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Investigations Regarding Certifications of Eligibility To Apply for NAFTA Transitional Adjustment Assistance


Petitions for transitional adjustment assistance under the North American Free Trade Agreement-Transitional Adjustment Assistance Implementation Act (103), hereinafter called (NAFTA-TAA), have been filed with State Governors under Section 250(b)(1) of Subchapter D, Chapter 2, Title II, of the Trade Act of 1974, as amended, are identified in the Appendix to this Notice. Upon notice from a Governor that a NAFTA-TAA petition has been received, the Director of the Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance (DTAA), Employment and Training Administration (ETA), Department of Labor (DOL), announces the filing of the petition and takes action pursuant to paragraphs (c) and (e) of Section 250 of the Trade Act.

The purpose of the Governor's actions and the Labor Department's investigations are to determine whether the workers separated from employment on or after December 8, 1993 (date of enactment of 103) are eligible to apply for NAFTA-TAA under Subchapter D of the Trade Act because of increased imports from or the shift in production to Mexico or Canada.

The petitioners or any other persons showing a substantial interest in the subject matter of the investigations may request a public hearing with the Director of DTAA at the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) in Washington, DC provided such request if filed in writing with the Director of DTAA not later than August 19, 2002.

Also, interested persons are invited to submit written comments regarding the subject matter of the petitions to the Director of DTAA at the address shown below not later than August 19, 2002.

Petitions filed with the Governors are available for inspection at the Office of the Director, DTAA, ETA, DOL, Room C-5311, 200 Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20210.

Signed at Washington, DC this 30th day of July 2002.

Edward A. Tomchick,

Director, Division of Trade Adjustment Assistance.

Subject firm Location Date received at Governor's office Petition No. Articles produced
Trinity Rail Group (Wrks) Beaumont, TX 06/12/2002 NAFTA-6,272 Railcars.
Franklin Polo (Wrks) Franklin, GA 06/10/2002 NAFTA-6,273 Men's polo shirts.
Meyersdale Manufacturing Co (Wrks) Meyersdale, PA 06/11/2002 NAFTA-6,274 Uniform shirts.
Scotty's Fashions of Lewistown (UNITE) Lewistown, PA 06/11/2002 NAFTA-6,275 Ladies' Sportswear.
Solectron of Oregon (Wrks) Hillsboro, OR 06/07/2002 NAFTA-6,276 Auto electronics safety components.
St. Vincent de Paul Enterprises (Comp) Portland, OR 06/06/2002 NAFTA-6,277 Hoods stays, brake harnesses.
Sony Electronics, Inc. (Wrks) San Diego, CA 05/17/2002 NAFTA-6,278 Televisions and computer monitors.
Lexstar Technologies (Wrks) Mason City, IA 05/22/2002 NAFTA-6,279 Battery packs, chargers, analyzers.
Intermix Distributors, Inc. (Wrks) El Paso, TX 06/12/2002 NAFTA-6,280 Corn and flour tortillas.
Agrilink Foods (Comp) Tacoma, WA 06/14/2002 NAFTA-6,281 Salsa, relish and other pickle products.
Glen Oaks Industries, Inc. (Wrks) Dallas, TX 06/14/2002 NAFTA-6,282 Men's dress slacks.
Alfa Laval (IAM) Kenosha, WI 05/14/2002 NAFTA-6,283 Pumps, valves and clamps.
Severn Trent Services Fieldale, VA 06/24/2002 NAFTA-6,284 Dye for sewer plant.
NW Swissmatic ( ) Minneapolis, MN 06/06/2002 NAFTA-6,285 Cylindrical machine parts.
Joy Mining Machinery ( ) Mt. Vernon, IL 06/24/2002 NAFTA-6,286 Boilermakers.
Olson Technologies, Inc. ( ) Allentown, PA 06/17/2002 NAFTA-6,287 Valves.
Regal Plastics Company ( ) Roseville, MI 06/20/2002 NAFTA-6,288 Plastics.
Tecknit ( ) Cranford, NJ 05/10/2002 NAFTA-6,289 Gaskets.
Therm-O-Disc Inc. ( ) Muskegon, MI 06/20/2002 NAFTA-6,290 Saturn Probe assemblies (part numbers).
Sulzer Pumps ( ) Portland, OR 06/20/2002 NAFTA-6,291 Industrial pumps.
Weyerhaeuser ( ) Woodburn, OR 06/20/2002 NAFTA-6,292 Finished wood products.
Micro Molding Technologies ( ) Boynton Beach, FL 06/20/2002 NAFTA-6,293 Inection molding of plastic parts.
Curt G. Joa, Inc. ( ) Boynton Beach, FL 06/19/2002 NAFTA-6,294 Custom web processing machinery.
Sun Belt Interplex ( ) Tamarac, FL 04/22/2002 NAFTA-6,295 Metal stampings for med tech. industrs.
Great Lakes Transportation ( ) Duluth, MN 06/25/2002 NAFTA-6,296
American Corporation ( ) Carrollton, GA 06/19/2002 NAFTA-6,297 Women's white socks.
Angelica Image Apparel ( ) St. Louis, MO 06/21/2002 NAFTA-6,298 Uniforms (shirts and aprons).
EDUSA Corp. (Wkrs) El Paso, TX 06/20/2002 NAFTA-6,299 Warehousing.
Strattec Security (Co) Milwaukee, WI 06/20/2002 NAFTA-6,300 Locks.
BR Holdings LTD—Racine Steel Castings (CO) Racine, WI 06/19/2002 NAFTA-6,301 Automobile seats.
Flextronics—Enclosure Systems (CO) New Braunfels, TX 06/24/2002 NAFTA-6,302 Plastics and sheet metal fabrication.
Parker Hosiery (CO) Old Fort, NC 06/25/2002 NAFTA-6,303 Socks.
Ericsson (CO) Durham, NC 06/20/2002 NAFTA-6,304 Indoor/outdoor base stations products.
Montgomery Production (CO) Montgomery, IL 06/26/2002 NAFTA-6,305 Retail grocery and foodservice products.
Signa Molds (Wkrs) Pacoima, CA 06/24/2002 NAFTA-6,306 Injection molds.
Vishay Dale Electronics (Co.) Columbus, NE 06/28/2002 NAFTA-6,307 Wirewound-military mount.
Santiom Forest Products (CO) Sweet Home, OR 06/28/2002 NAFTA-6,308 Ran threw planer molder.
Brooks-PRI Automation (Co.) Hillsboro, OR 06/26/2002 NAFTA-6,309 Software design, development, and mgmt.
JB Tool Machine (Wkrs) Wapakoneta, OH 06/28/2002 NAFTA-6,310 TV frames.
Premier Turbines (CO) Neosho, MO 06/26/2002 NAFTA-6,311 Military engines.
Delphi Corporation (CO) Dayton, OH 05/14/2002 NAFTA-6,312 Brake and chase systems.
H and L Tool Company Erie, PA 06/21/2002 NAFTA-6,313 Plastic injection molds.
Newcor Inc. (Wkrs) Troy, MI 06/27/2002 NAFTA-6,314 Oil pump transmission shaft.
Paccar Kenworth (IAM) Bentown, MA 04/23/2002 NAFTA-6,315 Fabricated parted.
Andrew Corporation (Wkrs) Camarillo, CA 06/24/2002 NAFTA-6,316 Wireless antennas.
General Cable (CO) Bonham, TX 06/27/2002 NAFTA-6,317 Copper telephone cable.
Ube Automotive North America (UAW) Mason, OH 06/24/2002 NAFTA-6,318 Aluminum wheels.
General Cable (Wkrs) Monticello, IL 06/26/2002 NAFTA-6,319 Telephone wire.
MSC Pinole Point Steel (Wkrs) Richmond, CA 06/21/2002 NAFTA-6,320 Coils.
Xerox Corporation (Wkrs) Webster, NY 06/17/2002 NAFTA-6,321 Lakes products.
Whisper Jet (Wrkrs) Sanford, FL 06/20/2002 NAFTA-6,322 Helicopter.
Metso Automation (Co.) Shrewbury, MA 06/26/2002 NAFTA-6,323 Control valves.
Neuroscan (Wkrs) El Paso, TX 06/26/2002 NAFTA-6,324 Medical electronic equipment.
Metso Minerals (Co.) Clintonville, WI 06/26/2002 NAFTA-6,325 Conveyers.
Schneider Electric/Square D Company (Wrkrs) Monroe, NC 06/25/2002 NAFTA-6,326 Low Voltage Transformers.
A.O. Smith Electrical Products (Co.) Monticello, IN 06/26/2002 NAFTA-6,327 Subfractional motor.
A.O. Smith Electrical Products (CO) Upper Sandusky, OH 04/17/2002 NAFTA-6,328 Electric motor stampings.
Tyco International (Wkrs) White City, OR 05/30/2002 NAFTA-6,329 Printed circuits boards.
Johnson Controls (Co.) Lapier, MI 06/21/2002 NAFTA-6,330 Headliners.
Permeir Turbines, Sabareliner (Wkrs) Independence, KS 07/02/2002 NAFTA-6,331 Aircraft Products.
Trus Joist a Weyerhauser Business (Co) Stayton, OR 07/02/2002 NAFTA-6,332 Engineered Wood Products.
King Press (Wkrs) Joplin, MO 07/04/2002 NAFTA-6,333 Complete Printing Process.
Nortel Networks (Wkrs) Billerica, MA 07/02/2002 NAFTA-6,334 BSN 5000/Broadband Service Node.
Fibermark (Wkrs) South Hadley, MA 07/02/2002 NAFTA-6,335 Pulp and Specialty Paper.
Snorkel (Wkrs) Elwood, KS 06/27/2002 NAFTA-6,336 Forklifts.
Trico Products Inc. (Wkrs) Buffalo, NY 07/02/2002 NAFTA-6,337 IT Information Services.
Accura Tool and Die-Metaldyne (Wkrs) Crystalake, IL 07/05/2002 NAFTA-6,338 Tools.
Maxxim Medical Inc. (Wkrs) Asheville, NC 07/03/2002 NAFTA-6,339 Medical Surgical Drapes and Gowns.
Solectron (Wkrs) West Palm Beach, FL 07/05/2002 NAFTA-6,340 Metal stamping, injection molding, etc.
Flextronics International (Wkrs) Longmont, CO 06/24/2002 NAFTA-6,341 Contract Assembly Box Build.
Louisiana Pacific (Co.) Bon Wier, TX 07/09/2002 NAFTA-6,342 Plywood panels.
Doutt Tool Inc. (Co.) Venago, PA 07/03/2002 NAFTA-6,343 Punches, Dies, Machine Parts.
Wisconsin Color Press (Co.) Milwaukee, WI 07/02/2002 NAFTA-6,344 Magazines, Catalogs printing products.
News Group (The) (Wkrs) Jackson, MI 07/03/2002 NAFTA-6,345 Magazine and book distributor.
National Textiles (Wkrs) Winston Salem, NC 07/08/2002 NAFTA-6,346 Fabric.
Midwest Metallurgical-Detroit Stoker (GMP) Mashall, MI 07/08/2002 NAFTA-6,347 New casting.
Feralloy North American Steel (Wkrs) Melvindale, MI 07/08/2002 NAFTA-6,348 Steel.
John Deer Vehicle Group (Wkrs) Williamsburg, VA 07/08/2002 NAFTA-6,349 Utility vehicles.
Medtronic (Co.) Sunnse, FL 06/18/2002 NAFTA-6,350 Medical device.
FCI USA (Wkrs) York, PA 07/08/2002 NAFTA-6,351 Connectors.

[FR Doc. 02-19963 Filed 8-6-02; 8:45 am]


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