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New Suggested Searches for 2012

To celebrate the new year, we added three suggested searches to the Health & Public Welfare news section of “Public Welfare” covers a lot of territory in our broad news categories, and now it includes new topical searches for: Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Transparency & Open Government, and Voting & Elections.

Why create a separate search tool for ACOs? According to some observers, ACO regulations were among the most significant rules issued in 2011 because they:

… could decide whether the American health-care system moves past the broken, expensive fee-for-service model. The idea is to encourage groups of providers to band together into “accountable care organizations” and accept a flat fee for all care related to a particular patient or condition. … The hope is to do nothing less than change the basic business model of American medicine.

So whether you agree or not with the current direction of health care reform, ACO documents will be ones to watch in 2012.

Next we have a Transparency & Open Government canned search. The rationale for this tool is to broadly track the work agencies have done over the past several years to implement the President’s Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government. Our Federal Register 2.0 site is all about building a more open and accountable Government, and the beginning of the new year is a good time for taking stock of assorted “OpenGov” efforts.

Finally, we have a new tool for tracking voting and election-related Federal Register documents. To state the obvious, 2012 is a Presidential election year.  And the National Archives’ Office of the Federal Register will be out in front, providing essential information about the Presidential election process on our Electoral College web page. We will be posting key documents of our democracy on that site, including Electoral College Certificates of Ascertainment and Certificates of Vote.

While you are waiting for the Presidential election to heat up,  you can use our new voting and elections search to keep track of important Federal Register documents on voting rights, campaign finance, and voting assistance programs for service members and other American citizens living abroad.

Added note: If our suggested searches don’t quite work for your research purposes, you can always tweak them to fit your needs. And if you have ideas for other suggested searches, try them out and send the search terms to us via the “Site Feedback” tool on this web site. We will try to incorporate your ideas into Federal Register 2.0.