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Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers




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The Administrator, Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), approved a petition for trade adjustment assistance (TAA) that was filed on November 18, 2004, by the Louisiana Shrimp Association, Grand Isle, Louisiana. The certification date is January 10, 2005. Beginning on this date, shrimpers who land their catch in Louisiana will be eligible to apply for fiscal year 2005 benefits during an application period ending April 11, 2005.


Upon investigation, the Administrator determined that increased imports of farmed shrimp contributed importantly to a decline in the landed prices of shrimp in Louisiana by 27.5 percent during January 2003 through December 2003, when compared with the previous 5-year average.

Eligible producers must apply to the Farm Service Agency for benefits. After submitting completed applications, producers shall receive technical assistance provided by the Extension Service at no cost and may receive an adjustment assistance payment, if certain program criteria are satisfied. Applicants must obtain the technical assistance from the Extension Service by July 11, 2005, in order to be eligible for financial payments.

Producers of raw agricultural commodities wishing to learn more about TAA and how they may apply should contact the Department of Agriculture at the addresses provided below for General Information.

Producers Certified as Eligible for TAA, Contact: Farm Service Agency service centers in Louisiana.

For General Information About TAA, Contact: Jean-Louis Pajot, Coordinator, Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers, FAS, USDA, (202) 720-2916, email:

Dated: December 15, 2004.

A. Ellen Terpstra,

Administrator, Foreign Agricultural Service.

[FR Doc. 04-28277 Filed 12-27-04; 8:45 am]


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