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Unified Agenda 1625-AA08

Regatta and Marine Parade Regulations


These routine and frequent regulations provide for the safety of participants and spectators during regattas and marine parades. The regulations specify such controls as separate participant and spectator areas, separation schemes for watercraft in the area of the event, and temporary restrictions on waterways to accommodate the event. These rules are short-term in nature (usually a single event of one to three days, for only part of each day), and usually encompass only a portion of a navigable waterway. These rules are promulgated by District Commanders and Captains of the Port in response to requests from event sponsors. These rulemakings support the Coast Guard's maritime safety and maritime stewardship missions with regard to the mobility of commercial and recreational vessel traffic. Approximately 50 actions are expected annually.


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  • George Detweiler
    Commandant (CG-5533), Program Manager
    Phone 202 372-1566
    ATTN: Navigation Standards Division, 2100 2nd Street SW., STOP 7581,
    Washington DC 20593-7581

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