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State Department

The Department of State advises the President in the formulation and execution of foreign policy and promotes the long-range security and well-being of the United States. The Department determines and analyzes the facts relating to American overseas interests, makes recommendations on policy and future action, and takes the necessary steps to carry out established policy. In so doing, the Department engages in continuous consultations with the American public, the Congress, other U.S. departments and agencies, and foreign governments; negotiates treaties and agreements with foreign nations; speaks for the United States in the United Nations and other international organizations in which the United States participates; and represents the United States at international conferences.

The Department of State was established by act of July 27, 1789, as the Department of Foreign Affairs and was renamed Department of State by Act of September 15, 1789 (22 U.S.C. 2651 note).

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  • Visa Information Update Requirements Under the Electronic Visa Update System (EVUS)

    The Department of State is confirming the effective date of November 29, 2016, for the final rule that published in the Federal Register of October 26, 2016, instituting a requirement for nonimmigrant aliens who hold a passport issued by an identified country containing a U.S. nonimmigrant visa of a designated category to provide required...

  • Visas: Documentation of Nonimmigrants Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, as Amended

    As a result of this rule, the Department of State finalizes without change a final rule establishing that a passport and a visa is required of a British, French, or Netherlands national, or of a national of Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, or Trinidad and Tobago, who has residence in British, French, or Netherlands territory located in the...

  • Passports

    The Department of State published a final rule in the Federal Register on May 11, 2018, amending the passport rules for the Department of State (the Department). The document stays the amendments in the May 11 rule until June 10, 2018.

  • Passports

    This final rule provides various changes and updates to the Department of State passport rules. The final rule incorporates statutory passport denial and revocation requirements for certain convicted sex offenders. It notes that, notwithstanding the legal bases for denial or revocation of a passport, the Department may issue a passport for...

  • Schedule of Fees for Consular Services, Department of State and Overseas Embassies and Consulates

    This rule finalizes the interim final rule published in the Federal Register on September 8, 2015. Specifically, the rule implemented changes to the Schedule of Fees for Consular Services (``Schedule'') for certain passport and citizenship services fees. This rulemaking addresses public comments and adopts as final the changes to these fees.

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