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07/26/1995 Issue

Document Issue Table of Contents

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Agriculture Department

Army Department


Military Traffic Management Command Rules and Accessorial Services Governing the Movement of Department of Defense Freight Traffic by Motor or Railroad Carriers

Coast Guard

Proposed Rule

Special Local Regulation; Detroit Grand Prix, Detroit River, Fleming Channel and Scott Middle Ground, MI

Commerce Department


New England Fishery Management Council; Meeting

Small Takes of Marine Mammals Incidental to Specified Activities; Lockheed Launch Vehicles at Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA

Commodity Credit Corporation


1995 Marketing Quotas and Price Support Levels for Fire-Cured (Type 21), Fire-Cured (Types 22-23), Maryland (Type 32), Dark Air-Cured (Types 35-36), Virginia Sun-Cured (Type 37), Cigar-Filler and Binder (Types 42-44 and 53-55), Cigar-Filler (Type 41), Cigar-Filler (Type 46), and Cigar Binder (Types 51-52) Tobaccos

Customs Service


Privacy Act of 1974: Altered System of Records

Defense Department


Notice of Availability of Inventions for Licensing

Secretary of the Navy's Advisory Subcommittee; Meeting

Delaware River Basin Commission

Proposed Rule

Water Quality Regulations; Proposed Amendments to Comprehensive Plan, Water Code of the Delaware River Basin, Administrative Manual Part III Water Quality Regulations; Public Hearings

Drug Enforcement Administration


Revocation of Registration

Education Department


Notice of Proposed Information Collection Requests

Energy Department


Abert Rim Hydroelectric Associates; Notice of Surrender of Preliminary Permit

Agency Information Collection Extensions

Allegheny Power Service Corporation, et al.; Electric Rate and Corporate Regulation Filings

Implementation of Special Refund Procedures

Koch Gateway Pipeline Company; Notice of Proposed Changes in FERC Gas Tariff

Mobile Bay Pipeline Company' Notice of Proposed Changes in FERC Gas Tariff

National Power Exchange Corporation, et al.; Electric Rate and Corporate Regulation Filings

NorAm Gas Transmission Company; Notice of Filing

Notice of Application Filed With the Commission

Pacific Gas Transmission Company; Notice of Filing of Operational Report Regarding Hub Service

Paiute Pipeline Company; Notice of Compliance Filing

Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company; Notice of Proposed Changes in FERC Gas Tariff

Texas-Ohio Gas, Inc.; Order Granting Blanket Authorization to Import and Export Natural Gas From and to Canada

Environmental Protection Agency


Polymethylene Polyphenylisocyanate, Polymer with Ethylene Diamine, Diethylene Triamine and Sebacoyl Chloride, Cross-Linked; Tolerance Exemption

Tralomethrin; Food and Feed Additive Regulations

Proposed Rule

Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans; Arizona State Implementation Plan Revision, Maricopa County Environmental Services Department

Notice of Intent To Delete Stewco, Incorporated Superfund Site Waskom, Harrison County, Texas; National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan; National Priorities List

Pesticide Tolerance for Pendimethalin


Ambient Air Monitoring Reference and Equivalent Methods; Reference Method Designation

Ciba-Geigy Corp; Approval of Pesticide Product Registrations

Cinnamaldehyde; Filing of Pesticide Petition

Emergency Exemptions

Issuance of Experimental Use Permits

Lactofen; Receipt of Application for Emergency Exemption, Solicitation of Public Comment

Lindane: Decision Not To Initiate a Special Review on Kidney Effects

Monterey Laboratories; Application to Register a Pesticide Product

Notice of Open Meeting of the Federal Facilities Environmental Restoration Dialogue Committee

Pesticide Tolerance Petitions; Filings, Amendments, and a Withdrawal

Reregistration Eligibility Decision Documents for Ethephon, et al.; Availability for Comment Correction; Extension of Public Comment Period

Vermont: Adequacy Determination of State/Tribal Municipal Solid Waste Permit Program

Executive Office of the President

Presidential Document

Parents' Day, 1995

Farm Service Agency


1995 Marketing Quotas and Price Support Levels for Fire-Cured (Type 21), Fire-Cured (Types 22-23), Maryland (Type 32), Dark Air-Cured (Types 35-36), Virginia Sun-Cured (Type 37), Cigar-Filler and Binder (Types 42-44 and 53-55), Cigar-Filler (Type 41), Cigar-Filler (Type 46), and Cigar Binder (Types 51-52) Tobaccos

Federal Aviation Administration


Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee; Meeting

Federal Communications Commission

Sunshine Act Document

FCC To Hold Open Commission Meeting Friday, July 28, 1995


Fees for Products and Services in Connection With Competitive Bidding Procedures

Radio Broadcasting Services; Roann, IN


Petition for Reconsideration of Actions in Rulemaking Proceedings

Preemption of Local Zoning Regulations

Federal Emergency Management Agency


Changes in Flood Elevation Determinations

List of Communities Eligible for the Sale of Flood Insurance

Proposed Rule

Proposed Flood Elevation Determinations

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Proposed Rule

Promoting Wholesale Competition Through Open Access Non- Discriminatory Transmission Services by Public Utilities and Recovery of Stranded Costs by Public Utilities and Transmitting Utilities; Notice of Fixed Charge Rate Methodology


Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P.; Notice of Proposed Changes in FERC Gas Tariff

Federal Reserve System


Agency Forms Under Review

Federal Trade Commission

Proposed Rule

Games of Chance in the Food Retailing and Gasoline Industries, Proposed Amendment of Trade Regulation Rule


Granting of Request for Early Termination of the Waiting Period Under the Premerger Notification Rules

Fish and Wildlife Service

Proposed Rule

Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Reopening of Comment Period on Proposed Threatened Status for the Alaska Breeding Population of the Steller's Eider; Correction


Notice of Receipt of Applications for Permit

Food and Drug Administration


Muscle Monitoring Devices; Decision Not to Rely on Dental Products Panel Recommendations

Forest Service


Environmental Impact Statement, King George Timber Harvest on the Wrangell Ranger District, Stikine Area of the Tongass National Forest, Petersburg

Health and Human Services Department


Findings of Scientific Misconduct

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Proposed Data Collection

Health Care Finance Administration


Medicare Program; Allowing Certifications and Recertification by Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists for Certain Services

Proposed Rule

Medicare Program; Revisions to Payment Policies Under the Physician Fee Schedule for Calendar Year 1996


Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Quarterly Listing of Program Issuances and Coverage DecisionsFirst Quarter 1995

Hearings and Appeals Office, Interior Department


Implementation of Special Refund Procedures

Housing and Urban Development Department


Announcement of Funding Awards Fair Housing Initiatives Program FY 1994

Interior Department


Notice of Realty Action; Lease of Public Land for Recreation and Public Purposes; Storey County, NV

Petroglyph National Monument; Meeting

Internal Revenue Service

Proposed Rule

Lease Term; Exchanges of Tax-Exempt Use Property; Hearing Cancellation

International Trade Commission


Countervailing Duty Orders

Furfuryl Alcohol From Thailand

Interstate Commerce Commission


Rail General Exemption AuthorityExemption of Hydraulic Cement


CSX Transportation, Inc.Abandonment ExemptionIn Seminole and Orange Counties, FL

Justice Department


Information Collection Under Review

Information Collections Under Review

Shelter Care and Child Welfare Services to Alien Unaccompanied Minors; Availability of Funding for Cooperative Agreements

Justice Programs Office


Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Agreements With Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals and Other Non-Profit Organizations

Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Office


Meeting of the Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

Land Management Bureau


Arizona: Eagletail Mountains Wilderness; Implementation of Recreational Management Provisions in the Eagletail Mountains Wilderness Management Plan

Management and Budget Office


Economic Classification Policy Committee: Standard Industrial Classification ReplacementThe North American Industry Classification System Proposed Industry Classification Structure

Maritime Administration


OMI Patriot Transport, Inc., et al.; Application for Modification of Operating-Differential Subsidy Agreements

National Archives and Records Administration


Renewal of Advisory Committee on Preservation

National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities


National Endowment for the Arts; National Council on the Arts 125th Meeting

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


General Motors Corporation; Receipt of Application for Decision of Inconsequential Noncompliance

National Institutes of Health


Division of Research Grants; Notice of a Closed Meeting

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Coastal Energy Impact Program


Shrimp Fishery of the South Atlantic Region; Intent to Prepare a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

National Park Service


Draft Climbing Management Plan and Environmental Assessment for City of Rocks National Reserve, Idaho

National Telecommunications and Information Administration


Advisory Council on the National Information Infrastructure


Chief of Naval Operations Executive Panel; Closed Meeting

Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Clarification of Decommissioning Funding Requirements

Proposed Rule

Maryland Safe Energy Coalition; Denial of Petition for Rulemaking

Revision of Specific Exemptions Under the Privacy Act


Privacy Act of 1974; Revisions to System of Records

Proposed Generic Communication Generic Letter 89-10, Supplement 7, Valve Mispositioning in Pressurized-Water Reactors

Public Health Service


Action Related to Emergency Research Activity

Refugee Resettlement Office


Refugee Resettlement Program; Availability of Formula Allocation Funding for FY 1995 Targeted Assistance Grants for Services to Refugees in Local Areas of High Need

Securities and Exchange Commission

Proposed Rule

Money Market Fund Prospectuses

Money Market Fund Quarterly Reporting


Application and Opportunity for Hearing: Charles E. Smith Residential Realty, Inc.

Pioneer Winthrop Real Estate Investment Fund, et al.; Notice of Application

Self-Regulatory Organizations; Notice of Filing and Immediate Effectiveness of Proposed Rule Change by the Chicago Stock Exchange, Incorporated Relating to the Trading Floor Dress Code

Self-Regulatory Organizations; Notice of Filing and Order Granting Accelerated Approval of a Proposed Rule Change by Philadelphia Stock Exchange, Inc. Relating to Reducing the Value of the Semiconductor Index

Self-Regulatory Organizations; Notice of Filing of Proposed Rule Changes by the New York Stock Exchange, Inc. Relating to Amendments to Rules 600 (Arbitration), 619 (General Provision Governing Subpoenas, Production of Documents, etc.), 629 (Schedule of Fees), and 637 (Failure to Honor Award)

Self-Regulatory Organizations; Order Approving Proposed Rule Change by National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. Relating to Mediation of Disputes

Self-Regulatory Organizations; the Midwest Securities Trust Company; Notice of Filing and Immediate Effectiveness of Proposed Rule Change Establishing Procedures for the Destruction of Expired Rights and Warrants

Small Business Administration


Louisiana; Declaration of Disaster Loan Area

Missouri; Declaration of Disaster Loan Area

West Virginia; Declaration of Disaster Loan Area

Transportation Department

Proposed Rule

Special Local Regulation; Detroit Grand Prix, Detroit River, Fleming Channel and Scott Middle Ground, MI


Aviation Proceedings; Agreements filed during the Week Ended July 14, 1995

Treasury Department


Public Information Collection Requirements Submitted to OMB for Review

United States Information Agency


Culturally Significant Objects Imported for Exhibition; Determination

Veterans Affairs Department


Loan Guaranty: Implementation of Public Laws 102-547, 103-66, 103-78, 103-325, 103-353, and 103-446

Other Documents

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

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