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Cancellation of Pesticides for Non-payment of Year 2002 Registration Maintenance Fees

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).




Since the amendments of October, 1988, the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) has required payment of an annual maintenance fee to keep pesticide registrations in effect. The fee due last January 15 has gone unpaid for 914 registrations. Section 4(i)(5)(G) of FIFRA provides that the Administrator may cancel these registrations by order and without a hearing; orders to cancel all 914 of these registrations have been issued within the past few days.

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For further information on the maintenance fee program in general, contact by mail: John Jamula, Office of Pesticide Programs (7504C), Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20460; telephone number: (703) 305-6426; e-mail address:

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I. Important Information

A. Does This Apply to Me?

You may be potentially affected by this notice if you are an EPA registrant with any approved product registration(s). Although this action may be of particular interest to persons who produce or use pesticides, the Agency has not attempted to describe all the specific entities that may be affected by this action. If you have any questions regarding the information in this notice, consult the person listed in the FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT section.Start Printed Page 51251

B. How Can I Get Additional Information or Copies of Support Documents

You may obtain electronic copies of this document, and certain other related documents that might be available electronically, from the EPA Internet Home Page at​. To access this document, on the Home Page select “Laws and Regulations,” “Regulations and Proposed Rules,” and then look up the entry for this document under the “Federal Register—Environmental Documents.” You can also go directly to the Federal Register listings at​fedrgstr/​.

The Agency has established an official record for this action under docket control number OPP-2002-0122. The official record consists of the documents specifically referenced in this action, any public comments received during an applicable comment period, and other information related to this action, including any information claimed as Confidential Business Information (CBI). This official record includes the documents that are physically located in the docket, as well as the documents that are referenced in those documents. The public version of the official record does not include any information claimed as CBI. The public version of the official record, which includes printed, paper versions of any electronic comments submitted during an applicable comment period, is available for inspection in the Public Information and Records Integrity Branch (PIRIB), Rm. 119, Crystal Mall #2, 1921 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Arlington, VA, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays. The PIRIB telephone number is (703) 305-5805.

II. Introduction

Section4(i)(5) of FIFRA as amended in October, 1988 (Public Law 100-532), December, 1991 (Public Law 102-237), and again in August, 1996 (Public Law 104-170), requires that all pesticide registrants pay an annual registration maintenance fee, due by January 15 of each year, to keep their registrations in effect. This requirement applies to all registrations granted under section 3 as well as those granted under section 24(c) to meet special local needs. Registrations for which the fee is not paid are subject to cancellation by order and without a hearing.

The Food, Agriculture, Conservation, and Trade Act Amendments of 1991, Public Law 102-237, amended FIFRA to allow the Administrator to reduce or waive maintenance fees for minor agricultural use pesticides when she determines that the fee would be likely to cause significant impact on the availability of the pesticide for the use. The Agency has waived the fee for 133 minor agricultural use registrations at the request of the registrants.

In late December, 2001, all holders of either section 3 registrations or section 24(c) registrations were sent lists of their active registrations, along with forms and instructions for responding. They were asked to identify which of their registrations they wished to maintain in effect, and to calculate and remit the appropriate maintenance fees. Most responses were received by the statutory deadline of January 15. A notice of intent to cancel was sent in mid-February to companies who did not respond and to companies who responded, but paid for less than all of their registrations.

Since mailing the notices, EPA has maintained a toll-free inquiry number through which the questions of affected registrants have been answered.

Maintenance fees have been paid for about 15,444 section 3 registrations, or about 95 percent of the registrations on file in December. Fees have been paid for about 2,204 section 24(c) registrations, or about 79 percent of the total on file in December. Cancellations for non-payment of the maintenance fee affect about 511 section 3 registrations and about 403 section 24(c) registrations.

The cancellation orders generally permit registrants to continue to sell and distribute existing stocks of the canceled products until January 15, 2003, one year after the date on which the fee was due. Existing stocks already in the hands of dealers or users, however, can generally be distributed, sold or used legally until they are exhausted. Existing stocks are defined as those stocks of a registered pesticide product which are currently in the U.S. and which have been packaged, labeled and released for shipment prior to the effective date of the action.

The exceptions to these general rules are cases where more stringent restrictions on sale, distribution, or use of the products have already been imposed, through Special Reviews or other Agency actions. These general provisions for disposition of stocks should serve in most cases to cushion the impact of these cancellations while the market adjusts.

III. Listing of Registrations Canceled for Non-payment

Table 1 lists all of the Section 24(c)registrations, and Table 2 Lists all of the Section 3 registrations which were canceled for non-payment of the 2002 maintenance fee. These registrations have been canceled by order and without hearing. Cancellation orders were sent to affected registrants via certified mail in the past several days. The Agency is unlikely to rescind cancellation of any particular registration unless the cancellation resulted from Agency error.

Table 1.—Section 24(c) Registrations Canceled for Non-Payment of Maintenance Fee

SLN no.Product Name
009779 AL-80-0022Riverside 912 Herbicide
003125 AL-81-0026Sencor 4 Flowable Herbicide
038167 AL-91-0001Weed-Rhap A-4D
000279 AL-93-0005Command 4EC
000279 AL-94-0008Ammo 2.5 EC Insecticide
059639 AL-99-0001Select Herbicide
054555 AL-99-0002Dormex
000279 AR-01-0001Command Xtra Herbicide
000432 AR-81-0009SBP-1382 - 40 MF “Z” Oil Base Concentrate
000100 AR-88-0004D-Z-N Diazinon 50W Insecticide
000100 AR-88-0005D.Z.N. Diazinon AG 500
000432 AR-89-0007Permanone Multi-Purpose 10% E. C.
009779 AR-96-0007Riverside 912 Herbicide
010182 AZ-01-0004Cyclone Concentrate/Gramoxone Max
007173 AZ-77-0006Rozol Ground Squirrel Bait
010163 AZ-80-0010Gowan Dimethoate E267
034704 AZ-81-0001Dimethogon 267 EC
000400 AZ-81-0022Comite Agricultural Miticide
004581 AZ-87-0018Des-I-Cate
034704 AZ-88-0007Clean Crop Dimethoate 400
000432 AZ-88-0023Pyraperm 455 Dust
010182 AZ-91-0008Stauffer Eptam 7-E Granules
000241 AZ-92-0007Prowl 3.3 EC Herbicide
005905 AZ-93-00115LB Dimethoate Systemic Insecticide
010182 AZ-95-0002Eptam (r) 20. G Granules
009779 AZ-96-0001Dimate 4E
010182 AZ-98-0006Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
066196 AZ-98-0010Lime-Sulfur Solution
010163 AZ-99-0002Supracide 25WP
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000275 CA-00-0009Pro-Gibb 4% Liquid Concentrate
059639 CA-00-0010Nylar Fire Ant Bait 26291
073554 CA-00-0012Clean Crop(r) Amine 4CA 2,4-D Weed Killer
000275 CA-00-0015Pro-Gibb 4% Liquid Concentrate
054555 CA-01-0005Dormex
002935 CA-76-0114Red-Top Strike Granular
000100 CA-78-0034D-Z-N Diazinon 50W
010182 CA-78-0075Ro-Neet 6e A Selective Herbicide Emulsifiable Liquid
002935 CA-78-0203Red Top Chlorate Concentrate
059639 CA-79-0219Volck Supreme Spray
052300 CA-83-0013Niagara Pyrenone Crop Spray Insecticide
059623 CA-85-0060Du Pont Karmex Weed Killer
000264 CA-86-0064Rovral Fungicide
063231 CA-86-0067Bacti-Chlor
059639 CA-87-0020Orthene 75 S Soluble Powder
010182 CA-87-0025Ambush Insecticide
037982 CA-89-0050Chlorine Gas
002935 CA-90-0018Wilbur-Ellis Sevin 5 Bait
065391 CA-91-0018Avid 0.15 EC
068132 CA-94-0020Pro-Gibb 4% Liquid Concentrate
063231 CA-94-0021Dithane WF Turf & Ornamental Fungicide
000100 CA-94-0033D-Z-N Diazinon 50W Insecticide
070165 CA-96-0018Metasystox-R Spray Concentrate
000432 CA-97-0018Chipco Ronstar 50 WSP Herbicide
005481 CA-97-0025Dibrom 8 Emulsive
000241 CA-98-0006Prowl 3.3 EC Herbicide
000241 CA-98-0009Prowl 3.3 EC Herbicide
071857 CA-98-0014Dylox 80 Turf and Ornamental Insecticide
000524 CA-98-0020MON-65005 Herbicide
010182 CA-98-0025Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
054555 CA-99-0001Dormex
010182 CA-99-0009Abound Flowable Fungicide
010163 CA-99-0023Savey Ovicide/miticide 50-WP
059639 CO-98-0002Dibrom 8 Emulsive
050534 CT-96-0003Bravo 720
050534 CT-96-0004Bravo 825
034704 DC-90-0001Sprout Nip Emulsifiable Concentrate
074156 DE-01-0001Sandea Herbicide
000432 DE-81-0001SBP-1382 - 40 MF “Z” Oil Base Concentrate
000279 DE-89-0001Command 4EC
000279 DE-90-0002Command 4EC
000279 DE-93-0002Command 4EC
000279 DE-96-0001Command 4EC Herbicide
010163 FL-00-0005Imidan 70-WP Agricultural Insecticide
000264 FL-00-0014Aliette WDG Fungicide
000279 FL-77-0039Niagara Ethion 4 Miscible Miticide Insecticide
000100 FL-78-0059Geigy Diazinon AG 500
000100 FL-78-0060D-Z-N Diazinon 50W
000432 FL-82-0045Chipco Ronstar G
004581 FL-87-0006Aquathol Granular
009779 FL-88-0009Farmbelt 455 Soluble Oil
000100 FL-89-0024D-Z-N Diazinon 50W Insecticide
000100 FL-89-0025D.Z.N. Diazinon AG 500
000432 FL-89-0043Permanone Multi-Purpose 10% E. C.
000100 FL-90-0002Pennant Liquid Herbicide
062719 FL-90-0005Lorsban 50W Wettable Powder
000400 FL-94-0008Micromite 25W
008536 FL-97-0006Methyl Bromide 98%
054555 FL-99-0011Dormex
000279 GA-00-0002Command 3ME Microencapsulated Herbicide
005905 GA-82-0001Dimethoate 267 EC
000100 GA-88-0007D-Z-N Diazinon 50W Insecticide
000100 GA-88-0008D.Z.N. Diazinon AG 500
000279 GA-93-0001Command 4EC
062719 GA-93-0003Lorsban 50W
062719 GA-93-0004Lorsban 50W Insecticide In Water Soluble Packets
000279 GA-96-0001Command 4EC Herbicide
054555 GA-99-0002Dormex
012455 HI-91-0004Diphacinone Concentrate
059639 HI-91-0007Volck Supreme Spray
000100 HI-91-0009Tilt 250 EC
061282 HI-96-0007Zinc Phosphide Oat Bait
000432 HI-97-0001Chipco Ronstar G Herbicide
037982 HI-98-0009Chlorine Gas
010182 ID-01-0008Cyclone Concentrate/Gramoxone Max
010182 ID-01-0009Cyclone Concentrate/Gramoxone Max
010182 ID-01-0010Cyclone Concentrate/Gramoxone Max
012455 ID-82-0025Ditrac Rat and Mouse Bait
009779 ID-90-0001Dimate 4E
007173 ID-92-0003Rozol Paraffinized Pellets
010182 ID-92-0010Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
010182 ID-93-0006Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
000264 ID-93-0014Rovral Fungicide
010163 ID-95-0001Metasystox-R Spray Concentrate
010163 ID-95-0002Metasystox-R Spray Concentrate
000100 ID-96-0010Supracide 25WP Insecticide-Miticide
010163 ID-97-0005Savey Ovicide/miticide 50-WP
009779 ID-97-0014Dimate 4E
003125 ID-99-0001Admire 2 Flowable
000524 ID-99-0021MON-65005 Herbicide
000524 ID-99-0022MON-65005 Herbicide
000279 IL-00-0003Command 3ME Microencapsulated Herbicide
000279 IL-00-0004Command 3ME Microencapsulated Herbicide
000279 IL-00-0005Command 4EC Herbicide
010182 IL-90-0003Ro-Neet 6-E
000279 IL-96-0002Command 4EC Herbicide
000279 IL-99-0005Command 3ME Microencapsulated Herbicide
004581 IN-96-0001Ziram 76DF Fungicide
000241 KS-00-0001Ac 263, 222 Herbicide
000279 KY-93-0002Command 4EC
000279 KY-96-0003Command 4EC Herbicide
003125 LA-00-0001Baythroid 2 Emulsifiable Pyrethroid Insecticide
000241 LA-01-0007Pursuit Herbicide
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000100 LA-01-0015Cyclone Concentrate/Gramoxone Max
009779 LA-90-0013Riverside 912 Herbicide
009779 LA-90-0014Riverside 120 Herbicide
000279 LA-91-0021Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
004581 LA-94-0001Penncozeb 75DF Fungicide
000279 LA-94-0002Ammo 2.5 EC Insecticide
000352 LA-95-0016Dupont Lannate Insecticide
000352 LA-95-0017Dupont Lannate LV Insecticide
000241 LA-96-0002Scepter Herbicide
000241 LA-96-0003Scepter 70 DG Herbicide
000400 LA-96-0011Dimilin 25W for Cotton/Soybean
009779 LA-98-0006Riverside 912 Herbicide
054555 LA-99-0001Dormex
004816 MA-89-0001Larvin Brand 3.2 Thiodicarb Insecticide/Ovicide
050534 MA-90-0001Bravo 720
050534 MA-96-0001Bravo 825
000279 MD-88-0001Command 4EC
000100 ME-77-0001Geigy Diazinon AG 500
000100 ME-81-0003Geigy Diazinon AG 500
000279 ME-94-0004Command 4EC
050534 ME-95-0001Bravo 500
050534 ME-96-0002Bravo 720
050534 ME-96-0003Bravo 825
001812 MI-91-0005Granular Crystals Copper Sulfate
050534 MI-96-0001Bravo 720
004581 MI-96-0002Ziram 76DF Fungicide
000279 MI-96-0003Command 4EC Herbicide
000279 MI-96-0004Command 4EC Herbicide
000279 MI-96-0005Command 4EC Herbicide
050534 MI-96-0008Bravo 720
050534 MI-96-0009Bravo Zn
050534 MN-00-0002Bravo Weather Stik Zn
056576 MN-01-0001Copper Sulfate Crystals
042750 MN-01-0006MCPA Amine 4
072407 MN-01-0009Sulphuric Acid Desiccant
000279 MN-01-0010Aim Herbicide
050534 MN-96-0001Bravo 720
050534 MN-96-0002Bravo ZN
003125 MN-99-0006Admire 2 Flowable
000279 MN-99-0009Command 3ME Microencapsulated Herbicide
000279 MN-99-0010Command 3ME Microencapsulated Herbicide
050534 MO-77-0005Bueno-6
004643 MO-92-0006Dearcide 723
000279 MO-96-0003Command 4EC Herbicide
054555 MS-00-0002Dormex
007138 MS-01-00402,4-D Amine Type Weed Killer
000100 MS-88-0005D-Z-N Diazinon 50W Insecticide
000100 MS-88-0006D.Z.N. Diazinon AG 500
038167 MS-89-0019Liquid DSMA
038167 MS-89-0020Msma Arsonate Liquid
009779 MS-90-0007Mcpa Amine Herbicide
009779 MS-90-00082,4-D Amine 4
009779 MS-90-0029Riverside 912 Herbicide
009779 MS-90-0031Dsma 4
038167 MS-91-0002Weed-Rhap A-4D
000279 MS-93-0003Command 4EC
000279 MS-94-0004Ammo 2.5 EC Insecticide
009779 MS-96-0012Riverside 912 Herbicide
010163 MT-00-0002Supracide 25W
010182 MT-00-0006Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
000432 MT-89-0005Permanone Tick Repellent
010182 MT-94-0005Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
003125 MT-99-0001Admire 2 Flowable
000524 MT-99-0016MON-65005 Herbicide
000524 MT-99-0017MON-65005 Herbicide
000352 NC-89-0010Dupont Asana XL Insecticide
000279 NC-93-0002Command 4EC
010163 NC-95-0009Imidan 70-WSB/Imidan 70 - WP
010163 NC-98-0006Imidan 70-WSB
050534 NC-99-0003Bravo 825
050534 NC-99-0004Bravo 720
050534 ND-00-0003Bravo Weather Stik ZN
042750 ND-01-0006Glyphosate 41% Plus
003125 ND-93-0004Sencor 4 Flowable Herbicide
050534 ND-95-0003Bravo 720
050534 ND-95-0004Bravo ZN
000264 ND-96-0003Bugle Herbicide
003125 ND-99-0005Admire 2 Flowable
010182 ND-99-0011Bravo 720
000524 ND-99-0013MON-65005 Herbicide
000279 NE-01-0003Aim Herbicide
010707 NE-95-0002Magnacide H Herbicide
050534 NE-97-0004Bravo ZN
050534 NE-97-0005Bravo 825
003125 NJ-00-0003Admire 2 Flowable
000241 NJ-94-0004Abate 4E Insecticide
000241 NJ-94-0005Abate 5-G Insecticide
000279 NJ-95-0001Command 4EC Herbicide
000279 NJ-95-0002Command 4EC Herbicide
000352 NJ-95-0009Dupont Asana XL Insecticide
050534 NJ-96-0001Bravo 720
050534 NJ-96-0002Bravo 825
000279 NJ-96-0006Command 4EC Herbicide
050534 NJ-97-0002Bravo 825
050534 NJ-97-0003Bravo 720
000279 NJ-99-0003Command 4EC Herbicide
008329 NJ-99-0008Abate 5-G Insecticide
000279 NM-85-0006Pounce 3.2 EC Insecticide
012455 NM-89-0001Quintox Rat and Mouse Bait
010182 NM-94-0003Cyclone Herbicide
010182 NM-95-0003Cyclone Concentrate Herbicide
012455 NM-99-0005Quintox Rat and Mouse Bait
000432 NV-88-0004Pyraperm 455 Dust
010707 NV-93-0006Magnacide H Herbicide
005481 NV-94-0004Dibrom 8 Emulsive
010163 NV-97-0002Savey Ovicide/Miticide 50-WP
010163 NV-99-0010Supracide 25W
056576 NY-01-0001Copper Sulfate Crystals
001812 NY-94-0005Medium Crystals Copper Sulfate
001812 NY-96-0002Tennessee Brand Copper Sulfate Crystal
004581 NY-98-0001Aquathol Granular Aquatic Herbicide
000100 NY-99-0004Vangard WG Fungicide
000279 OH-00-0001Command 3ME Microencapsulated Herbicide
000279 OH-00-0002Command 3ME Microencapsulated Herbicide
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000279 OH-00-0003Command 3ME Microencapsulated Herbicide
000279 OH-01-0001Aim Herbicide
000279 OH-93-0004Command 4EC
010163 OH-94-0006Metasystox-R Spray Concentrate
004581 OH-96-0004Ziram 76DF Fungicide
059639 OH-97-0006Orthene Turf, Tree, & Ornamental Spray
000432 OK-82-0006Permanone Tick Repellent
009779 OK-85-0005Riverside Atraside 4l
009779 OK-85-0006Riverside Atrazine 90 Dry Flowable
059639 OK-89-0005Orthene 75 S Soluble Powder
060063 OK-92-0005Oxon Italia Atrazine 90 Herbicide
060063 OK-92-0006IDA, Inc. Atrazine 4L Herbicide
010182 OK-94-0004Cyclone Herbicide
010182 OK-95-0004Cyclone Concentrate Herbicide
010163 OR-00-0011Savey 2E
010182 OR-00-0027Diquat Herbicide
000241 OR-00-0031Raptor Herbicide
010182 OR-01-0010Cyclone Concentrate/Gramoxone Max
010182 OR-01-0012Cyclone Concentrate/Gramoxone Max
007173 OR-78-0018Rozol Rodenticide Ground Spray Concentrate
003125 OR-78-0024Mesurol 50% Hopper - Box Treater
002935 OR-81-0073Wilbur-Ellis Malathion 8 Spray
012455 OR-85-0038Ditrac Rat and Mouse Bait
000432 OR-87-0016Acclaim 1 EC Herbicide
002935 OR-90-0003Dupont Karmex DF Herbicide
010163 OR-90-0017Gowan Diazinon 14G
034704 OR-91-0012Sprout Nip Emulsifiable Concentrate
002792 OR-91-0021Deccoquin 305 Concentrate
000241 OR-93-0002Prowl 3.3 EC Herbicide
010182 OR-93-0009Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
051161 OR-93-0013Orthene 75 S Soluble Powder
067752 OR-93-0014Orthene 75 S Soluble Powder
010182 OR-93-0019Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
000264 OR-94-0014Dodine 65W
010163 OR-94-0052Metasystox-R Spray Concentrate
010163 OR-94-0054Metasystox-R Spray Concentrate
000279 OR-96-0020Command 4EC Herbicide
000432 OR-96-0022Acclaim 1 EC Herbicide
010163 OR-97-0013Savey Ovicide/miticide 50-WP
010182 OR-98-0009Quadris Fungicide
071795 OR-98-0018Clorox
050534 OR-99-0013Bravo 825
050534 OR-99-0014Bravo 825
000241 OR-99-0016Raptor Herbicide
050534 OR-99-0019Bravo 720
050534 OR-99-0020Bravo 720
050534 OR-99-0021Bravo 720
050534 OR-99-0025Bravo 825
050534 OR-99-0026Bravo 720
000524 OR-99-0047MON-65005 Herbicide
000524 OR-99-0048MON-65005 Herbicide
010163 OR-99-0053Supracide 25W
000279 PA-89-0005Command 4EC
000279 PA-93-0001Command 4EC
000400 PA-95-0009Dimilin 4L for Use on Forests
004581 PA-96-0003Ziram 76DF Fungicide
000279 PA-98-0002Command 4EC Herbicide
000100 PR-93-0001Tilt 250 EC
011649 PR-96-0002Avitrol Powder Mix
073545 SC-79-0033Topsin-M 70 W
000279 SC-93-0002Command 4EC
000279 SC-95-0008Ammo 2.5 EC Insecticide
059639 SC-98-0005Select Herbicide
054555 SC-99-0001Dormex
010163 SC-99-0005Imidan 70-WP Agricultural Insecticide
000264 SC-99-0007Hoelon 3EC Herbicide
050534 SD-00-0006Bravo Weather Stik ZN
050534 SD-00-0008Bravo ZN
000279 SD-01-0004Aim Herbicide
010182 SD-99-0003Bravo 720
003125 TN-89-0007Monitor 4
000279 TN-93-0009Command 4EC
054555 TX-00-0001Dormex
003125 TX-00-0010Admire 2 Flowable
010182 TX-01-0004Cyclone Concentrate/Gramoxone Max
004581 TX-78-0045Aquathol Granular
000100 TX-83-0016D.Z.N. Diazinon AG 500
000352 TX-88-0007Dupont Asana XL Insecticide
060063 TX-92-0001Oxon Italia Atrazine 90 Herbicide
060063 TX-92-0002Ida, Inc. Atrazine 4L Herbicide
009779 TX-94-0014Terranil 6l
010182 TX-96-0008Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
004581 TX-99-0003Aquathol Granular Aquatic Herbicide
000279 UT-00-0008Capture 2 EC Insecticide/Miticide
000279 UT-00-0009Furadan 4F Insecticide/Nematicide
000432 UT-01-0001Permanone Insecticide Concentrate.
000432 UT-01-0002Aqua-Permanone
007173 UT-77-0001Rozol Paraffinized Pellets
007173 UT-78-0006Rozol Rodenticide Ground Spray Concentrate
009779 UT-93-0001Dimate 4E
010707 UT-93-0004Magnacide H Herbicide
010182 UT-96-0003Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
000279 UT-96-0005Capture 2 EC Insecticide/Miticide
000279 VA-00-0001Command 4EC Herbicide
000279 VA-89-0001Command 4EC
000279 VA-89-0002Command 4EC
000279 VA-93-0003Command 4EC
000279 VA-93-0004Command 4EC
000279 VA-93-0009Command 4EC
063569 VA-94-0011Epco-Tek 2000
000279 VA-96-0004Command 4EC Herbicide
000279 VA-96-0006Command 4EC Herbicide
056576 VT-01-0001Copper Sulfate Crystals
000100 VT-90-0001D.Z.N. Diazinon AG 500
001812 VT-94-0002Granular Crystals Copper Sulfate
050534 VT-96-0001Bravo 720
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050534 WA-00-0013Daconil SDG
050534 WA-00-0025Bravo 720
050534 WA-00-0026Bravo 825_Agricultural Fungicide
010182 WA-00-0032Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
010182 WA-01-0008Cyclone Concentrate/Gramoxone Max
010182 WA-01-0012Cyclone Concentrate/Gramoxone Max
007173 WA-78-0060Rozol Rodenticide Ground Spray Concentrate
010707 WA-87-0018Magnacide H Herbicide
009779 WA-87-0022Dimethoate 4E
009779 WA-88-0014Riverside Dimate 2.67
005481 WA-89-0019Dibrom 8 Emulsive
009779 WA-92-0005Phorate 20-G
010182 WA-93-0014Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
010163 WA-95-0005Metasystox-R Spray Concentrate
002792 WA-95-0039Deccoquin 305 Concentrate
069880 WA-96-0011Ro-Neet 6-E Selective Herbicide
000279 WA-96-0016Command 4EC Herbicide
050534 WA-96-0029Bravo 720
034704 WA-96-0036Clean Crop Trifluralin 4EC
009779 WA-97-0019Dimate 4E
010163 WA-97-0020Savey Ovicide/miticide 50-WP
009779 WA-97-0031Dimate 4E
050534 WA-99-0007Bravo 720
050534 WA-99-0008Bravo 825
010182 WA-99-0016Abound Flowable Fungicide
000524 WA-99-0029MON-65005 Herbicide
010163 WA-99-0030Supracide 25W
000524 WA-99-0031MON-65005 Herbicide
050534 WI-00-0001Bravo 720
050534 WI-00-0004Bravo Weather Stik ZN
000279 WI-01-0002Command 4EC Herbicide
066222 WI-01-0003Galigan 2E
009779 WI-91-0006Phorate 20-G
000279 WI-92-0006Command 4EC
000279 WI-96-0002Command 4EC Herbicide
050534 WI-96-0003Bravo 720
050534 WI-96-0004Bravo ZN
000279 WI-97-0001Command 4EC Herbicide
000279 WI-99-0006Command 4EC Herbicide
003125 WI-99-0010Admire 2 Flowable
007173 WV-77-0003Rodenticide Ground Spray Concentrate
012455 WV-82-0005Ditrac Rat and Mouse Bait
003125 WV-93-0002Tempo 2 Ornamental Insecticide
010182 WY-00-0001Gramoxone Extra Herbicide
010163 WY-00-0002Supracide 25W
010163 WY-00-0004Savey Ovicide/Miticide 50-WP
000432 WY-01-0002Aqua-Permanone
010707 WY-93-0003Magnacide H Herbicide
003125 WY-95-0003Sencor Df 75% Dry Flowable Herbicide
010163 WY-97-0002Gowan Endosulfan 3EC
059639 WY-98-0004Dibrom 8 Emulsive

The following Table 2 lists all of the section 3 registrations which were canceled for non-payment of the 2002 maintenance fees.

Table 2.—Section 3 Registrations Canceled for Non-Payment of Maintenance Fee

Registration no.Product Name
000052-00208Germ Warfare Concentrated Detergent Germicide
000087-00009Penngas Sterilizing Gas
000087-00011Penngas 2
000100-00928Bicep Magnum TR Herbicide
000100-00956Prosulfuron + Atrazine Herbicide
000100-01094Dynasty Herbicide
000106-00078Broadspec 128
000193-00004Wonder Bleach
000193-00016Wonder Chlor
000193-00017Jewel Bleach
000193-00018Wonder Fresh Scent Bleach
000264-00630Folistar 50WP
000270-00320Bendiocarb 2.5 Insecticide Granules
000275-00078Receptal Saf-Gard Liner System with Germicide
000279-03222Methyl Parathion 2 Thiodan 3 EC
000283-00004Neo Solu-Styril No. 5 Aqueous Germicidal Solution
000303-00063Huntington Hi-Sine
000303-00108H6-29l Sanitizer-Cleaner
000303-00219Firing Squad UlV Spray Insecticide
000303-00222TOR II
000322-00007Fort Brand Gopher Bait
000323-00025N-Dit Concentrate
000323-00056N-Dit 3
000323-00064Holcomb Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant
000334-00566Hytime Metered Aerosol Insecticide
000334-00567HBII Wasp &Hornet Killer
000432-00547Crossfire SBP-1382 3% Multipurpose Spray
000432-00554Pramex Insecticide Emulsifiable Concentrate 13.3% Formu
000432-00711Perimeter 57% MF
000432-00731Dethmor Manufacturing - Use Product
000432-00815Talex Manufacturing Use Product
000432-00902Lawn Fungicide Granules
000432-00908Ford's 50% Malathion Emulsifiable Concentrate
000432-00909Ford's Malathion 57%
000432-00922Ford's Pyricide Horse Spray
000432-00944Ficam ULV Solution
000432-00970Pyretox No. 100 D Insecticide
000432-00990Pyrenone Grain Protectant
000432-01037Pyrenone Flexi-Dust
000432-01049Dairy Spray Concentrate
000432-01066A-PB Food Plant Fogging Spray
000432-01075Alleviate Equine Insecticide E.C.
000432-01126Secure Insecticide
000432-01131Turbocide Pest Control System with DDVP
000432-01206GA6 - Weed &Grass Killer Ready-To-Use
000491-00217Super Se-Fly-Go
000498-00087Chase-Mm Patio Patrol Outdoor Insect Fogger
000498-00144Spray Pak Flying and Crawling Insect Killer Formula 2
000506-00184TAT Residual Roach &Ant Killer
000524-00124Avadex BW Selective Herbicide
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000524-00291Granular Avadex BW Herbicide
000538-00087Scotts Turf Builder with Halts
000538-00128Scotts Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer
000538-00235Flower and Garden Weed Preventer
000541-00168Galahad Neutral Detergent-Germicide Hospital Grade
000541-00265Puritan #6790 Detergent-Germicide
000550-00193Liquichlor 10.0%
000550-00196Vanchlor Sanitizer 5.25%
000550-20001Liquichlor 12 1/2%
000655-00019Prentox Warfarin Concentrate Rax Powder
000655-00457Prentox Diazinon 4E Insecticide
000655-00519Prentox Liquid Household Spray #1
000662-00073GDA 50
000662-00074Sepacide 25
000662-00075Protectol GA 50
000675-00046New O-Syl Disinfectant - Detergent
000773-00046K.F.L. Insecticide-Shampoo
000773-00052Weladol Disinfectant
000773-00058Expar 3.2% EC
000773-00061Expar Cream Rinse for Dogs and Cats
000773-00064Ectiban Wp Insecticide
000862-00027Sunspray 8B
000862-00030Sunspray 12N
000961-00343Lebanon Granular 1.5% Oftanol Insecticide
000961-00351Lebanon Lawn Food with Oftanol Insect Control
001015-00034Douglas HI-PO “22” Ready To Use Fortified Multi-Purpose
001317-00074Fly Du
001317-00080Du-Clor Swimming Pool Chlorine
001327-00038Fulex Dithio Insecticidal Smoke
001459-00075Wintermint Disinfectant, Cleaner, Deodorant
001475-00030ENOZ Delicately Scented Bouquet-Aire Hang-Up Cakes
001475-00090ENOZ Cedar Tree
001475-00142Moth-Tek Paper Covered Moth Ball Hangers
001475-00148Bacta Clean Sanitizer Tablets
001475-00149Paradise Cedar Scented Cedar Block
001475-00152Click Moth Balls
001475-00153Click 4 Moth &Mildew Discs
001475-00154Click Solid Air Deodorizer and Bacteriostat for Urinal
001475-00155Click Para Nuggets
001574-00031First Mate Disinfectant Cleaner
001574-00034Enda-Bug Insecticide III.
001677-00147BK LFI Germicide-Sanitizer
001677-00165Enviro San II
001677-00168Monarch Low-Foam Iodophor Germicidal Detergent
001677-00171Monoklor Liquid
001677-00173Monarch CL-14
001677-00174Monarch Bac'cide
001677-00178Monarch Iodine Concentrate
001677-00181Monarch - Ful- Chlor
001706-00042Nalcon 248
001706-00180Nalcon 7638
001706-00203Tektamer 38 O.F.
001706-00204Calgon PB-15l Papermill Slimicide
001706-00210H-3130 M Municipal Water Treatment
002011-00007Vigortone Bovotone FC “008” with Rabon Oral Larvicide
002382-00123Ecto-Soothe Permethrin Shampoo for Dogs
002382-00139Amitraz Tick Collar for Dogs
002382-00140Permethrin-IGR #2 Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs
002382-00153Knockout Room and Area Fogger #1
002382-00154Flypel II
002382-00168Diazion-Pyriproxyfen Collar for Dogs and Puppies #1
002382-00171Diazion-Pyriproxyfen Collar for Dogs and Puppies #3
002382-00172Diazion-Pyriproxyfen Collar for Dogs and Puppies #2
002439-20003Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
002568-00092Coastal Super Service Anti-Fouling 59-R-7 Red
002568-00097Vinyl Anti-Fouling V59R25 Red
002568-00098Sea Prince Antifouling Red 60a3000 Red
002792-00041Pennwalt Decco 273 Aerosol Potato Sprout Inhibitor
002881-00068Miraquat II
003095-00061Pic Room Fogger III
003134-00028Evsco Theradex A Shampoo for Veterinary Use Only
003240-00009Technical Grade Pival
003240-00010Technical Grade Pivalyn
003573-00059Cleaning Magic I
003862-00002Insecticide No. 111
003862-00047Malathion-50 Spray
003862-00049LEM-O-DIS 27-42
003862-00051O-DIS 27-42
003862-00065Bromokil 2.0 Weed Killer
003862-00074Lemon 7
003862-00079Insect Death Mist
003862-00084Easy Does It
003862-00090Quick Kill Ready To Use Weed Killer
003862-00094ABC Neutral Disinfectant
003862-00098Chemscope Insecticide 150
003862-00113Insect 3000
003862-00114Dog Shampoo
003862-00118Di-Elec Wasp &Hornet Spray
003862-00120Acid Disenfectant Bowl Cleaner
004000-00069Emulsol Disinfectant Bowl Cleaner
004170-00084Bac Gard
004787-00024Malathion Technical
004925-00003Special King Mosquito Repellent Coil
004972-00063Protexall Lice Killer (Alternate Formula)
005011-00004Formula F-5
005011-00071Formula MU-17
005202-00017Britex 360 F Apple Wax.
005481-00284Thuricide HP-90M Dust
005481-00293Royal Brand Thuricide Hp Cornmeal Bait
005481-00302Royal Brand Dipel 150 Dust
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005481-00303Royal Brand Dipel 150 Cornmeal Bait
005481-00304Royal Brand Dipel 110 Dust
005481-003135% Rotenone Fish Toxicant
005535-00074Gro-Well No-Gro Weed and Grass Killer
005568-00185Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
005602-00097Di-Tox E
005602-00151Di-Tox Plus
005602-00178Virchem Seventy-Six Insecticide
005602-00201Hub States Corporation/V-73
006035-00047Vinco Formaldehyde Solution
006175-00020Flea Sheen II Shampoo
006175-00024Flea Sheen Concentrate
006175-00032Aqua-Kill Forte
006175-00033Aqua-Kill Flea &Tick Spray
006175-00045Horse Spray &Rub
006175-00061Ami Flea &Tick Spray #1
006175-00062Ami Flea and Tick Dip for Dogs #2
006175-00065Defend Insecticide for Dogs
006325-00016Yellow Jacket Fluid Sulfur 70 Sd
006325-00018Yellow Jacket Sulfur 80 Df
006390-00009Vikol RG
006409-00014Professional Do It Yourself Exterminator's Kit Formula
006718-00020Quick Killing Bug Spray
006718-00021Amway Fast-Acting Bowl Cleaner II
007001-00344Sodium Chlorate 5lb Concentrate
007001-00373Sochlor 6
007405-00034Chemi-Cap Bamboo Air Sanitizer
007501-00098Gustafson 2% Reldan Dust Insecticide
007809-00004Dial-A-Therm Germicide
008119-00010Deadline Force, Meal
008176-00024Hvc 5.25% Sodium Hypochlorite
008176-20001Hi-Test Sodium Hypochlorite
008176-20005Premier No. 144 Microbiocide
008329-00058Abate 2-CG Insecticide
008329-00059Abate 5-G Insecticide
008540-00015Garratt-Callahan Formula 34-A
008591-00045Stabrex St30
008660-0005325% Lindane Wettable Powder
008660-00085Green Up Kerb 50w
008660-00129Pursell Metam Sodium
008764-00009Freshgard 20
008842-00004Pynamin Forte 120 Mosquito and Fly Vape Mat
008873-20004Kleen Brite Bleach
009198-00160The Anderson's 7.5% Chloroneb Turf Fungicide
009488-00001Chlorine Liquefied (under Pressure)
009488-20002Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
009591-00166Insecticide 110
009616-00009Vertex Css-10
009634-00002Clorosol Chlorinating Solution
009688-00118Chemsico Granules Formula B
009779-00362Riverside Methyl Parathion 4
009852-00070No-Chlor Wasp and Hornet Killer
010107-00010Micro - Gro Cythion Premium Grade Malathion E-5
010107-000366% Malathion Grain Protector
010145-00007Vita-San WS
010352-00047Stabilene Fly Repellent
010404-00010Lesco Thiram 75W
010404-00092Agway Lawn Shield Crabgrass Killer with Tupersan
010631-00002Angel City House Plant Insect Spray
010634-00002Alpha San 100
010634-00003Alpha San 200
010951-00012Britz Wettable or Dusting Sulfur
011204-00003Greenall Pro-Formula Weed Control and Lawn Fertilizer 2
011364-00005Angus Hot Rod
011399-00001Quaternary Germicidal Cleaner UL-709
011399-00003UL-530 Heavy Duty Cleaner and Disinfectant
011525-00014Bathroom Cleaner
011525-00074P/P Disinfectant, Degreaser and Cleaner
011556-00058Fleatol Shampoo
011773-00018De-Bug-1 Bait for Grasshoppers
013208-20001White House Pool Chlorine
013648-00009Glidclean 80/60 Pine Oil Disinfectant
013648-00020Glidclean 20/80 20% Pine Type Disinfectant
013926-00006Diaciclon F-5
017705-00002Pathmark Fresh Scent Bleach
018184-00007Sultan Germicide
019713-00118Methoxychlor 4L Insecticide
026884-00001Bonco Algaecide-Slimicide No. 15
028293-00256Dursban Roach &Ant Bait
028293-00266Dursban Plus Resmethrin Concentrate
030574-00007Tri-Tox 55% Tablets
030574-00008Tri-Tox 55% Pellets
032802-00023Stop Grub Plus W/ 20-3-5 Fertilizer
032802-00025Stop Grub Insecticide Granules
032802-00032Systemic Rose &Flower Care
033560-00044Staa - Free 2 + 2 Granular Weed Killer
033753-00001Myacide Pharma BP
033753-00011Myacide Bt
033753-00019Myacide Bt30
033753-00024Myacide GDA
033912-00001Wagnol 40 Pest Control Spray Concentrate contains Diazi
034277-00002Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
034750-20004Sodium Hypochlorite 5
034871-00005Chemicide 965
035512-00041Weed &Feed “s” 32-3-8
035512-00042Weed &Feed for St. Augustine Grass
035896-00004Basic Copper TS-53
035896-00007Copper Pride
035896-00009Basic Copper Sulfate
036029-00015Milo Bait for Pocket Gophers
036272-00020Mystic Flea Spray
036488-00037Ringer (Safer) Wasp &Hornet Attack RTU.
037655-00003Tropi-Clear Slow Dissolving 3″ Wrapped Tabs
037655-00004Tropi-Clear Black Algae Destroyer
037831-00009Cu2o Antifouling Marine Paint FR-4800
037910-00002Hi-Lite 60P
037910-00003Hi-Lite 90p Powder
038110-00008Green Grass M-14 with Rabon Oral Larvicide
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038797-00001Nu-Clear Pool Chlorination Solution
039039-00005Dryzon Wp Livestock Premise &Sheep Insecticide
039260-00001M-44 Cyanide Capsules
039444-00007Micropur Mt 5
040800-20001Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
040841-00003Microbiocide W-15
041014-00003Marlate Garden Insecticide 5% Dust
041014-00012Marlate 70% Methoxychlor Dust Base
041134-00004Tica Granular
041134-00005SDIC Granular
042273-00001Mercury Exterior-Ready Mixed Penetrating Oil Stain
042506-00004Pine Fresh Household Cleaner
042697-00006Safer Flea Soap for Cats and Dogs
042697-00040Safer Brand Ant, Roach &Spider Killer I
042697-00051Safer Brand Weed-Away Lawn Weed Killer Ready To Use
042697-00052Safer Brand Weed-Away Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate
042697-00053EH 1357 Herbicide
042697-00054Delta S Rtu Insecticide
042697-00056Ant Killer Granules
042697-00057Deltamethrin Insect Control Dust
043410-00027ACI Sanitizer 405-R
043521-00003Super Swim Brite 62
043602-00017Kleer Tower X300 Cooling Tower Algaecide
043843-00003Chlorine Liquified Gas Under Pressure
044446-00011Quik-Kill Fly &Mosquito Spray
044446-00063Remote Total Release Fogger
044786-00001ABL 16
045600-00011Insecta Perimeter Spray
045973-00001Al-Chlor 150
045987-00006Rodspray Mosquito Larvicide
046196-00001Roach and Ant Killer
046579-00005Pyra - Fog 3 Contact and Space Spray
046830-00001Palene 586B
048273-00013Pestban 2E
048273-00019Pestban 4E
049407-00001Rescue! Dog &Cat Repellent
049517-00002Poly-Foliant III Defoliant-Dessicant
049668-00007Redball Lightning Degradable Sulfur
049720-00001Sccchlor Liquefied Chlorine
050221-00001Liquefied Chlorine Gas Under Pressure
050400-00001Liquefied Chlorine Gas Under Pressure
050414-00002Tomlyn Daily Protection
050414-00004Tomyln Flea, Tick and Lice Shampoo
050414-00005Tomlyn Flea, Tick &Lice Shampoo
050534-00004Daconil 2787 W75
050534-00023Bravo W-75 Agricultural Fungicide
050534-00117Tuffcide 960s
050534-00218Tuffcide Ultrex ADG
050534-00224Tuffcide Xtra
050654-00002Insekten Killer
050654-00004Insectkiller Cockroach Carpet
051699-00001C-H Formula #9 Bug Killer
051699-00002Formula No. 15 Bug Killer
052287-00002Harrell's Ronstar 1.5 with Fertilizer
052287-00004Oftanol 660 with Plant Food
052287-000050.40% Chlorpyrifos Plus Fertilizer
053824-00002P-7 Grain Preservative
053883-00058Martin's Diazinon 4e Indoor-Outdoor Insecticide
054045-00001Zebra Mosquito Coils
054679-00003Custom Chlor 200
054705-00003Fungi-Fighter Systemic Fungicide
055236-00004101 Blue 100 Copper Antifouling Paint
055615-00005Wilbro Fertilizer with Ronstar
055773-00001Score Roach Bait
056159-00002Beaphar Flea and Tick Spray
056159-00003Beaphar Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs (cats)
056159-00005Durham's Flea, Tick and Lice Dip
056159-00006Durham's General Purpose Insecticide
056212-00002Dmx-7 Plus Lecithin
056572-00003Liquid Chlor
056637-00003Trap-n-a-Sak Bar Bait Kills Rats and Mice
056637-00004Trap-n-a-Sak II Kills Rats and Mice
056986-00001Insect Repellent Patio Candle
057538-00007Top Cop Tri-Basic Flowable Fungicide/Bactericide
058199-00006Jump Plant Regulator
058401-00012Stellar One Inch Tablet
058401-00014Stellar 90 Granular
058501-00001Confront Weed Stick
058841-00001Mosquito Shield
059732-00001Liquified Chlorine Gas Under Pressure
059790-00001El Matador
061219-20001Sodium Hypochlorite
061602-00001Laroche Chlorine
061616-00001Liquified Chlorine Gas Under Pressure
061842-00001Or-Cal Sectagon II
061842-00003Pole Life
061842-00005Or-Cal Metam-S.A.U.
062012-00001Mr. Christal's Kills Fleas
062563-00002Blue Ridge Bleach
062563-00003Time Saver Bleach
062563-00005Linco Bleach
062563-00006SX-3 Liquid Bactericide
063015-00001Liquified Chlorine Gas Under Pressure
063281-00003Povidone Iodine, USP Solution
063281-00004MTR Phenolic Germicidal Cleaner
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063281-00009BC II Phenolic
063569-00001Epco-Tek 2000
063823-00035Stick-Up Roach Trap
064005-00004Itek-5 Water Purification Resin
064864-00037Last-Bite Snail and Slug Killer Meal
064864-00044Thiabendazole Citrus Fungicide Concentrate
064864-00049Pacrite Clean San
065560-00003Sodium Hypochlorite 10%
065560-20001Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%
065897-00001Swepr Klorpik-Sr Fume
065987-00002911 Home Exterminator
066301-00001UBIX Animal Wash or Spray
066352-00002Garlic Barrier AG
066736-00001Ciba Seeds B. Thuringiensis S. K. European Corn Borer C
067003-00021Calcium Hypochlorite Granular
067003-00022Calcium Hypochlorite
067279-00001Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
067279-00002Chemply Chlorine Liquified Gas Under Pressure
067425-00001Ant &Roach Killer
067425-00003Ecopco G Granular Insecticide
067425-00006Eco Safe(tm) Broad Spectrum Insecticide
067425-00012Ecopco EC Emulsifiable Concentrate
067544-20001Spar Chlor
067553-00001Liquified Chlorine Gas Under Pressure
067572-00003R &M Permethrin 10% E.C.
067572-00004R &M Aqueous Residual Flea &Tick Spray #3
067572-00006R &M Flea &Tick Spray #11
067572-00007R &M Flea and Tick Shampoo #11
067572-00015R &M Aqueous Flea &Tick Spray #13
067572-00018R &M Aqueous Residual Flea &Tick Spray #1
067572-00019R &M Hamster &Gerbil Spray
067572-00021R &M Flea &Tick Shampoo #15
067572-00022R &M Flea &Tick Shampoo #16
067572-00029R &M Flea &Tick Spray #12
067572-00033R &M Flea and Tick Dip #11
067572-00034R &M Flea and Tick Dip #12
067572-00056CP Snail &Bug Bait
067572-00057CP Cage and Aviary Spray
067760-00037Parathion 4 EC.
067959-00001Trifluralin Technical
068329-00020Alpha 416
068338-00003Sodium Hypochlorite 16%
068338-00006North Bright Bleach
068543-00007Bengal Roach &Ant Spray
068543-00011Bengal Water-Based Wasp &Hornet Killer
068826-00001Cal Crop USA Envirepel
068826-00002Cal Crop USA Nutripel
069607-00001Double Duty Flea &Tick Collar for Dogs
069735-20001Wilclor - 2
069897-00001Microfree Brand B 507
069897-00002Microfree Brand B 240
069979-00001Acid-Anionic Sanitizer Cleaner
070051-00024Azatin Technical
070051-00050Able Biological Insecticide
070051-00058Thuricide - 64LV Plus
070051-00059Thuricide 64 LV
070051-00071Teknar Hp-B Larvicide
070126-00002Organic Resources Crawling Insect Killer
070271-00005Sparkle Brite
070271-00006Lasso Pine Aroma Disinfectant
070271-00007Pure Bright Institutional Sanitizer
070271-00009Pure Bright Industrial Sanitizer/disinfectant
070271-00011Pure Bright Liquid Chlorinator
070271-00014Clo White Bleach
070395-00001Gone Insect Repelling Wristband
070810-00002Auxigro Manufacturing Use Product
070810-00009Mycotrol 22WP
070907-00002Regatta 4E Chlorpyrifos Professional Insecticide
070907-00009Regatta 50W Chlorpyrifos Professionalinsecticide
071207-00001Chlorine Liquified Gas Under Pressure
071207-20001Sodium Hypochlorite Solution (end-Use Product)
071207-20007Sodium Hypochlorite Solution (manufacturing Use)
071227-00002Zeomic Type AJ10N Silver Zeolite A
071227-00003Zeomic Type AJ10N Silver Zeolite A
071683-00001Exile Herbicide Technical
071711-00009Flutolanil Technical
071711-00010Moncut 50WP
071711-00011Moncut 50WP
071711-00012Moncut 70WP (for Use on Rice)
071768-00001Bear Pause Attack Deterrent
071817-00001Brightwater Disinfectant
071829-00001One Drop Anti-Flea and Tick Treatment
072025-00001Registered Rabbit Repellent
072190-000015-Chloro-2-(2,4-Dichlorophenoxy)phenol Polymer Additive
072437-00001Stellar 85 Tabs
072437-00002Stellar 80 Tabs
072437-00003Stellar 95 Tabs
072439-00001IPEX 200
072439-00002IPEX 1000
072439-00003IPEX 400
072451-00001MSTRS ECB
072451-00004MSTRS BHFW-2
072581-20004Low Temp Sanitizer
072594-00002Dyna-Gro Root-Gel
072639-00002LT Biosyn, Inc. 1-Naphthaleneacetic Acid Technical
072679-00001Copper Paint No.5 Green
072679-00003Copper Paint No.3 Red
072738-20002Patterson West Sunscape
072738-20004Patterson West Blue Ribbon
073049-00007Promalin II Plant Growth Regulator Solution
073748-00002Kattleguard “plus”
073825-00003Ecozap Granular Insecticide
073825-00004Ecozap Carpet Powder
074180-00001Super IQ Insecticide Coating-APT
074180-00002Super IQ Insecticide Coating-LC
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IV. Public Docket

Complete lists of registrations canceled for non-payment of the maintenance fee will also be available for reference during normal business hours in the OPP Public Docket, Room 119, Crystal Mall #2, 1921 Jefferson Davis Highway South, Arlington VA, and at each EPA Regional Office. Product-specific status inquiries may be made by telephone by calling toll-free 1-800-444-7255.

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List of Subjects

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Dated: July 25, 2002.

Marcia E. Mulkey,

Director, Office of Pesticide Programs.

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[FR Doc. 02-19982 Filed 8-6-02; 8:45 a.m.]