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Notice of Receipt of Requests To Voluntarily Cancel Certain Pesticide Registrations

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In accordance with section 6(f)(1) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), as amended, EPA is issuing a notice of receipt of requests by registrants to voluntarily cancel certain pesticide registrations. EPA intends to grant these requests at the close of the comment period for this announcement unless the Agency receives substantive comments within the comment period that would merit its further review of the requests, or unless a registrant withdraws its request. If these requests are granted, any sale, distribution, or use of products listed in this notice will be permitted after the registration has been cancelled only if such sale, distribution, or use is consistent with the terms as described in the final order.


Comments must be received on or before January 2, 2013.


Submit your comments, identified by docket identification (ID) number EPA-HQ-OPP-2010-0014, by one of the following methods:

  • Federal eRulemaking Portal: Follow the online instructions for submitting comments. Do not submit electronically any information you consider to be Confidential Business Information (CBI) or other information whose disclosure is restricted by statute.
  • Mail: OPP Docket, Environmental Protection Agency Docket Center (EPA/DC), Mail Code: 28221T, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW., Washington, DC 20460-0001.
  • Hand Delivery: To make special arrangements for hand delivery or delivery of boxed information, please follow the instructions at Additional instructions on commenting or visiting the docket, along with more information about dockets generally, is available at


Katie Weyrauch, Pesticide Re-evaluation Division (7508P), Office of Pesticide Programs, Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW., Washington, DC 20460-0001; telephone number: (703) 308-0166; email address:


I. General Information

A. Does this action apply to me?

This action is directed to the public in general, and may be of interest to a wide range of stakeholders including environmental, human health, and agricultural advocates; the chemical industry; pesticide users; and members of the public interested in the sale, distribution, or use of pesticides. If you have any questions regarding the information in this notice, consult the person listed under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT.

B. What should I consider as I prepare my comments for EPA?

1. Submitting CBI. Do not submit this information to EPA through or email. Clearly mark the part or all of the information that you claim to be CBI. For CBI information in a disk or CD-ROM that you mail to EPA, mark the outside of the disk or CD-ROM as CBI and then identify electronically within the disk or CD-ROM the specific information that is claimed as CBI. In addition to one complete version of the comment that includes information claimed as CBI, a copy of the comment that does not contain the information claimed as CBI must be submitted for inclusion in the public docket. Information so marked will not be disclosed except in accordance with procedures set forth in 40 CFR part 2.

2. Tips for preparing your comments. When submitting comments, remember to:

i. Identify the document by docket ID number and other identifying information (subject heading, Federal Register date and page number).

ii. Follow directions. The Agency may ask you to respond to specific questions or organize comments by referencing a Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) part or section number.

iii. Explain why you agree or disagree; suggest alternatives and substitute language for your requested changes.

iv. Describe any assumptions and provide any technical information and/or data that you used.

v. If you estimate potential costs or burdens, explain how you arrived at your estimate in sufficient detail to allow for it to be reproduced.

vi. Provide specific examples to illustrate your concerns and suggest alternatives.

vii. Explain your views as clearly as possible, avoiding the use of profanity or personal threats.

viii. Make sure to submit your comments by the comment period deadline identified.

II. What action is the Agency taking?

This notice announces receipt by the Agency of requests from registrants to cancel 344 pesticide products registered under FIFRA section 3 or 24(c). These registrations are listed in sequence by registration number (or company number and 24(c) number) in Tables 1 and 2 of this unit.

Table 2 contains a list of registrations for which companies paying at one of the maintenance fee caps requested cancellation in the FY 2012 maintenance fee billing cycle. Because maintaining these registrations as active would require no additional fee, the Agency is treating these requests as voluntary cancellations under 6(f)(1).

Unless the Agency determines that there are substantive comments that warrant further review of the requests or the registrants withdraw their requests, EPA intends to issue an order in the Federal Register canceling all of the affected registrations.

Table 1—Registrations With Pending Requests for Cancellation

Registration No.Product nameChemical name
000100-00863Sentinel 40WG Turf FungicideCyproconazole.
000100-00874Sentinel 40 WG for Repackaging Use OnlyCyproconazole.
000352-00712Dupont Throttle MP HerbicideSulfentrazone, Sulfometuron, Chlorsulfuron.
000527-00106ML-13GPoly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl(dimethylimino)-1,2-ethanediyl(dimethylimino)-1,2-ethanediyl dichloride).
000527-00122ML-8SPoly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl(dimethylimino)-1,2-ethanediyl(dimethylimino)-1,2-ethanediyl dichloride).
000527-00127CS-EZPoly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl(dimethylimino)-1,2-ethanediyl(dimethylimino)-1,2-ethanediyl dichloride).
001903-00028Petco Ear Mite RemedyPyrethrins, Piperonyl butoxide.
002724-00616Speer Dairy and Livestock RTU SprayPiperonyl butoxide, Pyrethrins.
003090-00165Sanitized Brand T96-21Triclosan.
005204-00001Biomet TBTOTributyltin oxide.
005383-00127Microbanish RTriclosan.
009339-00012Flextin Wood Treatment ConcentrateTributyltin oxide.
009339-00014Flexgard Waterbase PreservativeTributyltin oxide.
009688-00300RG Indoor Insect ControlPiperonyl butoxide, Pyrethrins.
010088-00070Bio-CideCarbamodithioic acid, methyl-, monopotassium salt, Carbamodithioic acid, cyano-, disodium salt.
040849-00014Enforcer Flea and Tick Shampoo for PetsMGK 264, Piperonyl butoxide, Pyrethrins, Permethrin.
040849-00033Enforcer Ant & Roach Killer IIIMGK 264, Pyrethrins, Permethrin.
040849-00034Enforcer Flea & Tick Spray for Pets IIPiperonyl butoxide, Permethrin, Pyrethrins.
045385-00089Cenol Space and Contact SprayPhenothrin, Tetramethrin.
047000-00044Home-Garden and Pet InsecticideMGK 264, Piperonyl butoxide, Pyrethrins.
050600-00012Alas-478Phosphoric acid, Benzenesulfonic acid, C10-16-alkyl derivs.
058687-00001Chlorine—Liquified Gas Under PressureChlorine.
059807-00013Pyriproxyfen 11.23% Insect Growth RegulatorPyriproxyfen.
063191-00010St. Gabriel Laboratories Hot Pepper Wax Insect RepellentCapasaicin.
070385-00002Microban Institutional Spray X-580Bromine, MGK-264, Piperonyl butoxide, Pyrethrins, o-Phenylphenol, Benzenemethanaminium, N,N-dimethyl-N-(2-(2-(4-(1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutyl)phenoxy)ethoxy)ethyl)-, chloride.
CO020008Distinct HerbicideDiflufenzopyr-sodium Dicamba, sodium salt.
MA070001Dual MagnumS-Metolachlor.
PR110003Scorpion InsecticideDinotefuran.
WA030004Formaldehyde Solution 37Formaldehyde.
WA030014WIN-FLO 4FPentachloronitrobenzene.
WA910013Clean Crop Phorate 20GPhorate.

Table 2—Registrations With Pending Requests for Cancellation Due to Non-Payment of Maintenance Fees

Registration No.Product nameChemical name
000100-00897Zephyr 0.15 EC Miticide/insecticideAbamectin.
000100-00902Emamectin Benzoate TechnicalEmamectin benzoate.
000100-01109Cyper EC InsecticideCypermethrin.
000100-01138Thiolux JetSulfur.
000100-01197Azoxystrobin Mold-Retardant 2.08 SCAzoxystrobin.
000100-01223Tecto MP 340Thiabendazole.
000100-01252Tecto-Shield MP 100Thiabendazole.
000228-00160Riverdale 3 Plus 3 Amine2,4-D, dimethylamine salt; MCPP-p, DMA salt.
000228-00220Riverdale 1.25% Hexazinone Liquid Ready-To-Use Weed and Brush KillerHexazinone.
000228-00221Riverdale 2D + 2DP Amine2,4-D, dimethylamine salt; 2,4-DP-p, DMA salt.
000228-00230Riverdale 1% Bromacil Granular Weed KillerBromacil.
000228-00231Riverdale 2% Bromacil Granular Weed KillerBromacil.
000228-00232Riverdale 4% Bromacil Granular Weed KillerBromacil.
000228-00240Riverdale Liquid Chlorine SanitizerSodium hypochlorite.
000228-00241Riverdale 2.5% Bromacil Liquid Ready-To-Use Weed Killer5-Bromo-3-sec-butyl-6-methyluracil, lithium salt.
000228-00263Riverdale Super Green Weed and Feed2,4-D, 2-ethylhexyl ester.
000228-00290Riverdale MCPA-6 AmineMCPA, dimethylamine salt.
000228-00358Esteron 99 Concentrate Herbicide2,4-D, 2-ethylhexyl ester.
000228-00364Riverdale Credit HerbicideGlyphosate-isopropylammonium.
000228-00375Riverdale Corsair Selective HerbicideChlorsulfuron.
000228-00384Riverdale Tahoe 3A HerbicideTriclopyr, triethylamine salt.
000228-00385Riverdale Tahoe 4E HerbicideAcetic acid, ((3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridinyl)oxy)-, 2-butoxyethyl ester.
000228-00394Riverdale Resound 720Chlorothalonil.
000228-00396Riverdale Banderole FungicidePropiconazole.
000228-00398Riverdale Endurance HerbicideProdiamine.
000228-00399Riverdale Predict HerbicideNorflurazon.
000228-00437Bifenthrin 0.029% Plus FertilizerBifenthrin.
000228-00438Bifenthrin 7.9% FL NurseryBifenthrin.
000228-00439Bifenthrin Pl Granular InsecticideBifenthrin.
000228-00450Menace PL Granular InsecticideBifenthrin.
000228-00452Menace GC Granular InsecticideBifenthrin.
000228-00454Menace Nursery Granular InsecticideBifenthrin.
000228-00456Proclipse 65 WDGProdiamine.
000228-00481Bifenthrin 0.058% Granular InsecticideBifenthrin.
000228-00482Bifenthrin 0.115% GranularBifenthrin.
000228-00486Mantra 2F Greenhouse and Nursery InsecticideImidacloprid.
000228-00497Bifenthrin 0.2% GranularBifenthrin.
000228-00518Tahoe 3A HerbicideTriclopyr, triethylamine salt.
000228-00519Menace GC 0.058% Plus FertilizerBifenthrin.
000228-00532Imidacloprid 4.6 F PCOImidacloprid.
000228-00550ETI 108 10 HDithiopyr.
000228-00556Menace 25 MCBifenthrin.
000228-00559NUP06211 GC InsecticideBifenthrin; Imidacloprid.
000228-00560NUP 06211Bifenthrin; Imidacloprid.
000228-00561Trooper 101 Mixture HerbicidePicloram; 2,4-D, Triisopropanolamine salt.
000228-00574Atera GC Granular InsecticideBifenthrin; Imidacloprid.
000228-00575Atera LC Granular InsecticideBifenthrin; Imidacloprid.
000228-00576Atera 0.36 GC Granular InsecticideBifenthrin, Imidacloprid.
000228-00577Atera 0.36 LC Granular InsecticideBifenthrin, Imidacloprid.
000228-00578Atera 0.3 GC Fertilizer InsecticideBifenthrin, Imidacloprid.
000228-00579Atera 0.3 LC Fertilizer InsecticideBifenthrin, Imidacloprid.
000228-00580Atera 0.225 GC Fertilizer InsecticideBifenthrin, Imidacloprid.
000228-00581Atera 0.225 LC Fertilizer InsecticideBifenthrin, Imidacloprid.
000228-00582Atera 0.18 GC Fertilizer InsecticideBifenthrin, Imidacloprid.
000228-00583Atera 0.18 LC Fertilizer InsecticideBifenthrin, Imidacloprid.
000228-00584Atera 0.15 GC Fertilizer InsecticideBifenthrin, Imidacloprid.
000228-00585Atera 0.15 LC Fertilizer InsecticideBifenthrin, Imidacloprid.
000228-00598Nufarm Bifenthrin Pro 2Bifenthrin.
000228-00605Nufarm Permethrin ProPermethrin.
000228-00622Chlorpyrifos SPC 0.5% MCB InsecticideChlorpyrifos.
000228-00634Quinclorac G-Pro 75 DFQuinclorac.
000228-00645Oxadiazon E-Pro Granular HerbicideOxadiazon.
000228-00646Mepiquat E-Ag Plant Growth RegulatorMepiquat chloride.
000228-00648T-Pac E-Pro EC Plant Growth RegulatorTrinexapac-ethyl.
000228-00650ETI 106 01 I—NCAbamectin.
000228-00651ETI 106 01 I—CAbamectin.
000228-00663ETI 105 01 HOxyfluorfen.
000228-00664ETI 114 01 HNicosulfuron.
000228-00677ETI 114 02 HNicosulfuron.
000264-00380Prep Brand Plant Regulator for CottonEthephon.
000264-00686Tribute Solo WG32 HerbicideForamsulfuron; Iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium.
000264-00700Dropp SC Cotton DefoliantThidiazuron.
000264-00732Sencor 70% Wettable Powder Sugarcane HerbicideMetribuzin.
000264-00821Ginstar(R) 4.5 SC Cotton DefoliantDiuron; Thidiazuron.
000264-00828Gaucho 600 SC InsecticideImidacloprid.
000264-00857NTN 33893 Liquid Ant BaitImidacloprid.
000264-00962Gaucho 480 FS FlowableImidacloprid.
000264-00963Gaucho 75 ST FS InsecticideImidacloprid.
000264-01037RTP 072006 Liquid Ant BaitImidacloprid.
000264-01058RTP 017495Imidacloprid.
000264-01110Aeris VotivoImidacloprid; Thiodicarb; Bacillus firmus strain I-1582.
000524-00370Roundup L & G Concentrate Grass & Weed KillerGlyphosate-isopropylammonium.
000524-00440Roundup Rainfast HerbicideGlyphosate-isopropylammonium.
000524-00526MON 37525W Herbicide MON 37525 NCSulfosulfuron.
000524-00541MON 78736 HerbicideGlyphosate-isopropylammonium; Triclopyr, triethylamine salt.
000524-00542MON 78783 HerbicideGlyphosate-isopropylammonium; Triclopyr, triethylamine salt.
000524-00546MON 79158 HerbicideDiquat dibromide; Glyphosate-isopropylammonium; Imazapic-ammonium.
000524-00547MON 78868 HerbicideDiquat dibromide; Glyphosate-isopropylammonium; Imazapic-ammonium.
000577-00552Vinyl Waterbase Antifouling Paint 888Cuprous oxide.
000577-005538010-682-6437 Paint, Antifouling, Vinyl-Red MIL-P-15931B, Formula 121/Cuprous oxide.
000577-005548010-290-4247 Paint, Antifouling Vinyl-Black MIL-P-16189B FORM 129/63Copper as elemental; Cupric oxide; Cuprous oxide.
000577-00555Paint, Antifouling, Cold Plastic Shipbottom, Formula 105 MIL-P-19451BCuprous oxide.
000577-00563Copper Paint No. 1Cuprous oxide.
000577-00564Copper Paint No. 2Cuprous oxide.
000577-00565Rappahannock Copper Paint #4Cuprous oxide.
000577-00566Rappahannock Copper Paint #7Cuprous oxide.
000577-00567Copper Paint No. 3 Rappoxy 75 RedCuprous oxide.
000577-00568Copper Paint No. 5 Rappoxy 60 RedCuprous oxide.
000829-00279SA-50 Dursban 2E InsecticideChlorpyrifos.
000829-00280SA-50 Dursban 4-E InsecticideChlorpyrifos.
000829-00294Deltamethrin 0.1% GranulesDeltamethrin.
000961-00273Lebanon Preemergence Weed ControlDCPA.
000961-00376Koos Crabgrass Preventer with 0.574 Barricade Preemergence HerbicideProdiamine.
000961-00377Koos Crabgrass Preventer with 00.383 Barricade Preemergence HerbicideProdiamine.
000961-00384Par Ex Slow Release Fertilizer with 0.21% Barricade HerbicideProdiamine.
000961-00385Par Ex Slow Release Fertilizer with 0.275% Barricade HerbicideProdiamine.
000961-00386Par Ex Slow Release Fertilizer with 0.30% BarricadeProdiamine.
001381-00217Prosolutions PropiconazolePropiconazole.
001529-00047Fungitrol 2010Chlorothalonil; Carbamic acid, butyl-, 3-iodo-2-propynyl ester.
001529-00048Fungitrol 2002Chlorothalonil; 1,3,5-Triazine-2,4-diamine, N-cyclopropyl-N′-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-6-(methylthio)-.
001677-00208Spiriclens SprayIsopropyl alcohol.
001677-00224Premier 70/30 Sterile IPA SprayIsopropyl alcohol.
001677-00227Performance LS Laundry SanitizerEthaneperoxoic acid; Hydrogen peroxide.
002517-00080Sergeant's Cyphenothrin + IGR Squeeze-On for DogsCyphenothrin; Pyriproxyfen.
002517-00085Sergeant's Cyphenothrin Squeeze-On for DogsCyphenothrin.
002596-00122Hartz 2 in 1 Flea & Tick Spray with Deodorant for Dogs IIIGardona (cis-isomer).
002596-00123Hartz 2 in 1 Fast Acting Flea & Tick Spray for Cats With RabonGardona (cis-isomer).
002724-00651Farnam Natural Bug Guard Mist APyrethrins; Piperonyl butoxide.
002724-00690Ion MossCopper as elemental; Zinc.
003008-00017Osmose K-33-C (72%) Wood PreservativeArsenic oxide; Chromic acid; Cupric oxide.
003432-00028On Guard Premium Pool Algaecide Granular ConcentratePoly(oxyethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene dichloride).
004787-00036Glyfos Au HerbicideGlyphosate-isopropylammonium.
004822-00410Fresh Scent Vanish Thick Liquid Toilet Bowl CleanerAlkyl* dimethyl ethylbenzyl ammonium chloride; Hydrochloric acid.
004822-00450Off! Yard & Deck Area Repellent IIPermethrin; d-trans-Allethrin.
005785-00068Bromine ChlorideBromine chloride.
006836-00210Dantobrom TC1-Bromo-3-chloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin; 1,3-Dichloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin; 1,3-Dichloro-5-ethyl-5-methyl-  hydantoin.
007313-00020ABC 3 Marine Antifouling PaintCuprous oxide.
007969-00223Regent TS InsecticideFipronil.
008622-00026Halobrom-G2,4-Imidazolidinedione, 1-bromo-3-chloro-5,5-dimethyl-.
008622-00027Halobrom T-302,4-Imidazolidinedione, 1-bromo-3-chloro-5,5-dimethyl-.
008622-00065Biobrom C-100T2,2-Dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide.
008622-00066Sodium Bromide 45%Sodium bromide.
008622-00067Sodium Bromide 43%Sodium bromide.
008622-00076Fuzzicide-SP (Ammonium Bromide)Ammonium bromide.
035935-00001Trifluralin 50WTrifluralin.
040810-00020Irgaguard F3000Thiabendazole.
042964-00031A-456-NAlkyl* dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride *(50%C14, 40%C12, 10%C16); 1-Decanaminium, N-decyl-N,N-dimethyl-, chloride.
045309-00010Aqua Clear Algae PreventativePoly(oxyethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene dichloride).
045309-00011Spa Clear Non-Foaming AlgaecidePoly(oxyethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene dichloride).
045309-00037Swim Free Non Foaming Black Algaecide for Swimming PoolPoly(oxyethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene dichloride).
045309-00038Hydrology Cooling Tower MicrobiocidePoly(oxyethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene dichloride).
045309-00080Aqua Clear Algae EliminatorPoly(oxyethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene dichloride).
048273-00012Asulam HerbicideAsulam, sodium salt.
048273-00020Marman Mancozeb 80% WPMancozeb.
050534-00114Tuffcide 960Chlorothalonil.
050534-00115Tuffcide 404Chlorothalonil.
050534-00197Tuffcide 500Chlorothalonil.
050534-00227Tuffcide 960 MUPChlorothalonil.
050534-00228Tuffcide 404 MUPChlorothalonil.
051036-00448Glyphosate Isopropylamine Salt 62% Technical SolutionGlyphosate-isopropylammonium.
055146-00051ACP Flowable SulfurSulfur.
055146-00061Gibgro 2LSGibberellic acid.
055146-00066Gibgro 10% PowderGibberellic acid.
055146-00067Gibgro 20% TabletGibberellic acid.
055146-00068Gibgro PGibberellic acid.
055146-00069Gibgro 2LGibberellic acid.
055146-00089FiremanCalcium oxytetracycline.
055146-00095Enable WSP/Agritin Agricultural Fungicide Co-PackFenbuconazole; Fentin hydroxide.
055146-00104NUP 08103Myclobutanil.
061272-00004Weed Out 2,4-D Amine 6 Pound2,4-D, dimethylamine salt.
061483-00011P1/P13 Creosote OilCreosote oil (Note: Derived from any source).
061483-00012P2 Creosote Coal Tar SolutionCoal tar; Creosote oil.
066330-00397Supremacy Herbicide Tank MixFluroxypyr 1-methylheptyl ester; Thifensulfuron; Tribenuron-methyl.
066330-00398Everest KO Herbicide Tank MixFlucarbazone-sodium; Fluroxypyr 1-methylheptyl ester.
067071-00012Acticide DQ5-Chloro-2-methyl-3(2H)-isothiazolone; 2-Methyl-3(2H)-isothiazolone.
067071-00052Acticide MBL 5505Bronopol; 2-Methyl-3(2H)-isothiazolone; 1,2-Benziso-  thiazolin-3-one.
067262-00008Aqua Chem Balanced for Clean Spas AlgaecidePoly(oxyethylene (dimethylimino) ethylene (dimethylimino) ethylene dichloride).
067690-00027Spin Out 300Copper hydroxide.
069681-00023Clor Mor Cal-Shock PlusCalcium hypochlorite; Boron sodium oxide, pentahydrate.
070506-00117Clopyr Brush3,6-Dichloro-2-pyridinecarboxylic acid, alkanolamine salts.
070506-00215Orbit 45WP Agpak/Dupont Super Tin 80WP AgpakFentin hydroxide; Propiconazole.
071368-000152,4-D 2-EHE Gel Broadleaf Herbicide2,4-D, 2-ethylhexyl ester.
071368-00016Rhonox (R) EW Broadleaf HerbicideMCPA, 2-ethylhexyl ester.
071368-00019Weedone 638 Solventless Broadleaf Herbicide2,4-D; 2,4-D, 2-ethylhexyl ester.
071368-00023Nufarm Kamba 4SL HerbicideBenzoic acid, 3,6-dichloro-2-methoxy-, compd with N-methylmethanamine (1:1).
071368-00026Mextrol WP HerbicideBromoxynil octanoate.
071368-00041Pasture MD2,4-D, dimethylamine salt; Dicamba, dimethylamine salt; Metsulfuron.
071368-00064Assert SG HerbicideImazamethabenz.
071368-00067Bromox/MCPA 2-2 HerbicideBromoxynil octanoate; MCPA, 2-ethylhexyl ester.
071368-00068Bromox + AtrazineAtrazine; Bromoxynil octanoate.
071368-00069Bromox 2EBromoxynil octanoate.
071368-00072Cutback2,4-D, triisopropanolamine salt; 3,6-Dichloro-2-pyridinecarboxylic acid, alkanolamine salts.
071368-00073NUP 05 022 HerbicideClopyralid; MCPA, 2-ethylhexyl ester.
085827-00001Green Light Wettable Dusting SulphurSulfur.
085827-00010Green Light Com-Pleet 18% Systemic Grass & Weed KillerGlyphosate-isopropylammonium.
085827-00011Green Light Com-Pleet 1.92% Systemic Grass & Weed KillerGlyphosate-isopropylammonium.
085827-00012Green Light Com-Pleet Systemic Grass & Weed KillerGlyphosate-isopropylammonium.
085827-00013Green Light Permethrin DustPermethrin.
AK020001Linex 50 DFLinuron.
AL020007Super BollEthephon.
AL020008Acephate 75SPAcephate.
AL070004Provado 1.6 Flowable InsecticideImidacloprid.
AR050002Ricestar HT HerbicideFenoxaprop-p-ethyl.
AR050008Ignite 280 SL HerbicideGlufosinate.
AR960004Linex 4LLinuron.
AZ060010Karate Insecticidelambda-Cyhalothrin.
AZ070001Bollgard CottonBacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki delta endotoxin protein as produced by the Cry1A(c) gene.
AZ990003Imidan 70-WP Agricultural InsecticidePhosmet.
CA050005Direx 4LDiuron.
CA050008Courier 40SC Insect Growth RegulatorBuprofezin.
CA060005Admire Pro Systemic ProtectantImidacloprid.
CA070010Talus 40 SC Insect Growth RegulatorBuprofezin.
CA860037Furadan 4 FlowableCarbofuran.
CA980018Olin HTH Dry Chlorinator GranularCalcium hypochlorite.
CO000003Acephate 75SPAcephate.
CO030003Balance 4SC HerbicideIsoxaflutole.
CO030010Epic DF HerbicideFlufenacet; Isoxaflutole.
CO070005Talus 40 SC Insect Growth RegulatorBuprofezin.
CO970001Linex 50 DFLinuron.
CT020002Captan 50 Wettable PowderCaptan.
DE080001Ridomil Gold CopperCopper hydroxide; Metalaxyl-M.
FL040012Courier 40SC Insect Growth RegulatorBuprofezin.
FL050005Karmex DFDiuron.
FL070004Provado 1.6 Flowable InsecticideImidacloprid.
FL860008Decco Salt No. 19Thiabendazole.
FL940012Captec 4L-Captan Flowable FungicideCaptan.
FL980005Folicur 3.6 F Foliar FungicideTebuconazole.
GA020004Super BollEthephon.
GA040001Chlorpyrifos 4# AGChlorpyrifos.
GA040008Dupont Asana XL InsecticideEsfenvalerate.
HI960004Ethepon 2#Ethephon.
ID020019Acephate 75SPAcephate.
ID050003Everest 70% Water Dispersible Granular HerbicideFlucarbazone-sodium.
ID060003Furadan LFR Insecticide/nematicideCarbofuran.
ID080008Endura FungicideBoscalid.
ID940008Dimethoate 4EDimethoate.
ID960013Aliette WDG FungicideFosetyl-Al.
ID970011Dimethoate 4EDimethoate.
KS030006Direx 4LDiuron.
KS050001Balance ProIsoxaflutole.
KS050002Epic DF HerbicideFlufenacet; Isoxaflutole.
KS050005Radius HerbicideFlufenacet; Isoxaflutole.
KS090002Balance Flexx HerbicideIsoxaflutole.
LA020004Direx 4LDiuron.
LA040003Phorate 20-GPhorate.
LA050002Ricestar HT HerbicideFenoxaprop-p-ethyl.
LA050005Acephate 90SPAcephate.
LA080011Baseline Pretreat TermiticideBifenthrin.
LA990016Griffin Linuron 4L Flowable Weed KillerLinuron.
MD980002Princep Caliber 90 HerbicideSimazine.
ME050002Dupont Assure II HerbicideQuizalofop-p-ethyl.
MN000003Axiom DF HerbicideFlufenacet; Metribuzin.
MN000006Dupont Assure II HerbicideQuizalofop-p-ethyl.
MN060001Everest 70% Water Dispersible Granular HerbicideFlucarbazone-sodium.
MO990002EpicFlufenacet; Isoxaflutole.
MS010007Glyphosate 4 HerbicideGlyphosate-isopropylammonium.
MS020019Acephate 90SPAcephate.
MS070001Chlorpyrifos 4E AGChlorpyrifos.
MS110005A15189 HerbicideGlyphosate; Mesotrione; S-Metolachlor.
MS960007Linex 4LLinuron.
MT080002Endura FungicideBoscalid.
MT990005Gustafson LSP Flowable FungicideThiabendazole.
NC010003Captan 50-WPCaptan.
NC080006Permethrin 3.2 AGPermethrin.
NC100002Prime + ECFlumetralin.
ND010012Kumulus DFSulfur.
ND110006AE 0172747 HerbicideTembotrione.
NM020001Arsenal HerbicideImazapyr, isopropylamine salt.
NY080013Headline FungicidePyraclostrobin.
NY110001Headline SCPyraclostrobin.
OH040001Dual Magnum HerbicideS-Metolachlor.
OH060002Dual MagnumS-Metolachlor.
OR040017Axiom DF HerbicideFlufenacet; Metribuzin.
OR040022Hoelon 3EC HerbicideDiclofop-methyl.
OR050027Everest 70% Water Dispersible Granular HerbicideFlucarbazone-sodium.
OR060017Furadan LFR Insecticide/nematicideCarbofuran.
OR080013Pendant 3.3 ECPendimethalin.
OR080023Rely 200 HerbicideGlufosinate.
PA070004Talus 40 SC Insect Growth RegulatorBuprofezin.
PA080003Dual MagnumS-Metolachlor.
PR020002Mertect (R) 340-F FungicideThiabendazole.
PR030001Reglone DessicantDiquat dibromide.
PR890002Ethrel Pineapple Growth RegulatorEthephon.
SC040001Chlorpyrifos 4# AGChlorpyrifos.
SC960007Captan 50 Wettable PowderCaptan.
SC980006Captan 50 Wettable PowderCaptan.
SD000015Balance Pro HerbicideIsoxaflutole.
SD040001Define SC HerbicideFlufenacet.
SD040005Princep 4LSimazine.
SD040006Axiom DF HerbicideFlufenacet; Metribuzin.
SD050002Epic DF HerbicideFlufenacet; Isoxaflutole.
SD060004Frontier 6.0 HerbicideDimethenamid.
SD060008Domain DF HerbicideFlufenacet; Metribuzin.
TN070003Provado 1.6 Flowable InsecticideImidacloprid.
TX010015Griffin Linuron 4L Flowable Weed KillerLinuron.
TX030008Direx 4LDiuron.
TX070002VistaFluroxypyr 1-methylheptyl ester.
TX090005Dupont Layby Pro HerbicideDiuron; Linuron.
TX930021Dimethoate 4EDimethoate.
UT000001Acephate 75SPAcephate.
UT090003Endura FungicideBoscalid.
VA070001Talus 40 SC Insect Growth RegulatorBuprofezin.
WA000014Daconil SDGChlorothalonil.
WA010018Manzate 200 DF FungicideMancozeb.
WA010033Carzol SP Miticide/insecticide In Water Soluble PackagingFormetanate hydrochloride.
WA030023Axiom DF HerbicideFlufenacet; Metribuzin.
WA050006MycoshieldCalcium oxytetracycline.
WA050011MycoshieldCalcium oxytetracycline.
WA060010Osprey HerbicideMesosulfuron-methyl.
WA940026Captan 50 Wettable PowderCaptan.
WA960003Dimethoate 4EDimethoate.
WA970030Dimethoate 4EDimethoate.
WI020018Acephate 75SPAcephate.
WV070001Provado 1.6 Flowable InsecticideImidacloprid.
WY080004Endura FungicideBoscalid.

Table 3 of this unit includes the names and addresses of record for all registrants of the products in Tables 1 and 2 of this unit, in sequence by EPA company number. This number corresponds to the first part of the EPA registration numbers of the products listed in this unit.

Table 3—Registrants Requesting Voluntary Cancellation

EPA company No.Company name and address
100; AZ060010; DE080001; MA070001; MD980002; MS110005; NC100002; OH040001; OH060002; PA080003; PR020002; PR030001; SD040005Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC, d/b/a Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc., P.O. Box 18300, Greensboro, NC 27419-300.
228Nufarm Americas, Inc., 4020 Aerial Center Pkwy., Ste. 103, Morrisville, NC 27560.
264; AL070004; AR050002; AR050008; CA060005; CO030003; CO030010; FL980005; FL070004; ID960013; KS050001; KS050002; KS050005; KS090002; LA050002; MN000003; MO990002; MT990005; ND110006; OR040017; OR040022; OR080023; PR890002; SD000015; SD040001; SD040006; SD050002; SD060008; TN070003; WA030023; WA060010; WV070001Bayer Cropscience LP, P.O. Box 12014, 2 T.W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709.
352; AK020001; AL020007; AR960004; CA050005; CO970001; GA020004; GA040008; KS030006; LA990016; LA020004; ME050002; MN000006; MS960007; TX010015; TX030008; TX090005E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company (S300/419), 1007 Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19898-0001.
524; AZ070001Monsanto Co., 1300 I Street NW., Suite 450 E., Washington, DC 20005.
527Rochester Midland Corporation, 155 Paragon Drive, Rochester, NY 14624.
577The Sherwin-Williams Co., Cuprinol Group/The Thompson's Co., 101 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115-1075.
829Southern Agricultural Insecticides, Inc., P.O. Box 218, Palmetto, FL 34220.
961Lebanon Seaboard Corp., 1600 E. Cumberland Street, Lebanon, PA 17042.
CA980018Arch Chemicals, Inc., 5660 New Northside Drive NW., Suite 1100, Atlanta, GA 30328.
1381; OR080013Winfield Solutions, LLC, P.O. Box 64589, St. Paul, MN 55164-0589.
1529International Specialty Products, 1361 Alps Rd., Wayne, NJ 07470.
1677Ecolab, Inc., 370 North Wabasha Street, St. Paul, MN 55102.
1903Eight in One Pet Products, Inc., 3001 Commerce St., Blacksburg, VA 24060.
2517Sergeant's Pet Care Products, Inc., 2625 South 158th Plaza, Omaha, NE 68130.
2596The Hartz Mountain Corp., 400 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, NJ 07094.
2724Wellmark International—d/b/a Central Life Sciences, 1501 E. Woodfield Rd., Ste. 200 W., Schaumburg, IL 60173.
3008Osmose, Inc., 980 Ellicott St., Buffalo, NY 14209.
3090Sanitized, Inc., 57 New Milford Tkpe., P.O. Box 2211, New Preston, CT 06777-0211.
3432N. Jonas & Co., Inc., P.O. Box 425, Bensalem, PA 19020.
4787Cheminova, Inc., 1600 Wilson Blvd., Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22209.
4822S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc., 1525 Howe Street, Racine, WI 53403.
5204Arkema, Inc., 900 First Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406-1308.
5383Troy Chemical Corp., 8 Vreeland Road, P.O. Box 955, Florham Park, NJ 07932-4200.
5785Great Lakes Chemical Corp., P.O. Box 2200, West Lafayette, IN 47996-2200.
6836Lonza, Inc., 90 Boroline Rd., Allendale, NJ 07401.
7313PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc., 4325 Rosanna Drive, Allison Park, PA 15101.
7969; ID080008; MT080002; NY080013; NY110001; SD060004; UT090003; WY080004BASF Corp., Agricultural Products, P.O. Box 13528, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-3528.
8622ICL-IP America, Inc., 95 Maccorkle Ave. Southwest, South Charleston, WV 25303.
9339Flexabar Corp., 1969 Rutgers University Blvd., Lakewood, NJ 08701.
9688Chemsico, P.O. Box 142642, St. Louis, MO 63114-0642.
10088Athea Laboratories, Inc., P.O. Box 240014, Milwaukee, WI 53224.
10163; AZ990003; WA010033Gowan Co., P.O. Box 5569, Yuma, AZ 85366-8844.
35935Nufarm Limited, 4020 Aerial Center Pkwy., Ste. 103, Morrisville, NC 27560.
40810BASF Corp., 100 Campus Drive, Florham Park, NJ 07932.
40849Zep Commercial Sales & Service, Agent: Connie Welch and Associates, 4196 Merchant Plaza #344, Lake Ridge, VA 22192.
42964Airkem Professional Products, Division of Ecolab, Inc., 370 North Wabasha Street, St. Paul, MN 55102.
45309Aqua Clear Industries, LLC, P.O. Box 2456, Suwanee, GA 30024-0980.
45385CTX-Cenol, Inc., Agent: H.R. McLane, Inc., 7210 Red Road, Suite 206A, Miami, FL 33143.
47000Chem-Tech, LTD., 4515 Fleur Dr., #303, Des Moines, IA 50321.
48273Marman USA, Inc., 500 N. Westshore Blvd., Suite 405, Tampa, FL 33609.
50534; WA000014GB Biosciences Corp., P.O. Box 18300, Greensboro, NC 27419-5458.
50600Shepard Bros., Inc., 503 S. Cypress St., La Habra, CA 90631.
51036; MS010007BASF Sparks, LLC, P.O. Box 13528, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-3528.
55146; WA050006; WA050011Nufarm Americas, Inc., 4020 Aerial Center Pkwy., Ste. 103, Morrisville, NC 27560.
58687Georgia Gulf Chemicals & Vinyls, LLC, P.O. Box 629, Plaquemine, LA 70765-0629.
59807OHP, Inc., Agent: Exponent, Inc., 1150 Conn. Ave. NW., Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20036.
61272Nufarm USA, Inc., 4020 Aerial Center Pkwy., Ste. 101, Morrisville, NC 27560-8563.
61483KMG-Bernuth, Inc., 9555 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. South, Suite 600, Houston, TX 77099.
63191St. Gabriel Organics, LLC, d/b/a, St. Gabriel Organics, Agent: Center for Regulatory Services, 5200 Wolf Run Shoals Road, Woodbridge, VA 22192.
66330; AL020008; CO000003; CT020002; FL940012; GA040001; HI960004; ID940008; ID970011; ID020019; ID050003; LA050005; MN060001; MS020019; MS070001; NC010003; NC080006; ND010012; OR050027; SC960007; SC980006; SC040001; TX930021; UT000001; WA940026; WA960003; WA970030; WI020018Arysta Lifescience North America, LLC, 15401 Weston Parkway, Suite 150, Cary, NC 27513.
67071THOR GMBH, Agent: THOR Specialties, Inc., 50 Waterview Dr., Shelton, CT 06484.
67262Recreational Water Products, Inc., d/b/a Recreational Water Products, P.O. Box 1449, Buford, GA 30515-1449.
67690Sepro Corp., 11550 N. Meridian St., Suite 600, Carmel, IN 46032.
69681Allchem Performance Products, Inc., 6010 NW, First Place, Gainesville, FL 32607.
70385Prorestore Products, Agent: Lewis & Harrison, LLC, 122 C Street NW., Suite 740, Washington, DC 20001.
70506; WA010018United Phosphorus, Inc., 630 Freedom Business Center, Suite 402, King of Prussia, PA 19406.
71368Nufarm Americas, Inc., 4020 Aerial Center Pkwy., Ste. 103, Morrisville, NC 27560.
85827Green Light, A Valent U.S.A. Co., c/o Valent U.S.A. Corp., 1101 14th Street NW., Suite 1050, Washington, DC 20005.
CA050008; CA070010; CO070005; FL040012; PA070004; VA070001Nichino America, Inc., 4550 New Linden Hill Rd., Suite 501, Wilmington, DE 19808.
CA860037; ID060003; LA080011; OR060017FMC Corp., Agricultural Products Group, Attn: Michael C. Zucker, 1735 Market St., Rm. 1978, Philadelphia, PA 19103.
CO020008BASF Corporation, Agricultural Products, 26 Davis Drive, P.O. Box 13528, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-3528.
FL040012Nichino America, Inc., 4550 New Linden Hill Road, Suite 501, Wilmington, DE 19808.
FL050005Griffin, LLC, P.O. Box 1847, Valdosta, GA 31603-1847.
FL860008Decco US Post-Harvest, Inc., 1713 South California Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016-0120.
LA040003Winfield Solutions, LLC, P.O. Box 64589, St. Paul, MN 55164-0589.
MS080002Cheminova, Inc., 1600 Wilson Blvd., Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22209.
NM020001BASF Corp., P.O. Box 13528, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-3528.
NY070005Y-Tex Corp., P.O. Box 1450, Cody, WY 82414-1450.
PR110003Argo Servicios, Inc., P.O. Box 360393, San Juan, PR 00936-0393.
TX070002Dow Agrosciences, LLC, 9330 Zionsville Rd. 308/2A, Indianapolis, IN 46268-1054.
WA030004Champion Technologies, 3200 Southwest Freeway, Suite 2700, Houston, TX 77027.
WA030014Amvac Chemical Corporation, 4695 MacArthur Court, Suite 1250, Newport Beach, CA 92660-1706.
WA910013Loveland Products, Inc., P.O. Box 1286, Greeley, CO 80632-1286.

III. What is the Agency's authority for taking this action?

Section 6(f)(1) of FIFRA provides that a registrant of a pesticide product may at any time request that any of its pesticide registrations be cancelled. FIFRA further provides that, before acting on the request, EPA must publish a notice of receipt of any such request in the Federal Register.

Section 6(f)(1)(B) of FIFRA requires that before acting on a request for voluntary cancellation, EPA must provide a 30-day public comment period on the request for voluntary cancellation or use termination. In addition, FIFRA section 6(f)(1)(C) requires that EPA provide a 180-day comment period on a request for voluntary cancellation or termination of any minor agricultural use before granting the request, unless:

1. The registrants request a waiver of the comment period, or

2. The EPA Administrator determines that continued use of the pesticide would pose an unreasonable adverse effect on the environment.

The registrants in Table 3 of Unit II. have not requested that EPA waive the 180-day comment period. Accordingly, EPA will provide a 180-day comment period on the proposed requests.

IV. Procedures for Withdrawal of Request

Registrants who choose to withdraw a request for cancellation should submit such withdrawal in writing to the person listed under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT. If the products have been subject to a previous cancellation action, the effective date of cancellation and all other provisions of any earlier cancellation action are controlling.

V. Provisions for Disposition of Existing Stocks

Existing stocks are those stocks of registered pesticide products which are currently in the United States and which were packaged, labeled, and released for shipment prior to the effective date of the cancellation action. Upon cancellation of the products identified in Tables 1 and 2 of Unit II., the Agency will allow existing stocks provisions as follows:

A. Registrations Listed in Table I of Unit II

The Agency anticipates allowing registrants to sell and distribute existing stocks of these products for 1 year after the publication of the Cancellation Order in the Federal Register. Thereafter, registrants will be prohibited from selling or distributing the pesticides identified in Table 1 of Unit II., except for export consistent with FIFRA section 17 or for proper disposal. Persons other than registrants will generally be allowed to sell, distribute, or use existing stocks until such stocks are exhausted, provided that such sale, distribution, or use is consistent with the terms of the previously approved labeling on, or that accompanied, the cancelled products.

B. Registrations Listed in Table 2 of Unit II, Except Nos. CA860037, ID060003, OR060017

The effective date of cancellation will be the date of the cancellation order. The Agency anticipates allowing registrants to sell and distribute existing stocks of these products until January 13, 2013, 1 year after the date on which the maintenance fee was due. Thereafter, registrants will be prohibited from selling or distributing the pesticides identified in Table 2 of Unit II., except for export consistent with FIFRA section 17 or for proper disposal. Persons other than registrants will generally be allowed to sell, distribute, or use existing stocks until such stocks are exhausted, provided that such sale, distribution, or use is consistent with the terms of the previously approved labeling on, or that accompanied, the cancelled products.

C. Reg. Nos. CA860037, ID060003, OR060017

The effective date of cancellation of these products is the date of publication of the cancellation order in the Federal Register. EPA does not intend to allow the continued sale and distribution of existing stocks of these products after the effective date of this cancellation. There are currently no tolerances in effect for any of the food or feed crops associated with the domestic use of carbofuran products, and there have been none since the 2009 tolerance revocations took effect on December 31, 2009, (May 15, 2009, 74 FR 23046) (FRL-8413-3).

List of Subjects

Dated: June 25, 2023.

Michael Goodis,

Acting Director, Pesticide Re-evaluation Division, Office of Pesticide Programs.

[FR Doc. 2012-16448 Filed 7-5-12; 8:45 am]