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Cancellation of Customs Broker Licenses

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U.S. Customs Service, Department of the Treasury.


Customs broker license cancellations.


Pursuant to section 641 of the Tariff Act of 1930 as amended (19 USC 1641) and the Customs Regulations (19 CFR 111), the following Customs broker licenses are cancelled. Some of these entities continue to provide broker services under another of their multiple license numbers. Because previous publication of some records cannot be readily verified, the records are now being published to ensure Customs compliance with administrative requirements.

NameLicensePort name
A.J. Murray Co., Inc.03571New York.
A.W. Fenton Co., Inc.06697New York.
AA Customs Brokers Trueba Saldivar14365El Paso.
ABC Int'l03154New York.
Abramo, Frank C.02026New York.
Accelerated Customs Brokers07411San Francisco.
Accelerated Shipping Co.10412New York.
Aeolian Shipping Co., Inc.02527New York.
Aero Space Cargo, Inc.06172New York.
AF Int'l09568New York.
Air Marine Brokers Ltd.05596New York.
Air-Barr Shipping Corporation03514New York.
Airport Clearance Service, Inc.04446New York.
Allen Forwarding (NY), Inc.05344New York.
Altenberg, Hans04126New York.
Alternative Brokers Int'l, Inc.09634New York.
Am-Can Freight Forwarders04784New York.
Ambrosio, Dominc J.02657New York.
Amerford Int'l Corporation03424New York.
American Safe System, Inc.04612New York.
Amshico Corp.05835New York.
Anderson, Robert L.04951Seattle.
Arnold, Alfred H.02209New York.
Arthur J. Fritz Co., Inc.02876Seattle.
Ascione, Pasquale00901New York.
Augerot, William03454New York.
AUT Import Services, Inc.07460New York.
Avery, Dwain O.04486Tampa.
B & L Customs Brokers, Inc.05837New York.
Baker, Irons & Dockstader, Inc.01445New York.
Baldassano, Vincent01807New York.
Barbieri, Philip A.02092New York.
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Barbieri, Stephen02222New York.
Barnett, Lawrence02587New York.
Barnett/Novo Int'l Corp.04364New York.
BDP Int'l, Inc.09097New York.
Beacon Shipping Co., Inc.03729New York.
Becker, Stewart09145New York.
Bee Int'l, Inc.05828Tampa.
Behring Int'l, Inc.05171New York.
Benkart, F.J.01148New York.
BJG Int'l, Inc.04407New York.
Blankley, Joseph R.01547New York.
Bonvissuto, Michael02249New York.
Bowen, Albert E.03721New York.
Brian R. Glynn CHB, Inc.07303New York.
Bridgetts, Donald P.02512New York.
Bridgetts, William F.01909New York.
Bridgetts & Co., Inc.01479New York.
Briggs, Samuel Augustus, Jr.03007New York.
Bruce Duncan Company, Inc.04321New York.
Burlington Air Imports07294New York.
Burlington Air Imports, Inc.06963Los Angeles.
C.A. Haynes & Co., Inc.03699New York.
C.F. Liebert, Inc.04297Seattle.
C.H. Powell Co., Inc.02501New York.
C.H. Timm & Son, Inc.02758New York.
Cal-Asia Int'l, Inc.05360San Francisco.
California Capitol Exports09769San Francisco.
Cargo Clearance Corp.04253New York.
Cargo Express Custom Brokers, Inc.05599New York.
Cargo Network, Inc.07081New York.
Carney, John M.03483New York.
Centanni, Julius S.04606New Orleans.
Cerillo, Salvatore J.01997New York.
Chiarini, Joseph02573New York.
Christie, Roy G. W.05843Tampa.
Circle Int'l, Inc.04460New York.
Cizzon Corporation04572Chicago.
Coates, John02437New York.
Compagnie d'Affretement/Transport07182New York.
Conigliaro, Andrew S.02571New York.
Coniglio, Salvatore02773New York.
Connors, James02589San Francisco.
Consolidated Freightways Export Import07874New York.
Conway Customs Brokerage, Inc.10063New York.
Copeland Importing Services, Inc.03697New York.
Corff, Frank02467New York.
Coronet Brokers Int'l, Ltd.04260New York.
Courtney Int'l Forwarding, Inc.12399New York.
Cronin, Denis01907New York.
Cugus, Edward02775New York.
Culhane, Thomas F.09003New York.
Cunningham, Martin H.07865Tampa.
Cutroneo, Salvatore02871New York.
Danamar Associates, Ltd.09359Chicago.
Danheuser, Edwin J.03695New York.
Davis, A.D.01080New York.
DCI Int'l05227New York.
DCI Int'l05007San Francisco.
Dean Int'l, Ltd.04002New York.
DeMarco, Rosalie J.09228New York.
Dennis O'Donnell, Ltd.06330New York.
Desmond, Benjamin F.02638New York.
Dietrich, Peter J.00844New York.
Dingelstedt & Co.05126New York.
Distribution Services Int'l, Inc.06184San Francisco.
Division M, Inc.04729Chicago.
DNT Customs Services, Inc.11516Los Angeles.
Dorf Int'l, Inc.01687New York.
Dubienny, Theodore H.02360New York.
DUE Int'l, Inc.10932Los Angeles.
Dunlap, Alpers & Mott, Inc.02343New York.
Dunnington, Guy A.01774New York.
Dunnington & Arnold Int'l Inc.06277New York.
Dunnington & Arnold, Inc.02654New York.
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Dyson Shipping Co., Inc.00219ANew York.
E.D.S. Int'l Shipping07761New York.
Eads, Larry W.04561San Francisco.
Echavarria, Rodlopho S.16679Laredo.
Edwards, Joseph01749New York.
Eilenberg, Carl01897New York.
Eisemann, Everett H.02375New York.
Emery Air Freight06341Dallas/Ft Worth.
Emery Distribution Systems, Inc.04576New York.
Encarnacion, Aurelio06230Los Angeles.
English, Edward J.01627New York.
Enterprise Shipping Corp.09328New York.
Enterprise Shipping Corp.04021San Francisco.
Ernst & Young10913San Francisco.
Eugene T. Gillen, Inc.03748New York.
Euramex Custom House Brokers, Inc.06402New York.
Express Forwarding and Storage Co., Inc.02686New York.
F.L. Kraemer & Co.00040ANew York.
F.L. Kraemer & Co., Inc.07349New York.
F.W. Myers & Co., Inc.04642New York.
F.W. Myers & Co., Inc.00729Champlain.
F.W. Myers Co., Inc.07612Seattle.
Falkenmayer, Charles W.02338New York.
Fast Flowers, Inc.09872New York.
Feigelson, Alan06594New York.
Fenderson, Frank H.02747Portland, ME.
Forlenza, Nunzi A.03629New York.
Francesco Paris Forwarding Corp.02846New York.
Francis, Louis01962New York.
Frank P. Dow Co., Inc.06996San Francisco.
Freedman, Jerome03041New York.
Freedman & Slater Air Cargo Corp.06138New York.
Freedman & Slater Air Cargo Corp.04348New York.
Freedman & Slater Inc.06137New York.
Freight Base Customs Brokers, Inc.06740New York.
Freight Expediters, Inc.05955New York.
Freight Wings (Partnership)09362New York.
Friemel, Arnold L.00043ANew York.
Frieson, Brenda Lyles05727St. Louis.
Fritz Companies, Inc.07408Tampa.
Fuschetto, Anthony02755New York.
G. Amador Corporation05478San Francisco.
G.A. Lopez Forwarding/Shipping Co.03683New York.
Gale, David04474New York.
Garcia, Michael, Jr.02529New York.
Gedenk of Panatlantic, Inc.06205New York.
Gehrig, John02116New York.
General Shipping/Trading Co., Inc.04050New York.
George S. Bush Co., Inc.00096Seattle.
Gerhard & Hey Co., Inc.00731New York.
GFI Customs Brokers, Inc.07949San Francisco.
Ginsberg, Lawrence02470New York.
Gladish & Associates09384San Francisco.
Glogower, Jack04217New York.
Glory Int'l Forwarders, Inc.05760New York.
Gommi, Julius W.00900New York.
Grealy, Eileen T.04702New York.
Gremillion, Ben L.05046New Orleans
Guglielmo, A.10030New York.
Gutman, Gertrude E.05542New York.
H.A. Gogarty01514New York
H.P. Lambert Company, Inc.06579Portland, ME.
H.W. Robinson Air Freight Corp.02645New York.
Halperin Shipping Co., Inc.03059New York.
Haniel-Phoenix Transport, Inc.10042New York.
Hannon, Timothy Otto07277San Francisco.
Hanrahan-Evans, Inc.04084New York.
Harder, Joseph E.02348New York.
Harlo-Air Cargo Brokers, Inc.03142New York.
Harper Robinson Company03147Seattle.
Harper, Robinson & Company06529Tampa.
Harris Brown, Inc.07875New York.
Harry F. Long, Inc.04884San Francisco.
Hauser Air Corp.04504New York.
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HAV Int'l Freight Corp.09507New York.
Hayes & Cupitt03072New York.
Heer, Alfons03927New York.
Heldl's Incorporated02293New York.
Helstrom, Friedman, DiGiacoma, Inc.03917New York.
Henkell, Robert Edward02258New York.
Hermann Ludwig, Inc.04479New York.
Hirshbach & Smith, Inc.00114ANew York.
Hocherman, Joseph02365New York.
Humphrey McGreggor, Inc.02585Tampa.
Hundt, Frederick W.01657New York.
Hyams, Jack P.02660New York.
Hyams Expedition Corp.04714New York.
I.T.C. Compu-Customs Corp.04366New York.
Imperial Brokerage Corp.06663New York.
Import Specialist Assoc., Ltd.09618New York.
INB Int'l, Inc.04465New York.
Inter-Maritime Forwarding Co.07369Los Angeles.
Inter-Maritime Forwarding Co.07201Chicago.
Intercontinental Customs Brokers, Inc.04823Los Angeles.
Intercontinental Forwarders, Inc.06084New York.
Int'l Consumer Sales Inc.11865New York.
Int'l Customs & Shipping09378New York.
Int'l Customs Services, Inc.03431San Francisco.
Int'l Expediters, Inc.02565New York.
Int'l Freight Consultants, Inc.06691New York.
Int'l Trade Services Inc.09532Chicago.
Intertrans Corporation06729New Orleans.
Ira Furman & Co., Inc.04977New York.
J.B. Wood Shipping Co., Inc.01204New York.
J.D. Smith Inter-Ocean, Inc.04306New York.
JFMNY. Inc.09096New York.
J.J. Boll, Inc.03701New York.
J.J. Gavin & Co.00252ANew York.
J.M. Cargo, Inc.11725New York.
James, Thomas C.05677Tampa.
James A. Bronson, Inc.04989Seattle.
James E. Fox & Co., Inc.01348New York.
James G. Wiley Co.03425San Francisco.
James J. Boyle & Company03728San Francisco.
James Loudon & Co.02992San Francisco.
John H. Faunce, Inc.03649New York.
John J. Coates, Inc.03698New York.
John M. Carney, Inc.06871New York.
John V. Carr & Son, Corp. (NY)06889New York.
JTS AirFreight Corporation06650New York.
Judson Sheldon Int'l03192New York.
”K“ Air Brokerage, Inc.09610New York.
K&M Customs Brokers Int'l, Inc.04664New York.
K&M Customs Brokers, Inc.04261New York.
Kamen, Howard01007New York.
Karl Roessner Cargo Service, Inc.10164New York.
Karl Schroff Associates, Inc.04793Seattle.
Karl Schroff Int'l, Inc.14408San Francisco.
Kelley, Lawrence W.02617Portland, ME.
Kelly, Thomas P.07308New Orleans.
Kennedy World Wide, Inc.09601New York.
Kimoto, Paul T.05712San Francisco.
Kimoto, Paul06065Los Angeles.
King Shipping Co., Inc.04709New York.
King Shipping Company02867New York.
Kirk, John04980San Francisco.
Knoring, Abraham J.01333New York.
Korbul, Joseph03214New York.
Kormin Shipping Co., Inc.03419New York.
Kraemer, John Frederick02538New York.
Kraemer, Albert E.C.00030New York.
L.A. Ferm Company, Inc.02957New York.
Landau, Sylvia J.01062New York.
Lang & Marshall Company, Inc.02664New York.
Lansen, John P.01083New York.
Lansen-Naeve Corporation01504New York.
LaRosa, John00869New York.
Latherow, Charles A.10256Tampa.
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Lauderdale, Melvin L.07960New York.
Leemar Import, Inc.09641New York.
Lefkowits, David02574New York.
Lehart-Schwartz Shipping Corp.03061New York.
Lehat-Schwartz & Associates, Inc.03080New York.
Lehder, Wilfred E.06224New Orleans.
Leiner, Melvin03839New York.
Leo Int'l05903New York.
LEP Transport, Inc.05223San Francisco.
Leyden Customs Expediters, Inc03149New York.
Liberty Int'l NY, Inc11293New York.
Linsenmeyer, Richard J01802New York.
Livingston Int'l Inc04639New York.
Locurto & Funk, Inc02711New York.
Losekamp, Bernard Mark13475Cleveland .
Lund Pullara, Inc04438Tampa.
M.J. Corbett & Co., Inc00081ANew York.
M.J. Corbett Air Division Corp02964New York.
Mack, Isabelle E02471New York.
Mallon, Vincent J04976New York.
Marin, Juan E12513San Juan.
Marion Shipping Co., Inc02728New York.
Markwalter, Frank J00591New York.
Mazzola, Joseph J09171New York.
McCarthy, Michael Joseph03429New York.
McFarland, C.J01470New York.
McGarry, William J02185New York.
McGregor Sea & Air Services04927San Francisco.
McGuinness, James05608New York.
McLean Cargo Specialists, Inc07629New York.
Medina, Manuel H03069New York.
Meyers Group (USA), Inc11970New York.
Modern Intermodal Traffic Co04009New York.
Mohegan Int'l Corp02485New York.
Monahan, Joanne M09724Buffalo.
Monarch Customs Brokers/Forwarders10770New York.
Monroe, Carl G04571Chicago.
Movers Port Service, Inc09382New York.
MRH Int'l, Ltd08012New York.
Muklfelder, Ronald05970New York.
N.J. Defonte Co., Inc03916New York.
N.M. Albert Co., Inc02405New York.
Naeve, H.N01118New York.
Nardella, Michael02718New York.
New York Customs Brokers, Inc03559New York.
New York Forwarding, Inc13351New York.
New York Int'l Customs Service04098New York.
Newbalt Associates, Inc03307New York.
Newman, Nathan01552New York.
Nicol, Frank02946Los Angeles
Nordisk Transport, Inc02885New York.
Norman G. Jensen, Inc02095Duluth.
Norman G. Jensen, Inc05373San Francisco.
O'Connell, Joseph P01632New York.
Oishi, Karla10604Los Angeles.
Opera Shipping Corp04683New York.
Oujevolk, George B02350New York.
Overton & Co. CHB, Inc05187New York.
Pad Import, Inc05628San Francisco.
Panalpina Airfreight, Inc04616Dallas.
Panalpina, Inc07577Washington, DC.
Passman, Edward M01611New York.
Paulssen & Guice, Ltd04387New York.
Pederson, Walter L00749New York.
Penson & Company04182San Francisco.
Perel, Maurice04259New York.
Person & Weidhorn, Inc03661New York.
Plichta, Felix A02374New York.
Polese, John02616New York.
Porter Expediters, Inc09599New York.
Pratt, Ian C17487New York.
Preferred LSI, Inc13840Los Angeles.
Premier Shipping Company, Inc04448New York.
Prime Customs Brokers Inc10798New York.
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PS Clearance Associates, Inc06177New York.
Pui Ching Company, Inc16232Los Angeles.
Quigley, Laurence J02483New York.
R&Y Int'l Customs Brokers09600New York.
R.A. Leslie & Company08093New York.
R.G. Hobelman & Company, Inc05009San Francisco.
Radix Group Int'l, Inc07175San Francisco.
Radix Group Int'l, Inc07492Dallas.
Ray-Mar Expedition Corp04737New York.
Redondo, Leticia S05788San Francisco.
Reiss, Josiah00720New York.
Republic Interocean Corp03110New York.
Richard Castillo CHB10014New York.
Rijabatainer, Inc06199New York.
Robbins, Allen J04451New York.
Robbins, Stuart05041New York.
Robbins, Fleisig & Phelps, Inc04662New York.
Roberts, Chester G06151New York.
Rodgers, John Martin01776New York.
Roth, Charles S02461New York.
Royal Freight Brokers, Inc06893New York.
Rubino, Joseph A01564New York.
Ryan, Joseph F02858New York.
S. Jackson & Sons00028New Orleans.
S. Stern & Company02075New York.
Salehzadeh, Judith Ann09637Chicago.
Santarelli, Joseph C02960New York.
Sasson, Samuel H05730New York.
Scansped Flight, Inc05297New York.
Schaaf, Walter01077New York.
Schenkers Int'l Forwarders, Inc04673Norfolk.
Schmid, Baldwin R03374New York.
Schmid's Forwarding (NJ), Inc05869New York.
Schmitt, Albert C.02521New York.
Schraub, Jerome03958New York.
Schreter, Otto C.00766New York.
Schroff, Karl W., Jr.13544San Francisco.
Schwartz, Gerald03494New York.
Schwartz, Norman C.04539New York.
Scibelli, Eugene07224New York.
Sea Lanes Shipping Co., Inc.03212New York.
Sea-Lanes Freighting Corp.04022New York.
Seamodal Transport Corporation06015Chicago.
Seaport Shipping Co., Inc.04677San Francisco.
Seller, Charles W.00536New York.
Seven Seas Brokers, Inc.05734Miami.
Shigoto Customs Brokers, Inc.03402New York.
Shipco, Inc.06630New York.
Sichel, Edwin01896New York.
Sirota, Barney02631New York.
Skyline Cargo Services, Inc.04850New York.
Slater, Jerome02259New York.
Smith, Elaine A.02414New York.
Smith, Theodore B., Jr.01755New York.
Sobel Shipping Company02749New York.
SOL Int'l, Inc.11675New York.
Sopac Transport Corp.02723New York.
Southwest Customs Service Corp.13271Los Angeles.
Stair Cargo Brokers, Inc.09442New York.
Sterling Cargo Int'l, Inc.13809Dallas.
Strategic Transportation Company05916San Francisco.
Stringfield, William M.06503Los Angeles.
Suber, Julia Thomas10975Savannah.
Sullivan, Garrett X.02332New York.
Super Sonic Transport04368New York.
Superior Customs Brokers, Inc.05019New York.
Surface Air Int'l, Inc.04941New York.
Synodis, John02136New York.
T.J. Cavanagh Associates, Inc.09225New York.
Tarus, Charles J.02204New York.
Tassa, Nicholas05511New York.
Theodore B. Smith Company, Inc.02077New York.
Thomas, Charles M.01418New York.
Thornley & Pitt02822San Francisco.
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Three Way CHB06274New York.
Timke, Robert02572New York.
Tomas Shipping Company, Inc.03088New York.
Traffic Int'l Corp. (LAX)13916Los Angeles.
Trans Air Import, Inc.03509New York.
Trans-Orient Int'l Freight06112New York.
Transatlas Int'l, Inc.04727New York.
Turnpike Express Corp.11903New York.
Twis Int'l, Inc.03984New York.
Tyson, Donald B.02622New York.
Unit Int'l of Miami13168Miami.
United Customs Inc.05423New York.
United Import Services, Inc.09847New York.
Vanguard Import Services, Inc.04865New York.
VanWie, Joseph P.02786New York.
Venslovaitis, Virginia H.11779Champlain.
Vinson, Benjamin01779New York.
W.A. Phelps & Co., Inc.04644New York.
W.C. Auger & Company03011San Francisco.
W.J. Byrnes-Air Division, Inc.00060San Francisco.
W.J. Byrnes-Air Division, Inc.02285San Francisco.
W.R. Keating & Co., Inc.01566New York.
Waldron Bowers, Inc.04201Honolulu.
Wilcox, Sherri11719Los Angeles.
William L. Bane & Co.02295New York.
Winslow Manly, Inc.03772New York.
Wolf & Gerber06313New York.
World Express Group13122San Francisco.
World Freight Forwarders, Inc.13055New York.
World Trade Customs Brokers, Inc.04122New York.
WTC Import Services, Inc.09997New York.
WTC Int'l, Inc.04501San Francisco.
WTC Int'l, Inc.04067New York.
WTT Customs House Brokerage, Inc.07181Washington, DC.
XL Brokers Int'l, Inc.10385Seattle.
York Marine, Ltd.07348New York.
Young, James02605New York.
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Dated: July 5, 2001.

John H. Heinrich,

Acting Assistant Commissioner, Office of Field Operations.

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