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Cancellation of Pesticides for Non-payment of Year 2007 Registration Maintenance Fees

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).




Since the amendments of October, 1988, the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) has required payment of an annual maintenance fee to keep pesticide registrations in effect. The fee, due January 15, 2007, has gone unpaid for 721 registrations. Section 4(i)(5)(G) of FIFRA provides that the Administrator may cancel these registrations by order and without a hearing; orders to cancel all 721 of these registrations have been issued within the past few days.

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For further information on the maintenance fee program in general, contact by mail:John Jamula, Office of Pesticide Programs (7504P), Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20460; telephone number: (703) 305-6426; e-mail address:

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I. Important Information

A. Does this apply to me?

You may be potentially affected by this notice if you are an EPA registrant with any approved product registration(s). Although this action may be of particular interest to persons who produce or use pesticides, the Agency has not attempted to describe all the specific entities that may be affected by this action. If you have any questions regarding the information in this notice, consult the person listed in the FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT section.

B. How can I get additional information or copies of support documents?

1. Docket. EPA has established a docket for this action under docket identification [ID] number EPA-HQ-OPP-2007-0508. Publicly available docket materials are available either in the electronic docket at or in hard copy at the Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) Regulatory Public Docket in Rm. S-4400, One Potomac Yard (South Building), 2777 S. Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA. The hours of operation of this Docket Facility are from 8:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays. The Docket telephone number is (703) 305-5805.

2. Electronic access. You may access this Federal Register document electronically through the EPA Internet under the “Federal Register” listings at​fedrgstr.

II. Introduction

Section4(i)(5) of FIFRA as amended in October 1988 (Public Law 100-532), December 1991 (Public Law 102-237), and again in August 1996 (Public Law 104-170), requires that all pesticide registrants pay an annual registration maintenance fee, due by January 15 of each year, to keep their registrations in effect. This requirement applies to all registrations granted under section 3 as well as those granted under section 24(c) to meet special local needs. Registrations for which the fee is not paid are subject to cancellation by order and without a hearing.

The Food, Agriculture, Conservation, and Trade Act Amendments of 1991, Public Law 102-237, amended FIFRA to allow the Administrator to reduce or waive maintenance fees for minor agricultural use pesticides when he determines that the fee would be likely to cause significant impact on the availability of the pesticide for the use. The Agency has waived the fee for 182 minor agricultural use registrations at the request of the registrants.

In fiscal year 2007, maintenance fees were collected in one billing cycle. The Pesticide Registration Improvement Act (PRIA) was passed by Congress in January 2004. PRIA became effective in March 2004 and authorized the Agency to collect $21 million in maintenance fees in fiscal year 2007. In late December 2006, all holders of either section 3 registrations or section 24(c) registrations were sent lists of their active registrations, along with forms and instructions for responding. They were asked to identify which of their registrations they wished to maintain in effect, and to calculate and remit the appropriate maintenance fees. Most responses were received by the statutory deadline of January 15. A notice of intent to cancel was sent in mid-February to companies who did not respond and to companies who responded, but paid for less than all of their registrations. Since mailing the notices, EPA has maintained a toll-free inquiry number through which the questions of affected registrants have been answered.

Maintenance fees have been paid for about 15,730 section 3 registrations, or about 96% of the registrations on file in December. Fees have been paid for about 2,193 section 24(c) registrations, or about 86 percent of the total on file in December. Cancellations for non-payment of the maintenance fee affect about 466 Section 3 registrations and about 255 Section 24(c) registrations.

The cancellation orders generally permit registrants to continue to sell and distribute existing stocks of the canceled products until January 15, 2008, one year after the date on which the fee was due. Existing stocks already in the hands of dealers or users, however, can generally be distributed, sold or used legally until they are exhausted. Existing stocks are defined as those stocks of a registered pesticide product which are currently in the U.S. and which have been packaged, labeled and released for shipment prior to the effective date of the action.

The exceptions to these general rules are cases where more stringent restrictions on sale, distribution, or use of the products have already been imposed, through Special Reviews or other Agency actions. These general Start Printed Page 40862provisions for disposition of stocks should serve in most cases to cushion the impact of these cancellations while the market adjusts.

III. Listing of Registrations Canceled for Non-payment

Table 1 lists all of the Section 24(c) registrations, and Table 2 Lists all of the Section 3 registrations which were canceled for non-payment of the 2007 maintenance fee. These registrations have been canceled by order and without hearing. Cancellation orders were sent to affected registrants via certified mail in the past several days. The Agency is unlikely to rescind cancellation of any particular registration unless the cancellation resulted from Agency error.

Table 1.—Section 24(c) Registrations Canceled for Non-Payment of Maintenance Fee

SLN no.Product Name
000100 AL-00-0004Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
051036 AL-03-0001Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
000100 AL-03-0004Tilt Fungicide
000100 AL-04-0002Quilt Fungicide
000100 AL-06-0005Zephyr 0.15 EC
010163 AL-95-0001Imidan 70-WP Agricultural Insecticide
000352 AR-00-0008Linex 50 DF
019713 AR-02-0010Drexel Captan 50W
051036 AR-02-0011Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
000100 AR-03-0008Tilt Fungicide
000100 AR-05-0001Quilt Fungicide
000279 AR-05-0004Command 3ME
000279 AR-06-0001Command 3ME
010163 AR-93-0007Imidan 70-WP Agricultural Insecticide
071649 AR-99-0007Bayluscide 70% Wettable Powder
073748 AZ-06-0008Masterline Permethrin Plus C
010163 AZ-97-0002Lorsban 50W Insecticide In Water Soluble Packets
073318 CA-00-0004Pro-Gibb 4% Liquid Concentrate
053219 CA-01-0025M-Pede Insecticide/Fungicide
000524 CA-02-0011Mon 78112 Herbicide
036029 CA-03-0006Ground Squirrel Bait By Wilco
079407 CA-03-0008Towerchlor 90 Tablets
000100 CA-04-0005Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 CA-04-0006Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 CA-05-0006Gramoxone Max
066222 CA-06-0015Thionex 3EC Insecticide
034704 CA-91-0006De-Fend W-25 Insecticide
001812 CA-93-0004Kocide 101
010163 CA-93-0023Botran 75 W
010163 CA-95-0011Botran 75 W-Fungicide
000100 CA-97-0023Fusilade Dx Herbicide
000100 CO-02-0005Actara
000524 CO-04-0002Roundup Originalmax
000100 CO-04-0003Gramoxone Max Herbicide
007969 CO-05-0003Headline Fungicide
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000100 CO-06-0006Axial Herbicide
000100 CO-98-0011Mefenoxam EC
000100 DE-03-0001Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 DE-03-0002Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
010163 DE-04-0001Sandea Herbicide
000100 FL-01-0001Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 FL-01-0002Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 FL-01-0004Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 FL-01-0005Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000279 FL-03-0009Carfentrazone Row Herbicide
000100 FL-04-0009Gramoxone Max Herbicide
000100 FL-05-0001Switch 62.5wg
000100 FL-88-0016Tilt Fungicide
000100 FL-92-0006Citation Insecticide
067858 FL-94-0001Bayluscide 70% Wettable Powder
063935 FL-96-0005Pursuit DG Herbicide
000100 GA-01-0003Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 GA-01-0004Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 GA-04-0003Quilt Fungicide
000100 GA-05-0001Gramoxone Max
000100 GA-05-0002Gramoxone Max
000100 GA-06-0001Gramoxone Inteon
000100 GA-06-0003Zephyr 0.15ec
010163 GA-94-0009Imidan 70-Wp Agricultural Insecticide
000100 GA-98-0003Tilt Fungicide
019713 HI-00-0004Drexel Sulfur 90W
000100 HI-02-0007Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 HI-02-0008Gramoxone Max
075743 HI-03-0004Bayleton 50% Wettable Powder
061667 HI-03-0006Ag Sanitizer 12.5%
034704 HI-93-0004Clean Crop Dimethoate 400
000100 IA-03-0002Protege
010163 ID-01-0002Prokil Dimethoate E267
000100 ID-02-0004Actara
000100 ID-02-0009Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000279 ID-03-0007Aim Herbicide
080225 ID-05-0005Eptam 7E
007969 ID-05-0006Outlook Herbicide
000100 ID-05-0007Quilt Fungicide
080225 ID-05-0011Eptam 7E
034704 ID-91-0014Clean Crop Phorate 20G
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010163 ID-92-0008Gowan Dimethoate E267
000100 ID-95-0012Tilt Fungicide
000100 ID-98-0004Tilt Fungicide
010163 IN-97-0003Imidan 70-WP Agricultural Insecticide
000100 IN-98-0003Tilt Fungicide
000100 KS-03-0001Tilt Fungicide
007969 KS-99-0007Facet 75 Df Herbicide
000100 KY-02-0004Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 KY-05-0002Tilt
000352 LA-00-0016Volcano Leafcutter Ant Bait
000279 LA-01-0002Command 3ME Microencapsulated Herbicide
000100 LA-01-0005Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 LA-01-0006Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
002217 LA-01-0009Acme Hi-Dep Herbicide
000352 LA-01-0016Velpar L Herbicide
000279 LA-04-0001Command 3ME Microencapsulated Herbicide
010163 LA-05-0010Imidan 70-W
000100 LA-06-0012Envoke Herbicide
034704 LA-92-0014Clean Crop Phorate 20G
010163 MD-05-0001Sandea Herbicide
008329 MD-06-0002Biomist 30+30 ULV
000100 MD-95-0001Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
010163 ME-00-0002Imidan 70-WP Agricultural Insecticide
000100 ME-03-0002Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 ME-03-0003Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 MI-01-0001Dual Magnum Herbicide
000100 MI-03-0005Dual Magnum Herbicide
000100 MI-04-0007Dual Magnum Herbicide
010163 MI-93-0006Imidan 70-WP Agricultural Insecticide
000100 MI-95-0007Tilt Fungicide
000100 MI-98-0001Tilt Fungicide
000100 MN-01-0012Actara
000100 MN-03-0013Protege
000100 MN-03-0015Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
034704 MN-92-0001Clean Crop Malathion 57EC
000100 MN-98-0003Tilt Fungicide
000100 MO-04-0006Quilt Fungicide
000279 MO-05-0001Command 3ME Microencapsulated Herbicide
000279 MO-06-0001Command 3ME
000100 MO-06-0002Envoke Herbicide
000100 MO-95-0003Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
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059639 MO-96-0009Stellar Herbicide
000100 MO-98-0003Tilt Fungicide
000100 MP-05-0019Zephyr 0.15 EC Miticide/insecticide
000100 MS-01-0029Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
070829 MS-02-0005Clearout 41 Plus
070829 MS-04-0002Clearout 41
000100 MS-04-0011Quilt Fungicide
000100 MS-05-0019Zephyr 0.15 EC
000100 MS-06-0001Gramoxone Inteon
000100 MS-06-0016Envoke Herbicide
010163 MS-96-0003Imidan 70-WP Agricultural Insecticide
000100 MS-98-0004Tilt Fungicide
051036 MS-99-0002Permethrin 3.2 TC
000100 MT-03-0004Tilt (r)
012455 MT-05-0005ZP Rodent Bait AG
000100 MT-06-0006Quadris Flowable Fungicide
034704 MT-91-0004Clean Crop Phorate 20G
010163 MT-93-0001Gowan Dimethoate E267
010163 MT-94-0003Botran 75 W
000100 NC-00-0003Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 NC-01-0002Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 ND-01-0007Actara
000100 ND-01-0011Touchdown Herbicide
000100 ND-02-0008Cyclone Concentrate Herbicide
074530 ND-03-0014Glyphosate 41 %
074530 ND-03-0015Glyphosate
000100 ND-03-0018Tilt Fungicide
000524 ND-04-0006RT Master II Herbicide
000100 ND-06-0005Quadris Flowable Fungicide
000100 NJ-02-0002Actigard 50wg Plant Activator
000100 NJ-03-0001Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
010163 NJ-04-0004Imidan 70-WP Agricultural Insecticide
008329 NJ-99-0007Abate 4E Insecticide
059639 NM-93-0001Payload 15 Granular
059639 NM-93-0002Payload 15 Granular
004581 NV-02-0007Microthiol Disperss
055429 NV-04-0005CSC 80% Thiosperse/thioben
036029 NV-04-0007Ground Squirrel Bait By Wilco AG
036029 NV-93-0003Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait
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000100 NY-04-0005Reward Accugel Aquatic Herbicide
000100 OH-04-0002Tilt Fungicide
000100 OH-04-0003Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 OH-04-0004Ridomil Gold EC Fungicide
012455 OH-85-0001ZP Rodent Bait AG
069691 OH-96-0002Mushroom Supplement Preservative
000100 OK-02-0001Tilt Fungicide
000100 OK-04-0001Quilt Fungicide
010163 OK-05-0002Supracide 2E
005481 OK-05-0005Discipline 2ec
034704 OK-05-0017Simazine 4L Flowable Herbicide
000100 OK-93-0004Aatrex 4l Herbicide
000100 OK-93-0005Aatrex Nine-0 Herbicide
059639 OK-95-0001Payload 15 Granular
059639 OK-95-0002Payload 15 Granular
034704 OR-00-0005Prometryne 4L Herbicide
034704 OR-00-0017Saber Herbicide
000100 OR-01-0019Actara 25 Wg
055260 OR-04-0025Syllit Flow Fungicide
019713 OR-04-0026Drexel Diazinon Insecticide
000100 OR-05-0011Tilt
000100 OR-05-0012Tilt
080225 OR-05-0026Eptam 7-E Selective Herbicide
004271 OR-05-0033Zinc Phosphide on Oats
019713 OR-90-0023Drexel Diuron 4l Herbicide
010163 OR-94-0043Imidan 70-WP Agricultural Insecticide
019713 OR-95-0016Drexel Captan 50W
000100 OR-96-0013Tilt Gel Fungicide
000241 OR-96-0026Assert Herbicide
034704 OR-98-0001Clean Crop Dimethoate 400
010163 OR-99-0055Diclor Fungicide
010163 OR-99-0056Botran 75 W-Fungicide
051036 PA-03-0001Diazinon AG 500
000100 PA-03-0002Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
012455 PA-82-0016Ditrac Rat and Mouse Bait
000400 PA-98-0001Turfcide 4F
075451 PR-02-0001Avitrol Powder Mix
069592 PR-04-0001Serenade AS
069592 PR-04-0003Serenade AS
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000100 SC-01-0001Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
051036 SC-03-0003Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
000100 SC-06-0002Envoke Herbicide
010163 SC-95-0004Imidan 70-WP Agricultural Insecticide
000524 SD-04-0009RT Master II Herbicide
059639 TN-00-0001Orthene 97 Pellets
000100 TN-03-0002Tilt Fungicide
000100 TN-04-0001Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 TN-04-0002Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 TN-04-0003Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 TN-04-0004Quilt Fungicide
000100 TN-05-0004Zephyr 0.15ec
000100 TN-06-0001Zephyr 0.15ec
000100 TN-06-0003Envoke Herbicide
051036 TX-01-0014Diazinon AG 500
000100 TX-03-0004Cyclone Concentrate/gramoxone Max
000100 TX-03-0009Gramoxone Max Herbicide
000100 TX-04-0006Cyclone Concentrate Herbicide
000100 TX-04-0022Quilt Fungicide
000279 TX-05-0002Command 3ME Herbicide
000279 TX-06-0001Command 3ME Herbicide
000100 TX-06-0019Envoke Herbicide
059639 TX-96-0003Orthene 90 Wsp
000352 TX-97-0007Dupont Staple Herbicide
000100 TX-98-0001Tilt Fungicide
010163 UT-01-0005Prokil Carbaryl Bait
000100 VA-02-0003Actigard 50wg Plant Activator
000100 VA-03-0001Actigard 50wg Plant Activator
010163 VA-05-0002Sandea Herbicide
012455 VA-82-0015Ditrac Rat and Mouse Bait
000100 VA-98-0003Tilt Fungicide
000100 WA-01-0030Actara 25 Wg
010163 WA-01-0032Imidan 70-WP Agricultural Insecticide
051036 WA-03-0011Diazinon AG 500
000100 WA-04-0012Cyclone Concentrate Herbicide
000100 WA-04-0013Cyclone Concentrate Herbicide
004581 WA-04-0016Microthiol Disperss
000100 WA-04-0026Quilt Fungicide
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034704 WA-87-0010Clean Crop Phorate 20g
066158 WA-92-0027Di-Syston 15% Granular Systemic Insecticide
045728 WA-92-0033Ziram Granflo
010163 WA-94-0017Botran 75 W
010163 WA-95-0015Imidan 70-WP Agricultural Insecticide
000100 WA-95-0033Tilt Fungicide
019713 WA-95-0034Drexel Captan 50W
066158 WA-95-0035Orthene 75 S Soluble Powder
000241 WA-96-0021Assert Herbicide
034704 WA-98-0013Clean Crop Amine 4 2,4-D Weed Killer
000100 WA-98-0018Tilt Fungicide
059639 WI-00-0003Orthene 97 Pellets
000100 WI-01-0005Tough 5 EC
059639 WI-02-0016Orthene 75 S Soluble Powder
059639 WI-02-0017Orthene 75 WSP (insecticide In A Water Soluble Bag)
000524 WI-04-0001Roundup Weathermax Herbicide
034704 WI-88-0010Clean Crop Malathion 57EC
034704 WI-91-0004Clean Crop Phorate 20G
000100 WI-99-0007Dual Magnum Herbicide
000100 WI-99-0008Dual Magnum Herbicide
000100 WI-99-0009Dual Magnum Herbicide
000100 WI-99-0015Tilt Fungicide

Table 2.—Section 3 Registrations Canceled for Non-Payment of Maintenance Fee

Registration no.Product Name
000072-00289Miller Simazine 4% Granules Herbicide
000100-01012Force 1.5G Insecticide
000100-01036Arrosolo 3-3E
000100-01136Butafenacil Technical
000100-01137Inspire EC
000100-01194Reward Accugel Aquatic Herbicide
000211-00057Q 7.0-9.0 Npb-4.0
000228-00133Riverdale Killsall Liquid
000228-00158Riverdale Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control Concentrate
000228-00159Riverdale Pre-Emergent Weed Killer Plus Fertilizer
000228-00172Riverdale 34-0-10 & Benefin Crabgrass Preventer
000228-00174Riverdale 2.5G Pre-Emergent Herbicide
000228-00201Riverdale Killsall II Ready-To-Use Liquid
000228-00204Riverdale Triamine II Liquid Weed & Feed
000228-00207Riverdale Team .87 Lawn Weed and Feed
000228-00215Riverdale Triamine II Premium Liquid Weed and Feed
000228-00218Riverdale Triamine II Premium 75 Liquid Weed and Feed
000228-00219Riverdale Sweet Sixteen Weed & Feed with Triamine II
000228-00224Riverdale Triamine II Spot Weed Killer
000228-00225Riverdale Triamine II Weed & Feed
000228-00226Riverdale 3-Way Weed and Feed with Triamine II
000228-00228Riverdale Triamine II W.s.
000228-00229Riverdale Triamine II Granular Weed Killer
000228-00256Riverdale Team 1.33% Lawn Weed and Feed
000228-00266Riverdale Duo Lawn Weed Killer
000228-00279Riverdale Dri-MCPA Amine
000228-00285Riverdale Tri-Power (r) Dry
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000228-00299Riverdale Tri-Power (r) 4000 Weed and Feed
000228-00300Riverside Sweet Sixteen Weed and Feed with Tri-Power
000228-00301Riverdale Tri-Power (r) Dry Weed and Feed
000228-00306Riverdale Tri-Power (r) Dry Granular Weed Killer
000228-00349MCDA Lawn Weed Killer
000228-00350MCDA 8000 Lawn Weed Killer
000228-00351MCDA Spot Weed Killer
000228-00352Riverdale MCDA Weed and Feed
000228-00353Riverdale MCDA Granular Weed Killer
000241-00370Pendulum Plus Fertilizer
000264-00631NA 305
000264-00633CQ 1451 Sugar Beet Herbicide
000264-00637Thiodan Technical (endosulfan)
000264-00638Phaser 3EC Insecticide
000264-00649Tiller EC Herbicide
000264-00654Cheyenne FM Herbicide
000264-00655Dakota Herbicide
000264-00656Phaser 50 WP Insecticide
000264-00658Phaser 3EC Insecticide - for Use In California
000264-00659Phaser 50WP- for Use In California
000264-00815Progress B Herbicide
000264-00816Betamix B Herbicide
000264-00817Betanex B Herbicide
000264-00835Progress B 0.75x Herbicide
000264-00836Betamix B 0.75x Herbicide
000400-00412Terraclor 6.5% with Thimet 6.5% Granular
000400-00490Gustafson Flowable Lindane 40%
000400-00532Sorghum Guard
000400-00538Gustafson Lindane 30c Flowable
000400-00539Gustafson Captan Lindane 12.5-25
000400-00540Gustafson Vitavax-Thiram-Lindane Flowable Fungicide
000478-00044Real-Kill Spot Weed Killer
000498-00137Spraypak Flying and Crawling Insect Killer
000498-00152Spray Pak Quik Kil Insecticide
000524-00382Ranger Herbicide
000524-00422Freedom Herbicide
000524-00471Mon-8421 Herbicide
000524-00488Mon 8411 Herbicide
000773-00063Ectiban D Insecticide
000773-00065Ectiban EC Insecticide
000773-00078Atroban Extra Insecticide Ear Tags
000862-00022Sunspray 11C
000935-00073Crystal Pure 90M Sanitizer, One Inch Tablets
000935-00074Crystal Pure 60M Sanitizer Granules
000935-00076Crystal Pure 90M Sanitizer, Three Inch Tablets
001021-00023Pyrocide 20
001021-00034Pyrocide Booster Concentrate E
001021-00754Pyrocide Intermediate 6441
001021-00755Pyrocide Intermediate 6440
001021-01127D-Trans Intermediate 1862
001021-01198Pyrocide Fogging Concentrate 7104
001021-01249Esbiol Intermediate 1971
001021-01299Pyrocide Intermediate 7198
001021-01340MGK Formula 7243
001021-01394D-Trans Fogger & Contact Spray-2147
001021-01417D-Trans Industrial and Household Space and Contact Spray
001021-01453Esbiol Fogging Concentrate 2263
001021-01478Esbiol Fogging Concentrate 2289
001021-01549Evercide Intermediate 2450
001021-01572Pyrocide Concentrate 7394
001021-01584Multicide Concentrate 2544
001021-01673Evercide Total Release Fogger 2613
001021-01694Multicide Concentrate 2739
001021-01839Permethrin 1.0% Pour on
001021-01840Permethrin 0.5% RTU Spray
001021-01842Permethrin 0.25% RTU
001021-01845Permethrin 2.5% Concentrate
001021-01846Permethrin 1% Pour on Synergized
001677-00042Q-372 Quartenary Ammonium Conc.
001677-00095Mandate II
001677-00123Tex-Fluff with Bac-Stat 400
001677-00125Tex Stat
001677-00145BK Powder
Start Printed Page 40870
001677-00197Sanimaster III
001757-00314Generox 270
001812-00292Kocide Copper Hydroxide Anti Fouling Pigment
001812-00295Kocide 404s Flowable Agricultural Fungicide
001812-00301Kocide SD
001812-00304Kocide Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Crystals
001812-00314Blue Viking Star Glow Powder
001812-00333Kocide Coc Technical
001812-00345Oxycop WP
001812-00347Spin Out FP
001812-00377Copper Fungicide 4E
001812-00383Oxycop 53WP
001812-00384Spin Out 440
001812-00450Finitron Brand Sulfluramid LCA MUP
002217-00720Trimec 869
002217-00721Trimec 870
002217-00722Trimec 871
002217-00730Trimec M 886 Liquid Weed & Feed
002217-00731Trimec M 887 Liquid Weed & Feed
002217-00732Trimec M 903
002217-00733Trimec M 904
002217-00734Trimec M 905
002217-00735MM 890 Liquid Weed & Feed 20-0-0
002217-00736Trimec M907 Liquid Weed & Feed
002217-00737Trimec M908 Liquid Weed & Feed
002217-00738Mm 909 Liquid Weed and Feed
002217-00743Trimec M891 Weed & Feed
002217-00744Trimec M 892 Weed & Feed
002217-00745MM 893 Weed & Feed
002217-00750Gordon's Trimec M 936 Broadleaf Herbicide
002217-00784Trimec 1158 Broadleaf Herbicide
002217-00785M 886 Herbicide
002217-00786M 887 Herbicide
002217-00792Trimec 1159 Spot Weeder
002217-00821EH1356 Herbicide
002217-00822EH1355 Weed and Feed
002230-00051Algaecide-Non Foaming
002230-00058Poly O
002724-00075Vet-Kem Kemic Flea and Tick Powder
002724-00514Speer Bird Spray
002724-00544Speer 2x Indoor Fogger (double Strength)
002724-00563Speer Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs
002724-00575Pet Guard Animal and Kennel Spray
002724-00719Elite Flea & Tick Shampoo Vi
002724-00747Holiday Kennel Dust
002724-00750Holiday Flea & Tick Stop for Dogs and Cats
002724-00751Holiday Tick Stop
002749-00336Atrazine 4L
002749-00485Aceto Atrazine 90
002935-00485BT 320 Sulfur 50 Dust
003008-00088Osmose Dac-Q
003095-00031Pic Wasp and Hornet Killer II
003095-00036Pic Inside-Outside Bug Killer
003573-00050Spic and Span Pine
004313-00092Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner
004822-00404Raid Liquid Flea Killer LF4
004822-00500Whitmire TC 85 Total Release Insect Fogger
004959-00048Myco-Bac Germicidal Detergent Sanitizer
005204-00003Biomet 66
005693-00078Shield Total Release Fogger Vi
006269-00006Sanisol Concentrated Cleaner Disinfectant Odor Neutralizer
006459-00003Calmic Type S Formulation-Cascade
007001-00383Turf Fertilizer with 1.00% Ronstar
007173-00210Generation Bait Dispenser
007173-00222Maki Rodenticide Block
007173-00225Maki Bait Dispenser
007173-00228Maki Green Paraffin Blocks
007173-00233Generation Rat & Mouse Bait Tray
007173-00234Generation Bait Tray
007173-00235Generation Wrapped Mini Block
007401-00085Ferti-Lome Ready To Use Liquid Weed & Wild Grass Killer
007401-00087Ferti-Lome Liquid Vegetation Killer
007401-00123Ferti Lome Tree Borer Crystals
007401-00173Ferti-Lome Special Vegetation Killer
007401-00234Ferti-Lome Systemic Weed & Feed 11-3-6
Start Printed Page 40871
007401-00242Ferti Lome Weed Killer Plus Lawn Food
007401-00381Ferti-Lome Chickweed & Clover Control
007401-00382Hi-Yield Lawn Weed Killer
007679-00019American Cotton Chopper Concentrate
007689-00014Wardley's Liquid Allclear
007689-00016Allclear II Algicide for Outdoor Fishpools
007689-00017Allclear II Aquarium Algicide
008370-00001Nyco Bowl Kleen Toilet Bowl Cleaner
008370-00002Super Toilet Bowl Cleaner
008370-00006Pine Odor Disinfectant Cleaner
008370-00015Uno Disinfectant-Cleaner-Sanitizer
008370-00020White Ocean Foam Porcelain & Tile Cleaner-Disinfectant
008503-00013Wintergreen Disinfectant
008503-00017Acid Free Bathroom Cleaner
008503-00019Weed Killer 101
008503-00020Veg Kill 15
008596-00032Bio Savor
008660-00007Sta-Green Weed & Feed 20-3-6
008660-00024Vertgreen Mcpp Clover & Chickweed Killer
008660-00071New Sod Webworm Control
008660-00147Vertagreen St. Augustine Weed & Feed
008660-00148Supreme Green
008660-00169Ace Lawn Food with Weed Control
008660-00170Ace Lawn Food with Weed Control 22-6-8
008660-00172Deep Green Vigoro 23-3-7 Lawn Fertilizer & Weed Control
008660-00179Golden Vigoro Weed Control Plus Lawn Fertilizer 18-4-8
008660-00184Gro-Tone 18 Weed & Feed
008660-00185Gro-Tone 20 Weed & Feed
008660-00212Par Ex Slow Release Fertilizer
008660-00221Park Ridge 18 Weed & Feed
008660-00222Park Ridge 20 Weed & Feed
008660-00226Premium Green Turf Lawn Food with Weed Control
008660-00228Suburban 18 25-3-3 Weed & Feed
008660-00229Suburban 20 Weed & Feed 25-3-3
008660-00231Vigoro Deep Green Weed and Feed
008660-00242Vigoro St. Augustine Grass Lawn Weeder and Feeder
008660-00244Vigoro Weed Control Plus Lawn Fertilizer
008722-00001Portion-Pac Germicidal Detergent
008722-00002Q X 204 Germicidal Detergent
008764-00024Sta-Fresh 401
008780-00057Turf Line Crabgrass Preventer 3 Formula
008879-00001Insect Repellent Citronella Candle
009198-00030The Andersons Fertilizer with 0.92% Balan
009198-00091The Andersons Tee Time Plus 0.57% Team
009198-00101The Andersons Fertilizer with 0.87% Team
009198-00130The Andersons Fertilizer with 1.50% Team
009198-00180Scotts Proturf 36-0-0 Fertilizer Plus Dicot Weed Contro
009688-00154Chemsico Eh1365 Herbicide
009688-00155Chemsico Eh1367 Herbicide
009688-00156EH 1370 Weed & Feed
010088-00033Selective Herbicide No. 2
010330-00002Ethylene Agricultural Grade
010350-000443M Mec Z-11-Tetradecenyl Acetate Pheromone Concentrate
010350-000453M Mec Tpw Sprayable Pheromone for Tomato Pinworm
010350-000463M Mec-Epsb Sprayable Pheromone for Eastern Pine Shoot
010350-000473M Sprayable Pheromone-Mating Disruption for Blackheade
010350-000483M Sprayable Pheromone-Mating Disruption for Leafroller
010350-000493M Mec-PBW Sprayable Pheromone for Pink Bollworm
010350-000513M MEC-OFM Sprayable Pheromone for Oriental Fruit Moth
010350-000523M Sprayable Pheromone Mating Disruption for Sparganoth
010350-000533M Sprayable Pheromone Mating Disruption for Grape
010350-000543M MEC-LPTB Sprayable Pheromone for Lesser Peachtree
010350-000553M MEC-PTB Sprayable Pheromone for Peachtree Borer
010350-000593M MEC-CM Sprayable Pheromone for Codling Moth
Start Printed Page 40872
010350-000623M MEC - GM Sprayable Pheromone for Gypsy Moth
010404-00059Lesco TFC Dispersible Granule Turf Herbicide
010807-00024Misty Glycol Air Sanitizer - Lemon/lime Fragrance
010807-00037Misty Air Sanitizer Mint Fragrance
010807-00043Misty Mizer Air Sanitizer Lime
011474-00092Wasp & Hornet Killer V
011603-00040Acetochlor Technical
011623-00035Total Release Fogger No. II
011685-00013MCPA Technical Acid
011685-00024Riverdale Technical MCPA IOE
011694-00103WH-40 Wasp & Hornet Spray
012455-000711% Diphacinone Concentrate
013799-00008Four Paws Super Fly Repellent
015297-00002Bio-Groom Shampoo with Pyrethrins Concentrate for Horse
017705-00001Pathmark Bleach
019713-00061Drexel Lindane Technical 1
019713-00191Drexel Lindane Technical 2
021268-00004Pool Trol Chlorine Powder
021268-00005Utikem Winter Grade Algaecide
021268-00006Permanent Algaecide
021268-00007Utikem Algaecide Algae Control
021268-00011Blue Shield Sani Shock
021268-00016E-Z Cartridge
024909-00015Deo-Pine Quaternary Pine-Oil
028690-00001Potomac Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
032802-00079Ronstar Plus Fertilizer 1.00%
032802-00080Ronstar Plus Fertilizer 1.50%
033560-00045Pronone 25g
033981-00009Sodium Hypochlorite 16%
034797-00029General Purpose Aqueous Insecticide
034797-00039Dionne Copper Sulfate Root Killer
034797-00056Dionne Flea & Tick Spray III
034913-00017Knockout Granular Weed Killer
035900-00006Hygene Mark II
035900-00007Hygene Mark III Bacteriostatic Water Filter Media
035900-00013General Ionics Model Dwc 1500 Bacteriostatic Drinking
035900-00016Hygene Mark IV Bacteriostatic Water Filter Media
035900-00021Hygiene Mark Viii Bacteriostatic Water Filter Media
035935-00008Mcpa Technical Acid
035935-00009T-H MCPA Acid
035935-00010Technical MCP Ester
037062-00001Wechsler Contracting Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
038092-00003Fly-Curb 7.76% Premix
038635-00004L-34 Algaecide
040849-00035Enforcer Flea & Roach Fogger III
040849-00041Enforcer Flea Killer for Pets Shampoo III
040849-00044Enforcer Flea Killer for Carpets II
040849-00048Enforcer Overnite Roach Spray III
040849-00054Enforcer Concentrate for Fleas Xx
040849-00060Enforcer Next Day Grass & Weed Killer II
040849-00062Enforcer Esfenvalerate 35% Wettable Powder
040849-00063Enforcer Two-Hour Fogger
040849-00064Exterminator's Choice One-Year Flea Control
040849-00065Enforcer Rose/Flower & Tomato/Vegetable Spray
040849-00066Enforcer Insecticide Powder
040849-00067Enforcer Esfenvalerate RTU Insect Spray
040849-00068Enforcer P001
040849-00071AT Weed & Grass Killer RTU
040849-00074Enforcer Home Pest Control X
042056-00002Thiram M Liquid
042056-00020Tci Mancozeb Ready-To-Use Seed Treatment
042057-00047Morgro Malathon 57% Spray
042373-00001Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner
042373-00006Blue Magic Multi-Purpose (+) Waterbed Conditioner
042750-00112Acetochlor Tgai
Start Printed Page 40873
043576-00005Rich Health Flea & Tick Killer
044538-00001Super Star Disinfectant Sanitzer Fungicide Deodorizer
045220-00001Pow Herbal Flea Powder
045728-00015Metam Clr 32.7% Soil Fumigant
045728-00024Thiram 65
045745-00004L-100 Lemon Oder-Disinfectant-Deoderizer-Cleanser
045745-00005P-100 Pine Odor Disinfectant Cleaner Deodorant
045745-00009Maxim DS 470
046075-00005Jungle Juice 100 Insect Repellent
046260-00039Easy Gardener Dog & Cat Repellent Gel with XP-20
046260-00040Easy Gardener Dog & Cat Repellent Ready-To-Use Spray
046260-00041Easy Gardener Dog & Cat Repellent Ready-To Use Granular
046515-00034Super K-Gro Liquid Weed & Feed Formula II
046515-00055Broadleaf Weed Killer Aerosol
046620-00002Requat Antimicrobial 1977 Concentrate
048139-00014Outdoorsman Insect Repellent
048369-00002Roach Vanish
050956-00001Chloryte Calcium Hypochlorite
050956-00002Sask-Chlor Calcium Hypochlorite 65%
051036-00233Propanil 4EC
051219-00002CWT - BB12
053263-00029Emtrol Tobacco Sucker Control Agent
055050-00001Sodium Chlorite Aqueous Solution 31%
055050-00002Sodium Chlorite 25% Aqueous Solution
055179-00003Adorn Toilet Bowl Cleaner
055431-00011Surflan LD Specialty Herbicide
055431-00012Surflan WDG Plus Specialty Herbicide
056281-20004Aqua Pure
056336-00017Consep Spr4 Peach Twig Borer Pheromone Sprayable
056336-00018Consep Spr5 Pink Bollworm Pheromone Sprayable
056501-00002Copper Sulphate Superfine Crystals
056782-00001Simple Green D
056782-00002Simple Green D Antibacterial
057700-00001Shirasagi WHA
058415-00001Liquified Chlorine Gas Under Pressure
058779-00001Steris LW/SW Master
059825-00002Mykon ASD
059825-00003CX 1071
060063-00015Echo Home Garden Fungicide and Insecticide
061483-00057Forpen- 50
061483-00061Trenton Creosote Oil
061483-00066Anchor Permectrin Pet, Yard and Kennel Spray
061483-00074Ectrin Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag
061483-00076Ectrin Insecticide Horse Neck Band
061483-00077Ectrin Insecticide Water Dispersible Liquid
061483-00081Ptenocide Pet Spray
061483-00082Pentocide Aerosol House & Carpet Spray
061483-00083Americare Flea & Tick Lawn Spray
061483-00084Ptenocide Total Release Fogger
061483-00090Synergized 0.5 Permethrin / 1% Pbo Pour-On Insecticide
061483-00092Patriot Plus Insecticide Ear Tag
061495-00004Virocidin Plus
063376-00007OKA Mosquito Repellent Coils
064321-00002BEP Insecticide 25
065615-00006Scoot Racoon
065700-00001Alpha-3 Roach Bait
065862-00001Chlorine Liquified Gas Under Pressure
066222-00113Double Team Herbicide
066222-00114Acetochlor 6.4 EC Herbicide
066306-00007Iguana Oil SPF 4
066330-00288Thiophanate-Methyl Technical
066330-00340Tebuconazole 97% Technical
066330-00341Tebuconazole 3.6f
066330-00342Tebuconazole 45 Df
066721-00001Q-6 Detergent Sanitizer
067425-00017Ecopco G/X
067572-00008R & M Floral & Vegetable Spray #1
067572-00025R & M Pyrethrin Powder #1
067572-00037R & M Dog & Cat Repellent Granules
067572-00040R & M Aloe Ear Mite Treatment
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067572-00043R & M Rabbit and Deer Repellent Spray - Rtu
067572-00049R & M Permethrin Powder .25%
067572-00051R & M Synergized Permethrin Powder #1
067599-00001Permashield Marine Coating
067869-00021Antimicrobial N-5
067869-00023Antimicrobial N-40
067869-00039N2001 Lf C
067869-00040N2001 Lf P
068086-00004First Defense Premise Treatment
068086-00006Ant Enderzzz
068086-00007“Fooey” Training Aid
068333-00003Skeet-Daddle Fogging Insecticide
068543-00031Bengal Flying Insect Killer 2
069117-00006Pointer-12 Insecticide
070465-00003Xbinx 19G
070506-00027Devrinol 2-E Selective Herbicide
070515-00001LPE-94 10% Aqueous Growth Regulator
070567-00001BCS Sodium Hypochlorite Solution (12.5%)
070567-00002Sodium Hypochlorite Solution (12.5%)
070644-00002Nutrol LC
070810-00005Auxigro Soluble Granule Plant Metabolic Primer
070852-00004Agc 0.05 Ag
070909-00004The Dragonfly Carbon Dioxide Canister
070950-00004Avachem Sorbitol Octanoate MP
070950-00005Avachem Octa-SP- 50%
071368-00055MCPA Amine 4 Herbicide
071368-00056MCPA Ester 4 Herbicide
071946-00002Calcium Hypochlorite
072106-00002Evergreen Lawn Food with Weed Control 12-4-4
072106-00003Spring Feed and Moss Cure
072468-00003Moldwash Wood Preservative/mold Control
072637-00001Green Screen Bags Animal Repellent
073417-00001Woad Warrior
074054-00002Propiconazole Technical
074152-00003Megagro Growth Stimulator
074787-00001Proteku Grape Guard
074905-00001Socusil Snail and Slug Repellent
075199-2000112.5% Chlorinating Bleach
075457-00002Anti-Pest-O Mup
075457-00004Anti-Pest-O Concentrate
075499-00012Plant Synergists 6-BA Technical
075499-00014Plant Synergists Gib 10% WP
075499-00015Plant Synergists GA Paste
075562-00001Sani-Spa Disinfectant Tablet
075639-00001Antmaster's Sweet Gel Bait
075799-00002Pxts Blend D
075844-00004Liberty 45 Ultra
079411-20002Pool Cide 10
079676-00013Oryzalin G-Pro Herbicide
079705-00001Act T-558
079705-00002Act Z-200
079722-00001Sapphire Pool Products
081260-00001Pine Cleaner
081449-00001Sulfur Technical
081449-00002Technical Copper Oxychloride
081449-00003Technical Basic Copper Sulfate
081959-00010Vessel 2 - Aquatic (28.7%)
082378-00001Lindane Technical
082542-00001Bifenthrin Technical
082542-00002Permethrin Technical
082875-00002Metsulfuron G-Pro Herbicide

IV. Public Docket

Complete lists of registrations canceled for non-payment of the maintenance fee will also be available for reference during normal business hours in the OPP Public Docket, Rm. S-4400, One Potomac Yard (South Building), 2777 S. Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA. Product-specific status inquiries may be made by telephone by calling toll-free 1-800-444-7255.

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Dated: July 13, 2007.

Debra Edwards,

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