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Annual Update of Filing Fees


Final Rule; Annual Update Of Commission Filing Fees.


In accordance with 18 CFR 381.104, the Commission issues this update of its filing fees. This notice provides the yearly update using data in the Commission's Management, Administrative, and Payroll System to calculate the new fees. The purpose of updating is to adjust the fees on the basis of the Commission's costs for Fiscal Year 2003.


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June 16, 2004.


Troy Cole,Office of the Executive Director,Federal Energy Regulatory Commission,888 First Street, NE., Room 4R-01,Washington, DC 20426,202-502-6161.


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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Commission) is issuing this notice to update filing fees that the Commission assesses for specific services and benefits provided to identifiable beneficiaries. Pursuant to 18 CFR 381.104, the Commission is establishing updated fees on the basis of the Commission's Fiscal Year 2003 costs. The adjusted fees announced in this notice are effective June 16, 2004. The Commission has determined, with the concurrence of the Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs of the Office of Management and Budget, that this final rule is not a major rule within the meaning of section 251 of Subtitle E of Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act, 5 U.S.C. 804(2). The Commission is submitting this final rule to both houses of the United States Congress and to the Comptroller General of the United States.

The new fee schedule is as follows:

Fees Applicable to the Natural Gas Policy Act Back to Top

1. Petitions for rate approval pursuant to 18 CFR 284.123(b)(2). (18 CFR 381.403)—$9,500

Fees Applicable to General Activities Back to Top

1. Petition for issuance of a declaratory order (except under Part I of the Federal Power Act). (18 CFR 381.302(a))—$19,090

2. Review of a Department of Energy remedial order:

Amount in Controversy

$0-9,999. (18 CFR 381.303(b))—$100

$10,000-29,999. (18 CFR 381.303(b))—$600

$30,000 or more. (18 CFR 381.303(a))—$27,860

3. Review of a Department of Energy denial of adjustment:

Amount in Controversy

$0-9,999. (18 CFR 381.304(b))—$100

$10,000-29,999. (18 CFR 381.304(b))—$600

$30,000 or more. (18 CFR 381.304(a))—$14,610

4. Written legal interpretations by the Office of General Counsel.

(18 CFR 381.305(a))—$5,470

Fees Applicable to Natural Gas Pipelines Back to Top

1. Pipeline certificate applications pursuant to 18 CFR 284.224. (18 CFR 381.207(b))—$1,000 [*]

Fees Applicable to Cogenerators and Small Power Producers Back to Top

1. Certification of qualifying status as a small power production facility. (18 CFR 381.505(a))—$16,410

2. Certification of qualifying status as a cogeneration facility. (18 CFR 381.505(a))—$18,580

3. Applications for exempt wholesale generator status. (18 CFR 381.801)—$840

List of Subjects in 18 CFR Part 381 Back to Top

Thomas R. Herlihy,

Executive Director.

begin regulatory text

In consideration of the foregoing, the Commission amends Part 381, Chapter I, Title 18, Code of Federal Regulations, as set forth below.

PART 381—FEES Back to Top

1.The authority citation for Part 381 continues to read as follows:


15 U.S.C. 717-717w; 16 U.S.C. 791-828c, 2601-2645; 31 U.S.C. 9701; 42 U.S.C. 7101-7352; 49 U.S.C. 60502; 49 App. U.S.C. 1-85.

§ 381.302 [Amended]

2.In 381.302, paragraph (a) is amended by removing “$19,040” and adding“$19,090” in its place.

§ 381.303 [Amended]

3.In 381.303, paragraph (a) is amended by removing “$27,800” and adding“$27,860” in its place.

§ 381.304 [Amended]

4.In 381.304, paragraph (a) is amended by removing “$14,580” and adding“$14,610” in its place.

§ 381.305 [Amended]

5.In 381.305, paragraph (a) is amended by removing “$5,460” and adding“$5,470” in its place.

§ 381.403 [Amended]

6.Section 381.403 is amended by removing “$9,480” and adding “$9,500” in its place.

§ 381.505 [Amended]

7.In 381.505, paragraph (a) is amended by removing “$16,370” and adding “$16,410” in its place and by removing “$18,540” and adding “$18,580” in its place.

§ 381.801 [Amended]

8.Section 381.801 is amended by removing “$870” and adding “$840” in its place.

end regulatory text

[FR Doc. 04-11052 Filed 5-14-04; 8:45 am]


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*. This fee has not been changed.

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