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Presidio Trust


The Presidio Trust's mission is to preserve and enhance the Presidio as an enduring resource for the American public. The Trust's work encompasses the natural areas, wildlife, and native habitats of the park, as well as the historic structures, and designed landscapes that make the park a National Historic Landmark District. The Presidio Trust is dedicated to ensuring that visitors to this spectacular place have the opportunity to gain a broader understanding of the Presidio, its place in American history, and the plants and wildlife which once thrived throughout the region.
The Trust receives federal appropriations that diminish each year, and cease at the end of fiscal year 2012. The Trust uses these funds and lease revenues to rehabilitate the park's buildings, restore its open spaces and historic resources, provide programs for visitors, maintain utilities and infrastructure, and fund the Presidio's long-term care.

The Presidio Trust is governed by a seven-member board of directors. Six members are appointed by the President of the United States. The seventh is the U.S. Secretary of the Interior or his/her designee.

This agency has published 123 documents since 1994.

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