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09/20/1994 Issue

Document Issue Table of Contents

This is the table of contents as published in the Federal Register.

Census Bureau

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Census Advisory Committee of the Professional Associations; Notice of Public Meeting

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Uncategorized Document

Grants For Violence-Related Injury Prevention Research; Notice of Availability of Funds for Fiscal Year 1995

Commerce Department

Uncategorized Document

Agency Form Under Review by the Office of Management and Budget

Grant of Authority for Subzone Status, Peavey Electronics Corporation (Electronic Audio and Acoustical Products), Meridian, MS, Area

Investment Plans Survey

Preliminary Determination of Sales at Less Than Fair Value: Fresh Cut Roses From Colombia

Preliminary Determination of Sales at Less Than Fair Value: Fresh Cut Roses From Ecuador

Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Uncategorized Document

Agricultural Advisory Committee Meeting

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Uncategorized Document


Defense Department

Uncategorized Document

Meeting of the Commission on Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces

Drug Enforcement Administration

Uncategorized Document

Controlled Substances: Established 1994 Aggregate Production Quota

Education Department

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Notice of Proposed Information Collection Requests

Office of Administrative Law Judges; Intent to Compromise Consolidated Claims; Maine Department of Education

Energy Department

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El Paso Natural Gas Co.; Tariff Filing

Equitrans, Inc.; Rescheduling of informal settlement conference

Financial Assistance Award; Intent to Award Renewal Grant to Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering (SECME)

Frontier Gas Storage Co.; Sale Pursuant to Settlement Agreement

MIGC, Inc.; Proposed Changes in FERC Gas Tariff

Northern Natural Gas Co.; Request Under Blanket Authorization

South Carolina Electric & Gas Company; Intent To Conduct Public Scoping Meetings

Texas Gas Transmission Corp.; Proposed Changes in FERC Gas Tariff

Environmental Protection Agency

Uncategorized Document

Announcement of a Request for Pre-Proposals From Minority Academic Institutions To Conduct Hazardous Substance Research, Technology Transfer and Training in Cooperation With EPA's Hazardous Substance Research Centers

Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans California State Implementation Plan Revision Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District

Clean Air Act Limited Approval/Limited Disapproval and Promulgation of Emission Statement Implementation Plans for New Hampshire

Draft NPDES General Permit for Offshore Oil and Gas Operations on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) and State Waters of Alaska: Arctic NPDES General Permit

Emission Guidelines: Municipal Waste Combustors

National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Source Categories: Organic Hazardous Air Pollutants From the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry and Other Processes Subject to the Negotiated Regulation for Equipment Leaks; Correction

National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan National Priorities List Update

New Mexico; Adequacy Determination of State/Tribal Municipal Solid Waste Permit Program

Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants, Addition of Method 29 to Appendix A of Part 60 and Amendments to Method 101A of Appendix B of Part 61

Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources: Municipal Waste Combustors

Withdrawal of the 1991 Emission Guidelines for Municipal Waste Combustors

Executive Office of the President

Presidential Document

Special observances:

Citizenship Day and Constitution Week (Proc. 6720)
Farm Safety and Health Week, National


Business promotion with small businesses owned by economically disadvantaged individuals, historically black colleges, and minority institutions (EO 12928)

Federal Aviation Administration

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Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee Meeting on Air Carrier/ General Aviation Maintenance Issues

The High Density Rule

Federal Communications Commission

Uncategorized Document

A Petition for Reconsideration of Actions in Rulemaking Proceedings

Radio Broadcasting Services; Okmulgee, Nowata and Pawhuska, Oklahoma

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Uncategorized Document

Proposed Flood Elevation Determinations

The Arson Prevention Act of 1994State Grants

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Uncategorized Document

Vesta Energy Alternatives Company, et al.; Electric Rate and Corporate Regulation Filings

Federal Maritime Commission

Uncategorized Document

Security for the Protection of the Public Financial Responsibility to Meet Liability Incurred for Death or Injury to Passengers or Other Persons on Voyages; Issuance of Certificate (Casualty)

Security for the Protection of the Public Indemnification of Passengers for Nonperformance of Transportation; Issuance of Certificate (Performance)

Federal Reserve System

Uncategorized Document

BB&T Financial Corporation, et al.; Formations of; Acquisitions by; and Mergers of Bank Holding Companies

Bellevue State Bank Employee Stock Ownership Plan et al.; Formations of, Acquisitions by, or Mergers of Bank Holding Companies; and Acquisitions of Nonbanking Company

First of America Bank Corporation, et al.; Acquisitions of Company Engaged in Permissible Nonbanking Activities

Fish and Wildlife Service

Uncategorized Document

Availability of a Technical/Agency Draft Recovery Plan for Aristida chasae, Vernonia proctorii and Lyonia truncata var. proctorii for Review and Comment

Food and Drug Administration

Uncategorized Document

Medical Devices; Alternatives to Silicone Breast Implants; Notice of Workshop

Health and Human Services Department

Uncategorized Document

Board of Scientific Counselors, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health: Meeting

Implications of Recent Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak on Cruise ShipPublic Meeting

Housing and Urban Development Department

Uncategorized Document

Electronic Transmission of Required Data for Certification and Recertification and Subsidy Billing Procedures for Multifamily Subsidized Projects: Notice of Correction

Single Family Property Disposition Sales Program for Public Safety Employees

Interior Department

International Trade Administration

Uncategorized Document

North Carolina State University, Notice of Decision on Application for Duty-Free Entry of Scientific Instrument

Postponement of Preliminary Antidumping Duty Determination: Disposable Pocket Lighters From the People's Republic of China (``PRC'')

Interstate Commerce Commission

Uncategorized Document

Intrastate Rail Rate AuthorityIllinois

Missouri Pacific Railroad Company and South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad CompanyJoint Relocation Project ExemptionIn Kansas

San Mateo County Transit DistrictPurchase ExemptionSouthern Pacific Transportation Company

Union Pacific Railroad CompanyAbandonmentin Morgan County, CO (Julesburg Subdivision)

Justice Department

Land Management Bureau

Uncategorized Document

Notice of Availability of Draft Wilderness Management Plan and Environmental Assessment; Notice of Public Comment Period; Notice of Public Meetings

Withdrawal of Public Land for Nikolski Village Selection; Alaska

Library of Congress

Uncategorized Document

Photographing the Interior and Exterior of Library of Congress Buildings and Other Library Facilities

Maritime Administration

Uncategorized Document

Sulphur Carriers, Inc.; Notice of Application for Permission Pursuant to Section 805(a) of the Merchant Marine Act, 1936, as amended, and Article II-13 of Waterman Steamship Corporation's Operating-Differential Subsidy Agreement, Contract MA/MSB-450 for Operation of the M/V SULPHUR ENTERPRISE in the Coastwise Trade of the United States

National Archives and Records Administration

Uncategorized Document

Notice of Submission of Proposed Information Collections to OMB

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Uncategorized Document

Amendment to Cooperative Agreement Announcement; Discretionary Cooperative Agreement to Foster the Development, Evaluation, and Deployment of a Heavy Vehicle Intelligent Commercial Vehicle Communication and Powering Enhancement System(s)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Uncategorized Document

Marine Mammals

National Park Service

Uncategorized Document

National Register of Historic Places; Notification of Pending Nominations

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Uncategorized Document

Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards Subcommittee Meeting on Planning and Procedures; Notice of Meeting

Florida Power Corp.; Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact

Staff Meetings Open to the Public; Final Policy Statement

Technical Specifications

Tennessee Valley Authority Partial Denial of Amendment to Facility Operating License and Opportunity for Hearing

Postal Service

Uncategorized Document

Revisions to Standards for Palletization

Public Health Service

Uncategorized Document

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health; Privacy Act of 1974; Altered System of Records

Research and Special Programs Administration

Uncategorized Document

Office of Hazardous Materials Safety; Notice of Applications for Exemptions

Securities and Exchange Commission

Uncategorized Document

Annual Reports by Mutual and Subsidiary Service Companies Under the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935

Request Under Review by Office of Management and Budget

Self-Regulatory Organization; the Depository Trust Company; Order Approving Proposed Rule Change Establishing the Stock Loan Income- Tracking System

Self-Regulatory Organizations; NYSE Stock Exchange, Inc.; Order Approving Proposed Rule Change Relating to New Organizational Structures for Members

The Pierpont Bond Fund; Notice of Application for Deregistration

The Pierpont Capital Appreciation Fund; Notice of Application for Deregistration

The Pierpont Equity Fund; Notice of Application for Deregistration

The Pierpont International Equity Fund, Inc.; Notice of Application for Deregistration

The Pierpont Money Market Fund; Notice of Application for Deregistration

The Pierpont Tax Exempt Bond Fund; Notice of Application for Deregistration

The Pierpont Tax Exempt Money Market Fund; Notice of Application for Deregistration

Small Business Administration

Uncategorized Document

National Advisory Council Meeting

New York (and Contiguous Counties in Pennsylvania); Declaration of Disaster Loan Area

South Carolina; Declaration of Disaster Loan Area

Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement Office

Uncategorized Document

Louisiana Regulatory Program

Wyoming Regulatory Program

Transportation Department

Uncategorized Document

Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee Meeting on Transport Airplane and Engine Issues

IFR Altitudes; Miscellaneous Amendments

Intent To Rule on Application To Impose and Use the Revenue From a Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) at Texarkana Regional Airport, Texarkana, AR

International Standards on the Transport of Radioactive Materials; Public Meeting

Office of Hazardous Materials Safety; Notice of Applications for Modification of Exemptions or Applications To Become a Party to an Exemption

Proposed Modifications to the Yankee and Condor Military Operating Areas; Public Meeting

RTCA, Inc.; Special Committee 159, Thirty-First Meeting; Minimum Operational Performance Standards for Airborne Navigation Equipment Using Global Positioning System (GPS)

RTCA, Inc.; Special Committee 168, Thirteenth Meeting; Lithium Batteries

Standard Instrument Approach Procedures; Miscellaneous Amendments

Treasury Department

Uncategorized Document

Public Information Collection Requirements Submitted to OMB for Review

Substitute Return Format Standardization for Individual Returns Filed on Paper

Other Documents

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