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Hazardous Materials: Explosive Approvals-Applicant Contact Information and Compliance With Special Provision 347

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Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), DOT.


Proposed termination of explosive approvals.


PHMSA proposes to terminate the explosive approvals listed herein. PHMSA attempted to contact all of the below listed approval holders during the month of October 2014 via certified mail utilizing the addresses on file. The certified letters were returned by the United States Postal Service (USPS) as “undeliverable.” With the failure of the explosive approval holders to provide PHMSA with a valid company name and mailing address, the approvals listed below will be terminated 30 days after this notice is published in the Federal Register.

Start Further Info


Mr. Ryan Paquet, Director, Approvals and Permits Division, Office of Hazardous Materials Safety, (202) 366-4512, PHMSA, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20590.

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I. Introduction

In this notice, PHMSA's Office of Hazardous Materials Safety (OHMS) is proposing to terminate the approvals listed below for the approval holders' failure to provide PHMSA with current valid contact information and failure to provide evidence that UN 6(d) testing has been performed in accordance with § 172.102 and Special Provision 347.

II. Background

On January 19, 2011, PHMSA published a final rule (76 FR 3308; HM-215K) titled “Hazardous Materials: Harmonization with the United Nations Recommendations, International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, and the International Civil Aviation Organization Technical Instructions for Start Printed Page 20067the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air”. The final rule amended special provision 347 to require successful testing according to UN Test Series 6(d) of Part I of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria. This change affected explosives classified as Division 1.4S, and impacted eight UN Numbers, including: UN0323, UN0366, UN0441, UN0445, UN0455, UN0456, UN0460, and UN0500. This requirement became effective for transportation by aircraft on July 1, 2011, for transportation by vessel and international transportation by highway and rail on January 1, 2012, and for domestic highway and rail transportation on January 1, 2014. PHMSA has no records of the required UN 6(d) testing for the below listed EX number(s) and has no valid contact information for the holders.

III. Action

PHMSA will terminate the below listed approvals 30 days after this notice is published in the Federal Register, unless the holder requests reconsideration as outlined in 49 CFR 107.715.

IV. Approvals Scheduled for Termination

EX No.Holder/Company
EX1980120002Universal Propulsion Co., Inc. (form. Space Ordn.).
EX1980120003Universal Propulsion Co., Inc. (form. Space Ordn.).
EX1980120004Universal Propulsion Co., Inc. (form. Space Ordn.).
EX1980120005Universal Propulsion Co., Inc. (form. Space Ordn.).
EX1981010001OEA Aerospace, Inc. (formerly ET, Inc.).
EX1982050030IRECO, Incorporated.
EX1983090243Western Atlas International.
EX1983100226OEA, Inc.
EX1983120221Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120222Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120223Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120224Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120225Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120226Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120227Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120228Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120229Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120232Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120234Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120236Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120238Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120239Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120240Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120241Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120242Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120244Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120245Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120246Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120248Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120250Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120251Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120252Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120253Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120254Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120255Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120256Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120257Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120258Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120259Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120260Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120261Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120262Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120263Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120264Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120265Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120266Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120267Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120268Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120270Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120272Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120274Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120275Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120276Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120277Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120278Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120281Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120282Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120283Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120284Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120285Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120286Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
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EX1983120287Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120290Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120292Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120293Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120294Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120295Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120296Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120297Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120298Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120300Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120302Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120304Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120306Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120307Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120308Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120309Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1983120312Owen Oil Tools, Inc.
EX1984010007J. G. Dapkus Company, Inc.
EX1984020312Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1984020313Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1984020314Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1984030026IRECO, Incorporated.
EX1984030029IRECO, Incorporated.
EX1984030030IRECO, Incorporated.
EX1984030031IRECO, Incorporated.
EX1984030032IRECO, Incorporated.
EX1984040270Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1984040271Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1984040273Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1984040278Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1984040279Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1984040288Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1984040398Universal Propulsion Company, Inc.
EX1984050014Special Devices, Inc. (formerly Walter Kidde, Aerospace Operations).
EX1984050015Special Devices, Inc. (formerly Walter Kidde, Aerospace Operations).
EX1984050016Special Devices, Inc. (formerly Walter Kidde, Aerospace Operations).
EX1984050017Special Devices, Inc. (formerly Walter Kidde, Aerospace Operations).
EX1984050018Special Devices, Inc. (formerly Walter Kidde, Aerospace Operations).
EX1984050019Special Devices, Inc. (formerly Walter Kidde, Aerospace Operations).
EX1985100053Western Atlas International.
EX1985100054Western Atlas International.
EX1985100055Western Atlas International.
EX1986010022Kidde-Fenwal, Inc. (formerly Fenwal Safety Systems, Inc.) (Fenwal, Inc.).
EX1986010023Kidde-Fenwal, Inc. (formerly Fenwal Safety Systems, Inc.) (Fenwal, Inc.).
EX1986010024Fenwal Safety Systems, Inc. (Fenwal, Inc.).
EX1986040051KOlin Corporation.
EX1986040051LOlin Corporation.
EX1986040051OOlin Corporation.
EX1986040051POlin Corporation.
EX1986110020Universal Propulsion Company, Inc.
EX1986110021Universal Propulsion Company, Inc.
EX1986110023Universal Propulsion Company, Inc.
EX1987030052OEA, Inc.
EX1987030053AOEA, Inc.
EX1987040110Western Atlas International.
EX1987060009Western Atlas International.
EX1987060010Western Atlas International.
EX1987060011Western Atlas International.
EX1987060012Western Atlas International.
EX1987060013Western Atlas International.
EX1987060015Western Atlas International.
EX1987060016Western Atlas International.
EX1987060017Western Atlas International.
EX1987060018Western Atlas International.
EX1987060019Western Atlas International.
EX1987070087OEA Aerospace, Inc. (formerly ET, Inc.).
EX1987070185Western Atlas International.
EX1987070186Western Atlas International.
EX1987090044Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1987090045Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1987090046Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1987100240OEA, Inc.
EX1987100331OEA, Inc.
EX1987110029UniDynamics Phoenix, Inc.
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EX1988010031OEA, Inc.
EX1988010142Western Atlas International.
EX1988010143Western Atlas International.
EX1988010144Western Atlas International.
EX1988060131IRECO, Incorporated.
EX1988070009OEA, Inc.
EX1988070199IRECO, Incorporated.
EX1988070221Scot, Inc.
EX1988080059OEA, Inc.
EX1988090088OEA, Inc.
EX1988090117IRECO, Incorporated.
EX1988100153Western Atlas International.
EX1988100154Western Atlas International.
EX1988110121Scot, Inc.
EX1988110187AOEA, Inc.
EX1988110190Western Atlas International.
EX1988110191Western Atlas International.
EX1988110192Western Atlas International.
EX1988120026Western Atlas International.
EX1988120027Western Atlas International.
EX1988120028Western Atlas International.
EX1989010062IRECO, Incorporated.
EX1989010064IRECO, Incorporated.
EX1989010208Western Atlas International.
EX1989010209Western Atlas International.
EX1989010210Western Atlas International.
EX1989010270Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1989070040Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1989090006Baker Hughes (formerly Western Atlas International).
EX1989090033OEA, Inc.
EX1989100038OEA, Inc.
EX1989100039OEA, Inc.
EX1989100070IRECO, Incorporated.
EX1989120132Tracor Aerospace, Inc.
EX1990050086OEA, Inc.
EX1990050113Western Atlas International.
EX1990050114Western Atlas International.
EX1990060128Mecano-Tech, Inc.
EX1990060129Mecano-Tech, Inc.
EX1990070038Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1990070039Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1990070085Jet Research Center, Inc.
EX1990070086Jet Research Center, Inc.
EX1990070087Jet Research Center, Inc.
EX1990070088Jet Research Center, Inc.
EX1990070089Jet Research Center, Inc.
EX1990070090Jet Research Center, Inc.
EX1990070091Jet Research Center, Inc.
EX1990070092Jet Research Center, Inc.
EX1990070093Jet Research Center, Inc.
EX1990070094Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1990070095Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1990070096Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1990070097Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1990070098Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1990070099Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1990070100Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1990070101Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1990070102Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1990070103Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1990070104Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC.
EX1990080010IRECO, Incorporated.
EX1990080018Woerner Engineering, Inc.
EX1990090125Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1990090126Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1990090128Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1990090129Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1990090130Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1990090131Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1990090132Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1990090133Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1990090134Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1990090135Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1990090136Technical Ordnance, Inc.
Start Printed Page 20070
EX1990090137Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1990090138Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1990090139Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1990090140Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1990090149Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1990090150Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1990090151Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1990090152Whittaker Ordnance.
EX1990090153Whittaker Ordnance.
EX1990090154Whittaker Ordnance.
EX1990090155Whittaker Ordnance.
EX1990090156Whittaker Ordnance.
EX1990090157Whittaker Ordnance.
EX1990090158Whittaker Ordnance.
EX1990100029Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1990100100TRW Safety Systems/Mesa.
EX1990110060Talley Defense Systems, Inc.
EX1990110061Talley Defense Systems, Inc.
EX1990110062Talley Defense Systems, Inc.
EX1990110063Talley Defense Systems, Inc.
EX1990110133Ordtronex Corporation.
EX1991010052Shaped Charge Specialist, Inc.
EX1991010053Shaped Charge Specialist, Inc.
EX1991010054Shaped Charge Specialist, Inc.
EX1991010055Shaped Charge Specialist, Inc.
EX1991010056Shaped Charge Specialist, Inc.
EX1991010057Shaped Charge Specialist, Inc.
EX1991010058Shaped Charge Specialist, Inc.
EX1991010059Shaped Charge Specialist, Inc.
EX1991010060Shaped Charge Specialist, Inc.
EX1991010061Shaped Charge Specialist, Inc.
EX1991010062Shaped Charge Specialist, Inc.
EX1991010063Shaped Charge Specialist, Inc.
EX1991010064Shaped Charge Specialist, Inc.
EX1991010065Shaped Charge Specialist, Inc.
EX1991010066Shaped Charge Specialist, Inc.
EX1991010197Walter Kidde Aerospace, Inc.
EX1991020088Universal Propulsion Company, Inc.
EX1991020089Universal Propulsion Company, Inc.
EX1991020090Universal Propulsion Company, Inc.
EX1991020180Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1991030095Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1991030095ATechnical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1991030106Whittaker Ordnance.
EX1991030107Whittaker Ordnance.
EX1991030109Whittaker Ordnance.
EX1991050107Alliant Techsystems, Inc.
EX1991050108Alliant Techsystems, Inc.
EX1991060018Quantic Industries, Inc.
EX1991060028Unidynamics Phoenix, Inc.
EX1991060196Walter Kidde Aerospace, Inc.
EX1991060231Mecano-Tech, Inc.
EX1991060232Mecano-Tech, Inc.
EX1991060233Mecano-Tech, Inc.
EX1991060234Mecano-Tech, Inc.
EX1991060235Mecano-Tech, Inc.
EX1991060236Mecano-Tech, Inc.
EX1991060254Scot, Inc.
EX1991060255Scot, Inc.
EX1991060256Scot, Inc.
EX1991060287OEA, Inc.
EX1991090138Cadillac Motor Car Division General Motors Corp.
EX1991090139Cadillac Motor Car Division General Motors Corp.
EX1991090140Cadillac Motor Car Division General Motors Corp.
EX1991090141Cadillac Motor Car Division General Motors Corp.
EX1991090142Cadillac Motor Car Division General Motors Corp.
EX1991090143Cadillac Motor Car Division General Motors Corp.
EX1991090144Cadillac Motor Car Division General Motors Corp.
EX1991090145Cadillac Motor Car Division General Motors Corp.
EX1991090146Cadillac Motor Car Division General Motors Corp.
EX1991090147Cadillac Motor Car Division General Motors Corp.
EX1991110064Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110065Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110066Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
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EX1991110067Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110068Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110069Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110070Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110071Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110072Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110073Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110074Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110075Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110076Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110077Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110078Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110079Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110080Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110081Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110082Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110083Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110084Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110086Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110087Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110088Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110089Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110090Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110091Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110092Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110093Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110094Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110095Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110096Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110097Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110098Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110099Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110100Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110101Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110102Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110103Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110104Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110105Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110106Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110107Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991110108Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation.
EX1991120040OEA, Inc.
EX1992010149Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1992010150Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1992010151Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1992010152Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1992010153Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1992010154Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1992020124Conax Florida Corporation.
EX1992030431Falcon Jet Corporation.
EX1992030432Falcon Jet Corporation.
EX1992030433Falcon Jet Corporation.
EX1992030434Falcon Jet Corporation.
EX1992040044Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1992040045Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1992040269Falcon Jet Corporation.
EX1992060065Walter Kidde Aerospace, Inc.
EX1992060066Walter Kidde Aerospace, Inc.
EX1992070063Baker Hughes (formerly Western Atlas International).
EX1992070064Baker Hughes (formerly Western Atlas International).
EX1992070065Baker Hughes (formerly Western Atlas International).
EX1992100238Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1992100239Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1992120053OEA, Inc.
EX1992120130Baker Hughes (formerly Western Atlas International).
EX1992120131Baker Hughes (formerly Western Atlas International).
EX1992120132Baker Hughes (formerly Western Atlas International).
EX1992120133Baker Hughes (formerly Western Atlas International).
EX1993020028OEA, Inc.
EX1993050173ICI Explosives—Aerospace & Automotive Products.
EX1993060155OEA, Inc.
EX1993070016BHT Products, Inc.
EX1993070017BHT Products, Inc.
EX1993070019BHT Products, Inc.
Start Printed Page 20072
EX1993070020BHT Products, Inc.
EX1993070021BHT Products, Inc.
EX1993080242Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1993080243Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1993080244Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1993080245Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1993080246Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1993090030OEA, Inc.
EX1993100267OEA, Inc.
EX1993100268OEA, Inc.
EX1993110117BHT Products, Inc.
EX1993110118BHT Products, Inc.
EX1993110273OEA, Inc.
EX1993120121Olin Corporation—Winchester Division.
EX1993120137Ashimori Industry Co., Ltd.
EX1993120138Ashimori Industry Co., Ltd.
EX1994020117Western Atlas International (form. Dresser Atlas).
EX1994030007High Energy International, Inc. (HEI).
EX1994030008High Energy International, Inc. (HEI).
EX1994030009High Energy International, Inc. (HEI).
EX1994030010High Energy International, Inc. (HEI).
EX1994030011High Energy International, Inc. (HEI).
EX1994030012High Energy International, Inc. (HEI).
EX1994030013High Energy International, Inc. (HEI).
EX1994030014High Energy International, Inc. (HEI).
EX1994030057Olin Corporation—Winchester Division.
EX1994030058Olin Corporation—Winchester Division.
EX1994050229OEA, Inc.
EX1994060076OEA, Inc.
EX1994060077OEA, Inc.
EX1994070273TAAS Israel Industries Ltd.(form. Israel Military).
EX1994080121Rockwell International Corporation.
EX1994090078Dynamit Nobel AG.
EX1994090079Dynamit Nobel AG.
EX1994090080Dynamit Nobel AG.
EX1994090081Dynamit Nobel AG.
EX1994100103Ministry of Defence.
EX1995010114Hi-Shear Technology Corp. (Owen Compliance Svcs.).
EX1995070015Alliant Techsystems, Inc.
EX1995090005Baker Oil Tools (formerly Baker Service Tools).
EX1995100039ICI Explosives USA, Inc.
EX1995100040ICI Explosives USA, Inc.
EX1995100139Walter Kidde Aerospace, Inc.
EX1995100159TRW Vehicle Safety Systems, Inc.
EX1995100159ATRW Vehicle Safety Systems, Inc.
EX1995120033ICI Explosives USA, Inc.
EX1996010080ICI Explosives USA, Inc.
EX1996010081ICI Explosives USA, Inc.
EX1996100137Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1997010130Networks Electronic Corporation.
EX1997010131TEMIC Bayern-Chemie Airbag GmbH.
EX1997010132TEMIC Bayern-Chemie Airbag GmbH.
EX1997060032ML Aviation Limited.
EX1997090019Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1997090021Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1997090022Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1997090023Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1997090024Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1997090025Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1997090026Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1997090027Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1997090028Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1997090030Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1997090031Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1997090032Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1997090134Technical Ordnance, Inc.
EX1997100043Fenwal Safety Systems, Inc.
EX1997110024Scot, Inc.
EX1998030099Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1998030100Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1998030101Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1998030102Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1998030103Dynamit Nobel GmbH.
EX1998050003Lucas Aerospace Power Systems.
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EX1999030158Dyno Nobel North America, (Formerly, The Ensign-Bickford Company).
EX1999070075Mass Systems, Inc.
EX1999070210Advanced Concept Development, Inc.
EX1999070211Advanced Concept Development, Inc.
EX1999120055Dyno Nobel North America, (Formerly, The Ensign-Bickford Company).
EX2000040106Quantic Industries, Inc.
EX2000080055O'Brien Design Associates, Inc.
EX2000090045Titan Completion Products, Ltd.
EX2000090083Rocktek USA Ltd.
EX2000090124Rocktek USA Ltd.
EX2000120142Technical Ordnance, Inc.
Start Signature

Issued in Washington, DC on April 7, 2015 under authority delegated in 49 CFR Part 106.

Magdy El-Sibaie,

Associate Administrator for Hazardous Materials Safety, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.

End Signature End Supplemental Information

[FR Doc. 2015-08470 Filed 4-13-15; 8:45 am]