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National Commission on Intermodal Transportation

THe National Commission on Intermodal Transportation was created by Sec. 5005 of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991.
The Commission was established and charged by Congress to make a complete
investigation and study of intermodal transportation (specifically, passenger and freight traffic, public and private sectors, and all modes of transportation.) in the United States and internationally. The investigation was to focus on three fundamental tasks: (1) to determine the status of, and problems related to, intermodal transportation today; (2) identify the resources needed to enhance
intermodal transportation; and (3) make recommendations on how to
achieve an efficient intermodal transportation system.

The Commission was terminated after submitting its final report in 1994.

Source: Federal Register Volume 59, Number 58 (Friday, March 25, 1994), FR Doc. 94-7104

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