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Tuesday, March 31st
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Approval of Requests for Transfers of Multifamily Housing Project-Based Rental Assistance

The terms and conditions by which HUD will approve a request for the transfer of project-based rental assistance, debt held or insured by the Secretary, and statutorily required income-based use restrictions from one multifamily housing project to another (or between several such projects).

Energy Conservation Standards for Residential Boilers

The Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975 (EPCA), as amended, prescribes energy conservation standards for various consumer products and certain commercial and industrial equipment, including residential boilers.

Hearings and Alternatives Development Procedures In Hydropower Licenses

The Departments of Agriculture, the Interior, and Commerce are jointly revising the procedures they established in November 2005 for expedited trial-type hearings required by the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Children's Gasoline Burn Prevention Act Regulation

The Children's Gasoline Burn Prevention Act (CGBPA or the Act) adopted the child-resistance requirements for closures on portable gasoline containers--found in the 2005 version of the applicable ASTM rule, F2517-05--as a consumer product safety rule.

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