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10/21/1999 Issue

Document Issue Table of Contents

This is the table of contents as published in the Federal Register.

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry


Notice of the Revised Priority List of Hazardous Substances That Will Be the Subject of Toxicological Profiles

Agriculture Department

Air Force Department


Active Duty Service Determinations for Civilian or Contractual Groups

Army Department


Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement on Transportable Treatment Systems for Non-Stockpile Chemical Warfare Materiel

Census Bureau


American Indian and Alaska Native Areas (AIANA) Geographic Program for Census 2000Proposed Program

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Agency Forms Undergoing Paperwork Reduction Act Review

Proposed Data Collections Submitted for Public Comment and Recommendations

Children and Families Administration


Proposed Information Collection Activity; Comment Request Proposed Project.

Coast Guard


Drawbridge Operation Regulations: Thames River, CT.

Proposed Rule

Federal Pilotage for Foreign-Trade Vessels in Maryland

Commerce Department


Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement; Overseas Use of the Purpose Card

Corporation for National and Community Service


Revision of Currently Approved Information Collection; Comment Request

Defense Department

Proposed Rule

Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement; Disclosure of Information

Delaware River Basin Commission


Notice of Commission Meeting and Public Hearing

Drug Enforcement Administration


Controlled Substances: Proposed Aggregate Production Quotas for 2000

Education Department


State Vocational Rehabilitation Unit In-Service Training; Notice Inviting Applications for New Awards for Fiscal Year (FY) 2000


National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (National Advisory Committee); Meeting

Energy Department

Environmental Protection Agency


Metolachlor; Extension of Tolerance for Emergency Exemptions

Pyriproxyfen; Pesticide Tolerance

Sethoxydim; Pesticide Tolerances for Emergency Exemptions

Tebufenozide; Benzoic Acid, 3,5-dimethyl-1-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-2- (4-ethylbenzoyl) hydrazide; Pesticide Tolerance

Proposed Rule

Standards for Pesticide Containers and Containment


Notice of Availability of an Integrated Assessment of the Causes and Consequences of Hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico

Notice of Fifth Meeting of the Mississippi River/Gulf of Mexico Watershed Nutrient Task Force

Farm Credit Administration


Funding and Fiscal Affairs, Loan Policies and Operations, and Funding Operations; FCB Assistance to Associations; Effective Date

Federal Aviation Administration


Modification of Class E Airspace; Sedona, AZ

Proposed Rule

Airworthiness Directives; Airbus Model A300 B2 and B4 Series Airplanes

Airworthiness Directives; Airbus Model A319, A320, and A321 Series Airplanes

Airworthiness Directives; Boeing Model 767 Series Airplanes

Part 145 Review: Repair Stations


Notice of Intent To Rule on Application (99-01-C-00-LMT) To Impose and Use the Revenue From a Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) at Klamath Falls Airport Submitted by the City of Klamath Falls, OR

Notice of Intent To Rule on Application To Impose and Use the Revenue From a Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) at Fayetteville Municipal Airport, Fayetteville, AR

Notice of Intent To Rule on Application To Impose and Use the Revenue From a Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) at Minot International Airport, Minot, ND

Petitions for Exemption; Summary of Petitions Received; Dispositions of Petitions Issued

Federal Communications Commission


Radio Broadcasting Services; Cal-Nev-Ari, NV.

Radio Broadcasting Services; Fremont and Holton, MI

Radio Broadcasting Services; Princeton and Elk River, MN

Proposed Rule

Radio Broadcasting Services; Fairmont and St. James, MN

Radio Broadcasting Services; Greenwood and Abbeville, SC

Radio Broadcasting Services; Osceola & Sedalia, MO


Public Information Collections Approved by Office of Management and Budget

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


Aquamac Corporation Merrimac Paper Company, Inc.; Notice of Availability of Draft Environmental Assessment

Aquenergy Systems, Inc.; Notice of Availability of Draft Environmental Assessment

Atlanta Gas Light Company; Notice Granting Late Interventions

Commonwealth Edison Company, et al., Electric Rate and Corporate Regulation Filings

Equitrans, L.P.; Notice of Proposed Changes in FERC Gas Tariff

High Island Offshore System, L.L.C.; Notice of Tariff Sheet Filing

Notice of Application for Transfer of License and Soliciting Comments, Motions To Intervene, and Protests

Notice of Application Tendered for Filing With the Commission and Soliciting Additional Study Requests

Notice of Application Tendered for Filing With the Commission, Establishing a Deadline for Final Amendment, and Soliciting Additional Study Requests

Notice of Competing Application Tendered for Filing With the Commission and Soliciting Additional Study Requests

Notice of Declaration of Intention and Soliciting Comments, Motions To Intervene, and Protests

Notice of Request for Extension of Time To Commence and Complete Project Construction and Soliciting Comments, Motions To Intervene, and Protests

Notice Terminating ``TM'' Docket Prefix

Pacific Gas & Electric Company; Notice of Meeting

PG&E Gas Transmission, Northwest Corporation; Notice of Resubmission of Tariff Sheets

Transwestern Pipeline; Notice of Technical Conference

Federal Highway Administration


Environmental Impact Statement: Bronx County, NY

Federal Maritime Commission


Notice of Agreement(s) Filed

Ocean Transportation Intermediary License; Applicants

Federal Reserve System


Change in Bank Control Notices; Acquisitions of Shares of Banks or Bank Holding Companies

Formations of, Acquisitions by, and Mergers of Bank Holding Companies

Notice of Proposals to Engage in Nonbanking Activities or to Acquire Companies that are Engaged in Nonbanking Activities

Federal Trade Commission

Proposed Rule

Funeral Rule Public Workshop Conference

Fish and Wildlife Service


Notice of Intent To Prepare a Comprehensive Conservation Plan and Associated Environmental Impact Statement

Notice of Receipt of Applications for Permit

Food and Drug Administration


Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; Application to Market a New Drug, Biologic, or an Antibiotic Drug for Human UseForm FDA 356h

Draft Guidance for Industry on Developing Antimicrobial Drugs to Treat Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections; Availability

Food and Nutrition Service


Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC): Food and Nutrition Services and Administration Funding Formulas Rule

Health and Human Services Department


National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics: Meeting

Health Care Finance Administration


Privacy Act of 1974; System of Records

Housing and Urban Development Department


Public Housing Agency Organization; Required Resident Membership on Board of Directors or Similar Governing Body

Public Housing Agency Plans

Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS); Transition to the PHAS

Renewal of Expiring Annual Contributions Contracts in the Tenant- Based Section 8 Program; Formula for Allocation of Housing Assistance

Section 8 Tenant-Based Assistance; Statutory Merger of Section 8 Certificate and Voucher Programs; Housing Choice Voucher Program

Proposed Rule

Direct Funding of Public Housing Resident Management Corporations

Interior Department

Internal Revenue Service

Proposed Rule

Prevention of Abuse of Charitable Remainder Trusts


Low Income Taxpayer Clinic Grant Program: Availability of Fiscal Year 2000 Grant Application Package

Quarterly Publication of Individuals, Who Have Chosen To Expatriate, as Required by Section 6039G

International Trade Administration


Certain Welded Carbon Steel Pipes and Tubes From Thailand: Final Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review

Continuation of Antidumping Duty Order: Anhydrous Sodium Metasilicate from France

Export Trade Certificate of Review

Notice of Extension of Time Limit for Antidumping Duty Administrative Review of Welded ASTM A-312 Stainless Steel Pipe From Taiwan

Notice of Final Determination of Sales at Less Than Fair Value: Live Cattle From Canada

Notice of Postponement of Preliminary Antidumping Duty Determination: Bulk Aspirin From the People's Republic of China

Justice Department

Labor Department

Land Management Bureau


Notice of Filing of Plat of Survey; New Mexico

Request for Public Comment on Fair Market Value and Maximum Economic Recovery; Lease by Application NMNM 99144

National Aeronautics and Space Administration


NASA Advisory Council (NAC), Technology Subcommittee of the Earth Systems Science and Applications Advisory Committee; Meeting

National Archives and Records Administration


Nixon Presidential Materials

National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities


Meetings of Humanities Panel

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Athey Products Corporation, Receipt of Application for Decision of Inconsequential Noncompliance

Notice of Receipt of Petition for Decision that Nonconforming 1987-1995 Nissan Pathfinder Multi-Purpose Passenger Vehicles Are Eligible for Importation

Notice of Receipt of Petition for Decision That Nonconforming 1992-1999 Honda Accord Passenger Cars Are Eligible for Importation

National Park Service


Concessions Management Advisory Board; Meeting

Going-to-the-Sun Road Advisory Committee

National Register of Historic Places; Notification of Pending Nominations

Notice of Availability of Draft Director's Order #35: Sale or Lease of Services, Resources, or Water Available within an Area of the National Park System

Notice of availability of the final wild and scenic river study and legislative environmental impact statement for the Lower Sheenjek River in Alaska

Record of Decision on the Final General Management Plan/ Environmental Impact Statement, Glacier National Park, Montana

National Science Foundation


Notice of Permits Issued Under the Antarctic Conservation Act of 1978

Natural Resources Conservation Service


Notice of Proposed Changes to Section IV of the Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG) of the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Michigan

Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Experts' Meeting on Jet Impingement Effects and Leak Rates From Steam Generator Tubes During Severe Accidents

Occupational Safety and Health Administration


Personal Protective Equipment for Shipyard Employment; Extension of the Office of Management and Budget's (OMB) Approval of an Information Collection (Paperwork) Request

Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration


Grant of Individual Exemptions; Pacific Coast Roofers Pension Plan (the Plan), et al.

Personnel Management Office


Excepted Service

Postal Regulatory Commission


Notice of Visit

Privacy Act of 1974; System of Records

Technical and Settlement Conference; Meeting

Postal Service


Sunshine Act Meeting

Reclamation Bureau


Quarterly Status Report of Water Service, Repayment, and Other Water-Related Contract Negotiations

Research and Special Programs Administration

Proposed Rule

Pipeline Safety: Enhanced Safety and Environmental Protection for Gas Transmission and Hazardous Liquid Pipelines in High Consequence Areas


Safety Advisory; DOT-3AL Cylinders in Carbon Dioxide Service; Manufacturer Product Recall

Securities and Exchange Commission


Evergreen Equity Trust et al.; Notice of Application

GW Capital Management, LLC, et al.; Notice of Application

Small Business Administration


Georgia District Advisory Council; Public Meeting

Oregon Advisory Council; Public Meeting

Region V Advisory Council Meeting; Public Meeting

State of New York; (Amendment #2)

State of North Carolina (Amendment #1)

State of South Carolina (Amendment #2)

State Department


Delegation of Authority 235

Transportation Department


Drawbridge Operation Regulations: Thames River, CT.

Relocation of Standard Time Zone Boundary in the State of Nevada

Proposed Rule

Federal Pilotage for Foreign-Trade Vessels in Maryland

Treasury Department


Submission for OMB Review; Comment Request

Veterans Affairs Department


Agency Information Collection Activities Under OMB Review

Proposed Information Collection Activity: Proposed Collection; Comment Request

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