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06/20/1994 Issue

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Agricultural Marketing Service

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Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Other Products (Inspection, Certification, and Standards)

Agriculture Department

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Elkhorn-Cedar Timber Sales, Willamette National Forest, Marion County, OR

Air Force Department

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USAF Scientific Advisory Board Meeting

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

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Farm Animal Issues Under the Animal Welfare Act; Public Meeting

Mexican Fruit Fly; Treatments for Regulated Articles

Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board

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Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities; State and Local Government Facilities

Army Department

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Army Science Board; Open Meeting

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Study on Hospitalization of Tuberculosis (TB) Patients and Tuberculin Skin Testing Demonstration Projects (Supplement to TB Elimination Cooperative Agreements)

Coast Guard

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Documentation of Vessels

Special Local Regulation; Thunder on the Water, Niagara River, Tonawanda, NY

Special Local Regulations; Friendship Festival Air Show, Niagara River and Buffalo Harbor, Buffalo, NY

Commerce Department

Customs Service

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North American Free Trade AgreementSubmission of Certificates of Eligibility for Textile and Apparel Goods Under the Tariff Preference Level Provisions

Defense Department

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Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement; Rights in Technical Data

USAF Scientific Advisory Board Meeting

Energy Department

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Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments

Columbia LNG Corporation and Cove Point LNG Limited Partnership; Application

El Paso Natural Gas Company, et al.; Natural Gas Certificate Filings

Equitable Resources Marketing Co.; Notice of Issuance of Order

Gulf States Utilities Company, et al.; Electric Rate and Corporate Regulation Filings

Notice of Cases Filed With the Office of Hearings and Appeals Week of April 15 through April 22, 1994

Notice of Cases Filed With the Office of Hearings and Appeals; Week of April 22 Through April 29, 1994

Notice of Issuance of Decisions and Orders by the Office of Hearings and Appeals, Week of March 28 Through April 1, 1994

Tenaska Power Services Co.; Issuance of Order

Environmental Protection Agency

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40 CFR Part 52

Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plan; Indiana

Hazardous Waste Management System; Correction of Listing of P015Beryllium Powder

Hazardous Waste Management System; Modification of the Hazardous Waste Recycling Regulatory Program

Notice of Public Meeting on Auditing

OMB Approval Numbers Under the Paperwork Reduction Act

Farm Credit Administration

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Referral of Known or Suspected Criminal Violations

Federal Aviation Administration

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Airworthiness Directives; Boeing Model 737-300 Series Airplanes Equipped With a Pemco Aeroplex Main Deck Cargo Door That Has Been Modified in Accordance With Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) SA2969S0

Civil Tiltrotor Development Advisory Committee, Infrastructure Subcommittee

Petitions for Exemption; Summary of Petitions Received; Dispositions of Petitions Issued

Federal Communications Commission

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Private Land Mobile Radio Services; Licensing of 800 MHz Channels in the U.S./Canada Border Area

Radio Broadcast Services; Low Power Television Service; Application Acceptance Standard; Four-Letter Call Signs

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Public Meeting Scheduled for Licensing of Kennebec River Basin Hydroelectric Projects

Federal Maritime Commission

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Amendment to Rules of Practice and Procedure

Notice of Agreement(s) Filed

Federal Railroad Administration

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Southern Pacific Lines; (BS-AP-NO. 3289); Public Hearing

Fish and Wildlife Service

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Availability of an Environmental Assessment and Receipt of an Application for a Permit to Allow Incidental Take of the Threatened California Gnatcatcher and the Proposed Endangered Coastal Cactus Wren by Shell Oil Company and Metropolitan Water District, Orange County, CA

Notice of Availability of Draft Modifications to the Recovery Action Plan for the Recovery Implementation Program for the Endangered Fish Species in the Upper Colorado River Basin

Food and Drug Administration

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Evaluation of the Utility of Food Additives for Aquatic Animals; Guideline; Availability

Forest Service

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Quartz Mountain Gold Project, Fremont National Forest, Lake County, Oregon

Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration

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FGIS to Change Protein Reference Method

Invitation To Serve on Federal Grain Inspection Service Advisory Committee

Health and Human Services Department

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Animal Drug Export; Heartgard-30 FXSUPTM for Cats

International Drug Scheduling; Convention on Psychotropic Substances; Certain Stimulant/Hallucinogenic Drugs and Certain Nonbarbiturate Sedative Drugs

Health Care Finance Administration

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Medicaid Program; Requirements for Enrollment in or Payment for Certain Employer Group Health Plans

Health Resources and Services Administration

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Program Announcement and Proposed Funding Preferences for Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students

Housing and Urban Development Department

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Amendment to the Participation and Compliance Requirements for Public Housing Agencies and Indian Housing Authorities

Notice of Extension for Public and Indian Housing Youth Sports Program; Notice of Funding Availability

Interior Department

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Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement on the Draft Pacific Coastal Barriers Study

Interstate Commerce Commission

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Canadian National Railway CompanyTrackage Rights Exemption Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated, et al.

Consolidated Rail CorporationAbandonment Exemptionin Cook, County, IL

Justice Department

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Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in State and Local Government Services; Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities; Accessibility Standards

Land Management Bureau

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California Desert District, Barstow Resource Area, Notice of Realty Action CACA 28549 Correction, Exchange of Public and Private Lands in San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties, California

Management and Budget Office

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Cumulative Report on Rescissions and Deferrals

Merit Systems Protection Board

Uncategorized Document

Appointment of Members to the Performance Review Board

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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NASA Advisory Council, Minority Business Resource Advisory Committee; Meeting

National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities

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SES Performance Review Board

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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Importation of Vehicles and Equipment Subject to Federal Safety, Bumper, and Theft Prevention Standards; Registered Importers of Vehicles Not Originally Manufactured To Conform to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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Atlantic Tuna Fisheries; Public Hearings

National Park Service

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Amendment to the General Management Plan, Environmental Assessment for Power Line Relocation, Manassas National Battlefield Park, VA

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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Governors' Designees Receiving Advance Notification of Transportation of Nuclear Waste

Kelli J. Hinds; Establishment of Atomic Safety and Licensing Board

Receipt of Petition for Director's Decision Under 10 CFR 2.206

Yankee Atomic Electric Co., Yankee Nuclear Power Station, Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact

Postal Service

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Removal of Expiration Date of Domestic Mail Manual Transition Book

Rules of Practice in Proceedings Relative to Mailability

Research and Special Programs Administration

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Office of Hazardous Materials Safety; Applications for Modification of Exemptions or Applications To Become a Party to an Exemption

Resolution Trust Corporation

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Coastal Barrier Improvement Act; Property Availability; Lake Forest Marina Woods/Summit 2, El Dorado County, CA

Coastal Barrier Improvement Act; Property Availability; Spruce Bluff, St. Lucie County, FL, Decker Lane, Travis County, TX

Securities and Exchange Commission

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AI Holdings Inc., Notice of Application

Massachusetts Investors Trust, et al.; Notice of Application

Self-Regulatory Organizations; Chicago Board Options Exchange, Inc.; Order Approving a Proposed Rule Change Relating to FLEX Options Designated in Foreign Currencies

Self-Regulatory Organizations; Notice of Filing and Immediate Effectiveness of Proposed Rule Change by National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. Relating to Assessments and Fees on Members

Self-Regulatory Organizations; The Depository Trust Company; Order Granting Accelerated Approval of a Proposed Rule Change to Implement the Interactive Capabilities and the Electronic Mail Features of the Enhanced Institutional Delivery System

Self-Regulatory Organizations; The Options Clearing Corporation; Notice of Filing and Order Granting Accelerated Approval on a Temporary Basis of a Proposed Rule Change Relating to Revisions to the Standards for Letters of Credit Deposited as Margin

State Department

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Termination of the Arms Embargo on South Africa

Transportation Department

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Airworthiness Directives; Boeing Model 757 Series Airplanes Equipped With Rolls-Royce RB211-535E4/E4B Engines

Airworthiness Directives; Boeing Model 767 Series Airplanes Equipped With Pratt & Whitney PW4000 Series Engines

Airworthiness Directives; Fokker Model F27 Series Airplanes

Airworthiness Directives; Jetstream Aircraft Limited Model 4101 Airplanes

Amendment to Class D Airspace; Aurora, CO

Documentation of Vessels

Notice of Intent To Rule on Application To Impose a Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) at Long Island MacArthur Airport, Islip, NY

Office of Hazardous Materials Safety; Applications for Exemptions

Petitions for Exemption; Summary of Petitions Received; Dispositions of Petitions Issued

Safety Zone Regulation; South County Fireworks Display, Mouth of Parish Creek and the West River, Galesville, MD

Safety Zone Regulation; Town of Colonial Beach Fourth of July Fireworks Display, Potomac River, Colonial Beach, VA

Safety Zone; City of Yonkers, Fourth of July Fireworks, Hudson River, NY and NJ

Safety Zone; Edward Arrigoni Fireworks, East River, NY

Safety Zone; Heritage of Pride Fireworks Display, Hudson River, NY and NJ

Safety Zone; Upper Mississippi River, Mile 685.5 to Mile 688.5

Special Local Regulation; Port Clinton Offshore Grand Prix, Lake Erie, Port Clinton, OH

Special Local Regulation; Thunder on the Water, Niagara River, Tonawanda, NY

Special Local Regulations; Friendship Festival Air Show, Niagara River and Buffalo Harbor, Buffalo, NY

Special Local Regulations; South Sioux Regatta Days, Missouri River Between Mile 731.0 and 754.0

Treasury Department

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Regulations Governing the Practice of Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, and Enrolled Actuaries Before the Internal Revenue Service

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