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03/02/1994 Issue

Document Issue Table of Contents

This is the table of contents as published in the Federal Register.

Agriculture Department

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Change in Disease Status of Austria Because of Rinderpest, Foot- and-Mouth Disease, and Swine Vesicular Disease

Change in Disease Status of Hungary Because of Rinderpest and Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Emergency Livestock Assistance

Nighthawk Timber Sale

Strawberry Gulch Timber Sale

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Uncategorized Document

Importation of Potatoes From Canada

Official Brucellosis Tests

Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board

Uncategorized Document

Recreation Access Advisory Committee; Meeting

Children and Families Administration

Uncategorized Document

Meeting of the U.S. Advisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect

Commerce Department

Uncategorized Document

Applications for Duty-Free Entry of Scientific Instruments

Mechanical Transfer Presses From Japan; Final Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review

Meeting of Reference Materials Producers

Notice of Antidumping Duty Order: Defrost Timers From Japan

Polyethylene Terephthalate Film, Sheet, and Strip from Japan; Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review

Titanium Sponge From Japan; Final Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review and Revocation in Part of the Antidumping Duty Order

Commission on Immigration Reform

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Commission on Immigration Reform; El Paso Hearing

Defense Department

Uncategorized Document

DOD Advisory Group on Electron Devices

Privacy Act of 1974; Amend Record Systems

Education Department

Uncategorized Document

Fund for Innovation in Education: Technology Education Program Notice Inviting Applications for New Awards for Fiscal Year 1994

Notice of Proposed Information Collection Requests

Energy Department

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Arizona Public Service Company; Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Assessment and Conduct Public Scoping Meetings and Site Visit

Granite State Gas Transmission, Inc., Notice of Proposed Changes in FERC Gas Tariff

Koch Gateway Pipeline Co.; Notice of Report of Refunds

Michigan Gas Storage Co.; Notice of Informal Settlement Conference

Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America; Notice of Informal Settlement Conference

Public Meeting

State of Texas NGPA Notice of Determination by Jurisdictional Agency Designating Tight Formation

Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline Co.; Notice of Request Under Blanket Authorization

Environmental Protection Agency

Uncategorized Document

Acrylonitrile-Styrene-Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate Copolymer; Tolerance Exemption

Agency Information Collection Activities Under OMB Review

Alabama: Final Determination of Adequacy of State/Tribal Municipal Solid Waste Permit Program

Exemption From the Requirement of a Pesticide Tolerance for the Insect Pheromone Codlure

Kansas; Approval of State Underground Storage Tank Program

List of Regulated Substances for Accidental Release Prevention Under Section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act as Amended; Risk Management Programs for Chemical Accident Release Prevention Under Section 112(r)(7) of the Clean Air Act as Amended

Meeting; Clean Air Act Advisory

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Energy Section 404 Permit Program Approval

Notice and Open Meeting of the Negotiated Rulemaking Advisory Committee for Small Nonroad Engine Regulations

Notice of Cancellation of March 3, 1994 Public Hearing Scheduled in Connection With the Proposed Imposition of Statewide Sanctions on California Under Clean Air Act Section 110(m) for Failure To Submit a Complete SIP Revision for an Enhanced Motor Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Program

Notice of Schedule of Meetings of the Pine Street Canal Superfund Site Coordinating Council

Pesticide Tolerances for Cyromazine

Polyvinyl Alcohol; Tolerance Exemption

Proposed Identification of Dangerous Levels of Lead; Public Meeting Postponement

Receipt of Application for Emergency Exemption to use Bifenthrin; Solicitation of Public Comment

Revised Hours of Operation for Public Access to the Headquarters Library and INFOTERRA

Rohm & Haas, Agricultural Chemicals; Filing of Food Additive Petition and Amendments to Pesticide Petitions

State of Florida; Adequacy Determination of State/Tribal Municipal Solid Waste Permit Program

Federal Aviation Administration

Uncategorized Document

Alteration of Jet Route J-29

Proposed Alteration of the Charlotte, NC, Class B Airspace Area; Proposed Rule DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION

Federal Communications Commission

Uncategorized Document

Applications for Consolidated Hearing

Cable Services; Cable Television Act

Public Information Collection Approved by Office of Management and Budget

Public Information Collection Requirement Submitted to Office of Management and Budget for Review

Federal Reserve System

Uncategorized Document

Harleysville National Corporation, et al.; Formations of; Acquisitions by; and Mergers of Bank Holding Companies

Lake Park Bancshares, Inc.; Notice of Application to Engage de novo in Permissible Nonbanking Activities

Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co., Ltd., et al.; Acquisitions of Companies Engaged in Permissible Nonbanking Activities

Fish and Wildlife Service

Uncategorized Document

Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Determination of Endangered Status for the Plant Auerodendron Pauciflorum

Food and Drug Administration

Uncategorized Document

Indirect Food Additives: Polymers

Forest Service

Uncategorized Document

Availability of Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

Eldorado National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan; Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement

Health and Human Services Department

Uncategorized Document

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development; Meetings

National Institute on Aging; Notice of Meetings

National Institutes of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases; Amended Notice of Meeting

Riker Laboratories, Inc., et al.; Withdrawal of Approval of 91 New Drug Applications

Savannah River Site Environmental Dose Reconstruction Project; Public Meetings

Interior Department

Uncategorized Document

Notice of Realty Action; Lease/Purchase for Recreation and Public Purposes

Proposal To Award Concession Contract; Hot Springs National Park, AR

Proposal To Award Concession Contract; Ozark National Scenic Riverways, MO

International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico

Uncategorized Document

United StatesMexico Joint Project for Immediate Emergency Removal of Sediment in the Lower Colorado River in Mexico, Morelos Dam to the Northerly International BoundaryFinding of No Significant Impact

International Trade Administration

Uncategorized Document

Ceiling Fans From the People's Republic of China: Notice of Court Decision; Exclusion From the Application of the Antidumping Duty Order, in Part; Termination of Administrative Reviews; and Amended Final Determination and Order

International Trade Commission

Uncategorized Document

Defrost Timers From Japan

Initial Determination Terminating Respondent on the Basis of Settlement Agreement

Interstate Commerce Commission

Uncategorized Document

Agency Information Collection Under OMB Review

Availability of Environmental Assessments

Justice Department

Uncategorized Document

Extension of Designation of Liberia Under Temporary Protected Status Program

Notice of Lodging of Consent Decree Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act

Labor Department

Uncategorized Document

Agency Recordkeeping/Reporting Requirements Under Review by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)

Commission on the Future of Worker-Management Relations; Meeting

Land Management Bureau

Uncategorized Document

Availability of Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Uncategorized Document

NASA FAR Supplement Coverage on Uncompensated Overtime

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Uncategorized Document

Weather Service Modernization Criteria

Uncategorized Document

Department of the Navy Privacy (PA) Program

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Uncategorized Document

Applications and Amendments to Facility Operating Licenses Involving No Significant Hazards Considerations

Documents Containing Reporting or Recordkeeping Requirements; Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Review

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

Uncategorized Document

Reduction or Waiver of Complete Withdrawal Liability

Personnel Management Office

Uncategorized Document

Excepted Service

Securities and Exchange Commission

Uncategorized Document

Forms Under Review by Office of Management and Budget

Self-Regulatory Organizations; New York Stock Exchange, Inc.; Order Granting Approval to Proposed Rule Change and Notice of Filing and Order Granting Accelerated Approval to Amendment No. 1 to Proposed Rule Change Relating to Listing Standards for Non-U.S. Companies

Self-Regulatory Organizations; New York Stock Exchange, Inc.; Order Granting Approval to Proposed Rule Change Relating to Audit Trail Account Identification Codes

Self-Regulatory Organizations; Notice of Filing and Order Granting Accelerated Approval of a Proposed Rule Change by the American Stock Exchange, Inc. Relating to a Modification of the Trading Hours for Amex Biotechnology Index Options

Thrift Depositor Protection Oversight Board

Uncategorized Document

National Advisory Board Meeting

Transportation Department

Uncategorized Document

Application of Rich International Airways, Inc. for Certificate Authority Under Subpart Q

Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee Meeting on Air Traffic Issues

Marine Safety Issues Related to Uninspected Towing Vessels

Modification of Class E Airspace, Hayden, CO

National Fire Protection Association Technical Committee on Fire Protection of Merchant Vessels

Pipeline Safety Advisory Bulletin ADB-94-03 Railroad-Pipeline Emergency Plans Coordination

Special Local Regulations; Annual Marine Events Within the Second Coast Guard District


Veterans Affairs Department

Uncategorized Document

Advisory Committee on Prosthetics and Special Disabilities Programs; Availability of Annual Report

Loan Guaranty: Acceptance of Partial Payments; Indemnification of Default

Veterans' Advisory Committee on Environmental Hazards; Meeting

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