-Der
007173 ID-96-0012Rozol Pellets
001812 ID-97-0004Linex 50 DF
010163 IL-04-0003Imidan 70-W
000279 IN-05-0001Quicksilver T & O
000264 IN-93-0003Monitor 4 Spray
000264 KS-01-0001Balance 4SC Herbicide
000264 KS-01-0002Stratego Fungicide
000264 KS-99-0003Balance Herbicide
000264 KS-99-0004Epic
062719 KY-00-0002Tracer
062719 KY-03-0001Tracer
062719 KY-94-0002Dithane Df Agricultural Fungicide
001812 LA-00-0013Griffin Linuron 4L Flowable Weed Killer
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001812 LA-00-0015Linex 50 DF
010163 LA-04-0005Moncut 4SC
058779 LA-05-0011Vaprox Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant
000264 LA-91-0008Monitor 4
000279 LA-97-0002Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
010163 LA-97-0004Imidan 70-WP Agricultural Insecticide
062719 LA-99-0009Confirm 2F Agricultural Insecticide
000264 LA-99-0011Monitor 4 Spray
001812 LA-99-0015Cotton-Pro Flowable Herbicide
007173 MD-78-0007Rozol Paraffinized Pellets
000524 ME-03-0005Accord Concentrate Herbicide
000352 ME-05-0502Dupont Assure II Herbicide
034704 ME-93-0004Clean Crop Dimethoate 400
007969 MI-05-0006Facet 75 DF Herbicide
007173 MI-77-0014Rozol Paraffinized Pellets
034704 MI-87-0003Captan 50 Wettable Fungicide
062719 MN-02-0006Goal 2XL Herbicide
007870 MN-04-0003Azone 15
000100 MN-05-0005Callisto
062719 MN-94-0005Transline Herbicide
000352 MN-95-0006Dupont Oust Herbicide
062719 MN-97-0002Transline
068573 MP-05-0001Fosphite Fungicide
001812 MP-05-0002Kocide 4.5 LF
001812 MS-00-0003Griffin Linuron 4L Flowable Weed Killer
000279 MS-00-0006Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
001812 MS-00-0011Linex 50 DF
000352 MS-01-0025Dupont Glyphosate Herbicide
005481 MS-01-0032Aztec 4.67% Granular
001812 MS-01-0034Direx 4L
001812 MS-01-0035Direx 80DF
066222 MS-02-0018Galigan 2E
058779 MS-05-0022Vaprox Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant
000264 MS-83-0013Monitor 4 Spray
034704 MS-90-0012Clean Crop Amine 4 2,4-D Weed Killer
034704 MS-91-0007Savage 2,4-D Broadleaf Herbicide
001812 MS-96-0006Cotton-Pro Flowable Herbicide
072113 MS-99-0005Permethrin 3.2 TC
001812 MT-02-0001Equus DF
062719 MT-02-0002Goal 2XL Herbicide
062719 MT-98-0006Stinger
000279 NC-01-0005Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
000279 NC-05-0002Quicksilver T & O Herbicide
007173 NC-77-0020Rozol Paraffinized Pellets
007969 NC-81-0023Basagran
000279 NC-92-0013Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
062719 NC-94-0001Dithane DF Agricultural Fungicide
062719 ND-00-0001Sonalan 10G
062719 ND-00-0002Sonalan HFP
062719 ND-00-0004Stinger
062719 ND-01-0008NAF-545
001812 ND-02-0004Equus DF
062719 ND-03-0005Vista
062719 ND-03-0006Vista
062719 ND-05-0004Glyphomax XRT
000352 ND-05-0006Dupontauthority Herbicide
000100 ND-05-0007Callisto
062719 ND-94-0001Transline Herbicide
000352 ND-97-0002Velpar DF Herbicide
000352 NE-05-0001Dupont Authority Herbicide
000100 NE-05-0002Callisto
059639 NJ-96-0005Orthene 75 Wsp (insecticide In A Water Soluble Bag)
062719 NM-04-0001Lock-On
062719 NM-04-0002Lock-On
062719 NM-95-0001Lorsban 50W Insecticide In Water Soluble Packets
008133 NV-03-0004Formaldehyde Solution 37
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000352 NV-99-0009Dupont Oust Herbicide
062719 NY-00-0001Confirm 2F Agricultural Insecticide
001812 NY-00-0002Fluridone SC
062719 NY-02-0002Lorsban-4E
062719 NY-02-0003Lorsban 15G
062719 NY-04-0002Quintec
062719 NY-04-0004Stinger
007173 NY-94-0007Rozol Pellets
000264 OH-79-0010Monitor 4 Spray
000279 OK-83-0018Pounce 3.2 EC
007501 OK-93-0001Tops 90
000524 OK-93-0006Lasso II Granular Herbicide By Monsanto
000279 OR-00-0004Aim Herbicide
000264 OR-02-0006Ethrel Brand Ethephon Plant Regulator
000264 OR-02-0011Rovra (r) Brand 4 Flowable Fungicide
000264 OR-02-0012Rovral (r) Fungicide
000100 OR-04-0012Tilt Gel Fungicide
000264 OR-05-0003Rovral Fungicide
061282 OR-05-0021Prozap Zinc Phosphide Pellets
012455 OR-05-0022ZP Rodent Bait Ag
004271 OR-05-0023Zinc Phosphide on Oats
000264 OR-80-0063Nemacur 3 Emulsifiable Nematicide
000264 OR-81-0039Sencor 4 Flowable Herbicide
000264 OR-81-0040Sencor 75 Wettable Granular Herbicide
000264 OR-84-0032Di-Syston 8
007173 OR-84-0048Rozol Paraffinized Pellets
000264 OR-85-0019Sencor 4 Flowable Herbicide
062719 OR-88-0012Kelthane MF Agricultural Miticide
000264 OR-91-0027Di-Syston 8
000264 OR-93-0012Bayleton 50% Wettable Powder
010707 OR-95-0002Magnacide H Herbicide
000352 OR-95-0005Dupont Oust Herbicide
002393 OR-95-0021Hopkins Zinc Phosphide Pellets
062719 OR-95-0023Transline
000264 OR-99-0001Admire 2 Flowable
068891 OR-99-0030Propel Plant Growth Regulator
068891 OR-99-0031Propel Plant Growth Regulator
000264 OR-99-0049Guthion Solupak 50% Wettable Powder Insecticide
007173 PA-80-0045Rozol Paraffinized Pellets
001812 PR-01-0002Eguus 720 Flowable Fungicide (chlorothalonil)
000100 RI-05-0004Caparol 4L Herbicide
000279 SC-05-0002Quicksilver T & O
007173 SC-78-0002Rozol Paraffinized Pellets
000264 SC-78-0016Monitor 4 Spray
000264 SC-81-0018Sencor 75 DF Herbicide
000279 SC-92-0002Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
000352 SC-95-0001Dupont Oust Herbicide
000264 SD-00-0002Axiom DF Herbicide
000264 SD-00-0005Flufenacet DF Herbicide
000100 SD-05-0005Callisto
062719 SD-96-0007Goal (r) 2XL Herbicide
000352 SD-97-0001Velpar DF Herbicide
000264 SD-99-0002Epic DF Herbicide
001812 TN-00-0006Linex 50 DF
000279 TN-03-0003Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
000264 TN-04-0006Monitor 4 Spray
000264 TN-88-0004Monitor 4 Spray
000279 TN-91-0003Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
062719 TN-94-0001Lorsban 4E-HF
001812 TX-00-0011Direx 80DF
000264 TX-90-0004Di-Syston 8
000264 TX-91-0012Monitor 4 Spray
000279 TX-97-0012Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
007173 VA-77-0015Rozol Paraffinized Pellets
000279 VA-91-0002Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
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000264 VA-93-0002Monitor 4 Spray
062719 VA-98-0001Tracer
000264 VT-05-0007Sencor DF 75% Dry Flowable Herbicide
000352 WA-00-0008Dupont Oust Herbicide
062719 WA-00-0011Nu-Flow M Seed Treatment Fungicide
010163 WA-00-0022Prokil Dimethoate E267
062719 WA-00-0029Dithane DF Agricultural Fungicide
001812 WA-00-0036Linex 50 DF
000264 WA-01-0031Stratego Fungicide
000264 WA-01-0039Axiom DF Herbicide
000264 WA-02-0011Axiom DF Herbicide
062719 WA-02-0025DMA 4 Herbicide
000279 WA-03-0009Aim Herbicide
007173 WA-78-0061Rozol Paraffinized Pellets
000264 WA-84-0036Di-Syston 8
000352 WA-93-0002Dupont Krovar I Df Herbicide
000264 WA-93-0003Sencor DF 75% Dry Flowable Herbicide
000264 WA-94-0041Sencor DF 75% Dry Flowable Herbicide
000352 WA-95-0021Dupont Oust Herbicide
002393 WA-95-0022Hopkins Zinc Phosphide Pellets
005481 WA-96-0010Vapam HL
062719 WA-96-0034Goal (r) 2XL Herbicide
000264 WA-97-0003Sencor DF 75% Dry Flowable Herbicide
062719 WA-97-0023Goal (r) 2XL Herbicide
000264 WA-98-0004Di-Syston 15% Granular Systemic Insecticide
000524 WI-04-0002Roundup Weathermax Herbicide
034704 WI-05-0004Diazinon G-14
000352 WI-96-0001Dupont Oust Herbicide
062719 WI-96-0009Goal (r) 2XL Herbicide
062719 WI-97-0004Transline
010163 WY-00-0003Supracide 2E Insecticide-Miticide
062719 WY-02-0004Goal 2XL Herbicide
000352 WY-92-0001Dupont Velpar L Herbicide
062719 WY-97-0001Sonalan HFP
062719 WY-98-0001Goal (r) 2XL Herbicide
007969 WY-98-0002Basagran Herbicide

Table 2.—Section 3 Registrations Canceled for Non-Payment of Maintenance Fee

Registration no.Product Name
000100-00841Elcar Biological Insecticide
000100-01151Quadris/Ridomil Gold Twin-Pak
000148-01148Freestyle Algaetrol-76
000228-00185Riverdale Tri-Ester
000228-00203Riverdale Weed and Feed with Mcpa & Mecoprop
000228-00205Riverdale Tri-Ester Tm II
000241-00268Prowl DG Herbicide
000241-00291Prowl Herbicide Flaked
000241-00338Pentagon 60 DG Herbicide
000264-00643Whip Technical
000264-00648Whip 0.75 EC Herbicide
000264-00933Gustafson Tops 2.5d
000264-00954Tops 5 Potato Seed-Piece Treatment
000303-00092Quanto Germicidal Detergent
000346-00041Russell/Dual Chain
000498-00139Spraypak Flying & Crawling Insect Killer 2
000498-00166Spraypak Indoor Insect Fogger, Formula 7
000506-00179Tat Roach & Ant Killer with Residual Action IV
000506-00182Tat Crawling Insect Killer
000506-00183Tat Te Wasp & Hornet Spray
000507-00006Premeasured Timsen Bar Sanitizer
000507-00010Unit Duo-Bact Disinfectant & Deodorant Beads
000524-00296Lasso II Herbicide
000524-00403Partner WDG Herbicide
000524-00432Expedite Grass & Weed Herbicide
000524-00433Militia Herbicide
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000524-00436Roundup Dry Pak Herbicide Water Soluble Granule
000524-00449Expedite Grass & Weed Plus Herbicide
000524-00450Expedite Grass and Weed II Herbicide
000524-00477Roundup E Z Dry Herbicide
000524-00508Mon 77859 Hebicide
000524-00514Mon 78063
000524-00518Roundup Problend Herbicide
000524-00521Mon 78128 Herbicide
000524-00540Mon 78404 Herbicide
000806-00016Avon Sss Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus IR3535 Insect Repellent
000891-00174Yarmor 302 Pine Oil
000891-00175Herco Pine Oil
000891-00176Yarmor 302W Pine Oil
000891-00181Hercules Yarmor 60 Pine Oil
001001-00014Methar 30 Disodium Methanearsonate Liquid Crabgrass Killer
001021-00501Pyrocide Intermediate No. 5561
001021-00537Pyrocide Intermediate 5582
001021-00579Pyrocide Intermediate 5858
001021-00633Pyrocide Intermediate No.6057
001021-00663Pyrocide Intermediate No. 6151
001021-00787Pyrocide Intermediate No. 6496
001021-00788Pyrocide (r) Intermediate No. 6494
001021-00924Synergized Pyrethrin Spray for Mills, Food Plants & Home
001021-01018Pyrocide Intermediate 6914
001021-01102D-Trans Intermediate 1837
001021-01263Pyrocide Fogging Concentrate 7167
001021-01301Pyrocide Fogging Concentrate 7206
001021-01302Pyrocide Fogging Formula 7207
001021-01391Multicide Concentrate 2120
001021-01392Multicide (r) Intermediate 2121
001021-01395Multicide (r) Mix 2167
001021-01400Multicide Concentrate 2154
001021-01402Multicide Fogging Formula 2170
001021-01403Multicide Intermediate 2079
001021-01406Multicide Concentrate 2189
001021-01410Multicide Fogger and Contact Spray 2198
001021-01468Multicide Intermediate 2277
001021-01479Multicide Intermediate 2292
001021-01508Multicide Intermediate 2322
001021-01565Evercide Residual Insecticide Concentrate 2457
001021-01574Multicide Fogging Concentrate 2469
001021-01609Multicide Fogging Concentrate 2468
001021-01738Evercide Synergized Permethrin Pour-On 2781
001021-01744Evercide Permethrin Pour-On 2780
001043-00083Coverage Spray Disinfectant Cleaner
001072-00016Surge Liquatone Sanitizer for Dairy Sanitation
001270-00171Zep Amine A
001270-00183Zep Spirit Germicidal Cleaner and Disinfectant
001270-00229Zep Fs Amine B
001270-00246Zep Attack A
001270-00248Zep Tox Wasp and Hornet Spray
001317-00083Fly Foil Spray
001386-00587Unico Mcpa 4 Amine Weed Killer
001448-00028Busan 72a
001448-00082Busan 71
001448-00099Busan 1070
001448-00368Busan 1253 for Soapwrap Application
001448-00383Busan 1146
001448-00393Busan 1127 RTU
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001677-00169Monarch 400 Sanitizer
002230-00053DDDS Lemon
002230-00054DDDS Wintergreen
002230-00057DDDS Pine Scent
002382-00129Ultra-Sect “r” IGR Flea & Tick Mist
002623-00004Everpure Bacteriostatic Water Filter (model QC4-DC)
002623-00005Everpure Bacteriostatic Replacement Filter Cartridge
002749-00059Diuron 80 WP Weed Killer
002935-00083Wilbur-Ellis Malathion 8 Spray
002935-00520Digon 400
002935-00529Botran 6% Dust
002935-00540Potato Seed Treater Fungicide
003090-00168Sanitized Brand Hygienic Spray S-1 for Industrial Use
003090-00178Sanitized Brand XTX Bacteriostatic Chemical
003090-00196Sanitized Brand OA-P
003090-00216Sanitized Brand MBP 96 61
003546-00036Shoo-Fly Multipurpose Insect Spray
003546-00039Sport Mosquito & Tick Stop
003837-00024Broma Weed Killer
003838-00036Quat 44
003838-00037Quat Rinse
003838-00042Quat 256
003838-00046Acid Free Restroom Cleaner
003838-00050Nutral Q
003838-00051Quat 20
003862-00109Swat Flying Insect Killer
003862-00122Multi-Purpose Aqueous Insecticide Spray
003862-001684.5 Disinfectant/Detergent
003862-00169Gittem Gottem 0.25% Liquid Insecticide Spray
004000-00048Lemon Bathroom Cleaner & Disinfectant
004170-00008Betco Pine Odor
004170-00014Betco 256
004170-00036Forest 5
004170-00068Sure Bet
004170-00080Wasp & Hornet Killer
004170-00081Flying Insect Killer
004581-00201Aquathol Granular Aquatic Herbicide
004713-00001Pyrethrum Extract
004787-00037Cyren MUC
004787-00039Cyren 150 Concentrate
004787-00045Atrapa ULV
004787-00047Griffin Methyl Parathion MUP
004808-00005Additive MC
005174-00022Sani Kleen II
005383-00092Troysan Polyphase 582
005383-00095Troysan Polyphase 598
005383-00096Troysan Polyphase 587
005481-00058Sevin Brand Carbaryl Insecticide 5% Dust
005481-00065Alco Sevin-Sevin Brand Carbaryl Insecticide 50W
005481-00089Durham Carbaryl Granules 10
005481-00090Durham Carbaryl Insecticide 5% Granules
005481-00095Durham End of Trail Snail-Slug & Insect Granules
005481-00097Alco Snail, Slug and Sowbug Killer
005481-00098Durham Carbaryl Dust 5
005481-00100Durham Carbaryl Metaldehyde Granules 5-2.5
005481-00102Durham Duragon 2.67 Systemic Insecticide
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005481-00108Durham Carbaryl Dust 10
005481-00190Sevin Brand Carbaryl Insecticide Dust Concentrate 46
005481-00242Kon-Trold Roost Paint and Cage Spray
005481-002535% Sevin Dust
005481-00271Royal Brand Sevin 50% Wettable
005481-00275Two Way Vegetable Dust
005481-00282Royal Brand Sevin 2% Garden Dust
005481-00283Carbaryl Maneb Tomato and Potato Dust
005481-0029410% Sevin Dust
005481-003127.5% Sevin Dust
005481-00321Copper Dust with 2% Carbaryl
005481-00323Royal Brand Tomato Dust
005481-00451Snail, Slug & Sowbug Killer for Lawn & Garden
005991-00007Time-Saver Detergent-Sanitizer Iodophor Type
005991-20002Time-Saver Liquid Bactericide
006885-00005Maintex DDC
006959-00077Cessco 5 Aerosol Insecticide
006959-00078Cessco 7 Aerosol Insecticide
006973-00029Soilserv Bacillus Pellets
007001-00377Turf Fertilizer with .107% Dimension
007001-00378Turf Fertilizer with .172% Dimension
007001-00379Turf Fertilizer with 0.086% Dimension
007001-00380Lange Turf Formula Dimension 143 Preemergence Weed Control
007001-00381Lange Turf Formula Dimension 125 Preemergence Weed Control
007001-00382PCNB 12.5%
007048-00002Bio Magic Rinse Powder
007401-00318Ferti-Lome Premergent Weed and Grass Control
007616-00077KT Granular Algicide
008033-00027Adjust Brand 70WP Insecticide
008133-00017Bactron K-22
008133-00025Bactron K-50
008133-00029Bactron K-78 Microbiocide
008133-00031Bactron K-89 Microbiocide
008155-00011High Dilution Quaternary Husky 801 H/D/Q Germicidal Cleaner
008503-00015Pine Scent II
008637-00007Mitco CC-12l Algicide
008764-00012Freshgard 500
008764-00040Sta-Fresh 451
008791-00050E-Z Clor Hypochlor Chlorinating Tablets
009603-00001Stakill Diuron and Bromacil Weed Killer
009616-00009Vertex Css-10
009779-00206Dimate 2.67
009868-00002Anker Marine Paints Antifouling, Cold Plastic
009886-00013Uniclean 60/85
009886-00014Uniclean 80/85
009886-00019Uniclean 25/85
010039-20202Neva-Mor Roach-Dead Powder
010088-00062Cockroach Killer
010088-00084Residual Insecticide
010380-00001Bleach By Beacon
010404-00070Eliminate 47% Dg Selective Broadleaf Herbicide.
010465-00038Supatimber Clear Type B
010663-00021Super Al-Jax
010671-00004Hy-Test Sodium Hypochlorite
010707-00015Shell Aqualin Herbicide
010707-00016Magnacide S Slimicide
010707-00017Shell Aqualin Biocide
010932-000107410 Microbiocide
010932-00013Antimicrobial 7413
011350-00033Sigmaplane Ecol HS Antifouling Redbrown 5297 HS-Rd
011350-00034Sigmaplane Ecol HA Antofouling Redbrown 5294
011474-00040Sungro Reside Du
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011474-00093Sungro Reside Du-B
011623-00047Barrier II
011715-00006Speer Insect Killer (with .35% Sbp-1382)
011715-00023Speer Equine Spray
011715-00047Speer Aircraft Insecticide Aerosol
011715-00091Magic Guard Automatic Sequential Insecticide
011715-00119Better World Dairy Spray
011715-00148Magic Guard Automatic Room Fogger Formula II
011715-00158Magic Guard with Rotenone/pyrethrins
011715-00159Speer E-Z Way Residual Crack & Crevice Injection System
011715-00165Better World Residual Roach and Flea Spray
011715-00169Better World Insecticide
011715-00173Speer Stable Spray
011715-00177Magic Guard Non-Flammable Wasp Spray
011715-00180Speer E-Z II Residual Spray
011715-00230Farnam Super-Sheen Wipe-Plus
011715-00234Farnam Wipe II Fly Protectant
011715-00235Faram Wipe-P Fly Protectant
012014-00062Swim Pro 1000 Algaecide
012480-00001A 24-4 Algae Treatment
029909-00019Cardinal General Purpose Insecticide Spray
032802-00029Trichlorfon 6.2G Turf Granules
032977-00002Sterisol Germicide Concentrate
033025-00001Citromax Citronella Insect Repellent
033161-00012F-300R Fogging Compound
033354-00002Fresh Foam 26F
034052-00002Bear-Cat Concentrate
034052-00015Bear-Cat Disinfectant
034282-00013Pine Odor Disinfectant
034282-00014Lemon Odor Disinfectant
034282-00015Mint Odor Disinfectant
034704-00694Clean Crop Acephate 80 DF Seed Protectant
034797-00081Qualis 0.5% Permethrin Spray
035085-00002HBH Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
035138-00088Blast Away Bug Killer
035138-00089Aerochem General Purpose Granules
035307-00003Growers 455 Soluble Oil
035307-00004Growers 435 Soulble Oil
035512-00029Turf Pride with .5% Surflan Pre-Emergence Herbicide
035512-00034Turf Pride Weed & Feed/for St. Augustine & Centipede Lawns
035512-00044Turf Pride Fertilizer with Pen-Star II Herbicide
035895-00002Pool Baron's Rescue Algaecide Concentrate
036123-00001Wonder Fluff
038110-00004Max-Min Fly Control Mineral #2 with Rabon (r) Oral Larvicide
038110-00007Max-Min Horse Mineral with Rabon Oral Larvicide
038110-00009Fly Control Minerals with Rabon Oral Larvicide
039055-00001Sylvapine RPO
039412-00005Team 130 Root Destroyer
040810-00021Irgaguard B4000
040827-00001Florida Fertilizer Fc-435 Citrus Oil
042057-00096Morgro 2-In-1 Weed & Feed
042519-00019Dorsan 4E-45
042519-00020Dorsan 2E
042519-00023Dorsan Tech
042567-00002Quinolate 98
042750-00077Chlorothalonil 98% Technical
043410-00007Fungicide 4T
043437-00001Dussek 6% Copper Naphthenate
043512-20203Drop Dead Roach Killer
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045880-00001Chlorine Liquified Gas Under Pressure
046266-00001Chlorine Liquified Gas Under Pressure
047075-00001Chlorine Liquified Gas Under Pressure
048211-00012Stomp-Out Prome-Con
048815-00001Net-Dip Disinfectant-Sanitizer Fungicide-Deodorizer
049405-00001Chlorine Liquified Gas Under Pressure
049547-00004Aien Pine Oil
049547-00009Alen 7% Sodium Hypochlorite Bleach Sanitizer
051036-00076Azinphosmethyl 2EC
051036-00130Azinphosmethyl 35W
051422-00001Heavy Duty Algaecide
051551-00001Chlorine Liquified Gas Under Pressure
052142-00006Barricade Permethrin Insecticide Spray
052637-00001Agi Insecticide Ear Tag
052991-00005Bedoukian Tufted Apple Bud Moth Technical Pheromone
053575-00020Isomate-CM/LR Pheromone
053883-00044Martins Rabon Cattle Dust
053883-00050Martin's Dipel Dust
053883-00056Martin's Pet Guard Super Dip
054287-00015Sawyer Redi Chlor Water Disinfection Tablets
054614-00010Tru Shock Tablets
054614-00011Tru Shock Granular
054614-00012Super Algyzine
054705-00012Hose'em Yard Insect Spray
055236-00001303 Black 300 Copper Antifouling Paint
055260-00005Syllit 65w Fruit Fungicide
055431-00001Termiticide T/C
056159-00009Reppers Repellent Grains (shun Repellent Grain)
056261-00002MCH Bubble Cap
056261-00003Verbenone Pouch
057604-00002Clorine Liquified Gas
058111-00005Zap II Wasp and Hornet Killer
059893-00001Coustic-Glo Cleaner Sanitizer B2
061282-00010Snail and Slug Lg Pelleted Bait
061282-00011Snail and Slug Ag Pelleted Bait
061483-00063Vulcan Premium Four Pound Penta (pcp 2) Concentrate
062190-00002Wolmanac Concentrate 50% (for Industrial Use Only)
062719-00312Drexel Atrazine 4F
062719-00313Atrazine 90
062719-00395Goal 2E Herbicide
062719-00400Goal 1.6E Herbicide
063709-00001Aankill 44
065072-00008KP 3505
066222-00088Prodiamine Technical
066534-00001Liquefied Chlorine Gas Under Pressure
067071-00003Acticide C98
067071-00004Acticide C40
067071-00008Acticide LG-W
067071-00009Acticide 14-WT
067071-00013Acticide RS-WT
067071-00014Acticide SPX-W
067071-00020Acticide 14 M
067071-00027Acticide 45M
067071-00032Acticide DA
067071-00033Acticide DG
067071-00034Acticide DC
067071-00035Acticide M20sE
067420-000012K7 Bugstick
067420-000022K7 Water Soluble Paks
067517-00005Rub-On Horse Insecticide
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067517-00024Face Fly Bomb
067517-00032General Carbaryl-10 Insecticide
067599-00002Copper Poxy
067603-00005Ground Zero
067603-00006F-1000 Disinfectant Sanitizer Deodorant
067603-00007Brevity Blue Liquid Disinfectant Scouring Creme
067603-00008S'gone Disinfectant
067603-00009Tru-Rite Bleach
067603-00010Super-Chlor Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
067760-00060Cyren Technical
067869-00041N2000 LF C
067869-00042N2000 LF P
068539-00005Fafard Growing Mix with Rootshield Granules
068543-00010Bengal Yard & Patio Outdoor Fogger
068543-00015Ultradust Insecticide
068543-00016Bengal Roach and Ant Spray III
068688-00022Elite Residual Mist Plus
068688-00026Elite Residual Mist Plus Concentrate
068688-00030Elite Flea and Tick Spray #8
068688-00031Elite Aloe Repellent Lotion #8
068688-00050Heartland Freeze Brand Wasp and Hornet Killer
068891-00001Superquik TM
068891-00003Propel Plant Growth Regulator
069681-00004Clor Mor Chlorinated Tablets, “1”
069681-00005Clor Mor Chlorinated Tablets, “3”
069681-00009Clor Mor Chlorinating Sticks
070009-00001Ethylene Oxide 100
070271-00008Pure Bright Germicidal Bleach
070648-00001Biokryl I
070799-00008State Formula 362 No Rinse Cleaner/sanitizer
070799-00010State Sok
071532-00010LG Lambda-Cyhalothrin Technical
071532-00011Esfenstar Technical RU
071653-00003Cobra Crush
071927-00001Dutch Trig
072087-00001Flea Scare
072106-00004Nulife Fall Winterizer Moss Cure and Lawn Food
072138-00002Real-Pine I Cleans Disinfects Deodorizes
072138-00003Real-Pine I Cleaner Disinfectant Deodorizer
072138-00005Pine-O-Pine Cleanser Disinfectant-Deodorant
072138-00007Sani-Lemon 22
072407-00001Sulphuric Acid Desiccant
072451-00003Mstrs ECB-2
072451-00006MSTRS OFM
072468-00002Betanix Plus
072581-00003Low-Temp Sanitizer
072647-00001Methyl Salicylate Manufacturing-Use Product
072647-00002Repelkote OC Cartons
072647-00004Repelkote Surfx Packaging
072839-00001Formic Acid Gel
072992-00003T427 Processing Solution
072992-00007T428 Vase Solution
073600-00002Sweetlix R.O.L. Rabon Molasses Block
073817-00002Prodox Broad Spectrum Algaecide/fungicide
073873-00001Anti-Growth Concentrate
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074128-00001Chondrostereum Purpureum Strain Hq1 Concentrate
074128-00002Myco-Tech Paste
074152-00002Megagro Growth Stimulator Concentrate Gallon
074152-00004Megagro Growth Stimulator Concentrate
074326-00001No Mo Roaches
074500-00003Agenial Algaecide
074627-00004LMC 0.115 ICG Insecticide
074681-00005Copper Guard SCX 56 Marine Blue
074712-00001Specialchlor 90
074843-00001Buzz Off Insect Shield Concentrate
075126-00002EEKO Ball-L
075402-00001Hilo Ear Mite Remedy for Dogs and Cats
075449-00004Sodium Bichromate Crystal
075449-00005Sodium Bichromate Dry
075449-00006Chromic Acid Wp
075457-00003Anti-Pest-O RTU
075499-00010Plant Synergists Type Rite
075499-00013Plant Synergists Gib A4A7 Technical
075687-00001Synper 30-30
079529-00004Black Flag House & Garden Insect Killer Formula S
079529-00009Black Flag Ant & Roach Killer
079529-00011Black Flag Flying Insect Killer Formula A
079676-00015Acephate G-Pro 97 Insecticide
080227-00001Mosquito Breeding Blocker
080432-00001Nbi Hay Preservative
081117-00001Four Paws Keep Off! Dog & Cat Repellent
081198-00001Freegrow Headstart Sulf. Met. Herb.
081198-00002Mustang Met. Methyl DF

IV. Public Docket

Complete lists of registrations canceled for non-payment of the maintenance fee will also be available for reference during normal business hours in the OPP Regulatory Public Docket, Rm. S-4400, One Potomac Yard (South Building), 2777 S. Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA. Product-specific status inquiries may be made by telephone by calling toll-free 1-800-444-7255.

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List of Subjects

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Dated: July 18, 2006.

James Jones,

Director, Office of Pesticide Programs.

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