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Notice of Availability of Calendar Year 2011 Competitive Grant Funds


Solicitation For Proposals For The Provision Of Civil Legal Services.


The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) is the national organization charged with administering Federal funds provided for civil legal services to low-income people.

LSC hereby announces the availability of competitive grant funds and is soliciting grant proposals from interested parties who are qualified to provide effective, efficient, and high quality civil legal services to eligible clients in the service area(s) of the states and territories identified below. The exact amount of congressionally appropriated funds and the date, terms, and conditions of their availability for calendar year 2011 have not been determined.


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See Supplementary Information section for grants competition dates.

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Legal Services Corporation—Competitive Grants, 3333 K Street, NW., Third Floor, Washington, DC 20007-3522.


Office of Program Performance bye-mail at, or visit the grants competition Web site at


The Request for Proposals (RFP) will be available April 8 2010. Applicants must file a Notice of Intent to Compete (NIC) to participate in the competitive grants process. Applicants must file the NIC by May 13 2010, 5 p.m. E.D.T. The due date for filing grant proposals is June 7 2010, 5: p.m. E.D.T.

LSC is seeking proposals from: (1) Non-profit organizations that have as a purpose the provision of legal assistance to eligible clients; (2) private attorneys; (3) groups of private attorneys or law firms; (4) State or local governments; and (5) sub-state regional planning and coordination agencies that are composed of sub-state areas and whose governing boards are controlled by locally elected officials.

The RFP, containing the NIC and grant application, guidelines, proposal content requirements, service area descriptions, and specific selection criteria, will be available from April 8, 2010. LSC will not fax the RFP to interested parties.

Below are the service areas for which LSC is requesting grant proposals. Service area descriptions will be available from Appendix A of the RFP. LSC will post all updates and/or changes to this notice at Interested parties are asked to visit regularly for updates on the LSC competitive grants process.

State Service area
Alabama MAL
American Samoa AS-1
Arizona AZ-2, AZ-3, AZ-5, MAZ, NAZ-6, NAZ-5
Arkansas AR-6, AR-7, MAR
California CA-1, CA-27, CA-28, NCA-1
District of Columbia DC-1
Illinois IL-3, IL-7
Kentucky KY-2, KY-5, KY-9, KY-10, MKY
Louisiana LA-1, LA-12, MLA
Massachusetts MA-11
Michigan MI-9, MI-12, MI-13, MI-14, MI-15, MMI, NMI-1
Minnesota MN-1, MN-4, MN-5, MN-6, MMN
Mississippi MS-10, MMS
Missouri MO-3, MO-4, MO-5, MO-7, MMO
Nevada NV-1, MNV, NNV-1
New Mexico NM-1, NM-5, MNM, NNM-2, NNM-4
New York NY-9
North Dakota ND-3, MND, NND-3
Ohio OH-20, OH-18, OH-21, OH-23, MOH
Oklahoma NOK-1
Pennsylvania PA-1, PA-24, MPA
Puerto Rico PR-2
South Dakota SD-2, SD-4, MSD, NSD-1
Tennessee TN-4, TN-7, TN-9, TN-10, MTN
Texas TX-13, TX-14, TX-15, MTX, NTX-1
Virginia VA-17, VA-18, VA-19, VA-20, MVA
West Virginia WV-5, MWV
Wisconsin WI-5, MWI
Wyoming WY-4, MWY, NWY-1

Dated: March 11, 2010.

Janet LaBella,

Director,Office of Program Performance,Legal Services Corporation.

[FR Doc. 2010-5742 Filed 3-16-10; 8:45 am]


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