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Project Source Code is a fully open source project; on GitHub you can find the source code for the main site, the chef cookbooks for maintaining the servers, and the WordPress themes and configuration. We welcome your contributions and feedback.


Interactive Documentation is available, detailing the different endpoints and possible parameters. No API keys are needed; all you need is an HTTP client or browser.

An FR2 API Case Study is available on our Tutorials page.

Federal Register Documents

We provide 3 API endpoints for accessing published Federal Register documents:

  • Fetch single document (get): using the FR document number you can get information about any Federal Register document published since 1994.
  • Fetch multiple documents (multi-get): convienence method to fetch information about multiple documents at once.
  • Search: exposes the full functionality of the advanced search

Public Inspection Documents

We also provide a variety of API endpoints for accessing documents on Public Inspection (documents available for public view before publication; read more about public inspection)

  • Fetch single document (get): fetch the metadata (and a link to the PI PDF) for any document that appeared on public inspection since November 2011
  • Fetch multiple documents (multi-get): fetch multiple PI documents at once
  • Search: Search documents currently on public inspection by agency, term, document type, etc.
  • Current: Get all documents currently on public inspection
  • By Date: Get all the documents that were on the public inspection desk on a given day; available since November 2011


Basic data about agencies that publish in Federal Register is also available.

Data Format:

The API returns data in either CSV or JSON formats. For most requests, you can customize the data elements returned to maximize performance and reduce the number of network roundtrips.

Results are paginated; users can customize how many results are returned per page. However, you can only paginate through the first 2000 results. If you wish to download more results, use the date range filters.

  • The data comes pre-processed; the data provided is a combination of data from the GPO MODS (metadata) files and the GPO bulkdata files and has gone through our cleanup procedures.
  • We’re using JSON as a lighter-weight, more web-friendly data transfer format
  • The API is fully RESTful; URLs are provided to navigate to the full details or to the next page of results (HATEOAS).
  • A simple JSONP interface is also possible; simply add a `callback=foo` CGI parameter to the end of any URL to have the results be ready for cross-domain JavaScript consumption

Ruby API Client

We’ve also released an API client gem for the ruby users out there. You can find it on GitHub and RubyGems.

Usage Restrictions

Republishers of Federal Register material are not permitted to use official NARA or OFR logos or seals.


Linking to

Federal Register documents can be cited in a variety of ways; it may be convenient to link to FR content using the following URL patterns:

By FR Document Number:

All Federal Register documents are assigned a unique document number; you can link to them with the following pattern:[FR Document Number]

And the link directly to the PDF file can also be easily generated:[FR Document Number].pdf

By FR Citation:

You can construct a link based on a FR citation:[VOLUME]-FR-[PAGE]

If multiple documents appear on the same page, the user can select between them:

By Executive Order Number:

You can also construct a link to any Executive Order from 1995-present, starting with EO 12944[EXECUTIVE ORDER NUMBER]


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