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Investigations Regarding Certifications of Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance


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Petitions have been filed with the Secretary of Labor under section 221 (a) of the Trade Act of 1974 (“the Act”) and are identified in the Appendix to this notice. Upon receipt of these petitions, the Director of the Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance, Employment and Training Administration, has instituted investigations pursuant to section 221(a) of the Act.

The purpose of each of the investigations is to determine whether the workers are eligible to apply for adjustment assistance under title II, chapter 2, of the Act. The investigations will further relate , as appropriate, to the determination of the date on which total or partial separations began or threatened to begin and the subdivision of the firm involved.

The petitioners or any other persons showing a substantial interest in the subject matter of the investigations may request a public hearing, provided such request is filed in writing with the Director, Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance, at the address shown below, not later than October 22, 2001.

Interested persons are invited to submit written comments regarding the subject matter of the investigations to the Director, Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance, at the address shown below, not later than October 22, 2001.

The petitions filed in this case are available for inspection at the Office of the Director, Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance, Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Department of Labor, Room C-5311, 200 Constitution AVenue, NW, Washington, DC 20210.

Signed at Washington, DC, this 10th day of September, 2001.

Edward A. Tomchick,

Director, Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance.

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TA-W Subject firm (Petitioners) Location Date of petition Product(s)
[Petitions instituted on 9/10/2001]
39,950 Antec Plastic (Wkrs) El Paso, TX 08/14/2001 Plastic Products—Telecommunications.
39,951 Rotorex Company (Wkrs) Walkersville, MD 08/20/2001 Compressors for Air Conditioners.
39,952 MJM Knitwear (Wkrs) Brooklyn, NY 08/16/2001 Ladies' and Men's Sweaters.
39,953 Zexel Valeo Compressor (Co.) Decatur, IL 08/17/2001 Compressors.
39,954 Pulp and Paper of America (PACE) Berlin, NH 08/21/2001 Hardwood and Softwood Pulp Bales.
39,955 Pennco Tool and Die (Co.) Meadville, PA 08/20/2001 Custom Die Tooling—Automotive.
39,956 Commander Aircraft (Wkrs) Bethany, OK 08/20/2001 Single Engine Aircraft and Parts.
39,957 Acushnet Rubber Co. (Co.) New Bedford, MA 08/15/2001 Windshield Wiper Blades.
39,958 Akzo Nobel Functional (Co.) Gallipolis Ferr, WV 08/17/2001 Flame Retardants.
39,959 Teccor Electronics (Wkrs) Irving, TX 08/17/2001 Power Semiconductors.
39,960 B-way (Wkrs) Elizabeth, NJ 07/24/2001 Cans Ridge Bottoms.
39,961 WRS Motion Picture (Wkrs) Pittsburgh, PA 08/20/2001 Various Formats of Video Tape and Film.
39,962 Specialty Coatings of VA (Wkrs) Ridgeway, VA 08/20/2001 Wallpaper Coating.
39,963 Thomasville Furniture (Co.) West Jefferson, NC 07/20/2001 Mirrors, Chairs, Beds.
39,964 NACCO Materials Handling (ILTB) Danville, IL 06/26/2001 Material Handling Equipment.
39,965 Fishman and Tobin (Wkrs) Medley, FL 08/16/2001 Children's Pants and Jackets.
39,966 Blue Water Fiber Limited (Wkrs) Port Huron, MI 08/17/2001 Recycled Paper Pulp.
39,967 Bethlehem Steel Corp. (USWA) Lackawanna, NY 08/20/2001 Coke and Coke By-Products.
39,968 Sandvik Special Metals (PACE) Kennewick, WA 08/28/2001 Zirconium Tubing for Nuclear Reactor.
39,969 DuPont Nylon (Co.) Seaford, DE 08/21/2001 Nylon Fiber.
39,970 KOA Speer Electronics (Co.) Bradford, PA 08/28/2001 Electronic Components—Telecommunications.
39,971 Rundel Products, Inc. (Co.) Portland, OR 08/22/2001 Vinyl Binders.
39,972 Tyco Electronics (Wkrs) East Carlisle, PA 08/23/2001 Stamping and Electroplated Connectors.
39,973 Interroll Corp. USA (Co.) Wilmington, NC 07/12/2001 Carton Flow Storage.
39,974 Motorola, Inc. (Wkrs) Arlington Hgts, IL 08/23/2001 Communication Equipment.
39,975 Pleatz LLC (UNITE) New York, NY 08/10/2001 Spoprtswear.
39,976 VF Imagewear (West) (Co.) Harriman, TN 08/22/2001 Occupational Apparel.
39,977 Lamtech LLC (Co.) Hartsville, TN 08/22/2001 Sewing Machine Stands.
39,978 Hein Werner (Co.) Baraboo, WI 08/22/2001 Collision Repair Equipment.
39,979 Fort Atkinson Industries (Wkrs) Fort Atkinson, WI 08/23/2001 Grinding Castings—Automotive.
39,980 M and S Manufacturing (Wkrs) Morenci, MI 08/18/2001 Automobile Brake Parts.
39,981 B and L Sportswear (Wkrs) Four Oaks, NC 08/20/2001 Men's and Ladies' Knit Polos.
39,982 Auto Body Connection (Wkrs) Erie, PA 08/10/2001 Automobile Fenders, Hoods and Doors.
39,983 Edgewater Steel (USWA) Oakmont, PA 08/21/2001 Steel Train Wheels, Gear Blanks.
39,984 Hollander Home Fashions (UNITE) Tignall, GA 08/23/2001 Blankets, Pillows and Comforters.
39,985 Salz Leathers (Co.) Santa Cruz, CA 08/22/2001 Finish Bovine Leather.
39,986 Lexington Fabrics (Co.) Geraldine, AL 08/22/2001 Textiles, Apparel.
39,987 GSI Lumonics (Wkrs) Maple Grove, MN 08/21/2001 Laser Manufacturing Systems.
39,988 Stephens Pile (Wkrs) Russel Springs, KY 08/23/2001 Farm Gates, Panel Stands, Wire Fences.
39,989 Crouse Hinds—Cooper Ind. (IBEW) Syracuse, NY 08/24/2001 Sealing Fittings, Cable Fittings.
39,990 Eaton Corporation (Co.) Pittsburgh, PA 08/14/2001 Power Management Products.
39,991 Broyhill Furniture (Wkrs) Lenoir, NC 08/23/2001 Upholstered Furniture.
39,992 Saco Lowell (Co.) Easley, SC 08/20/2001 Machinery for Textile Industry.
39,993 J and J Tool (Wkrs) Guys Mills, PA 08/23/2001 Mill and Grind Plastic Parts.
39,994 Talbar Inc. (Co.) Meadville, PA 08/27/2001 Tool and Die Makers.
39,995 Sintermet LLC (Wkrs) Kitanning, PA 08/22/2001 Rod Mill Rolls.

[FR Doc. 01-25470 Filed 10-10-01; 8:45 am]


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