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Quarterly Listings; Safety Zones, Security Zones, Special Local Regulations, Drawbridge Operation Regulations and Regulated Navigation Areas

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Coast Guard, DHS.


Notice of expired temporary rules issued.


This document provides required notice of substantive rules issued by the Coast Guard and temporarily effective between February 2008 and October 2010, that expired before they could be published in the Federal Register. This document lists temporary safety zones, security zones, special local regulations, drawbridge operation regulations and regulated navigation areas, all of limited duration and for which timely publication in the Federal Register was not possible.


This document lists temporary Coast Guard rules between February 15, 2008 and October 10, 2010 that became effective and were terminated before they could be published in the Federal Register.


The Docket Management Facility maintains the public docket for this notice. Documents indicated in this notice will be available for inspection or copying at the Docket Management Facility (M-30), U.S. Department of Transportation, West Building ground floor, Room W12-140, 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE., Washington, DC 20590 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except federal holidays.

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For questions on this notice contact Yeoman First Class Denise Johnson, Office of Regulations and Administrative Law, telephone (202) 372-3862. For questions on viewing, or on submitting material to the docket, contact Ms. Angie Ames, Docket Operations, telephone 202-366-5115.

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Coast Guard District Commanders and Captains of the Port (COTP) must be immediately responsive to the safety and security needs within their jurisdiction; therefore, District Commanders and COTPs have been delegated the authority to issue certain local regulations. Safety zones may be established for safety or environmental purposes. A safety zone may be stationary and described by fixed limits or it may be described as a zone around a vessel in motion. Security zones limit access to prevent injury or damage to vessels, ports, or waterfront facilities and may also describe a zone around a vessel in motion. Special local regulations are issued to enhance the safety of participants and spectators at regattas and other marine events. Drawbridge operation regulations authorize changes to drawbridge schedules to accommodate bridge repairs, seasonal vessel traffic, and local public events.

Regulated Navigation Areas are water areas within a defined boundary for which regulations for vessels navigating within the area have been established by the regional Coast Guard District Commander. Timely publication of these rules in the Federal Register is often precluded when a rule responds to an emergency, or when an event occurs without sufficient advance notice. The affected public is, however, informed of these rules through Local Notices to Mariners, press releases, and other means. Moreover, actual notification is provided by Coast Guard patrol vessels enforcing the restrictions imposed by the rule. Because Federal Register publication was not possible before the beginning of the effective period, mariners were personally notified of the contents of these safety zones, security zones, special local regulations, regulated navigation areas or drawbridge operation regulations by Coast Guard officials' on-scene prior to any enforcement action. However, the Coast Guard, by law, must publish in the Federal Register notice of substantive rules adopted. To meet this obligation without imposing undue expense on the public, the Coast Guard periodically publishes a list of these temporary safety zones, security zones, special local regulations, regulated navigation areas and drawbridge operation regulations. Permanent rules are not included in this list because they are published in their entirety in the Federal Register. Temporary rules are also published in their entirety if sufficient time is available to do so before they are placed in effect or terminated. The temporary rules listed in this notice have been exempted from review under Executive Order 12666, Regulatory Planning and Review, because of their emergency nature, or limited scope and temporary effectiveness.

The following unpublished rules were placed in effect temporarily during the period between February 2008 and October 2010 unless otherwise indicated.

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Dated: February 2, 2011.

K.A. Sinniger,

Chief, Office of Regulations and Administrative Law.

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4th Quarter 2009 Listing

Docket No.LocationTypeEffective date
CGD13-01-004Lake Washington, WASpecial Local Regulation and Safety Zones (Part 100 and 165)7/30/2009
CGD13-04-019Puget Sound, WASecurity Zones (Part 165)3/14/2010
CGD13-04-019Puget Sound, WASecurity Zones (Part 165)5/6/2009
CGD13-04-019Puget Sound, WASecurity Zones (Part 165)6/29/2009
CGD13-04-019Puget Sound, WASecurity Zones (Part 165)10/22/2009
CGD13-05-004Elliott BaySpecial Local Regulation and Safety Zones (Part 100.1306)5/9/2009
CGD13-08-018Umpqua River, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)2/15/2008
USCG-2008-0142Tillamook Bay, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)11/28/2008
USCG-2008-0143Tillamook Bay, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)11/29/2008
USCG-2008-0314Detroit, MISafety Zones (Part 165)5/29/2008
USCG-2008-0534Point Lookout, NYSafety Zones (Part 165)6/28/2008
USCG-2008-0538Seattle, WASecurity Zones (Part 165)7/29/2008
USCG-2008-0646Dauphin Island BridgeSafety Zones (Part 165)11/9/2009
USCG-2008-0700Portland, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)7/17/2008
USCG-2008-0798San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)9/19/2008
USCG-2008-0814San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)9/6/2008
USCG-2008-0827Ocean City, NJSafety Zones (Part 165)9/14/2009
USCG-2008-0874Cape Charles, VASafety Zones (Part 165)9/27/2008
USCG-2008-0925Lake Charles, LASafety Zones (Part 165)8/29/2008
USCG-2008-0943San Francisco, CASafety Zones (Part 165)9/25/2008
USCG-2008-0944Cathlamet, WASafety Zones (Part 165)9/6/2008
USCG-2008-0948Shark River Channel, NJSafety Zones (Part 165)10/3/2008
USCG-2008-0981Westport, WASafety Zones (Part 165)9/15/2008
USCG-2008-0983Harris County, TXSafety Zones (Part 165)9/17/2008
USCG-2008-0993Biloxi, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)11/9/2009
USCG-2008-0997New York, NYSecurity Zones (Part 165)9/23/2008
USCG-2008-0998Puerto RicoSafety Zones (Part 165)12/7/2008
USCG-2008-1063Lake Havasu, AZSafety Zones (Part 165)2/21/2009
USCG-2008-1068San Francisco Bay, CASafety Zones (Part 165)10/22/2008
USCG-2008-1071Lake Charles, LASafety Zones (Part 165)9/9/2008
USCG-2008-1073San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)11/17/2008
USCG-2008-1074San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)11/12/2008
USCG-2008-1087Charlotte Amalie, USVISafety Zones (Part 165)12/31/2008
USCG-2008-1093Miami, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)11/21/2008
USCG-2008-1099LouisianaSafety Zones (Part 165)11/5/2008
USCG-2008-1102San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)12/21/2008
USCG-2008-1113Chicago, ILSafety Zones (Part 165)11/4/2008
USCG-2008-1114San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)12/11/2008
USCG-2008-1116San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)12/13/2008
USCG-2008-1121Miami, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)11/18/2008
USCG-2008-1131Vero Beach, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)12/13/2008
USCG-2008-1134LouisianaSafety Zones (Part 165)11/18/2008
USCG-2008-1146Sausalito, CASafety Zones (Part 165)12/13/2008
USCG-2008-1147Cameron, LASafety Zones (Part 165)11/19/2008
USCG-2008-1152San Francisco, CASafety Zones (Part 165)12/30/2008
USCG-2008-1154Milwaukee, WISafety Zones (Part 165)11/22/2008
USCG-2008-1156Lake Havasu Landing, CASafety Zones (Part 165)2/14/2009
USCG-2008-1162San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)12/31/2008
USCG-2008-1164Baltimore, MDSafety Zones (Part 165)12/2/2008
USCG-2008-1171Sacramento, CASafety Zones (Part 165)1/1/2009
USCG-2008-1178Hampton, NHDrawbridge Operations Regulation (Part 117)12/16/2008
USCG-2008-1189M/V AL JABIRAHSecurity Zones (Part 165)12/10/2008
USCG-2008-1200Washington CoastSafety Zones (Part 165)12/12/2008
USCG-2008-1202Oregon CoastSafety Zones (Part 165)12/25/2008
USCG-2008-1213San Francisco Bay, CADrawbridge Operations Regulation (Part 117)1/31/2009
USCG-2008-1214San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)1/10/2009
USCG-2008-1228Chicago, ILSafety Zones (Part 165)12/27/2008
USCG-2008-1242San Francisco Bay, CASecurity Zones (Part 165)12/29/2008
USCG-2008-1246Hood River, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)7/9/2009
USCG-2008-1246Hood River, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)7/10/2009
USCG-2008-1248Sault Ste. Marie, MISafety Zones (Part 165)12/31/2008
USCG-2008-1251Port Huron, MISafety Zones (Part 165)1/1/2009
USCG-2008-1265Baltimore, MDSecurity Zones (Part 165)1/17/2009
USCG-2008-1267Wilmington, DESecurity Zones (Part 165)1/17/2009
USCG-2008-1270Ketchikan, AKSafety Zones (Part 165)1/7/2009
USCG-2008-1272Massachusetts Bay, MASafety Zones (Part 165)1/8/2009
USCG-2009-0011Anne Arundel County, MDSafety Zones (Part 165)1/17/2009
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USCG-2009-0013Lake Washington, WASafety Zones (Part 165)8/8/2009
USCG-2009-0014Steilacoom, WASafety Zones (Part 165)10/9/2010
USCG-2009-0015Washington Coastal Bar, WASafety Zones (Part 165)11/6/2009
USCG-2009-0017Long Beach, CADrawbridge Operations Regulation (Part 117)1/27/2009
USCG-2009-0018Hampton, VASafety Zones (Part 165)4/24/2009
USCG-2009-0020San FranciscoSafety Zones (Part 165)2/2/2009
USCG-2009-0029San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)2/2/2009
USCG-2009-0030Charles County, MDSafety Zones (Part 165)4/1/2009
USCG-2009-0031Tillamook Bay, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)11/5/2009
USCG-2009-0032Washington Coast, WASafety Zones (Part 165)11/6/2009
USCG-2009-0033Coquille River Bar, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)11/6/2009
USCG-2009-0034Washington Coastal Bar, WASafety Zones (Part 165)11/7/2009
USCG-2009-0035Seattle, WASafety Zones (Part 165)11/10/2009
USCG-2009-0036Washington Coastal Bar, WASafety Zones (Part 165)11/18/2009
USCG-2009-0037Tillamook Bay, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)11/16/2009
USCG-2009-0038Columbia River Bar, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)11/16/2009
USCG-2009-0039Oregon Coast, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)11/18/2009
USCG-2009-0040Seattle, WASafety Zones (Part 165)11/22/2009
USCG-2009-0041San Diego, CASecurity Zones (Part 165)1/27/2009
USCG-2009-0042GuamSafety Zones (Part 165)1/22/2009
USCG-2009-0043GuamSafety Zones (Part 165)1/27/2009
USCG-2009-0048Williamsburg, VASecurity Zones (Part 165)2/5/2009
USCG-2009-0049San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)3/8/2009
USCG-2009-0052Miami, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)2/4/2009
USCG-2009-0055Savannah, GASafety Zones (Part 165)2/23/2009
USCG-2009-0056Lower Mississippi RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)1/28/2009
USCG-2009-0057Lower Mississippi RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)12/14/2008
USCG-2009-0061Birmingham, MOSafety Zones (Part 165)2/3/2009
USCG-2009-0062Savannah, GASafety Zones (Part 165)2/6/2009
USCG-2009-0067Lower Mississippi RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)2/4/2009
USCG-2009-0068New London, CTDrawbridge Operations Regulation (Part 117)3/3/2009
USCG-2009-0070Sabine, TXSecurity Zones (Part 165)1/31/2010
USCG-2009-0072West Palm, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)5/3/2009
USCG-2009-0079Chicago, ILSafety Zones (Part 165)2/8/2009
USCG-2009-0085Chicago, ILSecurity Zones (Part 165)2/13/2009
USCG-2009-0087Potomac River, VASecurity Zones (Part 165)2/23/2009
USCG-2009-0088Honolulu, HISafety Zones (Part 165)3/6/2009
USCG-2009-0095White RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)12/22/2008
USCG-2009-0096Greenville, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)1/5/2009
USCG-2009-0105GuamSafety Zones (Part 165)3/17/2009
USCG-2009-0109San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)3/6/2009
USCG-2009-0111Charleston, WVSafety Zones (Part 165)4/25/2009
USCG-2009-0112Lake Havasu, AZSafety Zones (Part 165)4/25/2009
USCG-2009-0113LouisianaSafety Zones (Part 165)3/9/2009
USCG-2009-0129Port Neches, TXSafety Zones (Part 165)5/1/2009
USCG-2009-0131Sacramento, CADrawbridge Operations Regulation (Part 117)3/15/2009
USCG-2009-0133Natchez, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)2/27/2009
USCG-2009-0134Jonesville, LASafety Zones (Part 165)7/15/2009
USCG-2009-0135Ouachita-Black RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)3/9/2009
USCG-2009-0136Bayou Cassotte, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)4/13/2009
USCG-2009-0137Biloxi, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)4/4/2009
USCG-2009-0138Biloxi, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)4/2/2009
USCG-2009-0140San Francisco, CASafety Zones (Part 165)3/5/2009
USCG-2009-0142Miami, FLSecurity Zones (Part 165)3/6/2009
USCG-2009-0148Vicksburg, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)4/18/2009
USCG-2009-0151Old Lyme, CTDrawbridge Operations Regulation (Part 117)3/22/2009
USCG-2009-0153West Palm, FLSecurity Zones (Part 165)3/8/2009
USCG-2009-0159American SamoaSafety Zones (Part 165)5/1/2009
USCG-2009-0161San Francisco, CASafety Zones (Part 165)4/8/2009
USCG-2009-0163Nassau County, NYDrawbridge Operations Regulation (Part 117)5/17/2009
USCG-2009-0164Louisville, KYSafety Zones (Part 165)4/17/2009
USCG-2009-0165Lake Cumberland, KYSafety Zones (Part 165)5/16/2009
USCG-2009-0167Louisville, KYSafety Zones (Part 165)4/18/2009
USCG-2009-0170Charleston, SCSafety Zones (Parts 147 and 165)6/29/2009
USCG-2009-0171Portsmouth, VASafety Zones (Part 165)8/13/2009
USCG-2009-0172Lower Chesapeake BaySafety Zones (Part 165)11/12/2009
USCG-2009-0173Port Zone, MDSafety Zones (Part 165)11/12/2009
USCG-2009-0177West Memphis, ARSafety Zones (Part 165)3/12/2009
USCG-2009-0189Norfolk, VASafety Zones (Part 165)5/16/2009
USCG-2009-0190Lower Mississippi RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)11/11/2008
USCG-2009-0196Pensacola, Beach, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)7/8/2009
USCG-2009-0197Sabine, TXSecurity Zones (Part 165)3/25/2009
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USCG-2009-0200Redwood, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)5/19/2009
USCG-2009-0200Redwood, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)6/30/2009
USCG-2009-0207Destin, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)3/26/2009
USCG-2009-0208Panama City, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)3/28/2009
USCG-2009-0209Biloxi, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)3/29/2009
USCG-2009-0212San Francisco, CASafety Zones (Part 165)3/24/2009
USCG-2009-0213Biloxi, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)3/20/2009
USCG-2009-0214Cameron, LASecurity Zones (Part 165)3/24/2009
USCG-2009-0215San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)3/31/2009
USCG-2009-0216St Joseph, MISafety Zones (Part 165)3/17/2009
USCG-2009-0220Washington, DCSafety Zones (Part 165)3/25/2009
USCG-2009-0221Sausalito, CASafety Zones (Part 165)3/28/2009
USCG-2009-0224Pomeroy, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)4/21/2009
USCG-2009-0226Charlotte Amalie, USVISafety Zones (Part 165)4/26/2009
USCG-2009-0227Memphis, TNSafety Zones (Part 100)7/31/2009
USCG-2009-0236San Francisco, CASpecial Local Regulation (Part 100)4/26/2009
USCG-2009-0237San Francisco, CASpecial Local Regulation (Part 100)4/26/2009
USCG-2009-0238Amesbury, MASafety Zones (Part 165)3/31/2009
USCG-2009-0241San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)4/25/2009
USCG-2009-0243William Sound, AKSafety Zones (Part 165)6/3/2009
USCG-2009-0245Dutch Harbor, AKSafety Zones (Part 165)1/25/2010
USCG-2009-0248Miami Beach, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)4/6/2009
USCG-2009-0253Lake Washington, WASafety Zones (Part 165)4/14/2009
USCG-2009-0254Red River,Safety Zones (Part 165)4/2/2009
USCG-2009-0256Puget Sound, WASecurity Zones (Part 165)4/12/2009
USCG-2009-0258Stuart, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)4/25/2009
USCG-2009-0261Offshore Sunny Isles, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)6/11/2009
USCG-2009-0262Washington Harbor, DCSafety Zones (Part 165)4/11/2009
USCG-2009-0264Fire Island, NYSafety Zones (Part 165)4/5/2009
USCG-2009-0270San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)5/1/2009
USCG-2009-0272Key West, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)4/24/2009
USCG-2009-0282Santa Cruz BeachSafety Zones (Part 165)6/13/2009
USCG-2009-0287Blue Island, ILSafety Zones (Part 165)5/2/2009
USCG-2009-0289North Palm Beach, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)5/2/2009
USCG-2009-0290Washington, DCSafety Zones (Part 165)4/17/2009
USCG-2009-0291Nahant, MASafety Zones (Part 165)4/9/2009
USCG-2009-0294Sabine, TXSafety Zones (Part 165)4/16/2009
USCG-2009-0295Cameron Parish, LASecurity Zones (Part 165)4/16/2009
USCG-2009-0297Hampton, NHDrawbridge Operations Regulation (Part 117)5/12/2009
USCG-2009-0303Charleston, WVSafety Zones (Part 165)6/5/2009
USCG-2009-0304Columbia River Bar, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)4/21/2009
USCG-2009-0305Kachemak Bay, AKSafety Zones (Part 165)4/29/2009
USCG-2009-0306Pittsburgh, PASafety Zones (Part 165)7/3/2009
USCG-2009-0307Port Everglades, FLSecurity Zones (Part 165)4/27/2009
USCG-2009-0309Port Everglades, FLSecurity Zones (Part 165)5/2/2009
USCG-2009-0312Lower Mississippi RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)3/16/2009
USCG-2009-0320Counce, TNSafety Zones (Part 165)7/3/2009
USCG-2009-0321Seattle, WASpecial Local Regulation (Part 100)5/2/2009
USCG-2009-0322Portland, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)5/1/2009
USCG-2009-0323Romeoville, ILSafety Zones (Part 165)4/29/2009
USCG-2009-0326San Francisco, CASafety Zones (Part 165)7/25/2009
USCG-2009-0334Hood Canal, WASafety Zones (Part 165)5/1/2009
USCG-2009-0336Pittsburgh, PASafety Zones (Part 165)5/16/2009
USCG-2009-0338Louisville, KYSafety Zones (Part 165)4/26/2009
USCG-2009-0340Cincinnati, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)7/25/2009
USCG-2009-0341Vicksburg, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0344Key West, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)5/31/2009
USCG-2009-0346Sacramento, CADrawbridge Operations Regulation (Part 117)5/23/2009
USCG-2009-0352Cairo, ILSafety Zones (Part 165)4/30/2009
USCG-2009-0353Greenville, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0355Quincy, MASafety Zones (Part 165)6/27/2009
USCG-2009-0358Puerto RicoSafety Zones (Part 165)5/31/2009
USCG-2009-0360Cincinnati, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)7/11/2009
USCG-2009-0363Leesville, LASafety Zones (Part 165)5/1/2009
USCG-2009-0364Amelia, LASafety Zones (Part 165)5/8/2009
USCG-2009-0366Virginia Beach, VASafety Zones (Part 165)5/31/2009
USCG-2009-0367Memphis, TNSafety Zones (Part 165)5/23/2009
USCG-2009-0368South Lake Tahoe, CASafety Zones (Part 165)7/3/2009
USCG-2009-0369Tahoe City, CASafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0371Portland, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)5/22/2009
USCG-2009-0372Hempstead, NYDrawbridge Operations Regulation (Part 117)5/23/2009
USCG-2009-0375Morgan City Port AllenSafety Zones (Part 165)5/14/2009
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USCG-2009-0380San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)8/2/2009
USCG-2009-0381Atchafalaya ChannelSafety Zones (Part 165)5/10/2009
USCG-2009-0382Leesville, LASafety Zones (Part 165)5/5/2009
USCG-2009-0387Lake Tahoe, CASafety Zones (Part 165)7/3/2009
USCG-2009-0388Mandeville Island, CASafety Zones (Part 165)7/2/2009
USCG-2009-0389Leesville, LASafety Zones (Part 165)5/20/2009
USCG-2009-0390Vicksburg, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)5/13/2009
USCG-2009-0395Bridgeport, CTSpecial Local Regulation (Part 100)8/1/2009
USCG-2009-0397Hudson River, NYSafety and Security Zones (Part 165)6/5/2009
USCG-2009-0402Ocean City, NJSafety Zones (Part 165)10/10/2009
USCG-2009-0403Redwood City, CASafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0403El Granada, CASafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0411New London, CTSecurity Zones (Part 165)5/20/2009
USCG-2009-0427Pensacola Beach, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)6/3/2009
USCG-2009-0428Lower Mississippi RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)5/19/2009
USCG-2009-0429Bayou Casotte, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)5/28/2009
USCG-2009-0435Port Detroit ZoneSafety Zones (Part 165)5/22/2009
USCG-2009-0438Pomeroy, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)5/28/2009
USCG-2009-0441Port Arthur, TXSafety Zones (Part 165)5/26/2009
USCG-2009-0442Perryville, MDSafety Zones (Part 165)6/9/2009
USCG-2009-0445Portsmouth, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0451Hackberry, LASafety Zones (Part 165)5/28/2009
USCG-2009-0463San Francisco, CASafety Zones (Part 165)7/3/2009
USCG-2009-0467Upper Mississippi RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)7/3/2009
USCG-2009-0468Upper Mississippi RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)7/3/2009
USCG-2009-0470San Francisco, CASafety Zones (Part 165)6/8/2009
USCG-2009-0471GuamSafety Zones (Part 165)6/2/2009
USCG-2009-0473Houghton, MISpecial Local Regulation (Part 100)6/21/2009
USCG-2009-0473Manitowoc, WISafety Zones (Part 165)6/7/2008
USCG-2009-0476Grosse Point Farms, MISafety Zones (Part 165)6/12/2009
USCG-2009-0480Pittsburg, CASafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0481Martinez, CASafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0482San Diego, CASecurity Zones (Part 165)6/23/2009
USCG-2009-0487Nashville, TNSafety Zones (Part 165)8/22/2009
USCG-2009-0488Milwaukie, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)6/13/2009
USCG-2009-0489Oregon Inlet, NCRegulated Navigation Area (Part 165)6/5/2009
USCG-2009-0490Boston, MARegulated Navigation Area (Part 100)7/6/2009
USCG-2009-0492St Joseph, MISafety Zones (Part 165)6/20/2009
USCG-2009-0493Smithfield, VASafety Zones (Part 165)7/3/2009
USCG-2009-0495Allegheny River, PASafety Zones (Part 165)7/26/2009
USCG-2009-0499Sabine, TXSecurity Zones (Part 165)6/8/2009
USCG-2009-0500Cameron Parish, LASecurity Zones (Part 165)6/8/2009
USCG-2009-0505Pomeroy, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)6/17/2009
USCG-2009-0506Marietta, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)7/11/2009
USCG-2009-0509Pomeroy, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)6/16/2009
USCG-2009-0514San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)7/16/2009
USCG-2009-0515Charleston, WVSafety Zones (Part 165)7/31/2009
USCG-2009-0517Sabine, TXSecurity Zones (Part 165)6/10/2009
USCG-2009-0518San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)6/23/2009
USCG-2009-0525Potts HarborSafety Zones (Part 165)7/25/2009
USCG-2009-0528Burnham Park HarborSecurity Zones (Part 165)6/15/2009
USCG-2009-0530Gloucester, MASpecial Local Regulation (Parts 100 and 165)6/26/2009
USCG-2009-0531Haverhill, MASpecial Local Regulation (Part 100)8/22/2009
USCG-2009-0533Coos Bay, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0536Port Arthur, TXSafety Zones (Part 165)6/15/2009
USCG-2009-0538Presque Isle BaySecurity Zones (Part 165)6/17/2009
USCG-2009-0539Polaris Point, GUSafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0540Kittery, MEDrawbridge Operations Regulation (Part 117)7/3/2009
USCG-2009-0541Detroit, MISafety Zones (Part 165)6/25/2009
USCG-2009-0542Lake Champlain, VTSafety Zones (Part 165)7/18/2009
USCG-2009-0543Grand Marais, MISafety Zones (Part 165)6/20/2009
USCG-2009-0545Oakland, CASafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0550Houghton, MISafety Zones (Part 165)6/20/2009
USCG-2009-0551Lake Superior, WISafety Zones (Part 165)7/3/2009
USCG-2009-0554Bal Harbour, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0555Detroit, MISafety Zones (Part 165)6/24/2009
USCG-2009-0556Sault Ste. Marie, MISecurity Zones (Part 165)6/30/2009
USCG-2009-0563Bay City, MISafety Zones (Part 165)7/2/2009
USCG-2009-0564Great LakesSpecial Local Regulation (Part 100)6/26/2009
USCG-2009-0566Seattle, WASafety Zones (Part 165)7/29/2009
USCG-2009-0567Puget Sound, WASecurity Zones (Part 165)7/26/2009
USCG-2009-0569San Francisco, CASafety Zones (Part 165)7/13/2009
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USCG-2009-0570Parkersburg, WVSafety Zones (Part 165)6/21/2009
USCG-2009-0572Lake Tahoe, CASafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0575Toledo, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0577Tacoma, WASafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0583Huntington Bay, NYSpecial Local Regulation (Part 100)7/13/2008
USCG-2009-0586Everglades, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)6/28/2009
USCG-2009-0590Savannah, GASafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0592Pensacola Beach, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)7/10/2009
USCG-2009-0593Essington, PASafety Zones (Part 165)7/18/2009
USCG-2009-0598Kendall, NYSafety Zones (Part 165)7/3/2009
USCG-2009-0599Lapointe, WISafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0601Cameron Parish, LASecurity Zones (Part 165)6/28/2009
USCG-2009-0602Sabine, TXSecurity Zones (Part 165)6/28/2009
USCG-2009-0603Cornucopia, WISafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0604Ashland, WISafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0605Duluth, MNSafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0606Natchez, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)7/3/2009
USCG-2009-0609Sault Ste. Marie, MISafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0610Munishing, MISafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0611Marquette, MISafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0612Cedarville, MISafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0613Buffalo, NYSafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0614Bayfield, WISafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0615St. Ignance, MISafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0617Wymouth, MASafety Zones (Part 165)7/3/2009
USCG-2009-0620Rochester, NYSafety Zones (Part 165)7/3/2009
USCG-2009-0621Olcott, NYSafety Zones (Part 165)7/3/2009
USCG-2009-0622Avon Lake, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0623Cleveland, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0624Conneaut, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)7/5/2009
USCG-2009-0625Fairport Harbor, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)7/5/2009
USCG-2009-0626Youngstown, NYSafety Zones (Part 165)7/3/2009
USCG-2009-0627Oswego, NYSafety Zones (Part 165)7/5/2009
USCG-2009-0628Lorain, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)7/16/2009
USCG-2009-0629Mentor, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)7/3/2009
USCG-2009-0630Erie, PASafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0634Paradise, MISafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0636Sabine, TXSecurity Zones (Part 165)7/14/2009
USCG-2009-0637Newport News, VASafety Zones (Part 165)7/2/2009
USCG-2009-0638Mackinac Island, MISafety Zones (Part 165)7/4/2009
USCG-2009-0640Brooklyn/Queens, NYDrawbridge Operations Regulation (Part 117)8/1/2009
USCG-2009-0650Lorain, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)7/16/2009
USCG-2009-0653Gary, INSafety Zones (Part 165)7/10/2009
USCG-2009-0655Milwaukie, WISafety Zones (Part 165)7/23/2009
USCG-2009-0656Sheffield Lake, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)7/17/2009
USCG-2009-0657Sackets Harbor, NYSafety Zones (Part 165)7/18/2009
USCG-2009-0660Chaumont, NYSafety Zones (Part 165)7/25/2009
USCG-2009-0662Dorchester Bay, MASpecial Local Regulation (Part 100)8/8/2009
USCG-2009-0663Orange, TXSafety Zones (Part 165)7/13/2009
USCG-2009-0665Milwaukee, WISafety Zones (Part 165)7/16/2009
USCG-2009-0668Nashville, TNSafety Zones (Part 165)7/26/2009
USCG-2009-0673Romeoville, ILSafety Zones (Part 165)7/17/2009
USCG-2009-0675Sacramento, CASafety Zones (Part 165)10/2/2009
USCG-2009-0678Maersk JewelSecurity Zones (Part 165)7/21/2009
USCG-2009-0678Maersk JewelSecurity Zones (Part 165)7/22/2009
USCG-2009-0682OzarksSafety Zones (Part 165)9/25/2009
USCG-2009-0690Cincinnati, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)9/12/2009
USCG-2009-0691Cleveland, OHSecurity Zones (Part 165)7/23/2009
USCG-2009-0694Lake FireworksSafety Zones (Part 165)9/6/2009
USCG-2009-0695Ohio River, PASafety Zones (Part 165)8/9/2009
USCG-2009-0696Monongahela River, PASafety Zones (Part 165)8/9/2009
USCG-2009-0697Harrison Township, MISafety Zones (Part 165)7/25/2009
USCG-2009-0698Chicago, ILSafety Zones (Part 165)7/25/2009
USCG-2009-0707Massachusetts Bay, MASafety Zones (Part 165)7/25/2009
USCG-2009-0710Gilbertsville, KYSafety Zones (Part 165)8/21/2009
USCG-2009-0711Patchogue, NYSafety Zones (Part 165)8/22/2009
USCG-2009-0712Cleveland, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)8/2/2009
USCG-2009-0713Biloxi, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)8/14/2009
USCG-2009-0715Beaver River, PASafety Zones (Part 165)8/15/2009
USCG-2009-0716Modu Ralph ColfmanSafety Zones (Part 165)8/24/2009
USCG-2009-0719Upper Mississippi RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)8/16/2009
USCG-2009-0720Ocean City, NJSafety Zones (Part 165)9/19/2009
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USCG-2009-0721Harriman, TNSafety Zones (Part 165)8/11/2009
USCG-2009-0721Harriman, TNSafety Zones (Part 165)9/10/2009
USCG-2009-0725Chesapeake Bay, VASafety Zones (Part 165)9/26/2009
USCG-2009-0726Newburyport, MASafety Zones (Part 165)8/1/2009
USCG-2009-0727Portland, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)8/5/2009
USCG-2009-0728Oregon City, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)8/9/2009
USCG-2009-0730Ouachita RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)10/9/2009
USCG-2009-0731Evansville, INSafety Zones (Part 165)8/22/2009
USCG-2009-0732Louisville, KYSafety Zones (Part 165)8/28/2009
USCG-2009-0733San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)8/16/2009
USCG-2009-0734Pittsburgh, PASecurity Zones (Part 165)9/24/2009
USCG-2009-0738Silverdale, DCSafety Zones (Part 165)8/14/09
USCG-2009-0740Bay City, MISafety Zones (Part 165)8/8/2009
USCG-2009-0741Michigan City, INSafety Zones (Part 165)8/9/2009
USCG-2009-0742Port Huron, MISafety Zones (Part 165)8/16/2009
USCG-2009-0743Upper Mississippi RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)10/4/2009
USCG-2009-0750Pt Pleasant, WVSafety Zones (Part 165)9/5/2009
USCG-2009-0758Sabine, TXSecurity Zones (Part 165)8/10/2009
USCG-2009-0762High Island, TXSafety Zones (Part 165)8/10/2009
USCG-2009-0763Glen Cove, NYSafety Zones (Part 165)8/15/2009
USCG-2009-0766Romeoville, ILRegulated Navigation Area and Safety Zone (Part 165)8/17/2009
USCG-2009-0770M/V SylvieSecurity Zones (Part 165)8/23/2009
USCG-2009-0771Seattle, WASecurity Zones (Part 165)8/23/2009
USCG-2009-0773Sabine, TXSecurity Zones (Part 165)8/18/2009
USCG-2009-0774Cameron, Parish, LASecurity Zones (Part 165)8/18/2009
USCG-2009-0775East Isleton, CADrawbridge Operations Regulation (Part 117)9/15/2009
USCG-2009-0776Rio Vista, CADrawbridge Operations Regulation (Part 117)9/15/2009
USCG-2009-0778Treasure Island, CASafety Zones (Part 165)8/19/2009
USCG-2009-0779Chicago, ILSafety Zones (Part 165)8/21/2010
USCG-2009-0783Superior, WISafety Zones (Part 165)8/22/2009
USCG-2009-0784Cleveland, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)9/2/2009
USCG-2009-0786Sandusky, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)8/22/2009
USCG-2009-0793Sabine, TXSecurity Zones (Part 165)8/22/2009
USCG-2009-0798Wises Landing, KYSafety Zones (Part 165)9/8/2009
USCG-2009-0799Augusta, GASafety Zones (Part 165)9/27/2009
USCG-2009-0802Pittsburgh, PASafety Zones (Part 165)9/10/2009
USCG-2009-0806San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)9/12/2009
USCG-2009-0807Arlington Fairfax Counties, VASecurity Zones (Part 165)8/29/2009
USCG-2009-0808Harbor, MDSafety Zones (Part 165)9/6/2009
USCG-2009-0813Boston, MASecurity Zones (Part 165)8/28/2009
USCG-2009-0819Cleveland, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)9/5/2009
USCG-2009-0821Lower Mississippi RiverSafety Zones (Parts 100)10/10/2009
USCG-2009-0825Mackinac City, MISecurity Zones (Part 165)9/7/2009
USCG-2009-0830Cincinnati, OHSecurity Zones (Part 165)9/7/2009
USCG-2009-0831Port San JuanSafety Zones (Part 165)9/2/2009
USCG-2009-0833Pittsburgh, PASecurity Zones (Part 165)9/15/2009
USCG-2009-0834Pittsburgh, PASecurity Zones (Part 165)9/7/2009
USCG-2009-0835Charleston, WVSafety Zones (Part 165)10/3/2009
USCG-2009-0836Biloxi, MSSafety Zones (Part 165)10/2/2009
USCG-2009-0846Rio Vista, CASafety Zones (Part 165)10/10/2009
USCG-2009-0850Romeoville, ILSafety Zones (Part 165)9/9/2009
USCG-2009-0853San Francisco, CASafety Zones (Part 165)9/17/2009
USCG-2009-0862Superior, WISpecial Local Regulation (Part 100)9/19/2009
USCG-2009-0866GuamSafety Zones (Part 165)9/17/2009
USCG-2009-0867GuamSafety Zones (Part 165)9/21/2009
USCG-2009-0868GuamSafety Zones (Part 165)10/7/2009
USCG-2009-0873Port Valdez, AKSafety Zones (Part 165)9/19/2009
USCG-2009-0875Miami Beach, FLSecurity Zones (Part 165)10/26/2009
USCG-2009-0879Cleveland, OHSpecial Local Regulation (Part 100)9/19/2009
USCG-2009-0880Puget Sound, WASafety Zones (Part 165)9/23/2009
USCG-2009-0885West Sister Island, OHSafety Zones (Part 165)9/18/2009
USCG-2009-0886Lower Mississippi RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)9/18/2009
USCG-2009-0892Stamford, CTSecurity Zones (Part 165)10/23/2009
USCG-2009-0893Sacramento, CADrawbridge Operations Regulation (Part 117)10/24/2009
USCG-2009-0894Mackinac Island, MISafety Zones (Part 165)9/25/2009
USCG-2009-0901Lake Havasu, AZSafety Zones (Part 165)10/24/2009
USCG-2009-0904Orange, TXSafety Zones (Part 165)9/28/2009
USCG-2009-0905Pittsburgh, PASafety Zones (Part 165)10/3/2009
USCG-2009-0912Portland, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)10/7/2009
USCG-2009-0919Morgantown, WVSafety Zones (Part 165)10/10/2009
USCG-2009-0922San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)10/18/2009
USCG-2009-0923Lower Mississippi RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)10/4/2009
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USCG-2009-0924Kodiak Island, AKSafety Zones (Part 165)10/16/2009
USCG-2009-0927San Juan, PRSafety Zones (Part 165)10/23/2009
USCG-2009-0928Knik Arm, AKSecurity Zones (Part 165)10/20/2009
USCG-2009-0930San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)10/25/2009
USCG-2009-0932San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)10/24/2009
USCG-2009-0933Port Arthur, TXSafety Zones (Part 165)11/16/2009
USCG-2009-0938Cleveland, OHSecurity Zones (Part 165)10/26/2009
USCG-2009-0939Pittsburgh, PASafety Zones (Part 165)11/20/2009
USCG-2009-0941San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)10/23/2009
USCG-2009-0943Pittsburgh, PASecurity Zones (Part 165)10/19/2009
USCG-2009-0944Fairfax County, VASafety Zones (Part 165)10/24/2009
USCG-2009-0945Port Neches, TXSafety Zones (Part 165)10/15/2009
USCG-2009-0953Big Sandy RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)10/24/2009
USCG-2009-0954Chicago, ILSafety Zones (Part 165)10/26/2009
USCG-2009-0958Ambrosia, WVSafety Zones (Part 165)11/14/2009
USCG-2009-0962Miami, FLSecurity Zones (Part 165)10/29/2009
USCG-2009-0964San FranciscoSafety Zones (Part 165)12/12/2009
USCG-2009-0971Wrightsville Beach, NCSpecial Local Regulation (Part 100)11/7/2009
USCG-2009-0977Oak Island, NCSafety Zones (Part 165)11/16/2009
USCG-2009-0980Cameron Parish, LASecurity Zones (Part 165)11/4/2009
USCG-2009-0981Sabine, TXSecurity Zones (Part 165)11/4/2009
USCG-2009-0987Orange Beach, ALSafety Zones (Part 165)11/7/2009
USCG-2009-0991San Francisco, CASafety Zones (Part 165)12/31/2009
USCG-2009-1002Waterway, TXSecurity Zones (Part 165)11/10/2009
USCG-2009-1005Oregon Coast, ORSafety Zones (Part 165)11/22/2009
USCG-2009-1007Quillayute RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)2/27/2009
USCG-2009-1007Quillayute RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)3/1/2020
USCG-2009-1008Seattle, WASafety Zones (Part 165)4/22/2010
USCG-2009-1010Waterway, TXSecurity Zones (Part 165)11/11/2009
USCG-2009-1012San Diego, CASafety Zones (Part 165)12/4/2009
USCG-2009-1015Sabine-Neches Canal, TXSafety Zones (Part 165)11/13/2009
USCG-2009-1016Ouachita RiverSafety Zones (Part 165)11/13/2009
USCG-2009-1018Sabine-Neches CanalSafety Zones (Part 165)11/16/2009
USCG-2009-1019Matagorda Island, TXSafety Zones (Part 165)11/17/2009
USCG-2009-1032Smithland, KYSafety Zones (Part 165)11/30/2009
USCG-2009-1040Lower Chesapeake Bay, VASafety Zones (Part 165)11/13/2009
USCG-2009-1041St. Thomas, USVISafety Zones (Part 165)12/8/2009
USCG-2009-1042Baton Rouge, LASafety Zones (Part 165)12/4/2009
USCG-2009-1043South Padre Island, TXSafety Zones (Part 165)12/13/2009
USCG-2009-1044Sacramento, CASafety Zones (Part 165)1/1/2010
USCG-2009-1048Niagara River, NYSafety Zones (Part 165)11/30/2009
USCG-2009-1054Hackberry, LASecurity Zones (Part 165)12/1/2009
USCG-2009-1055LouisianaSecurity Zones (Part 165)11/27/2009
USCG-2009-1062Chicago, ILSafety Zones (Part 165)12/4/2009
USCG-2009-1063St. Joseph, MISafety Zones (Part 165)12/1/2009
USCG-2009-1077Waterway, TXSecurity Zones (Part 165)12/10/2009
USCG-2009-1082Oahu, HISecurity Zones (Part 165)12/23/2009
USCG-2009-1092Sabine-Neches CanalSafety Zones (Part 165)12/17/2009
USCG-2009-1103Cameron Parish, LASecurity Zones (Part 165)12/19/2009
USCG-2009-1104West Palm Beach, FLSafety Zones (Part 165)1/1/2010
USCG-2009-1114Oahu, HISecurity Zones (Part 165)12/30/2009
USCG-2009-1115M/V SylvieSecurity Zones (Part 165)12/26/2009
USCG-2009-1115M/V SylvieSecurity Zones (Part 165)12/29/2009
USCG-2009-1121Sabine, TXSecurity Zones (Part 165)1/1/2010
USCG-2009-1122Cameron Parish, LASecurity Zones (Part 165)1/1/2010
USCG-2009-1126Sabine, TXSafety Zones (Part 165)1/3/2010
USCG-2009-1127Mobile, ALSafety Zones (Part 165)1/15/2010
USCG-2009-1128Mobile, ALSecurity Zones (Part 165)1/16/2010
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