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Quarterly Publication of Individuals, Who Have Chosen To Expatriate, as Required by Section 6039G




This notice is provided in accordance with IRC section 6039G, as amended, by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) of 1996. This listing contains the name of each individual losing United States citizenship (within the meaning of section 877(a)) with respect to whom the Secretary received information during the quarter ending June 30, 2002.


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    Antoniazzi Remi Jacgues
    Bamberger Harold Eugene
    Bartlett Gabriela Loretto
    Beop Shim Ezra Sang
    Burnett Robert Kenneth
    Canellopoulos Nellos Panayotis
    Chan Daisy Tak Wai
    Chen Christine Tsung
    Chen Uelin  
    Chiu Yeong Jen
    Cho Byong Un
    Chung Peter Sang-Hoon
    Cohen Steven Douglas
    Cremer Jr. Robert Roger
    Cuestas Edelmira  
    Dimenstein Marcel Clifford
    Down Patricia Belle
    Farace Alessia D'Ecclesia
    Farace Arianna D'Ecclesia
    Firmenich Sophie Jocelyne
    Fuentes Margaret Elizabeth
    Gabitass Christine Anne
    Gautschi Ellen Catherine
    Greenall Rita Faye
    Gruenhagen Richard Dean
    Henry Rosalba Norma
    Horie Yuri E
    Hsiao Bi-Khim Louise
    Janssen Tokiko  
    Kaegi Claudia Alexandra
    Kao Fumei  
    Kim Dong Whan
    Kim Sung Eun
    Knight Nicola Ann
    Koo Dong Soo
    Lee Hye-Won  
    Lee Sammy Wai Sum
    Lesley Dominique Lisette
    Livanos Peter George
    Maurice Ivan Joannes Geoffroy Aime
    McDonald Kevin George
    McNair Elizabeth Louise
    Merritt Martin Joseph
    Miura Kiyoshi  
    Niedziela Yvone  
    Oresko Robert Craig
    Park Christopher L
    Person Linda Jane
    Person John Michael
    Pillet Patrick Louis
    Popodi Alfred Ernst
    Rietema Jan Clarence
    Rule Christopher Marx
    Schiemann Helen Hedwig
    Schwab Wallace Joseph
    Shaw Lamar Henry
    Sumar William Saxonis
    Sun Bill Kauo-Hwa
    Thrasher Dale Henry
    Todd James Jason
    Velay Heloise Yvonne
    Velazquez Jose  
    Warren Judith  
    Wibholm Linda Zehnder
    Wortmann Furman  
    Wuest Lawrence John
    Yip Ka Kay  
    Yip Ka-Hay  
    Yung Vivian Hsu
    Zavatti Samuel Mario

    Dated: June 28, 2002.

    Samuel Brown,

    Team Manager—Examination Operation, Philadelphia Compliance Services.

    [FR Doc. 02-18326 Filed 7-19-02; 8:45 am]

    BILLING CODE 4830-01-P

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