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PKI Conference posted Online

Federal Register posts online tutorial for PKI program

The Office of the Federal Register is pleased to announce a lecture series on implementing a digital submission process for federal agencies is now available on Udemy (  The lecture series was filmed at our PKI conference back in March.  There are five lectures total:

  1. Introduction to PKI

  2. PKI Question and Answer

  3. Agency decision-making process: EPA’s Laura Free

  4. Agency business process: NIH’s Angelee Mullins

  5. Web portal demonstration

The series also has supplementary material, including a comprehensive OFR Frequently Asked Questions, an FAQ from EPA for an agency’s perspective, and a sample Cost-Benefit Analysis from EPA.  The entire series will help agencies interested in starting their PKI programs get a better idea of how to proceed and to learn from agencies that have already gone through the process.

OFR’s PKI program, run cooperatively with the Government Printing Office and the General Services Administration, has steadily grown over the last few years.  Since 2010, the percentage of documents submitted digitally has risen from 29% to 41%  in CY 2013 of total documents submitted for publication.  Details of PKI growth can be found on our website at: