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Reader Aids

Reader Aids help people use and understand the federal rulemaking process. Reader Aids information is not published in the Federal Register.

Federal Register Workshop, Online!

The Office of the Federal Register(OFR) regularly offers a workshop entitled “Federal Register, What is it and How to Use it”. The workshop provides an overview of the regulatory process and the OFR’s role in that process.  Specifically, it discusses the role of OFR’s publication of the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations in the regulatory process.   Until now, this workshop was only available to those who could attend the workshop in person, at our office in Washington, DC.  Today, we are excited to offer, for the first time ever, the entire workshop on video, complete with supporting materials at

There are three separate videos for each portion of the course.

1.       What is the Federal Register?

2.       How to Use the Federal Register?

3.       Code of Federal Regulations.

The slides for the entire course are also available as well as a few example documents.

We look forward to building on this lecture series and offering more video and online content to our customers in the future.