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Public Availability of Year 2001 Agency Inventories Under the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-270) (“FAIR Act”)


Notice Of Public Availability Of Agency Inventories Of Activities That Are Not Inherently Governmental.


Agency Inventories of Activities that are not Inherently Governmental are now available to the public from the agencies listed below, in accordance with the “Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act of 1998” (Public Law 105-270) (“FAIR Act”). This is the first release of the 2001 FAIR Act inventories. In addition, the Office of Federal Procurement Policy has prepared and has made available a summary FAIR Act User's Guide through its Internet site: This User's Guide will help interested parties review 2001 FAIR Act inventories, and will also include the web-site addresses to access agency inventories.

The FAIR Act requires that OMB publish an announcement of public availability of agency Inventories of Activities that are not Inherently Governmental upon completion of OMB's review and consultation process concerning the content of the agencies' inventory submissions. OMB has now completed this process for the year 2001.

The attached Inventories of Activities that are not Inherently Governmental are now available.


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    Agency Contact
    Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Carol McLain, 202-606-8511 Website:
    African Development Foundation Tom Coogan, 202-673-3916 Website:
    American Battle Monuments Commission Anthony Corea, 703-696-6898 Website:
    Appalachian Regional Commission Richard Kodl, 202-884-7666 Website:
    Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board Lawrence W. Roffee, 202-272-5434, ext. 113, Website:
    Arlington National Cemetery Rory Smith, 703-614-5060 Website:
    Broadcasting Board of Governors Dennis Sokol, 202-619-3988 Website:
    Commission on Fine Arts Jeff Carson, 202-504-2200 Website:
    Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Andrew Thibadeau, 202-694-7000 Website:
    Defense (Office of Inspector General) Wayne Berry, 703-604-8789 Website:
    Energy Mark R. Hively, 202-586-5655 Website:
    Federal Housing Finance Board John Waters, 202-408-2860 Website:
    Federal Election Commission John O'Brien, 202-694-1215 Website:
    Federal Trade Commission Elliott Davis, 202-326-2022 Website:
    Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service George Buckingham, 202-606-8100 Website:
    Federal Communications Commission (Office of Inspector General) Charles Willoughby, 202-418-0472 Website:
    Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight Jill Weide, 202-414-3813 Website:
    Federal Emergency Management Agency Margaret Chan, 202-646-2988 Website:
    Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation Louis H. Blair, 202-395-4831 Website:
    Holocaust Museum Jay Gaglione, 202-314-0336 Website:
    Housing and Urban Development (Office of Inspector General) Stanley McLeod, 202-708-3444, ext. 156 Website:
    Institute of Museum and Library Services Linda Bell, 202-606-8637 Website:
    Inter-American Foundation Carolyn Karr, 703-306-4350 Website:
    International Trade Commission Judith Gwynn, 202-205-2202 Website:
    James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation Steve Weiss, 202-653-6109 Website:
    Kennedy Center Jared Barlage, 202-416-8721 Website:
    Merit Systems Protection Board Douglas Wade, 202-653-6772 ext. 1118Website:
    National Gallery of Art Bill Roache, 202-842-6329 Website:
    Office of Navaho and Hopi Indian Relocation Michael J. McAlister, 520-779-2721 Website:
    National Credit Union Administration Michael McNeill, 703-518-6574 Website:
    National Council on Disability Ethel D. Briggs, 202-272-2004 Website:
    National Archives and Records Administration (Office of Inspector General) James Springs, 301-713-7300, ext. 224 Website:
    National Archives and Records Administration Lori Lisowski, 301-713-7360, ext. 257 Website:
    National Endowment for the Humanities Barry Maynes, 202-606-8233 Website:
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration Timothy Sullivan, 202-358-2215 Website:
    National Transportation Safety Board Pamela Pearson, 202-314-6231 Website:
    National Science Foundation Gary Scavongelli, 703-292-8102 Website:
    National Labor Relations Board Harding Darden, 202-273-3970 Website:
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Office of Inspector General) David Lee, 301-415-5930 Website:
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission Ronald Thompson, 301-415-6732 Website:
    Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board Dr. William Barnard, 703-235-4473 Website:
    Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission Ledia Bernal, 202-606-5390 Website:
    Office of Management and Budget Trish Haney, 202-395-7250 Website:
    Office of National Drug Control Policy Tilman Dean, 202-395-6722 Website:
    Office of the Special Counsel Jane McFarland, 202-653-9001 Website:
    Office of the US Trade Representative John Hopkins, 202-395-5799 Website:
    Peace Corps Susan Hancks, 202-692-1612 Website:
    Selective Service System Calvin Montgomery, 703-605-4038 Website:
    Small Business Administration Tom Dumaresq, 202-205-6630 Website:
    Small Business Administration (Office of Inspector General) Bridget Bean, 202-205-6580 Website:
    State Robert McFadden, 202-647-7780 Website:
    Transportation (Office of Inspector General) Sam Davis, 202-366-1444 Website:
    US Chemical Safety Board Christopher Warner, 202-261-7624 Website:
    US Agency for International Development (Office of Inspector General) Deborah Lewis, 202-712-0936 Website:
    US Trade and Development Agency Steven Berry, 703-875-5016 Website:
    Veterans Affairs Curtis Marshall, 202-273-7522 Website:

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