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Cancellation of Pesticides for Non-Payment of Year 2011 Registration Maintenance Fees

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).




Since the amendments of October 1988, the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) has required payment of an annual maintenance fee to keep pesticide registrations in effect. The fee due last January 15, 2011, has gone unpaid for 254 registrations. Section 4(i)(5)(G) of FIFRA provides that the EPA Administrator may cancel these registrations by order and without a hearing; orders to cancel all 254 of these registrations have been issued within the past few days.


A cancellation is effective on the date the cancellation order is signed.

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John Jamula, Information Technology and Resources Management Division (7502P), Office of Pesticide Programs, Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20460-0001; telephone number: (703) 305-6426; e-mail address: jamula.john@epa.g ov.

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I. General Information

A. Does this action apply to me?

This action is directed to the public in general. Although this action may be of particular interest to persons who produce or use pesticides, the Agency has not attempted to describe all the specific entities that may be affected by this action. If you have any questions regarding the information in this notice, consult the person listed under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT.

B. How can I get copies of this document and other related information?

EPA has established a docket for this action under docket identification (ID) number EPA-HQ-OPP-2011-0558. Publicly available docket materials are available either in the electronic docket at, or, if only available in hard copy, at the Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) Regulatory Public Docket in Rm. S-4400, One Potomac Yard (South Bldg.), 2777 S. Crystal Dr., Arlington, VA. The hours of operation of this Docket Facility are from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays. The Docket Facility telephone number is (703) 305-5805.

II. Background

Section 4(i)(5) of FIFRA, as amended in October 1988 (Pub. L. 100-532), December 1991 (Pub. L. 102-237), and again in August 1996 (Pub. L. 104-170), requires that all pesticide registrants pay an annual registration maintenance fee, due by January 15 of each year, to keep their registrations in effect. This requirement applies to all registrations granted under FIFRA section 3 as well as those granted under FIFRA section 24(c) to meet special local needs. Registrations for which the fee is not paid are subject to cancellation by order and without a hearing.

The Food, Agriculture, Conservation, and Trade Act Amendments of 1991, Public Law 102-237, amended FIFRA to allow the EPA Administrator to reduce or waive maintenance fees for minor agricultural use pesticides when she determines that the fee would be likely to cause significant impact on the availability of the pesticide for the use. The Agency has waived the fee for 194 minor agricultural use registrations at the request of the registrants.

In fiscal year 2011, maintenance fees were collected in one billing cycle. The Pesticide Registration Improvement Renewal Act (PRIRA) was passed by Congress in October 2007. PRIRA authorized the Agency to collect $22 million in maintenance fees in fiscal year 2011. In late 2010, all holders of either FIFRA section 3 registrations or FIFRA section 24(c) registrations were sent lists of their active registrations, along with forms and instructions for responding. They were asked to identify which of their registrations they wished to maintain in effect, and to calculate and remit the appropriate maintenance fees. Most responses were received by the statutory deadline of January 15. A notice of intent to cancel was sent in February, 2011, to companies who did not respond and to companies who responded, but paid for less than all of their registrations. Since mailing the notices of intent to cancel, EPA has maintained a toll-free inquiry number through which the questions of affected registrants have been answered.

Maintenance fees have been paid for about 15,327 FIFRA section 3 registrations, or about 95% of the registrations on file in December 2010. Fees have been paid for about 2,053 FIFRA section 24(c) registrations, or about 90% of the total on file in December 2010. Cancellations for non-payment of the maintenance fee affect about 238 FIFRA section 3 registrations and about 16 FIFRA section 24(c) registrations.

The cancellation orders generally permit registrants to continue to sell and distribute existing stocks of the canceled products until January 15, 2012, 1 year after the date on which the fee was due. Existing stocks already in the hands of dealers or users, however, can generally be distributed, sold, or used legally until they are exhausted. Existing stocks are defined as those stocks of a registered pesticide product which are currently in the United States and which have been packaged, labeled, and released for Start Printed Page 44908shipment prior to the effective date of the cancellation order.

The exceptions to these general rules are cases where more stringent restrictions on sale, distribution, or use of the products have already been imposed, through special reviews or other Agency actions. These general provisions for disposition of stocks should serve in most cases to cushion the impact of these cancellations while the market adjusts.

III. Listing of Registrations Canceled for Non-Payment

Table 1 of this unit lists all of the FIFRA section 24(c) registrations, and Table 2 of this unit lists all of the FIFRA section 3 registrations which were canceled for non-payment of the 2011 maintenance fee. These registrations have been canceled by order and without hearing. Cancellation orders were sent to affected registrants via certified mail in the past several days. The Agency is unlikely to rescind cancellation of any particular registration unless the cancellation resulted from Agency error.

Table 1—FIFRA Section 24(c) Registrations Cancelled for Non-Payment of 2011 Maintenance Fee

SLN No.Product name
AZ-07-0010Talus 40 Sc Insect Growth Regulator.
CA-08-0002Permethrin E Pro Termiticide/insecticide.
CA-08-0008Plantshield Hc Biological Fungicide.
CA-10-0009Ethylene Compressed Gas.
CA-89-0037Methyl Bromide 100.
FL-04-0004Fyfanon ULV.
FL-09-0001Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide.
HI-07-0003Ovocontrol P Ready-To-Use Bait.
LA-08-0013Imida E-Pro 75 Wsp—Pre/post Construction Insecticide.
MI-09-0006Ovocontrol P 0.5%.
OR-06-0018Sprout Nip Emulsifiable Concentrate.
TX-07-0012Talus 40 Sc Insect Growth Regulator.
WA-00-0031Pear Wrap III.
WI-09-0001Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%.
WY-10-0003Kaput-D Pocket Gopher Bait.
WY-10-0006Kaput-D Pocket Gopher Bait.

Table 2—FIFRA Section 3 Registrations Cancelled for Non-Payment of 2011 Maintenance Fee

Registration No.Product name
000421-00435Mist Away Cleaner-Disinfectant.
000769-00965Sureco Permethrin Powder.
000777-00090Lysol Brand Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner II.
000777-00092RB 101.
000777-00093Lysol Brand II Disinfectant Mist Away Daily Shower Cleaner.
000777-00098Brace Kitchens.
000784-00087Triple D.
001190-00040Pepco D-C.
001386-00053Superior Miscible Spray Oil.
001475-00159Willert Mosquito Coils.
001677-00091Trichlor-O-Cide XP 160.
001677-00195Eco2000-Rx Freshbait.
001719-00044Zin-Tox Wood Preservative.
001965-00008Vancide 51.
001965-00089Vancide MZ-96 Dispersion.
002517-00006Double Duty Cat Flea & Tick Spray.
002517-00034Sergeant's Foam 'n Comb Dry Shampoo for Dogs and Cats.
002517-00066Sergeant's Skip Flea & Tick Spray Shampoo Plus Conditio.
002517-00090Sergeant's Cyphenothrin+methoprene Squeeze-On for Dogs.
002517-00099Pyrethroid W.B. Concentrate.
002517-00104Preventic L.A. Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs.
002517-00105Natura Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs and Cats.
002517-00108Permethrin—IGR # 1 Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs.
002517-00113Permethrin-Pyriproxyfen Residual Shampoo for Dogs #2.
003090-00218Sanitized Brand Pl 21-60.
003090-00219Sanitized Brand Pl 91-36.
003090-00222Sanitized Brand TB 83-35 MUP-DM.
003090-00223Sanitized Brand TB 83-35 DM.
003234-00044Ag-West Moss Killer Plus Lawn Food.
003282-00092D-Con Hideaway D-Con Bait Shield III.
003282-00093D-Con Corner-Fit D-Con Bait Shield IV.
003282-00094D-Con Hideaway D-Con Bait Shield V.
003282-00095D-Con Corner-Fit D-Con Bait Shield Vi.
Start Printed Page 44909
003487-00019Eagles-7 Rat Bait.
003522-00015Luseaux S Q B 550.
004091-00014Super Mildex.
006186-00041Winterfect I.
006458-00001Cube Root Powder.
006718-00018Amway Germicidal Concentrate.
006785-00005Prestochlor Bleach.
007152-00020Seaboard Sea/gard the Winter Chemical.
007455-00023R.o.l. Premix (contains Rabon Oral Larvicide).
008236-00002Thiram Technical.
008383-00001Permicide Brand Ristex.
008848-00011Black Jack Pine Aroma Disinfectant.
008848-00020Leader Formula #10 Super Roach Powder.
008848-00062Black Jack Fly and Mosquito Killer.
008848-00064Black Jack Multipurpose Insecticide.
008848-00066Black Jack Bull's Eye Wasp & Hornet Spray.
008848-00067Black Jack Liquid Multi-Purpose Insect Killer.
008848-00068Black Jack Automatic Indoor Fogger Roach Bomber II.
008848-00069Blackjack Crawling Insect Killer II.
008848-00070Blackjack Crawling Insect Killer I.
008848-00074Black Jack Pyraperm Household Insect Killer WBA P59.
008848-00077Black Jack Delta 0.02% HPC Liquid.
008848-00083Black Jack House & Garden Spray Liquid.
009078-00006Co-Op Cattle Mineral contains Rabon Oral Larvicide.
009374-00009Ragland Phos-8 with Rabon Oral Larvicide.
009630-000046% Copper Nap-All.
009630-00005M-Gard S120.
009630-000068% Zinc Nap-All.
009630-00007Zinc Hydro-Nap.
009630-00010M-Gard W550.
009630-00012M-Gard S520.
009630-00021M-Gard S 550.
010145-00004Vitasan 33.
010308-00021Insecticide Aerosol D-Phenothrin, 10%.
010308-00028Sumi-Alpha 10mc for PCO Use.
010308-00029Sumi-Alpha 10MC MUP.
010350-000573M Copper Granules.
010428-00016Chlor-San 16.
010801-00005Red Cross Nurse Brand Disinfectant & Air Deodorizer.
010806-00002Dog & Cat Repellent.
010806-00010Pro/pak Germicidal Cleaner Disinfectant Deodorizer.
010806-00088Contact Roach and Ant Killer X.
010806-00092Contact Liquid Gypsy Moth and Japanese Beetle Spray.
010937-00001Austin's Moth Control.
011435-00007Copper Hydroxide 50 WP.
027586-00001TM Biocontrol-1.
027586-00002Gypchek Biological Insecticide for the Gypsy Moth.
027586-00005Technical MCH.
029055-00003Sysco Reliance Ultra Disinfectant Bleach.
029055-20004Reliance Disinfectant Bleach.
033136-00001BRC 260 Algaecide/herbicide.
033658-00028Navigator Specialty Insecticide.
033660-00032Flutrix 4EC Att.
035896-00030Copper Hydroxide Technical.
036638-00029Nomate PBW Spiral.
037023-00003Kenic Flea Rid Flea and Tick Control Shampoo.
037982-00002Chlorine Gas.
039260-00001M-44 Cyanide Capsules.
041547-00001Algaecide Aquapill 5.
042177-00073Trichlor Time Release Canister.
042850-00002Diatect Multipurpose Insecticide.
043437-000038% Zinc Naphthenate.
043437-000048% Copper Naphthenate.
046183-00002Sani-Way 12.
046183-00006Bioway Tcl Chlorinating Sanitizer.
046270-00005Sanitizing Solution.
046597-00001Chemstar Chemaquacide.
048211-00008Stomp-Out Hydro-33 Weed Killer.
Start Printed Page 44910
048211-00073Stomp Out Granular.
048390-00001Nutra-Blend 7.76 Fly Larvicide Premix.
048665-00002Shoofly Concentrate I.
049292-00010Sprite Sanitizer.
049403-00027Nipacide BFW.
052074-00001A.C.S. GIB.
052287-00010Fertilizer with Starteem(r) #1.
052287-00016Harrell's Granular Herbicide 63.
053853-00001Burgess Insect Fog.
053853-00002Black Flag Fogging Insecticide Formula 2.
055238-20001Sodium Hypochlorite Solution.
055272-00013Copper Hydroxide 90%.
056410-00001Liquefied Chlorine Gas Under Pressure.
061282-00007Ramik Meal Rodenticide for Control of Commensal Rats.
062451-00004Antguard Coasters and Covers.
062451-00005Antguard for Outdoor Use.
062451-00007Antguard Gaskets.
063191-00012St. Gabriel Laboratories Hot Pepper Wax Insect Repellent.
065595-00001Pine Power.
066306-00005Formula 7511/1 Insect Repellent Sunscreen SPF 30.
066306-00011Sunset Camo Face Paint with Insect Repellent.
067517-00063Bromethalin Bait.
067690-00017Cutless * TP.
067760-00014Nufos 15G Insecticide.
068329-00002Alpha 137.
068329-00003Alpha 139.
068329-00005Alpha 520.
068329-00018Uni-Klor C.
069361-00012Tebucon 45 Wp Fungicide.
069697-00001Pseudozyma Flocculos Strain PF-A22 Ul (tgai).
069697-00003Sporodex L Biological Fungicide.
069876-00001Qwel (CTI 13-19B) Liquid Concentrate.
070214-00001Sealife 1000 Antifouling Marine Paint.
070271-00016Huish—Sodium Hypochlorite 6.0%.
070799-00001Stapine Pine Oil Disinfectant & Deodorant Coef.5.
071532-00009LG Permastar Plus.
071713-00001Croak Cockroach Baits.
071983-00001Roof Reclaim! Mildew Prevention System Component I.
072158-00001Preddeter Repellent Strips.
072159-00006Acephate Pro 75 SP Insecticide.
072159-00010Acephate Pro 90 SP Insecticide.
072500-00016Kaput-D Vole Bait.
073079-00001Intice Sweet Ant Gel.
074343-00001True Stop Insecticide.
074530-00024Helm Diquat AG.
074530-00025Helm Diquat Aquatic.
074530-00026Helm Nicosulfuron 75.
074530-00029Helopyr Herbicide.
074530-00030Helmba Herbicide.
074530-00034Helm Halo 75.
074530-00039Heloprid 2 AG.
074530-00040Heloprid 4.
074681-00001Copper Pro 67 Marine Blue.
074681-00003Copper Guard 56 Marine Blue.
074999-00003Kapto K.
074999-00004Kapto K Aerosol.
075643-00001Clor-Fix GR90.
075710-00001Mite Away II Single Application Formic Acid Pad.
079817-00002Poolrx Unit & Booster.
080286-00003Splat Cydia.
080305-00003I-Ching Naphthalene Moth Balls.
081910-00004Casacide T100.
081964-00002Acephate 75% SP.
081987-00002Drip Clear—Sodium Hypochlorite.
082200-00001Turf & Garden Seven % Granular Carbaryl Insecticide.
082437-000025-15-5 with Gro-Root Xtra (GRX).
082498-00001Grandslam 4 Herbicide.
082498-00006Glyphosate 62% Manufacturing Concentrate.
Start Printed Page 44911
082542-00011Abamectin 0.15ec AQ Insecticide/miticide.
082542-00012Abamectin 0.15ec T&o Insecticide/miticide.
082542-00016Technical Imidacloprid.
082542-00023Solera Imidacloprid 2f Greenhouse/nursery Insecticide.
082542-00024Solera Imidacloprid 2f T&O Insecticide.
082669-00001Bio-Ud-8 Lotion.
082669-00003Homs Bite Blocker Bioud Clothing & Gear Repellent.
083071-00001Activ-Ox 20.
083607-00002Core Tek 24 (tm).
083979-00002Rowrunner Ag Herbicide.
083979-00003Rowrunner Ato Herbicide.
084054-00001Konica Nice Print System Cleaning Agent-J.
084079-00001Roof Reviver Roof Cleaner.
084229-00005Triadimefon Technical.
084401-00001Invicta Clothing Insect Repellent Kit.
084456-00001Abamectin Technical.
084456-00003Abamectin 2% Ornamental Miticide/insecticide.
084456-00004Abamectin 2% Miticide/insecticide.
084592-00001Bylohas Pest controller.
085437-00001Food Contact Sanitizer.
085607-00001Reddick Pic-C100.
085798-00004Mold Shield.
086098-00001Reserve 41 Plus.
086154-00002Trace Mountain—Dicamba 4.
086154-00003Trace Mountain—Acephate 90 SP.
086154-00004Trace Mountain—Bifenthrin 2 EC.
086154-00005Trace Mountain—Glyphosate.
086154-00006Trace Mountain Mepiquat.
086154-00007Trace Mountain 2,4-D Amine 4.
086154-00008Trace Mountain 2,4-D LV 4 E.
086154-00009Trace Mountain Dicamba + 2,4-D.
086154-00010Trace Mountain 2,4-D Lv6e.
086154-00011Trace Mountain Bifenthrin CA.
086197-00001Fsti Sodium Hypochlorite Solution (12.5%).
086197-00002Fsti Sodium Hypochlorite Solution (10%).
086296-00001Trustchem Tebuconazole Technical Fungicide.
086501-00002Clear Up.
086501-00003Glyphosate 62% Manufacturing Concentrate.
086516-00002Bug Blockade Bed Bug Treatment.
086530-00003Agrilon Glyphosate 62% Mup II.
086530-00004Agrilon Glyphosate Technical II.
086702-00001Gly 62% MC.
086702-00002Gly 41% Herbicide.
086722-00001Syncide SCP MUP.
086722-00002Syncide SCP.
086869-00001Imidacloprid 75 WSP Select.
087099-00001Greenstar Ag Chemical Dynasty Plus 41% Glyphosate.
087276-00002Equil Bifen 7.9f Insecticide.
087276-00003Equil Cyper Insecticide.

IV. Provisions for Disposition of Existing Stocks

The effective date of cancellation will be the date the cancellation order is signed. The orders effecting these requested cancellations will generally permit a registrant to sell or distribute existing stocks until January 15, 2012, 1 year after the date on which the fee was due.

Existing stocks are those stocks of registered pesticide products which are currently in the United States and which have been packaged, labeled, and released for shipment prior to the effective date of the cancellation order. Unless the provisions of an earlier order apply, existing stocks already in the hands of dealers or users can be distributed, sold, or used legally until they are exhausted, provided that such further sale and use comply with the EPA-approved label and labeling of the affected product. Exception to these general rules will be made in specific cases when more stringent restrictions on sale, distribution, or use of the products or their ingredients have already been imposed, as in a special review action, or where the Agency has Start Printed Page 44912identified significant potential risk concerns associated with a particular chemical.

V. Docket

Complete lists of registrations canceled for non-payment of the maintenance fee will also be available for reference during normal business hours in the OPP Regulatory Public Docket, Rm. S-4400, One Potomac Yard (South Bldg.), 2777 S. Crystal Dr., Arlington, VA. Product-specific status inquiries may be made by calling toll-free, 1-800-444-7255.

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List of Subjects

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Dated: July 15, 2011.

Steven Bradbury,

Director, Office of Pesticide Programs.

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