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Performance Review Board Members

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Title 5, U.S.C. 431 4(c)(4) of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, Public Law 95-454, requires that the appointment of Performance Review Board Members be published in the Federal Register.

The following persons may be named to serve on the Performance Review Boards of Panels, which oversee the evaluation of performance appraisals of Senior Executive Service members of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Office of the Secretary:
Agnew, Ann CExecutive Secretary to the Department.
Babin, Holly JDeputy Assistant Secretary, Public Affairs (Media).
Baldus, Andrew CDirector, Division of Budget Policy, Execution and Review.
Barker, Thomas RDeputy General Counsel.
Barry, Daniel JDeputy Associate General Counsel (Procurement, Fiscal and Information Law).
Barsoomian, LisaDeputy Associate General Counsel (Claims and Employment Law).
Bartley, Paul SDirector, Program Support Center.
Bedker, Larry JDirector, Business Operations.
Bell, Karen MDirector, Office of Health Information Technology.
Bennett, Carol JDeputy Program Integrity.
Benor, David EAssociate General Counsel for Public Health.
Bowlin, Christopher MDeputy Assistant Secretary for Legislation (Human Services).
Broman, Barbara BDeputy to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (Health Services Policy).
Brown, Martin JDeputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition Management and Policy.
Burke, Jamie TWhite House Liaison for Political Personnel, Boards and Commissions.
Burton, Jeremy CDeputy Assistant Secretary, Legislation (Planning and Budget).
Cade, David SDeputy General Counsel.
Caliguiri, Laura MDirector, Intergovernmental Affairs.
Campanelli, Richard MCounselor for Public Health and Science.
Caperton, David GDeputy General Counsel.
Carleton, Michael WDeputy Assistant Secretary, Chief Information Officer.
Carver, Galen PService Center Director.
Cash, Lester DAssociate Deputy Assistant Secretary, Budget.
Chiedi, Giovanna MDeputy Director for Management Operations.
Cochran, Norris WDirector, Division of Discretionary Programs.
Collins, EugeneExecutive Officer.
Conley, Mary SheilaDeputy Assistant Secretary, Finance.
Conroy, Glenda JDeputy Chief Financial Officer.
Corrigan, Dara ADeputy to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning & Evaluation.
Cronin, KellyDirector, Office of Programs and Coordination.
Croshaw, Andrew ASenior Executive Advisor.
Daniel, Jodi GoldsteinDirector, Office of Policy and Research.
Davis, Jeffrey SAssociate General Counsel.
Dawson, Molly PDirector, Office of Financial Policy and Reporting.
Demske, Gregory EAssistant Inspector General.
Detherage, Marie PExecutive Director.
Dorn, Alan SChief Counsel.
Downing, Gregory JSenior Executive Advisor.
Ellis, Joe WAssistant Secretary for Administration and Management.
Flory, Ashley FDeputy Executive Secretary.
Friedman, Charles PDeputy National Coordinator.
Frohboese, RobinsuePrincipal Deputy Director.
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Fullem, Michael BDirector, HHS Acquisition Consolidation.
Galik, DanielChief Information Security Officer.
Giannini, Margaret JDirector, Office of Disability.
Goforth, Prudence JDirector, Web and New Media Communication.
Goldberg, Larry JPrincipal Deputy Inspector General.
Green, Joe JAssistant Inspector General for Financial Management and Regional Operations.
Hall, Philo DCounselor for Human Services Policy.
Hall, William HDirector, News Division.
Hapchuk, John MAssistant Inspector General for Audit Management and Policy.
Harris, Antonia TDeputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources.
Hoff, John SInternational Health Attaché.
Hoffman, Janice LAssociate General Counsel, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Division.
Hughes, Matthew JohnDeputy Assistant Secretary for Legislation (Congressional Liaison).
Hurst, Terry LDeputy Assistant Secretary, Grants.
Jarman, John SExecutive Officer.
Jenkins, George EDirector, Program Management & Systems Policy.
Johnson, Paul RDirector, Office of Legal Resources.
Jones, Wanda KDeputy Assistant Secretary, Women's Health.
Kamoie, Brian EDirector, Office of Policy and Strategic Planning.
Katz, Ruth EDeputy to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (Disability, Aging and Long-Term Care Policy).
Keith, Robert EAssociate General Counsel.
Kelsey, Howard DDeputy Assistant Secretary for Facilities Management and Policy.
Kocher, Paula LDeputy Associate General Counsel.
Kouzoukas, Demetrios LAssociate Deputy Secretary.
Kruger, Mary USpecial Assistant and Senior Policy Advisor.
Lerner, Joel JChief Counsel.
Lewis, Kimberly ADirector, Baltimore Human Resource Center.
Linden, Carol DPrincipal Deputy Director, Office of Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures.
Mahan, Roger ADeputy Assistant Secretary for Legislation.
Masoudi, Gerald FAssociate General Counsel, Food & Drug.
Mazanec, Mary BDirector, Office of Medicine, Science and Public Health.
McAndrew, Susan DDeputy Director for Health Information.
McCabe, William MDirector, Financial Management Service.
McGarey, Barbara MDeputy Associate General Counsel for Public Health, National Institutes of Health.
McGeein, MaryPrincipal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation.
McKeown, Richard BChief of Staff.
McMillen, Cheryl LDirector, Division of Health Benefits and Income Security.
Meeks, Donald EAssistant Inspector General for Investigations.
Menke, Timothy JDeputy Inspector General for Investigations.
Migliaccio, Eugene ADirector, Federal Occupational Health.
Miller, Tamara LDeputy Director for Civil Rights.
Morales, MarioDirector, Division of Physical Security.
Morris, Charles GDeputy Chief of Staff.
Morris, LewisDeputy Inspector General for Legal Affairs.
Morris, Willis ASenior Advisor to Assistant Secretary for Health.
Naimon, David ADeputy Associate General Counsel for Public Health.
Nightengale, Gina EProgram Manager, Talent and Advisory Services.
Noonan, Robert MDeputy Assistant Secretary for Business. Transformation.
Noronha, Preeya MPrincipal Deputy General Counsel.
Nystrom, Scott VSenior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary Planning and Evaluation.
O'Neill, James BPrincipal Associate Deputy Secretary.
Pardue, Melissa GDeputy Assistant Secretary for Planning & Evaluation (Human Services Policy).
Parekh, Anand KDeputy Assistant Secretary for Health (Science & Medicine).
Parker, Gerald WDeputy Assistant Secretary for Management and Policy.
Pascal, Christophe BDirector, Office of Research Integrity.
Paxman, Dalton GRegional Health Administrator.
Pereira, SegundoDirector, Office of Diversity Management and Equal Employment Opportunity.
Petillo, John JDirector, Office of Resource Planning and Evaluation.
Petti, Dana JChief Counsel.
Pilato, AnnaDirector, Center for Faith-based and Community Initiatives.
Pilcher, Lori SAssistant Inspector General for Grants and Internal Activities.
Polston, Mark DDeputy Associate General Counsel.
Pruett, Douglas JDirector, Personnel Security & Classification.
Raub, William FScience Advisor to the Secretary.
Reeb, George MAssistant Inspector General for Medicare and Medicaid Service Audits.
Ritchie, Brian PAssistant Inspector General for Evaluations Inspections.
Robinson, Robin ADeputy Assistant Secretary and Director, Biomedical Advance Development Research Authority.
Rojee, Frederick JBusiness Continuity Project Director.
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Roy, Gerald TAssistant Inspector General for Investigative Operations.
Scanlon, James VDeputy Assistant Secretary.
Schweers, Kevin LDeputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs (Policy and Strategy).
Shahrigian, RaffleDirector, Division of Strategic Information.
Shellenberger, Joseph SDeputy Inspector General for Management and Policy.
Sizemore III, Richard TPrincipal Deputy Director, Office of Preparedness and Emergency Operations.
Stannard, Paula MDeputy General Counsel, Program Review.
Stansel, James CCounselor for Health Policy.
Steiger, William RDirector, Office of Global Health.
Steinberg, Gary AChief Learning Officer.
Swindell, Edgar MAssociate General Counsel.
Swope, Jay ASpecial Projects Director.
Teeter, John LDeputy Chief Information Officer.
Tingus, Steven JDeputy Assistant Secretary for Planning Evaluation (Disability, Aging and Long-Term Care Policy).
Tobias, Constance BChair, Departmental Appeals Board.
Turman, Richard JDeputy Assistant Secretary, Budget.
Tyllas, Michael ADirector, Administrative Operations Service.
Valdez, Mary LouDeputy Director for Policy, Office of Global Health Affairs.
Velasco II, RobertDirector of Program Operations.
Vengrin, Joseph EDeputy Inspector General for Audit Services.
Wallace, Sondra SAssociate General Counsel.
Watson, Michael LService Center Director.
Weisman, Marc RExecutive Director.
Wells, Denise LDirector of Management Operations.
Wilkinson, Winston ADirector, Office of Civil Rights.
Woo, EdwinAssociate General Counsel.
Wright, Donald JPrincipal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health.
Wright, Stuart EDeputy Inspector General for Evaluation and Inspections.
Yeskey, Kevin SDirector, Office of Preparedness and Emergency Operations.
Administration for Children and Families (ACF):
Bean, Margaret EDeputy Director, Office of Child Support Enforcement.
Brown, Patricia EDirector, Office of Head Start.
Calpin, Christine MAssociate Commissioner, Children's Bureau.
Coy, Curtis LDeputy Assistant Secretary Administration.
Curtis, Michael EDirector, Office of Information Services and Deputy Chief Information Officer.
Dawson, DiannDirector.
Fuentes Jr., FrankDeputy Director.
Fujii, Sharon MRegional Hub Director.
Goldstein, Naomi CDirector, Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation.
Higgins, Mary AnnRegional Hub Director.
Keckler, Charles NDeputy Assistant Secretary for Policy & External Affairs.
Kless, Katherine ADeputy Director (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families).
Mccowan, Leon RRegional Hub Director.
Mocko, MadelineDirector.
Morrissey, Patricia ACommissioner.
Owens, Arne WDirector, Office of Public Affairs.
Robinson, Josephine BiasDirector, Office of Community Services.
Schneider, Daniel CPrincipal Deputy Assistant Secretary.
Siegel, David HProject Manager.
Squier, Sidonie ADirector, Office of Family Assistance.
Thomas, Joyce ARegional Hub Director.
Williams, Carlis VRegional Hub Director.
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ):
Fitzmaurice, J MSenior Science Advisor.
Handelman, MarkDirector, Information Technology.
Kendrick, Kathleen ADeputy Director, Agency for Healthcare, Research and Quality.
Slutsky, Jean RDirector, Center for Outcomes & Evidence.
Zucker, Phyllis MDirector, Policy Coordination.
Francis Chesley, Jr., MDDirector, Office of Extramural Research, Education & Priority Populations.
Steven Cohen, PhDDirector, Center for Financing, Access, & Cost Trends.
Irene Fraser, PhDDirector, Center for Delivery, Organization & Markets.
Allan LazarDirector, Office of Communications & Knowledge Transfer.
David Meyers, MDDirector, Center for Primary Care, Prevention & Clinical Partnerships.
William Munier, MDDirector, Center for Quality Improvement & Patient Safety.
Jeffrey TovenDirector, Office of Performance Accountability, Resources & Technology.
Administration on Aging (AOA):
Burns, Francis ADeputy Assistant Secretary Center for Wellness and Community-Based Services.
Walker, Edwin LDeputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Programs.
Wren, John TDeputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Management.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):
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Austin, Carol LSpecial Advisor for Policy.
Blount, Stephen BAssociate Director Global Health.
Burel, William GDirector, Strategic National Stockpile.
Campbell, Joseph RIssues and Analysis Coordination.
Chandler, George FDirector, Buildings and Facilities.
Dean, Hazel DDeputy Director.
Dickey, Avis DExecutive Officer.
Duncan, Canton MDeputy Chief Operating Officer.
Galaska, LouiseChief Management Officer.
Garland, Donna MDirector, Office of Enterprise Communication.
Gerberding, Julie LDirector, Centers for Disease Control Prevention.
Gimson III, William HChief Operating Officer.
Haddix, Anne CChief Policy Officer.
Harris, Barbara WChief Financial Officer.
Harris, Walter SChief Management Officer.
Henson Sampson, RosemarieDeputy Director.
Hunter, Edward LDeputy Director.
Kenny, Judith NDirector, Information Technology Services.
Kotch, Alan ADirector, Procurement and Grants.
Lankford Jr., Crayton JChief Management Officer.
Martin, Ruth MChief Management Officer.
Mebane, Reginald RChief Management Officer.
Nichols, William PFinancial Manager.
Nowak, Glen JChief of Media Relations.
Porter, Diane DDeputy Director for Management.
Porter, William TChief Security Officer.
Seligman, James DChief Information Officer.
Shebesh, Karen MChief Management Officer.
Shriber, Donald EAssociate Director, Washington.
Sontag, Edward WSenior Advisor to Director Global Health Affairs.
Warren, Rueben CAssociate Administrator for Urban Affairs.
Kevin Fenton, MDDirector, National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Tuberculosis Prevention.
Howard Frumkin, MDDirector, National Center for Environmental Health/Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.
Ileana Arias, MDDirector, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.
Alison JohnsonDeputy Director, National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities.
Rima Khabbaz, MDDirector, National Center for Preparedness, Detection and Control of Infectious Disease.
Carolyn Black, MDDirector, Division of Scientific Resources, National Center for Preparedness, Detection and Control of Infectious Diseases.
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS):
Arden, Gale PDirector, Disabled and Elderly Health Programs Group.
Bassano, AmyDirector, Hospital and Ambulatory Policy Group.
Benson, Rodney LDirector, Office of Acquisitions and Grants.
Block, Abby LDirector, Center for Beneficiary Choices.
Boughn, Julie CDirector, Office of Information.
Brandt, Kimberly LDirector, Program Integrity Group.
Carter, Cathy TDirector, Business Application.
Chao, HenryChief Technology Officer.
Cipolloni, Frank DDirector, Enterprise Databases Group.
Constantian, Alan RDirector, Information Services.
Culotta, Anthony JDirector, Medicare Enrollment and Appeals Group.
Farris Jr., James RConsortium Administrator.
Foster, Richard SChief Actuary Director, Office of the Actuary.
Frank, David ADirector, Medicaid Integrity Group.
Frizzera, CharleneChief Operating Officer, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
Garner, Jacqueline SConsortium Administrator.
Gendron, Edward CDirector, Finance Systems and Budget
Gilbert, Mark ARegional Administrator.
Good Burton, Sally ADirector, Enterprise Architect.
Hamilton, Thomas EDirector, Survey Certification Group.
Hammarlund, John TRegional Administrator.
Hill, Timothy BDirector, Office of Financial Management (Chief Financial Officer).
Hutchinson, Thomas EDirector, Medicare Plan Payment.
Jackson, Karen EDirector, Medicare Contractor Management.
Johnson, Donald NDeputy Director, Office of Legislation.
Kerr, James IConsortium Administrator.
Kickham, Thomas MDirector, Strategic Research & Campaign Management Group.
King, Robin RDirector, Office of External Affairs.
King, Terris ADeputy Director, Office of Clinical Standards and Quality.
Kuhn, Herbert BDeputy Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
Lasowski, William SDeputy Director.
Laureno, Mary ADirector, Benefits Information Services Group.
Loper, Clifford MarkDeputy Director, Center for Benefits.
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Love, Timothy PDirector, Office of Research, Development and Information.
Montilla, Maria CDirector, Accounting Management.
Mussey, Solomon MSupervisory Actuary.
Nicholson, Geraldine ADirector, Provider Communications.
Oconnor, Nancy BRegional Administrator.
Perich, Wesley RDirector, Budget Analysis Group.
Reilly, Nanette FConsortium Administrator.
Rich, Jeffrey BDirector, Center for Medicare Management.
Richter, ElizabethDeputy Director, Center for Medicare Management.
Saunders, William DDeputy Director, Office of Information.
Sayen, David WRegional Administrator.
Sheil, Jean KDirector, Family & Children's Health Programs Group.
Snyder, Anna MDeputy Chief Operating Officer.
Spitalnic, Paul IDirector, Parts C & D Actuarial.
Stoss, Douglas MSenior Advisor to the Administration.
Straube, Barry MChief Medical Officer.
Streimer, Stewart HDirector, Provider Billing Group.
Taylor, Deborah ADeputy Director, Office of Financial Management.
Tranchida, Brenda JDirector, Program Compliance and Oversight Group.
Trenkle, Anthony FDirector, Office of E-health Standards Services.
Tudor, Cynthia GDirector, Medicare Drug Benefit Group.
Vaccaro, Robert TDirector, Enterprise Data Center.
Vogel, Janet LDirector, Financial Management.
Walters, Gerald IDirector, Financial Services Group.
Weber, James WDeputy Director, Office of Operations.
Weems, Kerry NSenior Advisor to the Administrator.
White, Jacquelyn YDirector, Office of Strategic Operations and Regulatory Affairs.
Wilson, Laurence DDirector, Chronic Care Policy Group.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA):
Abbott, Russell JDirector, Office of Management.
Anson, Jeanne AAssociate Director for Management (National Center for Toxicological Research).
Autor, Deborah MDirector, Office of Compliance.
Axelrad, Jane AAssociate Director for Policy.
Bachorik, Lawrence LAssistant Commissioner External Relations.
Barfell, Glenda FDirector, Office of Acquisitions.
Beck, Catherine PAssociate Director for Policy.
Bernard, Susan MaureenAssociate Director for Regulations.
Blumberg, Eric MDeputy Associate General Counsel.
Buehler, Gary JDirector, Office of Generic Drugs.
Davis, Lori EDeputy Chief Information Officer.
Doyle, GregoryChief of Shared Services.
Dwyer, David EDirector, Office of Real Property.
Dyer, John RDeputy Commissioner for Operations.
Fraser, Leslye MDirector, Office of Regulations and Policy.
Gardner, Susan NDirector, Office of Surveillance.
Gentile, John PAssociate Commissioner for Operations.
Gill, Lillian JSenior Associate Director.
Henderson, Deborah JSenior Advisor.
Holden, Kimberly AAssistant Commissioner for Management Operations.
Horowitz, David JAssistant Commissioner for Policy.
Landa, Michael MDeputy Director for Regulatory.
Lutter, Randall WDeputy Commissioner for Policy.
Malarkey, Mary AnneDirector, Office of Compliance.
Maloney, Diane MAssociate Director for Policy.
McChesney, Daniel GDirector, Office of Surveillance and Compliance.
McConagha, William ASenior Advisor & Regulatory Counsel for Integrity and Accountability.
McGarey, Patrick ODirector, Office of Budget Formulation and Presentation.
McKee, Ruth EAssociate Director for Management.
Mullin, Theresa MAssociate Director for Planning and Business.
Murphy, Deanna BDirector, White Oak Consolidation Program.
Plaisier, Melinda KAssociate Commissioner of International Programs.
Rice, Lynne LDirector, Office of Communications, Education and Radiation Programs.
Senger, Jeffrey MDeputy Chief Counsel.
Spiller, Philip CDirector, Office of Seafood.
Stitely, Timothy AChief Information Officer.
Strachan, James MDirector, Office of Resource Management.
Tillman, Donna BeaDirector, Office of Device Evaluation.
Ulatowski, Timothy ADirector, Office of Compliance.
Vaughn, Steven DDirector, Office of New Animal.
Vermillion, Terrell LDirector, Office of Criminal Investigation.
Wardrop Jr., David EAssociate Director for Management.
Williams, Thomas DAssociate Director for Management.
Winckler, Susan CChief of Staff.
Winkle, Helen NDirector, Office of Pharmaceutical Science.
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Wion, Ann HDeputy Chief Counsel for Program Review.
Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA):
Aronoff, F RDeputy Associate Administrator, Healthcare Systems Bureau.
Austein Casnoff, Cheryl AAssociate Administrator for Health.
Brand, Marcia KAssociate Administrator, Bureau of Health.
Cheatham, Tina MDirector, Office of Communications.
Cheever, Laura WDeputy Associate Administrator, HIV/AIDS.
Duke, Elizabeth MAdministrator, Health Resources and Services Administration.
Espinosa, DianaDeputy Associate Administrator, Bureau of Health Professions.
Flickinger, Catherine ADirector, Office of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer.
Geolot, Denise HDirector, Center for Quality.
Homer, Mary JDirector, Office of Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights.
Lewis, Caroline TDeputy Associate Administrator.
Macrae, JamesAssociate Administrator, Bureau of Primary Health Care.
Marconi, Katherine MDirector, Office of Science and Epidemiology.
McCann, Samuel AAssociate Administrator for Financial Management/Chief Financial Officer.
McGinness, Nancy JAssociate Administrator, Office of Federal Assistance Management.
Morgan, DouglasDirector, Division of Service Systems.
Morris, Thomas FAssociate Administrator, Rural Health Policy.
Nelson, Jon LDeputy Associate Administrator.
Smith, Richard JAssociate Administrator, Bureau of Clinical Recruitment Services.
Smith, Stephen RSpecial Assistant to the Administrator.
Somsak, Joyce GAssociate Administrator, Health.
Spitzgo, Rebecca HAssociate Administrator, Office of Performance Review.
Stroup, Patricia ADirector, Office of Legislation.
Van Dyck, Peter CAssociate Administrator for Maternal and Child Health Bureau.
Vannostrand, Lyman GDirector, Office of Planning and Evaluation.
Williams, Dennis PDeputy Administrator, Health Resource and Services Administration.
Nesseler, Kerry PDirector, Office of International Health Affairs.
Parham Hopson, DeborahAssociate Administrator, HIV/AIDS Bureau.
Weaver, Donald LDeputy Associate Administrator, Bureau of Primary Health Care.
Indian Health Service (IHS):
Annette, Kathleen RDirector, Bemidji Area.
Church, Richard MDirector, Office of Public Health Service.
Conway Jr., Cecil PDirector, Billings Area.
Davis, Don JDirector, Phoenix Area.
Dupree, Dorothy ADirector, Tucson Area.
Elliott, Athena SDirector, Office Management Services.
Grinnell, RandyDirector, Designated Management Official.
Harper, Carl LDirector, Resource Access and Partnerships.
Hartz, Gary J.Director, Office of Environment.
Hubbard Jr., JohnDirector, Navajo Area.
Kerrigan, Margo DDirector, California Area Office.
Mandregan Jr., ChristopheDirector, Alaska Area.
McSwain, Robert GDeputy Director, Indian Health Service.
Ortiz, Hankie PoafpybittyDirector, Tribal Self-Governance.
Red Thunder, Charlene MDirector, Aberdeen Area.
Toya, James LDirector, Albuquerque Area.
Wilder, Donalda LDirector, Portland Area.
Wolfe, Phyllis SDirector, Office of Urban Indian Health Policy.
Halliday, ChristopherChief Dental Officer.
National Institutes of Health (NIH):
Affeldt, Mary KAssociate Director of Operations.
Barros, Colleen FDeputy Director of Management National Institutes of Health.
Bartrum, John JAssociate Director for Budget.
Billet, Courtney RDirector, Office of Communications and Government Relations, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
Breithaupt, William GAssociate Director for Management and Operations.
Burklow, John IAssociate Director for Communications.
Burton, Adriane RDirector of Division of Computer System Services.
Callahan, Kevin MDirector, Office of Strategic Planning and Financial Management/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.
Christoferson, Don PAssociate Director for Administrative Management.
Corn, MiltonAssociate Director, Extramural Programs.
Cullen, William PAssociate Director for Security & Emergency Response.
Edwards, Brenda KAssociate Director, Surveillance Research Program.
Ellis, Joseph JDirector, Office of Policy for Extramural Research Administration.
Frasier, Diane JDirector, Office of Acquisition Integration and Modernization.
Gormley, Maureen EChief Operating Officer.
Greene, Elizabeth EAssociate Director for Management.
Harper, Joellen MAssociate Director for Management, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes.
Haseltine, Florence PDirector, Center for Population Research.
Hellinger, Lynn CDirector of Management.
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Hollander, Marc SAssociate Director of Management.
Hrynkow, Sharon HSpecial Advisor to the Deputy Director, National Institutes of Health.
Humphreys, Betsy LDeputy Director, National Library of Medicine.
Johnson, Alfred CDirector, Office of Research Services.
Johnson, Lenora EDirector, Office of Communications and Education.
Joyce, Maria DChief Financial Officer, Clinical.
Kawazoe, Robin IAssociate Director for Administration.
Kerr, William DAssociate Director for Administration.
Kirschstein, Ruth LSenior Advisor to the Director.
Kotzin, SheldonAssociate Director for Library Operations.
Liu, Simon YDirector, Information Systems.
Major, Christine MDirector of Human Resources.
Manolio, Ten ADirector, Office of Population Genomics.
Marron, Michael TAssociate Director, Bio Medical Technology.
Martin, Michael RSenior Scientific Advisor.
McNairy Jr., Sidney AAssociate Director for Research Infrastructure.
McNicol, Lore AnneDirector, Division of Extramural Research.
Miller, Anita SDirector, Diabetes-Control Programs.
Mullaney, Mary JAssociate Director for Management.
Murphy, Thomas GAssociate Director for Management.
Nichols, Cheryl MDirector, Office of Science Planning and Assessment.
Penn, Audrey SSenior Advisor to the Director.
Pinn, Vivian WAssociate Director, Research on Women's Health.
Rabson, Alan SDeputy Director NCI.
Ray, Lawrence JDeputy Director for Management.
Rowe, Mona JAssociate Director, Office of Science Policy, Analysis and Communication.
Schneider, Donald LDirector, Division of Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms.
Self, Lawrence NDirector, Office Equal Opportunity.
Servis, Suzanne JDirector, Office of Mgmt Assessment.
Shirdon, Patrick AAssociate Director for Management.
Smolonsky, MarcAssociate Director.
Stith, Kenneth WDirector, Financial Management.
Stover, Ellen LDirector, Division of Mental Disorders, Behavioral Research and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.
Stringfield, Laverne YAssociate Director for Management.
Weinrich, MichaelDirector, National Center for Rehabilitation Research in the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.
Wheeland, Daniel GDirector, Office of Research Facilities Development and Operations.
Whitley, Alfred HDeputy Director.
Whitmer, David LAssociate Director for Management.
Norza Ruiz Bravo, MDDeputy Director for Extramural Research.
Michael Gottesman, MDDeputy Director for Intramural Research, NIH.
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA):
Autry, Joseph HSenior Associate for Medical Affairs.
Berry, Joyce IDivision of State and Community Systems Development.
Clark, H WestleyDirector, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment.
Costigan, Michael JSenior Advisor.
Davis, Beverly WSenior Advisor to the Administrator.
Harding, Frances MDirector, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.
Kade, Daryl WAssociate Administrator for Policy, Planning and Budget.
Kopanda, Richard TDeputy Director, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment.
Marsh, Anna LExecutive Officer.
Parry, Elaine PDirector of Special Initiatives.
Power, A KathrynDirector, Center for Mental Health Services.
Romero, Dennis ODeputy Director, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.
Searle, Edward BDeputy Director, Center for Mental Health Services.
Stone, James LSenior Associate for Behavioral Health & Interagency Coordination.
Weber, Mark AAssociate Administrator for Communications.
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Dated: October 1, 2008.

Antonia T. Harris,

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources,Department of Health and Human Services.

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