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Unified Agenda 2070-AJ79

Pesticides; Revisions to Minimum Risk Exemptions


EPA is developing the final rule related to revisions it proposed in December 2012. Specifically, EPA proposed to more clearly describe the active and inert ingredients permitted in products eligible for the exemption from regulation for minimum risk pesticides. These lists would be reorganized by adding specific chemical identifiers that would make it clearer which ingredients are permitted in minimum risk pesticide products. No ingredients would be added or removed from the exemption. The label requirements in the exemption would also be modified to require the use of specific common chemical names in lists of ingredients on minimum risk pesticide product labels, and to require producer contact information on the label. These changes are intended to maintain the availability of minimum risk pesticide products while providing more consistent information for consumers, clearer regulations for producers, and easier identification by states, tribes and EPA as to whether a product is in compliance with the exemption.


2 actions from December 31st, 2012 to June 2015

  • December 31st, 2012
  • June 2015
    • Final Rule


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