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Cancellation of Pesticides for Non-Payment of Year 2000 Registration Maintenance Fees




Since the amendments of October 1988, the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) has required payment of an annual maintenance fee to keep pesticide registrations in effect. The fee due last January 15 has gone unpaid for about 984 registrations. Section 4(i)(5)(G) of FIFRA provides that the Administrator may cancel these registrations by order and without a hearing; orders to cancel all 984 of these registrations have been issued within the past few days.


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For further information on the maintenance fee program in general, contact by mail: John Jamula, Office of Pesticide Programs (H7504C), Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20460. Office location, telephone number and e-mail address:Rm.226, Crystal Mall No. 2,1921 Jefferson Davis Highway South,Arlington, VA 22202,(703) 305-6426; e-mail:


I. General Information Back to Top

A. Does this apply to me?

You may be potentially affected by this notice if you are an EPA registrant with any approved product registration(s). Although this action may be of particular interest to persons who produce or use pesticides, the Agency has not attempted to describe all the specific entities that may be affected by this action. If you have any questions regarding the information in this notice, consult the person listed under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT.

B. How can I get additional information or copies of support documents:

1. Electronically. You may obtain electronic copies of this document, and certain other related documentsthat might be available electronically, from the EPA Internet Home page at To access this document, on the Home Page select“Laws and Regulations,” “Regulations and Proposed Rules,” and then look up the entry for this document under the “Federal Register— Environmental Documents.” You can go directly to the Federal Register listings at

2. In person. The official record for this notice, as well as the public version, has been established under docket control number OPP-64049, (including comments and data submitted electronically as described below). A public version of this record, including printed, paper versions of any electronic comments, which does not include any information claimed as CBI, is available for inspection in Rm. 119, Crystal Mall #2, 1921 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays.

II. Introduction Back to Top

Section 4(i)(5) of FIFRA as amended in October 1988, December 1991, and again in August 1996, requires that all pesticide registrants pay an annual registration maintenance fee, due by January 15 of each year, to keep their registrations in effect. This requirement applies to all registrations granted under section 3 as well as those granted under section 24(c) to meet special local needs. Registrations for which the fee is not paid are subject to cancellation by order and without a hearing.

The 1990 Farm Bill amended FIFRA to allow the Administrator to reduce or waive maintenance fees for minor agricultural use pesticides when she determines that the fee would be likely to cause significant impact on the availability of the pesticide for the use. The Agency has waived the fee for 126 minor agricultural use registrations at the request of the registrants.

In late November 1999, all holders of either section 3 registrations or section 24(c) registrations were sent lists of their active registrations, along with forms and instructions for responding. The registrants were asked to identify which of their registrations they wished to maintain in effect, and to calculate and remit the appropriate maintenance fees. Most responses were received by the statutory deadline of January 15. A notice of intent to cancel was sent in mid-February to companies who did not respond and to companies who responded, but paid for less than all of their registrations.

Since mailing the notices, EPA has maintained a toll-free inquiry number through which the questions of affected registrants have been answered.

Maintenance fees have been paid for about 15,932 section 3 registrations, or about 93 percent of the registrations on file in November. Fees have been paid for about 2,539 section 24(c) registrations, or about 88 percent of the total on file in November. Cancellations for nonpayment of the maintenance fee affect about 695 section 3 registrations and about 287 section 24(c) registrations.

The cancellation orders generally permit registrants to continue to sell and distribute existing stocks of the canceled products until the due date for the next annual registration maintenance fee, January 15, 2001. Existing stocks already in the hands of dealers or users, however, can generally be distributed, sold or used legally until they are exhausted. Existing stocks are defined as those stocks of a registered pesticide product which are currently in the U.S. and which have been packaged, labeled and released for shipment prior to the effective date of the action.

The exceptions to these general rules are cases where more stringent restrictions on sale, distribution, or use of the products have already been imposed, through Special Reviews or other Agency actions. These general provisions for disposition of stocks should serve in most cases to cushion the impact of these cancellations while the market adjusts.

III. Listing of Registrations Canceled for Non-Payment Back to Top

Table 1 lists all of the section 24(c) registrations.

Table 1.—Section 24(c) Registrations Canceled for Non-Payment of the 2000 Maintenance Fee Back to Top
24(c) No. Product Name
AR-95-0005 Cotoron Accu-Pak
AR-95-0007 Cotoran 4L Herbicide
AR-95-0008 Cotoran DF
AR-98-0001 Tilt Fungicide
CO-97-0003 Mefenoxam EC
CO-98-0012 Alamo Fungicide
CO-98-0013 Alamo Fungicide
FL-92-0005 Supracide 2E Insecticide-Miticide
GA-95-0001 Zorial Rapid 80
IA-98-0003 Apron Maxx RTA
ID-93-0003 Supracide 2E Insecticide-Miticide
IL-98-0001 Tilt Fungicide
IN-95-0001 Princep Caliber 90 Herbicide
KS-99-0002 Apron Maxx RTA
LA-93-0015 Princep 4L Herbicide
LA-94-0003 Cotoran DF
LA-94-0004 Cotoran 4L Herbicide
LA-95-0004 Cotoron Accu-Pak
MN-98-0001 Alamo Fungicide
MS-89-0009 Cotoran DF
MS-89-0010 Cotoran 4L Herbicide
MS-95-0009 Cotoran Accu-Pak
MS-98-0013 Apron Maxx RTA
NE-99-0001 Apron Maxx
NY-94-0002 Beacon Herbicide
NY-97-0001 Exceed Herbicide
NY-97-0002 Exceed Herbicide
OR-90-0024 Solicam DF Herbicide
OR-97-0015 Caparol 4L Herbicide
OR-98-0021 Supracide 25WP Insecticide-Miticide
OR-99-0022 Maxim—MZ Potato Seed Protectant
WA-90-0032 Solicam DF Herbicide
CA-88-0019 Rovral Fungicide
HI-94-0004 Ethrel Ethephon Plant Regulator
MI-86-0005 Larvin 3.2 Thiodicarb Insecticide Aqueous Flowable
NC-96-0003 Sevin Brand XLR Carbaryl Insecticide
OH-96-0003 Sevin Brand XLR Carbaryl Insecticide
OR-81-0055 Rovral Fungicide
OR-95-0006 Sevin Brand XLR Carbaryl Insecticide
PA-96-0002 Sevin Brand XLR Carbaryl Insecticide
VA-95-0001 Sevin Brand XLR Carbaryl Insecticide
WA-81-0052 Rovral Fungicide
WI-88-0011 Butyrac 200 Broadleaf Herbicide
WI-92-0008 Buctril Herbicide
AL-91-0003 Thiodan 3 E.C. Insecticide
AL-94-0009 Talstar Granular
AR-87-0006 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
AR-90-0003 Thiodan 3 E.C.
AZ-85-0006 Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
AZ-91-0002 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
AZ-93-0016 Thiodan 2 C.O. EC Insecticide
AZ-95-0005 Capture 2 EC Insecticide/miticide
CA-76-0127 Thiodan 50WP Insecticide
CA-94-0006 Thiodan 3 E.C.
CA-97-0028 Thiodan 2 C.O. EC Insecticide
CT-88-0010 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
CT-96-0001 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
DE-88-0001 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
DE-92-0001 Furadan 4F
FL-93-0007 Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
FL-94-0009 Talstar TO Granular Insecticide
FL-94-0010 Talstar TO Flowable
GA-90-0009 Thiodan 3 E.C.
GA-93-0002 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
HI-93-0002 Talstar Flowable Insecticide/mitacide
IA-88-0003 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
ID-77-0009 Thiodan 3 E.C.
IL-93-0004 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
IN-88-0017 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
IN-89-0003 Thiodan 3 E.C.
KY-89-0002 Thiodan 3 E.C.
LA-93-0002 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
LA-93-0021 Furadan 4F
ME-93-0005 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
MI-90-0002 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
MI-91-0004 Thiodan 3 E.C. Insecticide
MO-88-0004 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
MS-87-0004 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
MS-90-0003 Thiodan 3 E.C.
MS-95-0003 Talstar Granular
MS-95-0004 Talstar Flowable Insecticide/miticide
MT-79-0024 Thiodan 3 E.C.
MT-93-0006 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
NC-87-0002 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
ND-98-0003 Thiodan 3 EC Insecticide
NJ-93-0001 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
NM-87-0005 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
NV-91-0001 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
OH-89-0006 Thiodan 3 E.C.
OH-90-0002 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
OR-95-0007 Thiodan 3 EC Insecticide
PA-89-0004 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
PA-92-0002 Thiodan 3 E.C.
RI-94-0001 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
SC-87-0002 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
SC-91-0001 Thiodan 3 E.C.
TN-90-0002 Thiodan 3 E.C.
TN-91-0001 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
TN-93-0001 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
TN-96-0005 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
TX-90-0011 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
UT-91-0004 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
VA-87-0001 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
VA-92-0007 Thiodan 3 E.C.
VT-93-0001 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
WA-89-0004 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
WA-91-0029 Thiodan 3 E.C.
WA-92-0001 Thiodan 3 E.C. Insecticide
WI-91-0007 Talstar 10WP Insecticide/miticide
WI-92-0007 Thiodan 3 E.C.
MT-82-0012 Dupont Velpar L Weed Killer
NY-93-0004 Harmony Extra Herbicide
NY-97-0008 Dupont Fortress 5g Granular Insecticide
OR-78-0004 Du Pont Lannate Methomyl Insecticide
AL-80-0010 Terraclor Emulsifiable Soil Fungicide
GA-81-0003 Terraclor 2 Lb Emulsifiable Soil Fungicide
GA-89-0003 Terraclor 10% Granular Soil Fungicide
GA-94-0007 Terraclor 4F
ID-76-0001 Vitavax Flowable Fungicide
OK-84-0008 Terraclor 75% Wettable Powder
OK-84-0009 Terraclor 2 Lb Emulsifiable Soil Fungicide
OK-84-0011 Mathieson Terraclor 10% Granular
OK-94-0001 Terraclor Flowable Fungicide
TX-78-0043 Mathieson Terraclor 10% Granular
TX-79-0017 Olin Terraclor 75% Wettable Powder
TX-84-0015 Terraclor 2 Lb Emulsifiable Soil Fungicide
TX-94-0004 Terraclor Flowable Fungicide
WA-76-0037 Vitavax Flowable Fungicide
WA-76-0038 Vitavax-200 Flowable Fungicide
AR-94-0006 Goal 1.6E Herbicide
AZ-95-0008 Goal 1.6E Herbicide
HI-84-0006 Goal 1.6E Herbicide
LA-98-0004 Nova 40W Agricultural Fungicide In Water Soluble Pouche
MI-89-0008 Goal 1.6E Herbicide
MI-89-0009 Goal 1.6E Herbicide
MS-94-0001 Goal 1.6E Herbicide
MT-93-0004 Goal 1.6e Herbicide
PA-96-0001 Goal 1.6e Herbicide
SC-88-0004 Goal 1.6e Herbicide
SC-91-0002 Goal 1.6e Herbicide
SC-94-0002 Goal 1.6e Herbicide
TN-94-0004 Dithane DF Agricultural Fungicide
WA-91-0012 Goal 1.6E Herbicide
WA-96-0005 Goal 1.6E Herbicide
ME-97-0001 Super Tin 80WP
MI-97-0001 Super Tin 80WP
MN-97-0003 Super Tin 80WP
ND-97-0004 Super Tin 80WP
NE-98-0001 Super Tin 80WP
OR-97-0021 Super Tin 80WP
WA-97-0035 Super Tin 80WP
WI-97-0005 Super Tin 80WP
MT-91-0006 Amine 400 2,4-D Weed Killer
OR-94-0007 Embark 2-S Plant Growth Regulator
WY-92-0003 Zinc Phosphide Bait
WA-88-0025 Dimethogon 267 EC
ID-83-0035 Di-Syston 15% Granular Systemic Insecticide
ID-90-0002 Turbo 8 EC
NJ-94-0003 Guthion 50% Wettable Powder Crop Insecticide In Water
OR-79-0042 Di-Syston 15% Granular Systemic Insecticide
OR-83-0057 Di-Syston 15% Granular Systemic Insecticide
PR-91-0005 Nemacur 3
PR-91-0006 Nemacur 15% Granular
CA-97-0031 Topsin M WSB
CO-98-0009 Hydrothol 191
NE-97-0003 Hydrothol 191
NJ-97-0006 Penncap—Microencapsulated Insecticide
OR-79-0075 Herbicide 273
WI-97-0003 Topsin M WSB
CT-94-0003 Parapel II
AR-95-0010 Facet 75 DF Herbicide
AZ-95-0003 Banvel Herbicide
CO-92-0004 Banvel Herbicide
CO-93-0002 Banvel Herbicide
CO-94-0005 Banvel Herbicide
CO-98-0008 Banvel Herbicide
FL-99-0009 Basf Poast Herbicide
ID-90-0004 Banvel SGF Herbicide
ID-90-0013 Banvel Herbicide
KS-90-0002 Banvel Herbicide
MT-91-0003 Banvel SGF Herbicide
MT-91-0005 Banvel Herbicide
NC-93-0004 Basf Poast Herbicide
ND-89-0001 Banvel Herbicide
ND-94-0003 Banvel Herbicide
ND-94-0005 Banvel Herbicide
NE-90-0001 Banvel Herbicide
NJ-94-0007 Banvel Herbicide
NJ-97-0007 Banvel Herbicide
OK-81-0004 Banvel D Herbicide
OK-84-0010 Banvel Herbicide
OK-85-0008 Banvel Herbicide
OR-90-0011 Banvel Sgf Herbicide
OR-90-0013 Banvel Herbicide
SC-90-0005 Ronilan Fungicide 50W
SC-94-0004 Basf Poast Herbicide
SD-94-0002 Banvel Herbicide
TX-86-0006 Banvel Herbicide
TX-92-0018 Banvel Herbicide
UT-95-0001 Banvel Herbicide
WA-90-0014 Banvel SGF Herbicide
WA-91-0032 Banvel Herbicide
AL-95-0002 Imidan 70-WSB
AL-97-0002 Imidan 70-WSB
AR-95-0001 Imidan 70-WSB
AR-96-0001 Imidan 70-WSB
AZ-92-0006 Ambush 0.5% Bait
AZ-94-0008 Gowan Azinphos—M 50 WSB
CA-94-0026 Ambush 0.5% Bait
CA-97-0029 Gowan Malathion 5 Dust
LA-95-0008 Imidan 70-WSB
LA-97-0005 Imidan 70-WSB
NV-99-0002 Supracide 25WP Insecticide-Miticide
NV-99-0003 Supracide 25WP Insecticide-Miticide
OR-94-0022 Botran 75 W
TN-98-0006 Imidan 70-WSB
UT-92-0002 Gowan Dimethoate E267
KY-95-0001 Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
MI-91-0009 Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
WA-97-0028 Ambush Insecticide
ME-94-0001 Pronone 10G
HI-88-0004 Superior 70 Oil
ID-99-0020 Clean Crop Supreme Oil
WA-92-0018 Purechlor Sanitizer 12.5%
NC-78-0002 Dupont Lexone 4L Metribuzin Weed Killer
MS-94-0002 2,4-D Amine No. 4 Herbicide
IN-97-0004 Carzol SP In Water Soluble Packaging
NC-97-0002 Carzol SP In Water Soluble Packaging
OH-97-0008 Carzol SP In Water Soluble Packaging
SC-97-0007 Carzol SP In Water Soluble Packaging
TX-98-0008 Carzol SP In Water Soluble Packaging
UT-92-0001 Carzol SP
NJ-93-0005 Ferbam Granuflo
WA-98-0030 Saf-T-Oil
AL-90-0003 Bravo 720
GA-77-0007 Dsma Liquid
GA-77-0008 Bueno-6
GA-96-0005 Bueno-6
NC-77-0018 Bueno-6
NC-92-0012 Bravo 720
NC-95-0007 Bravo 720
NC-95-0008 Bravo 825
OR-77-0025 Bueno-6
OR-77-0060 Bravo 500 Agricultural Fungicide
OR-77-0061 Daconil 2787 Flowable Fungicide
OR-81-0032 Bravo 500 Agricultural Fungicide
OR-86-0005 Bravo 500
OR-94-0010 Daconil 2787 Flowable Fungicide
OR-96-0001 Bravo 720
OR-96-0002 Bravo 825
OR-96-0014 Bravo 720
OR-96-0015 Bravo 825
OR-96-0016 Bravo 720
OR-97-0025 Bravo 720
PR-83-0002 Bravo 500 Agricultural Fungicide
WA-88-0013 Bravo 720
WA-95-0036 Bravo 720
WA-96-0012 Bravo 825
WA-96-0013 Bravo 720
WA-96-0015 Bravo 720
CA-99-0017 Slam
CA-99-0018 Slam
CA-99-0019 Slam
CA-99-0020 Slam
FL-96-0010 Gibgro 4LS
AZ-98-0011 Tri-Clor Fumigant
CA-83-0056 Geigy Diazinon 14G (14.3% Granular) Insecticide
FL-91-0010 Margosan-O Botanical Insecticide Concentrate
CA-97-0012 Zephyr 0.15 EC
CA-89-0029 Thiram 50 WP Dyed
NY-98-0003 Dual 8E Herbicide
FL-91-0001 Dual 8E Herbicide
FL-95-0003 Dual 8E Herbicide
FL-97-0012 Dual 8E Herbicide
FL-94-0006 Hivol 44
WA-91-0026 Vinco Formaldehyde Solution
AZ-92-0005 Thiram 50 WP
HI-91-0002 Meth-O-Gas
OR-95-0036 Selected Herbicide
IA-98-0001 Mertect (r) 340-F Fungicide
WA-98-0021 Kaligreen
MS-99-0004 Sanitizer 3134
CA-98-0004 Pro-Gibb 4% Liquid Concentrate
OR-98-0014 Clorox
OR-98-0018 Clorox
CA-99-0014 Pro-Gibb 4% Liquid Concentrate
CA-99-0021 Sunny Sol 150

Table 2 lists all of the section 3 registrations which were canceled for non-payment of the 2000 maintenance fee. These registrations have been canceled by order and without hearing. Cancellation orders were sent to affected registrants via certified mail in the past several days. It is the Agency policy to rescind cancellation of any particular registration only if the cancellation resulted from the Agency error.

Table 2.Section 3 Registrations Canceled for Non-Payment of the 2000 Maintenance Fee Back to Top
Reg. No. Product Name
000016-00153 Dragon Scat Cat Repellent
000100-00756 Aatrex Accu-Pak
000100-00825 Maxim C 0.33% Ds Potato Seed Protectant
000100-00844 Mondak Herbicide
000116-00016 Germex 20% Quaternary Ammonium Compound
000134-00057 Residual Fly Spray 2EC
000168-00372 Chlorine
000270-00053 Farnam Ready-To-Use Stable and Horse Fly Spray
000270-00264 Purina Dog Shampoo
000270-00267 Farnum Hard Hitter 5.7%
000270-00270 Priority Flea and Tick Pyrethrin Dip for Dogs and Cats
000270-00271 Purina Flea and Insect Carpet Dust
000270-00272 TPC Sevin 5% Dust
000270-00277 Owner's Choice Flea and Tick Shampoo
000270-00284 Security Brand Cygon* 2-E Systemic Insecticide
000270-00285 Security Brand Fungi-Gard
000270-00287 Security Brand Systemic Rose and Flower Booster
000270-00291 Security Brand Malathion Multi-Purpose Spray
000270-00292 Chacon Systemic Granular Insecticide for House Plants
000270-00298 Security Pressurized Garden Spray
000270-00299 Security 0.25% Permethrin Ready To Use
000270-00303 Farnam Water-Based Diazinon Cocentrate
000275-00105 Gibrel for Manufacturing Use
000275-00106 2% Liquid Gibrel
000275-00107 Gibrel Powder 5%
000275-00115 Skeetal Flowable Concentrate
000275-00125 Bactimos Primary Powder
000279-02735 Thiodan Pyrenone C.O. EC
000279-02822 Thiodan 2 Pyrenone 0.3-0.03 EC Insecticide
000283-00003 Solu Styril Germicide Solution
000334-00291 Hykil Aerosol Insect Killer
000334-00526 I-Sect Aqueous Pressurized Spray for House and Garden
000334-00562 Kil-R Fog-R Total Release Fogging Insecticide
000334-00570 Aqua-Kill Residual Ant and Roach Killer
000400-00178 Casoron 10G
000400-00462 Technical Dichlobenil
000400-00463 Casoron 85W
000402-00103 Hill #5031 Hilco Tox Aerosol
000402-00121 No. 2222 Hilco Strike
000407-00435 Rat and Mouse Killer
000432-00622 Chlorpyrifos/esbiothrin Insecticide Trans. Emulsion Spray 0.5% + 0.05%
000432-00645 Chlorpyrifos/esbiothrin Bug Killer 0.5% + 0.05%
000432-00648 Ultratec Insect. W/sbp-1382 Chlorpyrifos Transp. Emulsion 3.2%-16%
000432-00658 Chlorpyrifos/esobiothrin Trans. Emulsion Spray 0.25% + 0.025%
000432-00659 Crossfire-D Tedc W/chlorpyrifos/esbiothrin 25%+2.5% Transp. Emulsion Concentrate
000432-00660 Ultratec Insecticide W/chlorpyrifos Transp Emulsion Dilutable Concentrate 25%
000432-00681 Ultratec Insect. /chlorpy/pyreth/pip.but. /trans.em.conc.15%+1.5%+7.5%
000478-00107 Real-Kill Extra Action Bug Killer
000478-00110 Real-Kill Household Ant and Roach Killer
000478-00111 Real-Kill Household Extra Strength Roach and Ant Killer
000478-00116 Real-Kill Ant and Roach Killer
000498-00110 Spraypak Professional Strength Kill-M Insecticide
000498-00158 Spraypak Wasp Long Range Jet Spray Formula 5
000499-00210 Whitmire PT 1300
000499-00272 Whitmire Pt 265a Knox Out Plus
000499-00447 Timed-Release Yard and Kennel Concentrate
000499-00457 Warrior Dual Action Roach Bait I
000499-00466 Pro-Control Treatment for Crawling Insects
000506-00143 Tat-1 Ant Trap
000527-00081 Mill-O-Cide 300
000527-00089 Mill-O-Cide 500
000527-00128 Hydro-Cide Residual
000572-00204 Rockland 8% Sevin(r) Brand Carbaryl Insecticide Granular
000572-00261 Rockland Summer Green with Dursban
000655-00693 Prentox Pet Rinse Concentrate
000706-00059 Claire Fast Kill Residual Roach and Ant Killer
000706-00076 Claire Spray Nox II Insect Killer
000706-00091 Fast Kill II
000706-00098 Fly Jinx II
000707-00201 Kelthane 4F Flowable Agricultural Miticide
000748-00303 Ppg Performance Blend
000773-00062 Thionium Shampoo with Expar
000773-00080 Expar Plus 4
000829-00215 SA-50 Brand 7 1/2% Captan Fungicide Dust
000829-00237 SA 50 Brand Diazinon 14G Granular Insecticide
000875-00081 Spartec Quaternary Ammonium Sanitizer, Disinfectant
000901-00037 Insect Repellent Type II Solution A
000928-00005 Original Carbolineum
001021-01185 Pyrocide Mosquito Adulticiding Concentrate for ULV Fogging, F-7088
001021-01237 MGK Esbiol TM Intermediate 1970
001021-01251 MGK Esbiol Intermediate 1972
001021-01344 D-Trans Intermediate 2029
001021-01382 Insecticide Aerosol D-Phenothrin 2%
001021-01408 Flying Insect Killer Made From Mgk Esbiol Intermed. 1970
001021-01412 Wasp and Hornet Killer Made From Esbiol Intermediate 1970
001021-01413 Esbiol Industrial and Household Space and Contact Spray 2201
001021-01418 Esbiol Industrial and Household Space and Contact Spray 2213
001021-01447 Esbiol Conc. Industrial and Household Space and Contact Spray 2258
001021-01449 D-Trans Concentrated Industrial and Household Spray 2257
001021-01457 Esbiol Concentrate 2243
001021-01467 Multicide Intermediate 2188
001021-01471 Esbiothrin Intermediate 2278
001021-01482 Multicide Concentrate 2295
001021-01537 Evercide Fenvalerate 80% Concentrate 2384
001021-01540 Evercide Intermediate 2382
001021-01554 Evercide Intermediate 2443
001021-01555 Multicide Intermediate 2442
001021-01578 Evercide Intermediate 2489
001021-01616 Evercide Concentrate 2576
001021-01650 Esbiol Wasp and Hornet Killer
001022-00015 Penta Preservative Concentrate 1-10 Wood Preservative
001022-00016 Penta Preservative Ready-To-Use Wood Preservative
001022-00046 Pol-NU
001022-00068 Penta-WR Concentrate 1 To 5 Wood Preservative
001022-00120 Penta Plus 40 Wood Preservative
001022-00240 Pol-Nu-Pak
001022-00356 Penta Wr Ready To Use Wood Preservative
001022-00408 Pol-Nu 15-15 Penta Preservative Grease with Creosote Added
001022-00438 Permatox Penta
001022-00446 Industrial Penta Solution-7
001022-00469 Industrial Penta Solution-10
001022-00537 Industrial Penta Solution-5
001057-00064 Dolge General Purpose Aqueous Pyrethrum Insecticide
001117-00059 Nolvacide Mist Insecticide Spray II W/nolvasan
001130-00016 Burnishine Products Sanitizer Solution
001203-00069 Foremost 4891-ES Fly-Kill
001258-00428 Hth Dry Chlorinator Tablets for Swimming Pools
001258-01151 Ecolin-1
001258-01175 CDB Clearon 14g Tablets
001258-01187 Thrifty Sticks
001258-01201 Pulsar Plus Tablets 60
001258-01202 Hth Duration Tablets 60
001270-00047 Zepomist Bacteriostatic Liquid Dustmop Treatment
001270-00153 Zeposector 2 Pressurized Spray Insecticide
001270-00163 Zep Pine-O-Fect
001270-00170 Zep X-24272 Insecticide
001270-00175 Zepsecure
001270-00185 Zep Super-2
001270-00252 Zep Tox III Wasp and Hornet Killer
001275-00018 Santerge
001304-00063 Mcness Rabon 7.76 Oral Larvicide Premix Cattle and Swine
001304-00066 Mcness Stock Cow Vitamin and Mineral Mix with Rabon
001304-00068 Mcness Stock Cow Vitamin and Mineral Mix with Magnesium and Rabon
001381-00147 Class Diazinon EC
001381-00148 Class Diazinon 14G
001386-00633 Smith-Douglass 10% Sevin Dust
001459-00021 Bullen Pine Oil Disinfectant
001459-00026 Ack-Ack Insect Spray
001459-00038 Bullen Compactor and Kitchen Insecticide
001459-00042 Fast Acting Residual Spray
001459-00047 C-1000 Disinfectant Sanitizer Deodorizer
001459-00068 Activ VIII 28 Detergent/disinfectant
001459-00073 Lemo-Dis
001459-00078 Bullen Swimming Pool Algaecide
001459-00082 Activ VIII 2560
001459-00086 Activ VIII 1280
001459-00087 Activ VIII 420
001459-00092 Sept One 400
001459-00093 Septin PF 400
001459-00102 Bullen Flea and Tick Shampoo
001459-00103 All-N-One Cleaner Disinfectant Deodorizing Wax Finish
001459-00104 General Purpose Aqueous Insecticide
001459-00105 Concentrated Flea and Tick Dip for Dogs and Cats
001459-00106 Capture
001459-00107 Quat III
001603-00006 Reefer-Galler Snowhite Crystals
001603-00008 Reefer-Galler No Moth Decorator Hang-Up Container
001683-00023 Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. 5
001685-00075 Formula 300 Swimming Pool Algaecide
001685-00094 State Formula 401 Ready Kill with Dursban
001717-20001 Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
001803-00023 Con-O Chlor
001812-00364 Cyanazine Technical
001812-00365 CY-Pro 90df Herbicide
001812-00366 Cynex 4l
001812-00367 Cy-Pro AT 4l Herbicide
001812-00368 Cy-Pro AT DF Herbicide
001910-00002 Fly Repellent Spray
001910-00004 Aqua-Shield Fly Repellent Spray
001965-00026 Vancide 51Z Dispersion
002217-00143 57% Malathion Emulsifiable Concentrate
002217-00282 New Ddvp Fly Bait
002217-00345 50% Malathion Emulsifiable Concentrate
002217-00355 50% Malathion Garden Spray
002217-00366 Sevin 50W Insecticide
002217-00383 Sevin Dust 5%
002217-00389 Gordon Chemicals Sevin 50W Spray A Wettable Powder
002217-00450 Vapona Show-Coat Dairy Cattle Spray
002217-00470 Alfa-Spray
002217-00572 Gordon's Sevin Dust 5% A Multi-Purpose Insecticide
002217-00600 Liquid Sevin Spray
002217-00638 Gordon's Diazinon 25% Emulsifiable
002217-00664 Spreader King Dursban Lawn Insecticide
002217-00679 Acme Norosac 10G
002217-00777 Pre-San Emulsifiable
002311-00004 Gld Germicidal Liquid Detergent
002311-00007 Pine Oil Disinfectant
002620-00059 Liquid Roach Spray
002724-00449 Zoecon 8718 EW
002792-00029 Cucumber and Pepper Lustr 223 with Fungicide
002792-00030 Decco Food Grade Peach, Nectarine and Plum Wax Concentrate WT-12
002792-00031 Tomato Lustr 222
002935-00084 Red-Top Malathion 25 Spray Powder
002935-00284 Dibrom 8 Spray
002935-00431 Diazinon 50W
002935-00435 Wilbur Ellis Systemic 10G
002935-00517 Cygon 2-E Systemic Insecticide-Miticide
002935-00518 Cygon 267 Systemic Insecticide-Miticide
002935-00519 Cygon Systemic 25 Insecticide-Miticide
002935-00531 John Taylor Chemical 5% Sevin Bait
003008-00013 Osmoplastic-F
003008-00056 Osmoplastic-D Wood Preserving Compound
003125-00126 Di-Syston Systemic
003125-00176 Baygon Household Insect Residual Spray (pressurized)
003125-00177 Baygon Household Insect Spray
003125-00262 Baygon 1% Household Insect Residual Spray (pressurized)
003125-00344 Baygon 0.5% Aqueous Insecticide
003125-00345 Baygon 0.5% Aqueous Pressurized Insect Spray
003215-00004 Water Repellent Wood Preserver
003546-00028 Sport Mosquito and Tick Stop
003546-00029 Blast Roach Erase II
003546-00034 Lynwood Multi-Purpose Insect Killer
003635-00262 D-Sect Bulk Insect Killer
003635-00266 QD-4
003635-00272 Dutoxide
003635-00280 Aqua-Mint
003635-00281 Oxford San-Kleen
004170-00009 Betco Mint
004170-00055 Best Bet
004170-00083 Betco Lemon
004306-00010 Sulfodene Scratchex Power Dust
004313-00063 Carroll Quat 9.0
004313-00090 Residual Crawling and Flying Insect Killer
004581-00223 Herbicide 273
004691-00138 Flea and Tick Powder for Dogs and Cats
004875-00005 Sterine 100
004875-00022 Indco LF 13
005185-00114 Bio-Guard Status Quo Chlorinating Cartridge
005185-00143 Bioguard Spot Kill Super Algae Destroyer
005185-00159 Bioguard Stingy Stick Chlorine Cartridges
005185-00194 Spot Kill Algae Destroyer
005185-00275 Bio-Guard Clc Calcium Hypochlorite
005185-00315 Lok Up Winter Shock
005185-00316 Spa Guard Chlorinated Concentrate
005185-00318 Tower Chlor Chlorinating Tablets
005185-00319 Bio-Guard Super OX-11
005185-00321 Bio-Guard Super OX 1
005185-00335 Bioguard Lok-Up Wintertrol Winter Algicide
005185-00336 Bioguard Lok-Up Winter Shock II
005185-00337 Bioguard Algae All 10
005185-00340 Bio Guard Lithium Hypochlorite
005185-00370 Bioguard Tabgard Pucks
005185-00416 King Size Tabs
005185-00419 Fast Shock
005185-00422 Spa Brom Mini Pak II
005185-00432 Photobrome Lab Pak II
005185-00437 Aquabrome II Tablets
005185-00438 Brominating Cartridge System
005383-00093 Troy Polyphase 624
005383-00094 Troysan Polyphase 597
005383-00097 Mergal S 89r Paste
005383-00098 Mergal S 90R
005813-00046 Reko Scientific Flush-All
005815-00028 Forest City Weed Killer 2,4-D
006109-00019 Sanisorb
006175-00016 Veterinary Hospital and Kennel Spray
006175-00019 Otocide
006175-00027 Stable Concentrate
006175-00034 Indoor Flea and Tick Spray with Dursban
006269-00001 Purinse
006269-00007 Eto-6 Insect Spray
006552-00012 Kay Dee Rabon Mineral Meal 10
006552-00013 Kay Dee Rabon Mineral Block 6
006884-00002 Vi-Lan Bact. Clean
007001-00329 Turf Disease Control 5% Granular
007056-00100 Csa Liquid Pet Spray
007116-00013 Merit
007122-00042 Guardian Malathion We Emulsifiable Concentrate 50%
007122-00048 Guardian Pyrethrin Emulsifiable Concentrate No. 6600 (synergized)
007122-00068 Guardian Chlorpyrifos 2E
007122-00110 Guardian Diazinon 4 Lb Concentrate WE
007234-00016 Penwar 1-5 Wood Preservative Concentrate
007234-00060 Pentacon-5
007401-00127 Ferti Lome Complete Rose Spray
007546-00025 Totil Plus
007754-00054 Ari Flea and Tick Spray IV
007754-00055 Ari Flea and Tick Fogger IV
007946-00012 Carboject
007946-00017 Propisol
007946-00022 Imicide (tm) 15
008033-00004 Nisso TCCA - 90
008033-00005 Nisso SDIC-60
008033-00006 Nisso SDIC-55
008112-00003 Lion Mat F
008419-00017 The Andersons Crabgrass Preventer with Balfin
008428-00012 SC-760 Iodophor Sanitizing Detergent
008540-00020 Garret-Callahan Formula 38-A
008540-00022 Garratt-Callahan Formula 39
008576-00014 Callaway Bleach
008576-20004 Sodium Hypochlorite - 5.25%
008590-00067 70 Spray Oil E
008591-00010 Ag-415
008591-00017 Ag-452
008591-00039 Fuel Preserve
008591-20001 Ag-494
008591-20006 A-495
008660-00136 Greenup Ant, Roach and Insect Powder
008845-00034 Kenco Rid-A-Bug Fire Ant Killer
008845-00041 Rid-A-Bug Outdoor Insect Barrier Granular Insect Killer
008845-00085 Hot Shot Fire Ant Killer, Formula 901
008845-00121 Hot Shot Roach and Ant Killer Formula WB-I
009198-00008 Weed N'Feed 10-6-4
009198-00026 Turf-Care for Professional Lawn Maintenance W/1.2% DursbanInsecticide
009198-00031 Turfcare Fertilizer 18-3-5 with Dursban
009198-00037 Tee Time Fertilizer 20-4-10 with Benefin/dursban
009198-00040 Fortify Fertilizer with 0.92% Balan
009198-00043 Turf Care for Southern Lawns 0.47% Chloropyrifos
009198-00044 The Andersons Turf Food with 3.75% Diazinon
009198-00048 Andersons Weed Killer 0.63% 2.4-D and 0.60% MCPP
009198-00051 Andersons “Two In One” Lawn Food Plus Crabgrass Preventer 16-4-8
009198-00052 Andersons Crabgrass Preventer
009198-00055 Anderson's Weed and Feed 20-6-10 contains 2,4-D
009198-00056 Pel-Tech Benefin Concentrate 10
009198-00057 Pel-Tech Benefin Concentrate 15
009198-00058 Pel-Tech Benefin Concentrate 20
009198-00059 Pel-Tech Benefin Concentrate 25
009198-00061 Turf Care Lawn Insecticide 2% Diazinon
009198-00067 K-Mart Crabgrass Preventer 25-3-3 with Benefin
009198-00072 Custom Mix 20-4-10 with Betasan
009198-00073 Custom Mix 25-6-10 with Betasan
009198-00080 Anderson Tee Time 20-4-10 with 1.04 Balan
009198-00081 Tee Time Fertilizer 20-4-10 with 1.15 Balan
009198-00086 Anderson Pre-Emergence Crabgrass Preventer with Balan (1.72%)
009198-00092 Greensweep Spray-On Liquid Weed and Feed for Southern Lawns
009198-00093 Greensweep Spray-On Liquid Weed and Feed for Northern Lawns
009198-00102 The Andersons Tee Time 25-3-8 with 0.87% Team/0.58% Dursban
009198-00108 The Andersons Fertilizer with 1.0% Team
009198-00116 Twin Light Granular Lawn Insecticide with Dursban
009198-00119 The Andersons Turcam Insecticide II
009198-00126 Twin Light Crabgrass Preventer with Tupersan
009198-00128 Twin Light Balan 2.5% Granular
009198-00131 Andersons Fertilizer with 1.54% Team
009198-00133 The Andersons 0.222% Dursban Brand Insecticide
009198-00134 The Andersons Fire Ant II with Turcam
009198-00135 The Andersons Fire Ant I with Turcam
009198-00136 The Andersons 0.25% Dursban Brand Insecticide
009198-00138 The Andersons 2.32% Dursban Brand Insecticide
009198-00139 The Andersons Pest Arrest Lawn Insecticide I
009198-00141 The Andersons Pest Arrest Fire Ant Killer
009198-00142 The Andersons Pest Arrest Flea and Tick Killer
009198-00143 The Andersons Pest Arrest Lawn Insecticide II
009198-00144 The Andersons Fertilizer with 4.55% Sevin
009198-00145 The Andersons 6.3% Granular Sevin
009198-00147 The Andersons Pest Arrest 5% Dust
009198-00148 The Andersons Pest Arrest 10% Dust
009215-00002 All-Clear 3 Granular Swimming Pool and Spa Sanitizer
009250-00004 United 62
009250-00007 United 64 Disinfectant Sanitizer Deodorizer Concentrate
009250-00010 United 91 Concentrated Swimming Pool Algaecide
009250-00015 United 85 Weed and Brush Killer
009250-00030 United 481 Ground Zero
009402-00004 Kimberly-Clark Fly Repellent Wipes
009402-00005 Kimberly Clark Flea and Tick Wipe
009404-00002 50% Malathion
009404-00062 Sunniland Diazinon 5% Granules
009630-00015 M-Gard S540
009630-00017 M-Gard W540
009630-00026 M-Gard G540
009688-00043 Ant and Roach Killer B
009688-00044 Ant and Roach Killer I
009688-00045 Ant and Roach Killer II
009688-00046 Ant and Roach Killer III
009688-00074 Chemsico Extra Strength Microencapsulated Ant and Roach Killer
009688-00097 Chemsico Multi-Purpose Fungicide A
009886-00003 Unipine 8510
009886-00005 Unipine 8050
010031-00008 Sebesta's Pocket Gopher Oats
010098-00008 Ler-Chlor
010098-20004 Lerro Bleach
010107-00042 Sevin 4L Insecticide
010107-00094 Seed Shield Potato Seed Treater
010107-00097 Seed Shield Potato Seed Treater No. 7.5 with Bark
010107-00141 Majestic Green Dormant Oil Spray Concentrate
010147-20002 10-Chlor
010147-20004 Bi-Clor-Rite
010163-00177 Prokil Parathion 8
010182-00141 Tornado Herbicide
010182-00171 Ordram 6E
010182-00174 Ordram 10-G
010182-00294 Chevron Folpet Technical
010182-00421 Twister Herbicide
010182-00423 Bp-1007 Film Fungicide
010250-00003 Hempel's Antifouling Pacific 7609-5000 Red
010350-00033 Tralomethrin 10 MEC Manufacturing Use
010350-00038 Duratrol Plus Household Flea Spray with Nylar
010350-00040 Concentrated Sectrol
010369-00004 Shock-King
010370-00021 Ford's Roach and Ant Spray
010370-00037 Ford's Dursban 2E
010370-00059 Ford's Control Plus Roach Spray
010370-00064 Ford's Dursban 1-E
010370-00086 Ford's Dursban Plus Dust Insecticide
010370-00140 Chlor-Phos Termite Concentrate
010370-00141 Ford's Fire Ant 2.5G Insecticide
010370-00142 Ford's Dursban Fire Ant 10% Granular Insecticide
010370-00222 Ford's Ultra S.S.C 12-2.5
010370-00264 Durs-Bait for Mole Crickets
010464-00002 Chlorine
010827-00029 Formula 250
010827-00032 Ind-Sol 50 Herbicide
010827-00039 Ind-Sol LT-2 Weed Control
010827-00046 Formula VM-2
010827-00066 Dichloro-Sol
011200-00004 Action D 1702 Disinfectant Cleaner-Sanitizer
011200-00016 #1721 Mint-O-Quat
011200-00017 #1610 Quat Guard
011275-00002 Lithate (r) 2,4-D Broadleaf Weed Killer Non-Volatile
011350-00026 2133 Vinyl Antifouling Red Mil-P-15931 E Formula 121, Class 1
011350-00027 2335 Vinyl Antifouling Black Mil-P-15931 E Formula 129, Class 1
011474-00002 Sanitiz-It
011474-00017 Sungro A.m.s. Woody Brush and Weed Killer
011623-00028 Barrier Residual Insecticide
011678-00004 Cotnion-Methyl Azinophos Methyl Technical 85d
011684-00002 Jirdon Lawn Fertilizer containing Dacthal Herbicide 12-10-4
011694-00065 Syntha Mist
011694-00104 Indoor/outdoor Insecticide
011715-00087 Speer E-Z Way Indoor Fogger
011715-00218 Farnam Rat Tube with Havoc
011725-00004 TEK SF 2 Super Fog Insecticide Spray
011853-00004 Steri-Zone Disinfectant
013283-00007 Rainbow Telco and Power Wasp and Hornet Spray
013555-00001 Matey Disinfectant Fungicide Clearner Deodorizer
013555-00005 Val-Soft B 10%
013799-00028 Four Paws Indoor Fogger II
015297-00018 Bio Groom Yard and Kennel Concentrated Residual Spray
018910-00006 Basilit B-85
019713-00079 Atrazine Plus Linuron
020642-20001 Hbh Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
021164-00013 O-C San-Q No. 1
021164-00014 O-C San-Q No. 2
021164-00015 O-C San-Q No.3 Microbiocide
021164-00017 O-C F-130
021164-00019 Eclipse P
021164-00020 Akta Klor 37
021164-00022 Macsan
021164-00023 Organic Sanitizer
021164-00025 Super Chlor
022558-00002 First U S Microbiocide 15
024909-00007 Formula K-5 Insect Spray
028293-00078 Unicorn Pressurized Fogger
028293-00097 Unicorn Wasp Killer
028293-00165 Unicorn Household Fogger
028293-00188 Unicorn Fogger #6
028293-00194 Unicorn Fire Ant Injector Aerosol
029964-00002 Flowable Captan Seed Protectant
030950-00007 Diazinon 25% Emulsifiable Concentrate
032970-00004 D-Trans No. 5 Vaporizer Insect Spray
033003-00003 Quat-479
033912-00002 Wagnol 40 57% Malathion Lawn and Ornamental Garden Spray Concentrate
033955-00408 Acme Fruit Tree Spray
033955-00450 Acme Sevin 50 W
033955-00537 Acme Chinchbug Spray
033955-00541 Acme Dursban Granular Insecticide
033955-00544 Acme Diazinon Granules Lawn Insect Control
033955-00546 Acme Ant Granules contains Diazinon Insecticide
033955-00548 Acme Dursban Insecticide 8.70%
033955-00554 Acme Stopit Crabgrass Preventer
033955-00555 Acme Bendiocarb 1% Homeowner Dust
034346-00001 Fly-Off Spray or Wipe
034346-00002 Fly-Off Concentrate
034702-00002 House and Garden Insect Killer 11156
034702-00004 Crawling Insect Killer 11307
034704-00042 Clean Crop Thiram Seed Protectant
034704-00044 Clean Crop Pcnb Seed Treater
034704-00149 Captan 7.5 Dust
034704-00301 Hopkins Lannabait Methomyl Insecticide
034704-00437 Clean Crop Turcam 2.5G Insecticide
034704-00567 Hopkins 25% Captan Seed Protectant
034704-00649 Captan 300 Flowable Seed Protectant
034704-00650 Captan-Methoxychlor 300-20 Undyed Flowable Seed Protectant
034704-00651 Captan 70-WP Seed Protectant
034704-00652 Captan-Methoxychlor 75-3 WP Seed Protectant
034704-00655 Captan 300-DD Flowable Seed Protectant
034704-00659 Captan 300 Undyed Flowable Seed Protectant
034704-00660 Thiram-Methoxychlor 70-2WP Seed Protectant
034704-00661 Thiram 50 Planter Box Seed Treater
034704-00663 Thiram 50wp Undyed
034704-00664 Thiram 42% Dyed Flowable Seed Protectant
034704-00665 Thiram 42% Undyed Flowable Seed Protectant
034704-00666 Thiram 30% Dyed Flowable Seed Protectant
034704-00667 Thiram 30% Undyed Flowable Seed Protectant
034704-00677 Demosan 30-D Planter Box Seed Treater
034704-00678 Chlorovax 300 Undyed Flowable Seed Protectant
034704-00679 Pcnb + Liquid Seed Treater
034704-00680 Pcnb 2EC-LF Liquid Seed Treater
034704-00710 Holdem Insecticide-Nematicide
034704-00715 Paraspray 6-3
034704-00717 Paraspray 8-E
034704-00738 Casoron G-4 Herbicide
034810-00017 Wexford Dri-Cide
034822-00005 Di-All Mc-2 Mildewcide
034859-00006 WC-220 Sanitizer
034892-00004 Russall Weed Killer #1
035512-00022 Turf Pride with .8% Oftanol Insecticide
035931-20002 High-Po-Chlor
036006-00023 Wasp and Hornet Killer
036638-00026 Technical Lycopersilure
038796-20001 Aqua-Chlor
039697-00001 Mountain High Diatomaceous Earth Insect Control
041875-00001 Super Tropical Antifouling P-18
042750-00016 Rhodia 2,4-D Gran 20
042836-00001 Freedom Clear Dog Collar
042836-00003 Freedom Clear Cat Collar
043216-20001 Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
043670-00002 Macroseptic
043670-00003 Intersept PC-10
044446-00049 Davis Kill-A-Bug
044751-00002 NSA Bacteriostatic Water Treatment Unit, Model 100s
045600-00015 Insecta 1002
045722-00001 Rat Toxin
045869-00001 Chlorine Liquified Gas Under Pressure
046270-20003 Sodium Hypochlorite 9.2%
046515-00028 Super K-Gro Fire Ant Mound Drench
047319-00001 Sevana Bird Repellent
047319-00004 Agrigard Insect Repellent
047629-00002 Roach Bait Systems
048172-00001 Sunshine's Whirlpool Detergent/disinfectant
048211-00048 Swat Dri
048302-00001 AF-Seafloz-100
048482-20006 Genchlor - 65(TM)
048920-00001 Herpicide Spray
049357-00001 Bio Treat 180
049488-00001 Guard 75
050383-00006 Wilson's Slug Bait Pellets
050383-00009 Wilson Dormant Oil Spray
050383-00010 Wilson Lucky Sevin 22.5%
050383-00014 Wilson Malathion 50% Insect Spray
050383-00016 Wilson Lucky Sevin Dust
050383-00034 Lucky Strike Weed Buster
050383-00044 Wilson Green Earth Vegetable and Flower Spray
050534-00116 Tuffcide 750G
050534-00157 Bravo 90 DG
050534-00159 Bravo S
050534-00161 Bravo Flowable Fungicide
050534-00189 Chlorothalonil 75 WP
050534-00191 Bravo C/M
050534-00195 Daconil 2787 WDG
050534-00205 Bravo W-75 WSB
050534-00206 Dacobre DG Agricultural Fungicide/bactericide
050534-00207 Daconil 2787 WSB
050534-00219 Dacobre (chlorothalonil)
050591-00016 Flea and Tick Aqua Mist
050640-00001 Dichlor - 15
051463-20204 Power House Roach Killer
051934-00001 Ellisco Double-Lure Japanese Beetle Bait
052200-00008 Greensward 2.32% Dursban Granular Insecticide
053128-00001 Paramax Water Bath Stabilizer
053254-00002 Dichlorocyanuric Acid, Sodium Salt (sodium Dichloro-S-Triazinetrione)
053575-00001 Isomate M Pheromone
053651-20205 Boric Acid
053883-00030 Martin's Eraser Glyphosate Concentrate Herbicide
054625-00001 Brita Filter
054739-20004 Sani 3000
055146-00002 Champion Flowable
055146-00004 Champion SD
055146-00044 Champion 50 WDG
055146-00063 Bsc Flowable
055195-00005 Coldcide—25 Microbiocide Concentrate
056076-00003 Special Delivery Crabgrass Preventer
056095-00002 Cide-Swipes C-100A
056095-00004 Cide-Swipes P-100B
056392-00006 Citrair Hospital Germicide and Air Refreshner
056575-00005 Natrapel Insect Repellent
056575-00006 Natrapel Insect Repellent Lotion
057091-00002 Biocare 90-T 3” Tablets
057091-00003 Biocare 90-T 1” Tablets
057091-00004 Biocare 90-T Sticks
057538-00008 That Big 8 Flowable Sulfur
058007-00002 3M Ultrathon Spray Insect Repellent (9.55%)
058007-00003 3M Ultrathon Spray Insect Repellent
058007-00004 Ultrathon Insect Repellent
058716-00003 Pest Stopper Pack II
059144-00018 Lawn and Garden Fungicide
059509-00001 Horse Power Formula Z 2001 Bug Killer
059597-00001 Niachlor Chlorine
059906-00002 Py-Tech 2.25% + 22.5%
061483-00010 Creosote P3
061966-00006 Carpet Freshener with Pet Guard
062575-00002 Biesterfeld Lindane 75W Seed Treatment
064005-00001 Pur Traveler
064240-00010 Combat Roach Control System Formula 18984
064248-00004 Maxforce Roach Control System Formula 18984
064296-00002 Bio-Path Insects Technical
064396-00001 Dia Flea-Mate
064721-00001 Supernatural Brand D-E Insecticide
064721-00002 Supernatural Brand Plant Protection Insecticide
064864-00029 Nutra-Spray Copophos
064864-00030 Leffingwell Nutra-Spray Az 17 1/2-Mn4-Cu4
064872-00004 Green-Sol Sul-15 Plus Home and Garden
065560-00004 Sodium Hypochlorite 5.25%
066070-00001 True Stop Insecticide
066232-00001 Swim Kleer
066306-00013 Germ Assault
066330-00001 Captan 75 Seed Protectant
066330-00002 Stauffer Captan 65 Seed Protectant
066330-00004 Captan-Methoxychlor 75-5 Seed Protectant
066330-00005 Captan Sprills Seed Protectant Fungicide
066330-00006 Captan Methoxychlor 75-3 Seed Protectant
066330-00007 Captan Methoxychlor Seed Protectant
066330-00008 Captan Methoxychlor 65-10 Seed Protectant
066330-00010 Captan 10 Dust
066330-00012 Captan Moly Soybean Seed Protectant with Molybdenum
066330-00013 Captan 75 Seed Protectant Dust (fungicide)
066330-00016 Captan 7.5 Dust Fungicide
066330-00023 Captan 4 Flowable
066330-00033 Chevron Captan Technical
066524-00002 Nomix Grass and Weed I Herbicide
066963-00003 Espree General Purpose Aqueous Insecticide
066963-00004 Espree Flea and Tick Dip II
066963-00007 Espree Concentrated Pet Shampoo
067003-00010 T.i.c.a. 3” Tablets
067020-00001 Flea Control for Carpets
067262-00007 Aqua Chem Balanced for Clean Spas Stabilized Granules
067262-00009 Aqua Chem Balanced for Clean Pools Stabilized Floater
067262-00011 Aqua Chem Balanced for Clean Pools Granular Chlorinizor
067262-00013 Aqua Chem Balanced for Clean Pools Stabilized Cartridge
067262-00014 Aqua Chem Balanced for Clean Spas Shock Treatment
067262-00019 Vinyl Pool Algae Killer
067572-00010 R and M Lawn Spray Concentrate #2
067572-00011 R and M Permethrin Flea and Tick Dip #1
067572-00013 R and M Carpet Powder #15
067572-00017 R and M Flea and Tick Spray #7
067572-00024 R and M Carpet Powder #13
067572-00039 R and M 30-3 Pyrethrin E.C.
067572-00041 R and M Permethrin .50% Spray
067572-00045 R and M IGR Flea and Tick Carpet Spray
067572-00046 R and M IGR Aerosol Flea and Tick Carpet Spray
067572-00047 R and M IGR Fogger for Fleas
067572-00048 R and M Igr 1.3% E.c. for Fleas
067572-00050 R and M Aqueous Residual Flea and Tick Spray #12
067572-00062 Cp Dormant Spray Oil
067572-00074 Cp Home and Garden Fungicide
067572-00078 Cp Snail and Slug Killer Pellets
067867-00001 Buggspray 100 Insect Repellent
068119-00019 Actellic 5e Insecticide
068182-00012 Bio-Save 10 Biological Fungicide
068182-00014 Bio-Save 11 Biological Fungicide
068305-20001 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite (ox-It-All)
068401-00003 Frontier Rat and Mouse Killer
068687-00001 3807 Red Oxide Vinyl Anti-Fouling Paint
068687-00003 7068 Red Oxide C.R. Anti-Fouling Paint
068687-00004 7067 Purple Oxide C.R. Anti-Fouling Paint
068687-00006 7067 HS Purple C.R. Anti-Fouling Paint
068687-00007 7068 HS Red Oxide C.R. Anti-Fouling Paint
068719-00001 Wood's Ready To Use Rooting Compound
069468-00001 Arco Fast 37W Microbiocide
069468-00002 Arco Fast 49W Microbiocide
069468-00003 Arco Fast 54W Microbiocide
069468-00004 Formaldehyde Solution 54
069473-20001 Coastal Premium Chlorinating Solution
069473-20002 Coastal Concentrated Chlorinating Solution
069473-20003 Coastal Standard Chlorinating Solution
069473-20004 Coastal Bleach
069579-00001 Foli-R-Fos 400
069720-00002 Industrial Compactor Insecticide
069720-00003 Corbin Food Plant Fogging Spray Insecticide
069798-00001 Liquefied Chlorine Gas Under Pressure
070051-00029 Daza Technical
070051-00035 Decoy PBW Stakes
070051-00055 T huricide-32b
070166-00007 Naa 800
070166-00008 Naa 200
070166-00009 Termilind Technical Naphthaleneacetic Acid
070419-00001 Calcium Hypochlorite 65%
070424-00001 Spray-Pak House and Garden Insect Killer
070424-00002 Spray-Pak Ant and Roach Killer
070451-00001 Wipe Out 1
070451-00002 Wipe Out 2
070598-00001 Liquefied Chlorine Gas
070810-00004 Auxigro Next Gen SG Wettable Powder
071044-00001 WKNS-8
071085-00007 Propanil 60% WDG Herbicide
071085-00008 Crystal Propanil-4E
071085-00010 Propanil Technical
071085-00011 Propanil 4
071085-00012 Propanil 3
071085-00014 Propanil 80 EDF
071096-00002 Or-Cal Lindane 400
071146-00001 CNM Brand
071206-00001 Tompkins Weedless Mulch
071240-00002 Add-X
071271-00001 Smite EC
071327-00001 Vereengro Plus Weed Killer
071505-00001 All Star Roach Killer
071707-00001 Stim-Tek Crop Biostimulant
072315-00007 Potassium Hypochlorite
072315-00008 Olin 65% Lithium Hypochlorite
072315-00009 Hypochlorous Acid
072546-00001 Sulfuric Acid-Potato Vine Desiccant
072674-00006 Proxel BD
072674-00007 Proxel CRL
072674-00008 Proxel PL
072674-00010 Proxel HL
072674-00013 Reputain
072674-00021 Baquacide 795

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Complete lists of registrations canceled for non-payment of the maintenance fee will also be available for reference during normal business hours in the OPP Public Docket, Rm. 119, Crystal Mall 2, 1921 Jefferson Davis Highway South, Arlington VA, and at each EPA Regional Office. Product-specific status inquiries may be made by telephone by calling toll-free 1-800-444-7255.

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Dated: August 25, 2000.

Joseph J. Merenda,

Acting Director, Office of Pesticide Programs.

[FR Doc. 00-22819 Filed 9-5-00; 8:45 am]


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