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Investigations Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance


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Petitions have been filed with the Secretary of Labor under Section 221 (a) of the Trade Act of 1974 (“the Act”) and are identified in the Appendix to this notice. Upon receipt of these petitions, the Director of the Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance, Employment and Training Administration, has instituted investigations pursuant to Section 221 (a) of the Act.

The purpose of each of the investigations is to determine whether the workers are eligible to apply for adjustment assistance under Title II, Chapter 2, of the Act. The investigations will further relate, as appropriate, to the determination of the date on which total or partial separations began or threatened to begin and the subdivision of the firm involved.

The petitioners or any other persons showing a substantial interest in the subject matter of the investigations may request a public hearing, provided such request is filed in writing with the Director, Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance, at the address shown below, not later than June 8, 2012.

Interested persons are invited to submit written comments regarding the subject matter of the investigations to the Director, Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance, at the address shown below, not later than June 8, 2012.

The petitions filed in this case are available for inspection at the Office of the Director, Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance, Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Department of Labor, Room N-5428, 200 Constitution Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20210.

Signed at Washington, DC, this 17th day of May 2012.

Elliott S. Kushner,

Certifying Officer, Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance.

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TA-W Subject firm (petitioners) Location Date of institution Date of petition
[32 TAA petitions instituted between 5/7/12 and 5/11/12]
81575 Wipro Technologies, Alliance Managers Across the United States (Workers) East Brunswick, NJ 05/07/12 05/06/12
81576 State Street Corporation (Workers) Quincy, MA 05/07/12 04/26/12
81577 Gorell Windows & Doors, LLC. (Workers) Indiana, PA 05/07/12 05/04/12
81578 Diversified Machine (DMI, Edon LLC) (Company) Edon, OH 05/07/12 05/04/12
81579 J.W. Tuomy's Nursery (Workers) Watersmeet, MI 05/07/12 05/03/12
81580 Sanofi Pharmaceuticals (Company) Kansas City, MO 05/07/12 05/06/12
81581 Dana Holding Corporation (State/One-Stop) Shreveport, LA 05/07/12 05/04/12
81582 The Landing of GM (State/One-Stop) Shreveport, LA 05/07/12 05/04/12
81583 Filtration Services Group, LLC. (State/One-Stop) Sterling Heights, MI 05/07/12 05/04/12
81584 BASF (State/One-Stop) Shreveport, LA 05/07/12 05/04/12
81585 Light Metals (State/One-Stop) Wyoming, MI 05/08/12 05/07/12
81586 Michigan Extruded Aluminum (State/One-Stop) Jackson, MI 05/08/12 05/07/12
81587 South Carolina Yutaka Tech, Inc. (SCYT) (Company) Lugoff, SC 05/08/12 05/07/12
81588 Bowers Manufacturing (State/One-Stop) Portage, MI 05/08/12 05/07/12
81589 Hydro Aluminum (State/One-Stop) Kalamazoo, MI 05/08/12 05/07/12
81590 Superior Extrusion (State/One-Stop) Gwinn, MI 05/08/12 05/07/12
81591 International Extrusions (State/One-Stop) Garden City, MI 05/08/12 05/07/12
81592 Dixie Consumer Products LLC (G.P) (Union) Parchment, MI 05/08/12 04/30/12
81593 Bank of America Merrill Lynch (State/One-Stop) Jacksonville, FL 05/09/12 05/08/12
81594 Catalina Marketing Corporation, Customer Service and Support Departments (State/One-Stop) Saint Petersburg, FL 05/09/12 05/08/12
81595 Catridge Source of America (Workers) Merritt Island, FL 05/09/12 05/08/12
81596 World Warehouse & Distribution (State/One-Stop) Champlain, NY 05/09/12 05/08/12
81597 Lifewatch Inc. (State/One-Stop) Rosemont, IL 05/09/12 05/08/12
81598 AAR Precision Systems (Workers) Lebanon, KY 05/10/12 05/09/12
81599 Bonnell Aluminum, a subsidiary of Tredegar Corporation (Company) Kentland, IN 05/10/12 05/08/12
81600 Mannington Wood Floors (Company) High Point, NC 05/10/12 05/09/12
81601 Celestica Dallas (Workers) Dallas, TX 05/11/12 05/10/12
81602 Chartis Global Services, Inc. Dallas Service Center (State/One-Stop) Dallas, TX 05/11/12 05/10/12
81603 Accellent (Company) Englewood, CO 05/11/12 05/10/12
81604 Goodrich Turbo Machinery Products (State/One-Stop) Chandler, AZ 05/11/12 05/10/12
81605 Rapco Horizon Company (Workers) Jackson, MO 05/11/12 05/10/12
81606 Philips Lighting (Company) Sparta, TN 05/11/12 04/23/12

[FR Doc. 2012-12884 Filed 5-25-12; 8:45 am]


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