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Termination of Stale or Moot Docketed Proceedings

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Federal Communications Commission


Final rule; termination of docketed proceedings.


The Federal Communications Commission has terminated the stale or moot docketed proceedings as set forth in the Order adopted by the Commission on December 21, 2001, and released January 11, 2002. The Commission has determined that no further action by the Commission is required in the proceedings.


These docket proceedings are terminated effective on January 11, 2002.

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Patricia Rawlings, Consumer Information Bureau, (202) 418-0294.

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1. We have reviewed the docket proceedings listed in the Appendix, and have determined that the dockets should be terminated. None of the dockets have any outstanding issues. The matters at issue in these proceedings were resolved by the issuance of final orders that were not subject to judicial review, or if subject to judicial review, were affirmed and the court's mandate was issued. Therefore, no further action by the Commission is required in the dockets listed in the attached Appendix, and they are hereby deemed terminated.

2. Accordingly, pursuant to sections 4(i) and 4(j) of the Communications Act, 47 U.S.C. 154(i) and (j), it is ordered that the docketed proceedings set forth in the Appendix are terminated, effective on January 11, 2002.

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Federal Communications Commission.

William F. Caton,

Deputy Secretary.

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Docket No.Subject matterActionCite
CC 85-89Preemption of State Entry Regulation in the Public Land Mobile ServiceMO2 FCC Rcd 6434
CC 85-93Tariff FCC No. 3 (Transmittal Nos. 197, 208 & 209); Tariff FCC No. 38 (Transmittal Nos. 445 and 455); Tariff FCC No. 41 (Transmittal Nos. 742 and 753)MO5 FCC Rcd 2573
CC 86-1WATS-Related and Other Amendments of Part 69 of the Commission's RulesMO7 FCC Rcd 5644
CC 86-164Amendment of the Commission's Rules To Simplify Individual Licensing Procedures in the Domestic Public Air-Ground Radiotelephone ServiceRO51 FR 39754
CC 86-165Amendment of the Commission's Rules To Simplify the Separate Subsidiary Reporting Requirement in the Domestic Public Cellular Radio Telecommunications ServiceRO51 FR 37022
CC 87-120In the Matter of Flexible Allocation of Frequencies in the Domestic Public Land Mobile Service for Paging and Other ServicesOR57 FR 37105
CC 87-274Amendment of Section 22.901(D) of the Commission's Rules To Eliminate Commission Review of Capitalization Plans for Mobile Radio Cellular SystemsRO53 FR 23765
CC 88-326In the Matter of Access Tariff Filing SchedulesRO55 FR 6989
CC 88-471In the Matter of Tariff F.C.C. No. 15—Competitive Pricing Plans; Holiday Rate Plan. (Transmittal No. 1215)ON5 FCC Rcd 7504
CC 91-141Expanded Interconnection With Local Telephone Company FacilitiesON13 FCC Rcd 16102
CC 91-213MTS and WATS Market Structure/Transport Rate Structure and PricingRO13 FCC Rcd 6332
CC 91-328CPS Operator Services, Inc. TOCSIA Informational TariffsORDA 91-1548
CC 91-64Amendment of Equal Access Balloting and Carrier Selection Rules To Require That Interexchange Carriers Obtain Written Customer Authorization Before Submitting Primary Interchange Carrier SelectionsOR8 FCC Rcd 3215
CC 92-135Regulatory Reform for Local Exchange Carriers Subject to Rate of Return RegulationON12 FCC Rcd 2259
CC 92-24Local Exchange Carrier Line Information Database—Open Network ArchitectureOR8 FCC Rcd 8118
CC 93-162Ameritech Operating Companies Revisions to Tariff FCC No. 2; Bell Atlantic Telephone Companies Revisions to Tariff FCC No. 1; Bellsouth Telecommunications Inc. Revisions to Tariff FCC No. 1, etcOR14 FCC Rcd 987
CC 93-179Price Cap Regulation of Local Exchange Carriers; Rate of Return Sharing and Lower Formula AdjustmentOR10 FCC Rcd 11979
Start Printed Page 3618
CC 94-157Bell Atlantic Telephone Companies Tariff F.C.C. No. 1, Transmittal No. 690; NYNEX Telephone Companies Tariff F.C.C. No. 1, Transmittal No. 328OR12 FCC Rcd 18724
CC 95-133AT&T Contract Tariff No. 374ORDA 95-2142
CC 95-146AT&T Communications Contract Tariff No. 360OR10 FCC Rcd 1379
CC 95-80AT&T Communications Contract Tariff No. 360OR11 FCC Rcd 3194
CC 96-150Implementation of the Telecommunications Act of 1996: Accounting Safeguards Under the Telecommunications Act of 1996ON15 FCC Rcd 1161
CC 96-152Implementation of the Telecommunications Act of 1996: Telemessaging, Electronic Publishing, and Alarm Monitoring ServicesOR14 FCC Rcd 19259
CC 96-187Implementation of a Section of the Telecommunications Act of 1996RO62 FR 5757
CC 96-22Responsible Accounting Officer Letter 20, Uniform Accounting for Postretirement Benefits Other Than Pensions in Part 32 Amendments to Part 65, Interstate Rate of Return Precription Procedures ARO62 FR 15117
CC 96-23Revision of Filing RequirementsRO62 FR 5160
CC 96-237Implementation of Infrastructure Sharing Provisions in the Telecommunications Act of 1996OR65 FR 26203
CC 97-11Implementation of Section 402(B)(2)(A) of the Telecommunications Act of 1996RO64 FR 39938
CC 98-103In the Matter of SBC Communications Inc. Pacific Bell Telephone Company Pacific Transmittal No. 1986MO13 FCC Rcd 23667
CC 98-108In the Matter of Beehive Telephone Company, Inc., Beehive Telephone, Inc. NevadaON14 FCC Rcd 8077
CC 98-117In the Matter of 1998 Biennial Regulatory Review—Review of Armis Reporting RequirementsRO14 FCC Rcd 11443
CC 98-1311998 Biennial Regulatory Review—Part 61 of the Commission's Rules and Related Tariffing RequirementsRO64 FR 46584
CC 98-137In the Matter of 1998 Biennial Regulatory Review—Review of Depreciation Requirements for Incumbent Local Exchange CarriersON66 FR 13690
CC 98-14In the Matter of Number Portability Query ServicesMO14 FCC Rcd 1664
CC 98-157In the Matter of Petition of US West Communications, Inc. for Forbearance From Regulation ASA Dominant Carrier in the Phoenix, Arizona MSMO14 FCC Rcd 19947
CC 98-161In the Matter of BellSouth Telecommunications, IncMO13 FCC Rcd 23667
CC 98-199In the Matter of BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. F.C.C. Tariff No. 1 for Provision of Local Number Portability Database ServicesOR14 FCC Rcd 1320
CC 98-210Fidelity Telephone Company and Bourbeuse Telephone Company Joint Applications for Consent to Assignment of Authority Under Section 214 of the Communications ActMO13 FCC Rcd 22899
CC 98-25Application for Authority, Pursuant to Part of the Commission's Rules, to Transfer Control of Licenses Controlled By Southern New EnglandMO13 FCC Rcd 21292
CC 98-81In the Matter of 1998 Biennial Regulatory Review—Review of Accounting and Cost Allocation RequirementsRO13 FCC Rcd 21625
CC 98-91Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, Pacific Bell, and Nevada Bell Petition for Relief From Regulation Pursuant to Section of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and 47 U.S.C. for ADSL Infrastructure and ServiceOR66 FR 2336
CC 98-92Petition for Preemption of Tennessee Code Annotated and Tennessee Regulatory Authority Decision Denying Hyperion's Application Requesting Authority To Provide Service in Tennessee Rural LEC Service AreasMO16 FCC Rcd 1247
CC 98-94In the Matter of 1998 Biennial Regulatory Review—Testing New TechnologyST14 FCC Rcd 6065
CC 99-249In the Matter of Low-Volume Long-Distance UsersOR15 FCC Rcd 23614
CC 99-316In the Matter of National Exchange Carrier Association, IncOR65 FR 64892
CS 94-48Implementation of Section 19 of the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992RT59 FR 64657
CS 95-61Implementation of Section of the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition of 1992—Annual Assessment of the Status of Competition in the Market for Delivery of Video ProgRT61 FR 1932
CS 96-46Implementation of Section 302 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996OR65 FR 375
CS 98-201In the Matter of Satellite Delivery of Network Signals to Unserved Households for Purposes of the Satellite Home Viewer ActON64 FR 73429
CS 98-61In the Matter of 1998 Biennial Regulatory Review—Annual Report of Cable Television System, Form 325, Filed Pursuant to Section of the Commission's RulesOR15 FCC Rcd 9707
ET 93-40Allocation of the 219-220 Band for Use by the Amateur Radio ServiceMO61 FR 15382
ET 94-124Amendment of Part 2 and 15 of the Commission's Rules to Permit Use of Radio Frequencies Above 40 GHZ for New Radio ApplicationsMO65 FR 38431
ET 96-20Amendment of Parts 2 and 25 of the Commission's Rules to Allocate the 13.75-14.0 GHZ Band to the Fixed-Satelite ServiceRO61 FR 52301
ET 96-256Amendment of the Commission's Rules to Revise the Experimental Radio Service RegulationsRO63 FR 64199
ET 97-206In the Matter of Technical Requirements To Enable Blocking of Video Programming Based on Program RatingsRO63 FR 20131
ET 98-197Amendment of Parts of the Commission's Rules Regarding the Radionavigation Service at 31.8-32.3 GHzRO65 FR 60108
ET 99-254In the Matter of Closed Captioning Requirements for Digital Television ReceiversRO65 FR 58467
ET 99-261In the Matter of Amendment of Part of the Commission's Rules to Allocate Additional Spectrum to the Inter-Satellite, Fixed, and Mobile Services and to Permit Unlicensed Devices to Use Certain Segments in the 50.2-50.4 GHz and 51.4-71.0RO66 FR 7402
FO 91-171Inquiry into Possible Technical Improvements in the Emergency Broadcasting SystemRO64 FR 5950
Start Printed Page 3619
FO 91-301Amendment of Part 73, Subpart G. of the Commission's Rules Regarding the Emergency Broadcast SystemRO64 FR 5950
GC 91-119Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures in Commission Proceedings and Proceedings in Which the Commission is a PartyMO57 FR 32180
GC 97-113Electronic Filing of Documents in Rulemaking ProceedingsMO63 FR 56090
GN 84-467In the Matter of Preparation for an International Telecommunications Union Region 2 Administrative Radio Conference for the Planning of Broadcasting in the 1605-1705 kHz BandOR53 FR 26612
GN 85-172In the Matter of Further Sharing of the UHF Television Band by Private Land Mobile Radio ServicesOR52 FR 43205
GN 88-441In the Matter of Technical compatibility protocol standards for equipment operating in the 800 MHz public safety bandsOR55 FR 4888
GN 89-554In the Matter of an Inquiry Relating to Preparation for the International Telecommunication Union World Administrative Radio Conference for Dealing With Frequency Allocations in Certain parts of the SpectrumRT56 FR 31095
GN 90-357Amendment of the Rules With Regard to the Establishment and Regulation of New Digital Audio Radio ServicesMO63 FR 24126
GN 93-252Implementaiton of Sections 3(N) and 332 of the Communications Act—Regulatory Treatment of Mobile ServicesON66 FR 13022
GN 94-90Eligibility for Specialized Mobile Radio Services and Radio Services in the 220-222 MHZ Land Mobile Band and Use of Radio Dispatch CommunicationsMO12 FCC Rcd 9962
IB 97-142Rules and Policies on Foreign Participation in the U.S. Telecommunications MarketPN; OR15 FCC Rcd 21945; 65 FR 60113
IB 98-212AT&T Corporation and British Telecommunications PLCMO14 FCC Rcd 19140
MD 92-92Establishment of Systems of Records Exempt Under the Privacy ActRO58 FR 11549
MD 94-19Implementation of Section 9 of the Communications Act—Assessment and Collection of Regulatory Fees for the 1994 Fiscal YearMO62 FR 39450
MD 96-186Amendment of Part 1 of the Commission's Rules, Pertaining to the Schedule of Annual Regulatory Fees for Mass Media ServicesRO62 FR 59822
MD 98-200In the Matter of Assessment and Collection of Regulatory Fees For Fiscal year 1999MO65 FR 78989
MM 85-91Amendment of the Commission's Rules To Expand the Use of Automatic Transmission Systems at AM, FM and Television Broadcast StationsRO51 FR 1374
MM 85-126Review of Technical and Operational Requirements: Broadcast Remote Pickup Service; and Low Power Auxiliary StationsRO51 FR 4599
MM 86-110Amendment of Part 73 of the Commission's Rules Regarding Telecommunications Transmissions in the Vertical Blanking IntervalRO51 FR 34620
MM 87-267Review of Technical Assignment Criteria for AM Broadcast ServiceMO65 FR 59751
MM 87-268Institute Inquiry on Issues Relating to the Introduction of Advanced Television Technologies (e.g., HDTV)ORFCC 00-59
MM 91-122Commission Policies Regarding Spousal AttributionST57 FR 8845
MM 91-168Codification of the Commission's Political Programming PoliciesMO9 FCC Rcd 7919
MM 91-204For Renewal of License of Station KUCB(FM); for Construction Permit for a New FM Station Des Moines, IAMOFCC 92M-264
MM 92-304Renewal Reporting Requirements for Full Power, Commercial AM, FM and TV Broadcast StationsOR58 FR 48323
MM 94-149Policies and Rules Regarding Minority and Female Ownership of Mass Media FacilitiesMO64 FR 56974
MM 94-34Implementation of Commission's Equal Employment Opportunity RulesRT59 FR 53363
MM 95-176Closed Captioning and Video Description of Video ProgrammingOR16 FCC Rcd 5067
PR 84-232In the Matter of Future Public Safety TelecommunicationsOR50 FR 42573
PR 87-5Amendment of Footnote 3 of the Rules To Permit Operation of Mobile Remote Meter Reading Systems on a Primary Basis on the Exclusive Power Radio Service Frequencies in the 952.3625-952.8375 MHZ BandMO54 FR 19836
PR 89-552Amendment of Part 90 of the Commission's Rules To Provide for the Use of the 220-222 MHZ Band by the Private Land Mobile Radio ServicesMO15 FCC Rcd 13924
PR 89-553Modification of the Rules Governing Multiple Sites for Specialized Mobile Radio Service Systems in Rural MarketsMO65 FR 24419
PR 90-315Establish Technical Standards and Licensing Procedures for Aircraft Earth StationsMO8 FCC Rcd 3156
PR 91-111Miscellaneous Amendments to Part 80 of the Rules Governing the Maritime Radio ServicesOR57 FR 26778
PR 91-167Amendment of the Maritime Services Rules (Part 80) To Permit VHF Marine Channel 9 To Be Used as a Second Calling ChannelRO57 FR 19552
PR 93-61Amendment of Part 90 of the Rules To Adopt Regulations for Automatic 16 Vehicle Monitoring SystemsON14 FCC Rcd 1339
PR 94-103Petition for Authority To Extend Its Rate Regulation of Commercial Mobile Radio Services in the State of HawaiiRO10 FCC Rcd 7872
PR 94-104Petition To Extend State Authority Over Rate and Entry Regulation of All Commerical Mobile Radio ServicesRO10 FCC Rcd 7824
PR 94-105Petition To Retain Regulatory Authority Over Intrastate Cellular Service Rates (Accompanied by Request for Proprietary Treatment of Documents Used in Support of Petition To Retain Regulatory Authority Over IntrastateOR11 FCC Rcd 796
PR 94-106Petition To Retain Regulatory Control of the Rates of Wholesale Cellular Service Providers in the State of ConnecticutOR11 FCC Rcd 848
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PR 94-107Petition for Authority To Retain Existing Jurisdiction Over Commercial Mobile Radio Services Offered Within the State of LouisianaRO10 FCC Rcd 7898
PR 94-108Petition To Extend Rate RegulationRO10 FCC Rcd 8187
PR 94-109Statement of Intention To Preserve Its Right for Future Rate and Market Entry Regulation of the Commercial Mobile Radio ServicesOR10 FCC Rcd 12427
PR 94-110Petition for Authority To Maintain Current Regulation of Rates and Market EntryPNDA 94-1043
WT 00-130Request Amendment of the Commission's Rules to seek consent to Transfer Control of, or Assign,Broadband PCS and LMDS LicensesMODA 00-2443
WT 00-81Application of Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, Inc. and Alloy LLC for Authority, Pursuant to Part of the Commission's Rules, To Transfer Control of a License Controlled by SBC Communications IncMO15 FCC Rcd 25459
WT 95-11In the Matter of the Application of Herbert L. Schoenbohm for Amateur Station and Operator License, Kingshill, Virgin IslandsOR13 FCC Rcd 23774
WT 95-35Applications of George E. Rodgers for Amateur Station and Operator LicensesMOFCC 94M-121
WT 95-5Streamlining the Commission's Antenna Structure Clearance Procedure and Revision of Part 17 of the Commission's Rules Concerning Construction, Marking, and Lighting of Antenna StructuresMO65 FR 43349
WT 95-56Amendment of the Commission's Rules Concerning Low Power and Automated Maritime Telecommunications System Operations in the 216-217 MHZ BandMO63 FR 24126
WT 96-148Geographic Partitioning and Spectrum Disaggregation by Commercial Mobile Radio Services LicenseesSROFCC 00-141
WT 96-162Amendment of the Rules to Establish Competitive Service Safeguards for Local Exchange Carrier Provision of Commerical Mobile Radio ServicesOR14 FCC Rcd 414
WT 97-150Commission Opens Inquiry on Competitive Bidding Process for Report to CongressRT13 FCC Rcd 9601
WT 98-228Commission Opens Filing Window For Commercial Operator License Examination ManagersPNDA 98-2537
WT 99-263Petition of the Wireless Consumers Alliance, Inc. for a Declaratory Ruling concerning the provisions of the Communications Act of 1934ON16 FCC Rcd 5618
WT 99-355SBC Communications Inc. and RadioFone, Inc. seek FCC Consent to Transfer Control or Assign RadioFone's Licenses to SBCPN15 FCC Rcd 4441
WT 99-364Triton Communications, L.L.C. and RCC Holdings, Inc. Seek Consent For AssignmentPNDA 00-309
WT 99-365In the Matter of Paging Network, Inc. and Arch Communications Group, Inc. for Transfers of Control of Their Radio Licenses LocationOR16 FCC Rcd 1026
WT 00-207In the Matter of Petition for Determination of the Public Interest Under Section of the Communications Act 1934, As AmendedPNDA 00-2397
WT 00-38Bell Atlantic, GTE, and ALLTEL Seek FCC Consent For Assignment and Transfer of Control of Wireless Licenses to Comply with Sopectrum Cap Rules and Department of Justice Consent Decree Regarding Pending Applications of Bell Atlantic, GTE, and Vodafone AirtPNDA 00-502
Action: ET Order Granting Extention of.
Time .
MO Memorandum Opinion and Order.
ON Order on Reconsideration.
OR Order.
PN Public Notice.
RO Report and Order.
RT Report.
SRO Second Report and Order.
ST Statement.
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[FR Doc. 02-1859 Filed 1-24-02; 8:45 am]