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Friday, July 1st
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Energy Conservation Program: Test Procedures for Integrated Light-Emitting Diode Lamps

The final rule adopts test procedures for determining the lumen output, input power, lamp efficacy, CCT, CRI, power factor, lifetime, and standby mode power for LED lamps.

Importation of Bone-In Ovine Meat From Uruguay

We are proposing to amend the regulations governing the importation of certain animals, meat, and other animal products by allowing, under certain conditions, the importation of bone-in ovine meat from Uruguay.

Space Flight

NASA is issuing a final rule that governs International Space Station crewmembers and mementos aboard Orion and Space Launch System missions. It also removes other policies that were relevant to the Space Shuttle.

Revised Medical Criteria for Evaluating Neurological Disorders

We are revising the criteria in the Listing of Impairments that we use to evaluate disability claims involving neurological disorders in adults and children under titles II and XVI of the Social Security Act.

Local and Regional Food Aid Procurement Program

This document establishes rules to govern the award of funds by the Foreign Agricultural Service to recipients under the USDA Local and Regional Food Aid Procurement Program.

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